Is Dr. Barbara Sturm a Dermatologist?

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Dr. Barbara Sturm is a prominent figure in the world of skincare and beauty. Many people wonder about her background and qualifications, specifically, whether she is a dermatologist.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into Dr. Barbara Sturm’s career and credentials to answer this question.

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Background

Dr. Barbara Sturm is a skincare professional who hails from Germany. She is widely known for her innovative and high-quality skincare products. But, is she a dermatologist?

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Education and Training

To determine whether Dr. Barbara Sturm is a dermatologist, let’s examine her educational and training background. It’s essential to understand her qualifications to assess her expertise in skincare.

Dr. Sturm received her medical degree from the University of DΓΌsseldorf in Germany. She then pursued further training in orthopedics and sports medicine.

Note: Dr. Sturm’s initial medical training was not in dermatology.

Transition to Aesthetics and Skincare

Dr. Barbara Sturm made a significant transition from orthopedics to aesthetics and skincare. She began to focus on anti-aging and non-surgical treatments, which led her to create her skincare line.

Expertise in Skin Treatments

While Dr. Sturm may not be a board-certified dermatologist, she has developed a reputation for her expertise in skin treatments. Her knowledge of the skin’s physiology and her innovative skincare formulations have garnered attention in the beauty industry.

Collaborations with Dermatologists

Dr. Sturm frequently collaborates with dermatologists and other skincare professionals. Her products and treatments are often recommended by dermatologists, which speaks to her credibility in the field.

Note: Collaboration with dermatologists is a positive sign of her commitment to the skincare industry.


In conclusion, Dr. Barbara Sturm is not a board-certified dermatologist. She began her medical career in orthopedics but transitioned to the field of aesthetics and skincare. While she may not have the formal title of a dermatologist, her expertise and innovative contributions to skincare have made her a respected figure in the industry.

If you have any further questions about Dr. Barbara Sturm or skincare in general, please feel free to ask.

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