10 Best Aviator Glasses Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Aviator glasses are now quite popular among fashion lovers. The popularity of these distinctive and clear aviator glasses has skyrocketed since many top celebrities have worn them. Aviator goggles, which are also known as pilot goggles, not only serve as eye protection from the glare of the sun, but are also very suitable for those who want to look more stylish and fashionable, and look more luxurious.

Best Aviator Glasses
Aviator Glasses Illustration / AltDriver . Image

Even though it can give a cooler, more luxurious and trendy impression, it doesn’t mean that aviator glasses have to be purchased at an expensive price. Currently, there are many eyewear manufacturers that provide various types of aviator glasses with varying budgets and you can adjust them according to your pocket.

Tips for Choosing Good Aviator Glasses

In order not to be wrong in choosing the best aviator glasses, here are some tips that you need to pay attention to. The tips for choosing aviator glasses include the following.

1. Make sure the lens does not touch the eyelashes

The first tip to consider when buying aviator glasses is to ensure that the lenses do not touch your eyelashes. This is important because it will determine your comfort while wearing the aviator glasses themselves.

If the aviator glasses you choose touch your eyelashes, of course you will feel uncomfortable and difficult to blink, which in the end will only make your eyes feel more strained and tired quickly. Therefore, make sure the aviator glasses you choose are not too narrow and put pressure on the eyes.

2. Choose the size that suits your face shape

The next important tip before buying the best aviator glasses is to make sure that the glasses you choose are the right fit for your face shape. To ensure this, you just need to try it directly on the face. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, and it looks less symmetrical and fits your face shape, then don’t force yourself to buy the aviator glasses.

In this regard, you may find it difficult to apply the second tip if you buy aviator glasses online. Even so, it should be noted that aviator glasses are basically suitable for those with oval, square or heart-shaped faces.

3. Find out the type of protection on the lens

We all know that the sun has UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, which can cause damage to the eyes. If you are continuously exposed to these rays, it is feared that there will be interference with the visual nerve, as well as the cornea and lens of your eye. In this regard, many then wear aviator glasses, especially black ones, to protect their eyes when doing outdoor activities.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that the aviator glasses you choose have a certain type of protection from the sun. Usually, aviator glasses come with polarized lenses that are able to block glare caused by sunlight. However, not all aviator goggles have a shield that can block out damaging UVA and UVB rays.

4. Adapt to the budget

The last tip that is no less important is to make sure your choice of aviator glasses has a price that is in the budget range that you have prepared. Don’t be easily tempted by cool and expensive aviator glasses and force them to buy them while the available budget is very tight.

Always remember that aviator glasses are not a necessity that you can use every second or every time. So, make sure you buy glasses with the best budget that fits your pocket.

5. Make sure the glasses cover the eyebrows

If you are confused about finding the right aviator glasses, don’t worry because there are indeed many interesting choices of aviator glasses. So if after confirming the three tips above you still feel confused, try to make sure the selected aviator glasses have covered your eyebrows.

This is important because aviator glasses are designed to be large so that they cover the entire eyebrow. Avoid choosing glasses that do not cover the eyebrows, because that means the glasses are too small for you.

10 Best Aviator Glasses Recommendations

After knowing the tips for choosing the best aviator glasses, here we recommend some aviator eyewear products that might be an option or just a reference for those of you who are confused about making a choice. The recommendations for aviator glasses selected by Ainun include the following.

1. Grey Jack Sunglasses Polarized Anti UV

Best Aviator Glasses Gray Jack Sunglasses Polarized Anti UV
Kacamata Grey Jack Sunglasses Polarized Anti UV

The first recommendation for aviator glasses came from the Gray Jack brand which has a quite 
manly appearance. Having a black frame , with lenses that are also black in gradation, Gray Jack Polarized Anti UV Sunglasses are perfect for you to use when traveling on the beach with friends and family, or your business colleagues.

Regarding the quality, you don’t need to doubt the Gray Jack Sunglasses Polarized Anti UV because the lenses are made of a material that is quite strong and resistant to impact, as well as the frames which are made of selected metals. That way, you don’t have to worry if these aviator glasses will break due to an accidental bump or fall. For the price itself, the Gray Jack Sunglasses Polarized Anti UV are priced at around IDR 399,000.

2. Victoria Beckham VBS98

Victoria Beckham's Best Aviator Glasses VBS98
Victoria Beckham VBS98 sunglasses

Since its first appearance in 2006, the Victoria Beckham brand continues to attract many fans to this day, because its products are considered to be of high quality, including these Victoria Beckham VBS98 aviator sunglasses. 
These aviator sunglasses from Victoria Beckham, like other products, give a luxurious and charming impression.

Having a neat and elegant design, these aviator glasses are designed with sleek and smooth sides. Because of these advantages, it’s not surprising that aviator glasses with lenses that can protect the eyes optimally from the sun are priced at around IDR 3,700,000.

3. RayBan RB3025

RayBan RB3025's Best Aviator Glasses
RayBan RB3025 Kacamata Glasses

The RayBan brand is one of the most popular eyewear manufacturers in the world, especially in the aviator eyewear industry which they have produced since 1937. This Italian brand is still actively producing various kinds of glasses to support your appearance, one of which is its most popular aviator eyewear product. Ray Ban RB3025.

Having a classic black color and green lenses, these aviator glasses are perfect for those of you who want to look more modern and fashionable. RayBan RB3025 glasses are priced at around IDR 2,000,000 with a 2 year warranty.

4. Calvin Klein 1209 SA

Calvin Klein 1209 SA . Best Aviator Glasses
Calvin Klein Glasses 1209 SA

You may be familiar with the Calvin Klein brand because of its wide range of high-quality underwear products that are widely used by the world’s top celebrities. 
But did you know that in terms of aviator glasses, Calvin Klein is also arguably not inferior to other world brands.

Calvin Klein 1209 SA is one of Calvin Klein’s aviator eyewear products which is quite famous for its unisex design which is suitable for use by both men and women. Featuring a beige frame , the Calvin Klein 1209 SA is designed using both plastic and metal, and has a nose pad that is quite flexible, to maximize user comfort.

In addition, these aviator glasses also have gray lenses that can protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. For the price itself, you can have this Calvin Klein 1209 SA by spending IDR 1,680,000.

5. Urban State Polarized Metal Framed Rectangular 

Best Aviator Glasses Urban State Polarized Metal Framed Rectangular
Kacamata Urban State Polarized Metal Framed Rectangular

You don’t really like the design of aviator glasses with oversized lenses? 
Maybe this recommendation for aviator glasses can be the right choice, because it has a smaller lens than usual. In addition, the angled lens will also make your small face look cooler.

Urban State Polarized Metal Framed Rectangular is designed in black, with golden screws, bridge and hinges . This perfect blend then makes it even more exclusive and luxurious when used.

Another positive thing offered by the Urban State Polarized Metal Framed Rectangular is the bridge size which is well designed to fit Asian noses, so these glasses will not sag when used. For the price itself, the Urban State Polarized Metal Framed Rectangular is priced at around IDR 499,000.

6. Chronox Vision Pilot Aviator Kells G

Best Aviator Glasses Chronox Vision Pilot Aviator Kells G
Kacamata Chronox Vision Pilot Aviator Kells G

Hearing the Chronox brand, maybe you will immediately think of the watch product. 
Even though it is famous and big for its watch products, aviator glasses from the Chronox brand are one of the many aviator glasses that we recommend, because of the quality and style that can compete with various other aviator eyewear manufacturers.

This Chronox Vision Pilot Aviator Kells G is one of the most popular aviator glasses for women from the Chronox brand. The design is elegant and charming, with thin gold-colored frames and gradated lenses , making these aviator glasses the favorite choice of many people. Not to mention if we talk about the molded nose pads and the metal material that makes up the frame, of course the price of Rp. 415,000 is quite cheap for this one aviator eyeglass.

7. 24:01 Classic Shades

Best Aviator Sunglasses 24 01 Classic Shades
Glasses 24:01 Classic Shades

Want to make your appearance more cool and cool? 
If so, then eyewear products from 24:01 can be the right choice. One of the 24:1 Classic Shades aviator sunglasses series is a recommendation that you can’t miss. As the name suggests, these 24:01 Classic Shades are a type of aviator sunglasses with a classic design, with a dark and sharp black color.

Even though they are classified as classic, these aviator glasses cannot be said to be mainstream at all, considering that the handle is quite elegant with a thin and slightly curved tip. Likewise with the nose pads which are made of silicone which are able to adjust to the shape of your nose, thus avoiding discomfort. For the price itself, these 24:01 Classic Shades are priced at IDR 499,000.

8. Lover KM C-744-E17 Silver

Best Aviator Glasses Amante KM C-744-E17 Silver
Amante KM C-744-E17 Silver Glasses

Amante is one of the local brands that provides various types of accessories with the best quality and quality, but at an affordable price. 
Started operating in 2006 to be precise in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, Amante continues to produce various types of fashion accessories , including aviator glasses.

One of the best products that we recommend is Amante KM C-744-E17 Silver, which is very elegant while showing a feminine impression that is quite mature. Designed in silver with a little black alloy on the ends of the glasses, the Amante KM C-744-E17 Silverini has lenses that can provide maximum protection from the sun.

For the nose pads, Amante KM C-744-E17 Silver uses silicone to create a feeling of comfort during use. Talking about the price, you can take Amante KM C-744-E17 Silver home with spending only IDR 299,000.

9. Prada Sunglasses SPR-56S

Best Aviator Sunglasses Prada Sunglasses SPR-56S
Prada Sunglasses SPR-56S

One of the world’s leading brands, Prada, has long graced the world of fashion with a variety of the best branded products, ranging from bags, shoes, to accessories such as aviator sunglasses. 
One of the recommendations for aviator sunglasses from the world’s number one fashion house is the Prada Sunglasses SPR-56S, which has a 
modern, sporty and also dynamic design.

The Prada Sunglasses SPR-56S use a type of polycarbonate lens, which is the thinnest and lightest type of lens, but has the strongest durability. This aviator eyeglass frame is very thin, but made of quality metal.

What’s even more interesting is the color which looks colorful with a combination of silver and black handle colors, as well as yellow and red frame colors. As for the price itself, the Prada Sunglasses SPR-56S are priced at a pretty fantastic price, which is IDR 3,880,000.

10. Calliope Erica-SG

Best Aviator Glasses Calliope Erica-SG
Calliope Erica-SG Glasses

You want aviator glasses that are suitable for use by women? 
If so, then Calliope Erica-SG can be the best choice. For years, Calliope has indeed been trusted as one of the manufacturers of women’s accessories that are quite 
trendy and stylish.

For this reason, aviator glasses with black square lenses and oval frames that are also black will be a pity if you don’t have them. In terms of quality, the Calliope Erica-SG does not need to be doubted, because it is a type of aviator glasses made of metal which is quite strong.

In addition, Calliope Erica-SG also has a comfortable nose pad, with a glasses handle that is quite thin, but still sturdy and not easily broken. Talking about the price, these super cool aviator glasses are only priced at around Rp. 279,900.


So, those are the recommendations for the best aviator glasses that you can make as an alternative. Of the 10 recommended aviator eyewear products above, which one is your favourite? Whatever the choice, don’t let you make the wrong decision and in the end regret having bought it.

As an anticipatory measure so you don’t suffer losses, you can choose aviator glasses that match your wishes and personality so that later you can make you more confident when wearing them. In addition, don’t forget to apply the five tips previously described, regarding ways to choose the best aviator glasses that match your needs and desires. By following the steps above, you can be sure that you will be able to determine and find the most appropriate choice of aviator glasses.

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