Is Amazon Prime Gaming included Free For Prime Membership?

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Amazon Prime Gaming

Find out if Amazon Prime Gaming is included with your Prime membership at no extra cost. Learn about the benefits of Prime Gaming for Prime members.

What is Amazon Prime Gaming?

Enjoy access to top games, in-game content, monthly Twitch Prime subscription, and more with Amazon Prime Gaming

Is Amazon Prime Gaming Free For Prime Members?

Get Amazon Prime Gaming with your Prime membership or sign up for a free trial. Enjoy access to top games, perks, and more for just $12.99/month after trial, cancel anytime.

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Here are some attractive benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming:

Benefits of Amazon Prime Gaming

Twitch Channel Subscription – Gain exclusive access to channels and benefits like chat ranks, badges, special emoticons, and more

Access to In-Game Content – Enjoy free content and loot in select games as a member

Exclusive Emoticons – Get unique emoticons only available to Prime Gaming members, similar to Discord Nitro.

Prime Member Chat Badge – Display your premium status with a crown badge, a symbol of prestige.

Longer Stream Storage – Keep your previous Twitch streams for 60 days instead of the standard 14.

Example of free content available with Amazon Prime:

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