10 Best Recommendations for Children’s School Bag Brands (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Maybe you are one of the parents whose hearts have started to grow up and will start their education at school. At school, children will begin to learn to socialize with lots of new friends. Apart from that, your child will also face learning with their friends. This makes it possible to carry some school supplies and play in his bag.

The Best Children's School Backpack
Children’s School Backpack Illustration Picture / Agendadaily

According to several studies on school children in Spain and England, it turns out that school bags affect their spine. This has the effect that some children have a slouched posture and some have back pain at a very young age.

You as a wise parent certainly don’t want this to happen to your child. That’s why you need to pay careful attention to the school bag that your child will use to guard against this possibility. In the following, you will be given tips on choosing the right school bag for your baby.

Tips for Choosing a Good Children’s Bag

As previously explained, there are a number of tips that you as parents can consider when buying the right, best children’s bag.

1. Choose a size based on the child’s body capacity

Choosing a child’s bag that is most important is based on its size. Parents often choose a large bag size for their child because it will accommodate a lot of the child’s school equipment needs. This may seem more practical but endangers the child’s future health. Based on previous research, children often carry bags that are heavier than their body capacity. This is the biggest factor influencing the shape of the bones and back disease experienced by adolescents.

In order to avoid these mistakes, you should choose a capacity that is suitable for your child’s weight. Also, a backpack with two shoulder straps is better than a sling bag. This can be seen from the pedestal of the load placed on both shoulders compared to one shoulder. The load on one shoulder is certainly not balanced so it can cause back pain.

A child’s bag that is too large may hold a lot of school equipment such as lots of textbooks, toys, stationery, children’s lunch boxes. This is also what makes your child have to bear the burden so that he experiences these symptoms.

2. Choose Based on Strap or Shoulder Foam

A bag with strong and padded shoulder straps is the best and smart choice for your child. Selection based on shoulder straps and foam shows that you care about the comfort of your child’s shoulder. Strong straps with shoulder foam actually make the carrying bag or backpack that is used feel lighter. This can prevent your child from having shoulder pain in the first place.

This shoulder foam is also very useful as a cushion so that children don’t get sore easily with the burden they have to support every day. Soft foam avoids direct pressure on your child’s shoulders. Strong rope material is not always heavy, because even if it is too heavy it cannot distribute the load pressure evenly.

3. Choose Based on the Material

When going to buy goods, everyone will definitely pay attention to the materials from the charcoal. This of course affects the quality and durability of the goods to be purchased. For example, canvas material that feels light is perfect for your child if you want to avoid shoulder pain at first. There are also materials that are waterproof so they are easier to wash and dry easily.

You can also add a cover bag to your list when buying children’s bags with the best brands. This is a solution for those of you who don’t allow waterproof children’s bags which do have a higher price than ordinary bags without waterproof.

4. We recommend that you test first and select as needed

Tips for choosing the last thing that should be done is to do a test before deciding to choose it. Testing may be the most appropriate measure for you to use to see if your child is comfortable with it. Through the child’s reaction when using the bag to be purchased, you parents may find it easier to decide which bag to use.

In addition, you can also choose based on the needs of your child’s school. For example, a child who is in junior high school may need a bag with lots of pockets because it can be used to store things separately to make them tidier. Meanwhile, children who are in elementary school (SD) or kindergarten may not match the bag with the bag because they forget to put their things in which bag.

10 Best Brand Recommendations for Children’s Bags

Here we go

Some parents may not always have time to choose their child’s school bag right? Moreover, your child wants his school bag to change, such as class increases or semester changes. For those of you who are still confused about choosing the best children’s school bag, the following Ainun will recommend products complete with reviews. You can choose one of these brands for your baby.

1. Smiggle Bag Backpack Disney Princess

Best Children's School Backpacks Smiggle Bag Backpack Disney Princess
Tas Anak Smiggle Bag Backpack Disney Princess

The first children’s school bag brand is Smiggle, which has collaborated with Disney to create exclusive and limited edition collections. 
The resulting bag will feature your child’s favorite Disney Princess. Disney princesses are of course much liked by girls, so there’s no need to worry that your child doesn’t like the design.

One of the recommended backpack products from smiggle is the Ariel Classic backpack. This recommended school bag is very unique compared to other children’s school bags in general. This bag has a shell made by sequins. There are also soft starfish zippers with colorful panels that girls are sure to love. Apart from that, there is also a princess Cinderella design also featuring a stunning 3D appliqué dress, glass slipper zipper, and textured glitter fabrication.

Plus each comes with all the usual features of our best-selling Classic Backpacks including 3 zipped compartments, dual drink bottle sleeves, and a padded, comfortable internal technology pocket. For a description of the size of this bag has a padded shoulder strap that can be adjusted in size. The carrying handle is also padded but measures W 30cm x H 42cm x H 13cm.

2. Children’s School Backpack Canon Brand Backpack 71589

The Best Children's School Backpack Backpack Brand Cannon 71589
Children’s Bag Backpack Brand Cannon 71589
The best children’s school bag brands that you can then choose from are from the Canon brand. It has a variety of color variants that your child can choose. For the recommended choice, it has the main color purple which is liked by girls. This backpack actually has pretty good quality even though it comes from a local Indonesian brand. For those of you who are looking for the best children’s school bags at quite economical and quality prices, this bag is the answer.

It is made of quality material, namely polyester, which is light, soft and comfortable on the skin. In addition, the material is quite flexible but not stretchy so it can be used for a long time. This is certainly not because of its durable quality used for years. The size is available in sizes that are 42 × 28 × 15 cm. Don’t forget that there are also 2 outer pockets to put children’s drinking bottles and by purchasing this bag you will also get a bag protector from the rain.

3. Okiedog New Wildpack Junior Backpack Dino

Best Children's School Backpack Okiedog New Wildpack Junior Backpack Dino
Okiedog New Wildpack Junior Backpack Dino Children’s Bag

One of the school bag products for children who are still studying in kindergarten (kindergarten) is the Okiedog brand. 
A product from Okiedog, the New Wildpack Junior Backpack Dino, is indeed designed for children with an age range of 3 years to 6 years. It has a 3D design with bright colors and cute animal prints. The Okiedog brand is known to focus on children’s school bags with a cheerful concept which is reflected in its funny and cute designs.

Even so, this brand never forgets its functionality to produce strong, high-quality, light and comfortable yarn when used. This bag has a waterproof front pocket with a padded, adjustable shoulder strap. The materials for its manufacture are phthalate-free, Azo, PVC, also BPA which is free of nickel and cadmium. It has a large room with a nametag in it and only weighs 1 kg.

4. Tas Merk JanSport Right Pack

JanSport's Best Children's School Backpack is the Right Pack
The JanSport Kids Bag is the Right Pack

Some of you may already know the following children’s school bags. 
School bags from Jansport have been widely used by school teenagers because of the quality that can last for quite a long time. This school bag has a simple design with a variety of color choices.

The material is light and wide enough to fit textbooks to laptops with a size of 14 to 15 inches. Even though you have a heavy load inside you don’t need to worry about your shoulders. This is because the material is made of premium cordura & suede bottom with soft padded shoulder straps. It is waterproof with a bag capacity of up to 31 liters.

It has many types of pockets that your child can use to organize their school equipment to make it tidier. The size of this kid’s school bag is 45.5 cm x 33 cm x 14 cm.

5. Children’s Backpack School Bag Brand Adidas Classic Backpack

Best Children's School Backpacks Adidas Classic Backpack
Adidas Classic Backpack Children’s Bag

The quality of the adidas brand backpack is no doubt. 
It is suitable for junior and high school students who may have a lot of extracurricular activities. This is because this backpack can accommodate a lot of equipment that your child might need at school right up to their extracurricular hours. Even though this brand bag is famous for its quite expensive price. However, this product is ergonomic compared to other adidas backpack products.

The material that makes up this bag is 100% Recycled polyester plain weave which makes it waterproof. It has a medium size of 34 cm x 25 cm x 11 cm with a front pocket and two side pockets. No need to be afraid of getting sore because this bag already has shoulder pads on the straps so that it is comfortable on the shoulders of children. Don’t forget to make sure the product is original when buying it online!

6. Brand Catenzo Backpack School Bag

Catenzo's Best Children's School Backpack
Tas Anak Catenzo

Purchasing a product recommended for this child’s school bag will get a bonus rain cover. 
This backpack from the Catenzo brand is indeed designed for elementary to high school students. It can accommodate quite a lot of school supplies because it has a fairly large size, which is 29 cm x 12 cm x 42 cm.

This bag is widely used by students because the material is made of Cordura. The advantage of bags with this material is that they have a strong quality so that they are not easily scratched or scratched. There are two pockets for storing drinking bottles. There is also a front pocket that is quite large and also the main component that can even accommodate up to a laptop.

7. Tonga Brand Dinosaur Children’s School Backpack

The Best Children's School Backpack with Dinosaur Design from the Tonga Brand
Children’s Bag with Dinosaur Design from the Tonga Brand

For school children who like dinosaurs, they must have this one bag. 
This backpack has a striking dinosaur design that is loved by kids. This backpack from the Tango brand is quite affordable for parents. Its not-so-large size makes it widely used by elementary school children.

The bag material is made of canvas so it is light but quite strong and durable. It measures 28 cm long, 17 cm high and 5 cm wide. This school bag is guaranteed to make other children jealous because it makes the person wearing it look as if he is carrying a dinosaur. So what are you waiting for, hurry up and buy before it runs out of stock.

8. Faber-Castell Brand Junior Backpack

The Best Junior Children's School Backpack from the Faber-Castell Brand
Junior Children’s Bag from Faber-Castell Brand

Products from the Faber-Castell brand are usually famous for their colorful pencils and crayons. 
Who would have thought that Faber Castell has a school backpack product that you can choose from. The color of the bag has a cheerful color but is still calm and sweet so that it makes children more enthusiastic about going to school. Apart from being used at school, this Faber Castell brand bag is also still cute when taken to tutoring places or hanging out with friends.

There are three color options to choose from, namely pink and red with a little orange at the bottom. The third color is gray with a bright blue at the bottom so that it looks sweet even though the main color is dark. Having an ahu pad is guaranteed not to get sore even if you wear it to school all day. This recommendation for a school bag for children also has a drawstring feature to prevent your child’s belongings from falling. We know this because every child is certainly very active when playing at school.

9. 3D SuperHero Character School Children’s Backpack, Brand CIJI

The Best 3D Children's School Backpack with lots of SuperHero Characters from the CIJI Brand
3D Kids Bag with lots of SuperHero Characters from the CIJI Brand

Previously recommended school bags for girls with princesses at Disney. 
If you have a boy then this one can be a list of school bags that you can consider. This backpack from CIJI has many superhero designs such as spiderman, batman and many more. A bag with this character is certainly good for your child to stimulate their child’s imaginative abilities.

This bag is also equipped with a 3d sponge feature on the strap so that the back remains comfortable when used. The material it is made of is nylon so that children are more comfortable when carrying it to school because it feels lighter than bags made of other materials. It has a size of 23 cm x 15 cm x 28 cm so it is suitable for use by students who are still in elementary school or kindergarten.

10. Herschel Backpack Nova Mid Volume Backpack

Best Children's School Backpack Herchel Backpack Nova Mid Volume Backpack
Tas Anak Herchel Backpack Nova Mid Volume Backpack

The last recommended product came from the Herschel brand, namely the Nova Mid Volume Backpack. 
With a design nuance that penetrates any era, it is still beautiful, attractive and elegant when used. In brown with striped and checkered prints, both men and women can wear it. This beautiful bag is made of polyester material which is widely used in the manufacture of light but strong and durable task arenas.

It has a strong zipper with a large main pocket and can accommodate even a laptop. At the top there is a handle that can be used to hold your bag. It has 3 small pockets, namely on the front and the right and left sides that can be used to store items.


Finally came to a conclusion and conclusion from the amount of information and reviews of the products that have been given before. How? Are you interested in buying one of the best recommended brands of children’s school bags? If so, you can buy it with your baby at the nearest store in your city.

Also, you may be able to buy it online to be a gift, a surprise for him. Don’t miss other interesting information because there are still many other articles that might be able to help you in choosing your daily products.

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