Review of 10 Best Simple Earphones Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Earphones or in-ear headphones are loudspeakers whose use is placed in the ear canal. In terms of function, this tool is similar to headphones , headsets , and handsfree , but its shape is smaller and more inclined to use to amplify the sound.

Usually, earphones are often used for listening to music, playing games, watching movies, and so on. Not only used during leisure activities, earphones are also often used when working and exercising.

Best Simple Earphones
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There are two types of earphones that are currently being sold, namely earplugs or in-ear monitors (IEM) and earbuds . For the IEM type, the tip of the driver is made of rubber, and the rubber is inserted into the ear. As a result, the ears are more comfortable and the sound issued is clearer, because there is no incoming sound from outside. As for the earbuds , the material used is plastic, and sounds from outside often enter. If you look at these differences, IEM can be said to be superior to earbuds .

10 Best Simple Earphone Recommendations

Currently there are many brands that make earphones with different specifications. Brands such as Xiaomi, Sony, Razer, and so on release products with various features. Those of you who want to buy it will be quite difficult if you don’t know the specifications. Therefore, you can see a list of the best earphone recommendations selected by Ainun as below.

1. Vocal BT-51

Best Simple Earphones Vococal BT-51
Brand Vococal BT-51

As a 
wireless earphone with Bluetooth 4.1 support, the Vococal BT-51 doesn’t need to be plugged into a smartphone if you want to use it. You only need to connect the smartphone bluetooth with earphones if you are going to use it. In terms of design, this loudspeaker is fairly good with three color choices, namely red, white, and black. In addition, this tool is also equipped with navigation buttons that make it easier to control music and also receive phone calls.

For its own features, the earphones are equipped with CVC 6.0 noise reduction technology. This technology makes it sound clearer, because the sound from outside has been reduced to a minimum. The loudspeaker has also been equipped with a microphone so that when receiving calls and recording something can be easier. For those of you who want earphones for sports purposes, then this tool is the right choice. Besides being able to be used for 5 to 6 hours to listen to music, it is also waterproof. That way, sports activities will be more enjoyable.

2. Plextone G10

The Best Simple Earphones Plextone G10
Brand Plextone G10

Plextone G10 is the best earphone that can be used for playing games or exercising. 
This is because there is already a noise canceling feature, which allows outside noise to enter. In fact, this tool is able to reduce noise from outside by up to 90%, so the sound is very clear. The cable on this earphone is 1.5m long, so it’s quite long. With these two things, playing games will feel more fun even if you have high mobility.

The sound produced by these earphones is bass, because it has a frequency response of 15 Hz to 21 kHz. With these frequencies, the music will produce a nice bass sound when listened to. For those of you who want cheap gaming earphones, then the Plextone G10 is one of the most appropriate options. In fact, this loudspeaker is a competitor to the Razer Hammerhead Pro V1, so there is no need to doubt its quality.

3. Infinix XE02

Best Simple Earphones Infinix XE02
Brand Infinix XE02

In addition to producing smartphones in the world, Infinix also produces quality earphones at affordable prices. 
The product is the Infinix XE02, a sporty earphone with a unique design. The uniqueness of this loudspeaker is that the tip of the speaker is an earplug type that is comfortable in the ear, but the shape of the driver housing is a sturdy earbud type. In addition, the hardener is also added with a leg to prop this tool so it doesn’t fall off easily. Thanks to this uniqueness, this device feels more comfortable to use.

To be more comfortable when used, the best earphones are equipped with buttons. The buttons include the volume up, volume down, and play / pause buttons which are also used to receive phone calls. In this device has been embedded noise canceling feature which makes it able to produce better sound. Thanks to all the reasons above, these earphones with a frequency of 20Hz-20KHz are perfect for sports.

4. Sony SBH54

Best Simple Earphones Sony SBH54
Brand Sony SBH54

Sony is well known as a brand that produces quality goods, and the Sony SBH54 earphones are no exception. 
The device has Bluetooth 3.0 installed, so it can be connected wirelessly. Even so, these earphones are still equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack so that they can be connected to devices that do not support bluetooth. To make it even more premium, this tool is installed with an OLED that is able to display song titles, radio station names, and caller names.

In these earphones, you can listen to clearer sound thanks to the noise cancellation feature. In addition, there is also a High Definition (HD) Voice feature so that when used for calling the results are clearer. To make it easier to use, the pause/play, forward, and backward buttons are added to this tool. Besides being able to adjust the song being played, it can also be used to control the radio. With all these features, these premium earphones are really worth buying.

5. Sennheiser MX 375

Sennheiser MX 375 . Best Simple Earphones
Sennheiser MX 375 . brand

Good earphones are those that are able to produce sound clearly and are comfortable when used. 
Such products can be found in the Sennheiser MX 375, an earphone that produces powerful sound but at a friendly price. The design itself is very ergonomic, because it is a type of earbud that gives a comfortable feeling to the ear. This earphone is also equipped with a 3.5mm jack with a 1.2 meter long cable for easy connection to a smartphone.

As mentioned earlier, the sound quality it produces is very clear but powerful. The frequency itself is in the range of 18 – 22,000 Hz, which is the ideal frequency for listening to good bass. As a stereo earphone with many features, you can use it as a speaker when relaxing or exercising. The price is friendly but the sound is solid, making it very feasible to use.

6. Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

Best Simple Earphones Razer Hammerhead Pro V2
Razer Hammerhead Pro V2

The Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 is the best gaming earphone specially designed for mobile gamers. 
In terms of design, the appearance of these earphones is very pleasing to the eye and has a look like gaming earphones in general. The sturdy body material and flat-shaped cable make it durable and suitable when traveling. Not only in terms of design is reliable, because the sound it produces is very good and clear. Clear sound with bass that feels is influenced by its larger driver.

The frequency response of 20 – 20,000 Hz is capable of producing a more pronounced bass sound. Not only can it be used to listen to audio, the loudspeaker can also be used as a microphone. So you can use it to receive phone calls. To adjust the sound, it is also equipped with volume up and down buttons that are easy to use. For those of you who are looking for the best earphones for mobile gaming purposes, the Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 is the best option.

7. Xiaomi Piston 3

Best Simple Earphones Xiaomi Piston 3
Brand Xiaomi Piston 3

As earphones that have won an award, the quality of the Xiaomi Piston 3 is unquestionable. 
The technology owned by this product is sound optimizing technology to optimize the sound quality it produces. As a result, the sound is more balanced between bass, mid, and treble. The aerospace-grade metal diaphragm inside further enhances the audio quality of these earphones.

The frequency it can produce is 20Hz-20KHz with balanced bass and treble sound. The design of this product is quite good, because the cable uses Kevlar fiber material which has good durability. Those of you who use it will feel very comfortable, because these earphones are earplug types. Until now, this product has sold millions of copies all over the country, proving that it is one of the best earphones.

8. Samsung Wired In Ear EO-IG935BBEGWW

Best Simple Earphones Samsung Wired In Ear EO-IG935BBEGWW
Brand Samsung Wired In Ear EO-IG935BBEGWW

Samsung also issued an in-ear headset that is not inferior to its competitors. 
The product is the Samsung Wired In Ear EO-IG935BBEGWW which is a comfortable earplug earphone. By using it, the resulting sound will sound detailed without any noise. The frequency response that it releases is 20Hz – 20KHz so it’s good if you use it to play hip hop and metal songs.

As earphones that are intended to accompany you while doing activities, this product makes it easy for its users. Remote control volume and track songs are one of the features that make it easier to use. The long designed cable with a size of 1.2m5 that doesn’t tangle easily is another advantage of this product. For those of you who want to relax while listening to songs, then using earphones from Samsung is the right step.

9. Armaggeddon Mark 5

Best Simple Earphones Armaggeddon Mark 5
Brand Armaggeddon Mark 5

Although designed for gamers, the Armaggeddon Mark 5 actually has a simple appearance, unlike other gaming products. 
Even so, this product is fairly good for gaming needs. In terms of shape, this simple earphone uses a rubber material at the end of the driver, making it more comfortable and clearer when used. The cable itself is made flat but sturdy so it doesn’t tangle easily and is durable in use.

To be more comfortable when used to play games, the best eraphone provides good bass sound. So, footsteps, gunshots, and the sound of explosions while playing the game will feel so clear. In addition, this device also supports a built-in microphone, so communicating with fellow gamers can be easier. You are strongly advised to use these gaming earphones if you want to play games with a more realistic impression.

10. Knowledge Zenith ED9

Best Simple Earphones Knowledge Zenith ED9
Brand Knowledge Zenith ED9

For those of you who like to listen to music from various genres, Knowledge Zenith ED9 can be chosen. 
These earphones do not highlight one sound pattern, but rather want to balance it. So, any music genre, be it metal, rock, hip hop, or pop, everything will feel balanced when using this loudspeaker. Not only can it be balanced, but the sound results can remain clear and clear.

The built-in feature is the innovative T-shaped driver, a feature that improves vocal quality and makes the sound softer. There is also a pole audio feature with modern technology so that these in-ear headphones are able to produce high-end sound. This device also supports many smartphones, so the sound quality does not decrease even when used on various devices. Thanks to all the advantages, these earphones are very suitable for you to use if you like a variety of music.


To get the best earphone products , then you must know the features, frequencies, and sound patterns they produce. Choose earphones with specifications that suit your needs, for example for playing games, exercising, working, or just spending free time.

Make sure if the product is comfortable when used and can produce clear sound. Also make sure the product you are going to buy fits your budget. That way, the best eraphone that suits your needs can be purchased. Congratulations on choosing the best earphones!

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