Review of 10 Best Plant Shears Recommendation (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Every plant shears grows differently. Some grow up, down or widen sideways. Usually, there will be times when the branches that have spread everywhere have to be cut so that the twigs don’t get in the way of anything and also have a beautiful appearance. In addition, there is also time to cut the damaged parts such as dry, broken, exposed to pests and others. Fortunately, cutting these plant parts usually uses the best plant shears.

Gunting Tanaman TerbaikIllustration Image of Plant Scissors / Brand Krisbow

These best plant scissors are a must-have for those of you who like to take care of gardens, flower gardens, and so on. These scissors will really help you to cut things that are awkward on your plants. And for this article, we will discuss how to choose the best crop shears and a discussion of recommended products from these scissors.

How to Choose Good Plant Scissors

There are already quite a lot of plants being marketed in physical stores and online stores. You can get confused when you are buying the best plant scissors. For that you must know tips on how to choose a good and suitable pair of plant scissors for you.

1. Choose based on the part of the plant you want to cut.

The number of plant parts that must be considered, you must first know which part of the name you want to cut to find out what kind of plant scissors are right for you. Here’s the explanation.

  • Snip Scissors

Unlike ordinary scissors, snip scissors are suitable for cutting quite finely, especially on the leaves. The small size of these scissors is very helpful in small details, such as tidying up bonsai plants. The purpose of using this type of snip scissors is to create a plant shape that has been planned.

Apart from those already mentioned, you can also use these snip scissors to make flower arrangements. Because of their small size, you cannot use these scissors to cut twigs.

  • Grass Scissors

Having wild grass plants behind the house, you must have this type of scissors. You can use these shears to clean up weeds that exist along with other plants. In addition, you can also cut the plant parts from several sides without damaging the other side.

Just as the name suggests, these shears have the main function of cutting grass and can also be used to trim thick bush leaves. And you need to know, this type of lawn shear already uses an electric current. So you no longer need to trim the grass manually.

  • Guntung Cuttings

Having a hobby of gardening is fun. And for those of you who have this hobby, you must have this type of scissors. Cuttings are used to cut dead branches or diseased plants. These cutting shears have a curved blade for a good grip on the branches and cut them perfectly.

In addition, these cuttings are also used to cut plants that will be re-sprouted by stem cuttings. Unlike the snip type scissors, which cannot cut branches, these cutting scissors can be used for that because they are equipped with a ratchet mechanism. However, the results are still not neat, so it takes quite a long time for the plants to recover.

  • Long handle scissors

With a handle that is quite long, these scissors are suitable for you to cut plant parts that are difficult to reach. This will be very helpful if you don’t have stairs and you don’t have to climb up to be able to cut hard-to-reach plant parts.

Please note that some products from these long-handled scissors are equipped with a saw to cut thick branches. So, you can use these shears to easily cut thick branches or stems.

2. Pay attention to the material of the knife

After knowing the type of scissors, you must now also know the material used for the blade of the scissors. Usually, garden shears are made of 2 materials, namely carbon steel and stainless steel. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

Knives made of carbon steel have a long durability. But for maintenance, you need to sharpen and clean it regularly to avoid rust.

Knives made of stainless steel have anti-rust properties and are usually equipped with a non-stick so that the sap will not stick to the knife. However, over time, this knife will crack on its own.

Seeing that carbon steel material has a high possibility of being oxidized, this steel material must be cleaned or washed, then wipeddry,ch is then stored in a dry place as well.

3. P ay attention to the cutting mechanism.

Plant shears have 2 types of cutting mechanisms, namely the spring mechanism and the ratchet mechanism. Scissors with a spring mechanism are very easy to find on the market and are usually priced at a very affordable price. This model of scissors with a spring mechanism is usually used to trim leaves. The types of scissors are snip scissors and also grass shears, which are used continuously and repeatedly.

Meanwhile, the ratchet mechanism is usually used for the type of scissors capable of cutting strong and thick plant branches. The ratchet mechanism will really help you to cut thick branches easily. That way, you won’t get tired easily when you’re cutting your garden.

Those are some tips that you can use to get the best scissors products to care for your plants. Not only gardeners or florists, anyone who is caring for plants must have the best plant scissors.

10 Best Scissors Recommendations


Already knowing how to choose a good crop shears, it’s time for you to be presented with recommended crop shears products from the best brands. Curious about what brand? Check out Ainun’s review below:

1. Krisbow Flower Shears 8 1/2

Krisbow Flower Shears 8 1-2 Scissors

If you are gardening and want to cut thorny flowers or trees, you must use the best plant shears from Krisbow Flower Shears 8 1/2. These plant scissors are included in the cuttings type scissors, which are very suitable for you to use to cut old flowers that are about to fall in order to accelerate the growth of the next blooming flower.

Suitable for thorny plants, you must have this pair of scissors when cutting roses that are starting to get thick and are getting old in your garden. That way, you won’t be hurt by the thorns. And this applies to other types of thorny plants as well.

2. Tekiro Pruning Shear Straight

Tekiro Pruning Shear Straight

It comes with a spring mechanism. The next best crop shears come from Tekiro Pruning Shear Straight. These scissors have a snip-type shear designed for heavy duty cutting. Made of stainless steel material, this blade of plant scissors has also gone through a tempering process so that it has excellent resistance and will not rust.

In addition, this Tekiro Pruning Shear Straight also has a handle that is very comfortable to use, even for a long period of time. That’s why, these scissors are very suitable for making details of bonsai trees. How? Do you already have this type of scissors?

3. Sellery

Scissors Plant Scissors Sellery Scissors

Next there is the best multifunctional scissors, namely Sellery Scissors. These scissors have various functions where the position can be changed to horizontal, tilted 45 degrees, and also a firm position. By changing the position of the scissors, you can easily adjust the position according to the position of the plant you want to cut.

By looking at these functions, this plant shear is very suitable to be used to beautify your ornamental plants. The knife material used to make these scissors is made of high quality steel so that it lasts a long time. This small pair of scissors has a blade length of 13 cm and a total length of 25 cm.

4. Taffware Grafting Scissors Taffware

Grafting Scissors

Suitable for the grafting process, the next best crop shears come from Taffware Grafting Scissors. As the name implies, these scissors can help the grafting work be more efficient. How to use it is very easy. Just pinch the stem of the seed with orange bait, and you will get a pointed cut.

Then do it again for the rootstock tree to make a suitable hole for the seed that was cut earlier. That way, the two plants can unite and make the grafting process successful. Please note, this grafting scissors taffware is a cutting type cutting shears whose cutting mechanism is a spring type.

5. Fukuda ST 808

Plant Scissors Fukuda ST 808

Still on the same topic, next is the best plant scissors from Fukuda ST808. These scissors are suitable for cutting branches or twigs of plants. The blade, these scissors is made of stainless steel with Teflon coating. The length is 8 inches. With the Teflon coating, these scissors are easier to clean when exposed to plant sap.

Fortunately, the handle itself is made of ergonomic plastic material, which is easy and comfortable to use even for a long period of time. The size is quite large. You can cut plant parts that are not too large, not too small, or medium size very easily.

6. Eelic Scissors GUT-H71 Eelic


Designed with an adjustable length feature, this best cropping shear comes from the Eelic Scissors GUT-H71. Having a long-handled type of shears, with these shears you can trim the tall parts of plants without having to climb or use stairs. This is because this product is equipped with a handle that can be extended up to 71 cm.

The material for making knives from these scissors is steel, so you must immediately clean and dry them to avoid rust. And for the cutting mechanism of the Eelic GUT-H71 scissors, it is a lever mechanism. So, for those of you who want to cut the branches of tall trees, you must have this one product.

7. ZZ One Branch

Plant Scissors ZZ One Branch Scissors

Suitable for cutting plant branches, the next best plant shears come from ZZ One Branch Scissors. These scissors have blades that are designed to be curved, pointed, and sharp. The goal is to make it easier for you to cut small branches, leaves, and small twigs. Please note, these scissors are also very suitable for cutting processes.

For the handle itself, these scissors are made of quality materials that are comfortable to hold, and the hands don’t get scratched even though the use time is quite long. That way, you don’t get tired easily when using it. The blade of these scissors is made of stainless steel, so it is free from rust even though it is often exposed to sap or water.

8. Scissors Dahan Workman

Scissors Plant Scissors Scissors Dahan Workman

It comes with a lock feature. The next best crop shears come from Scissors Dahan Workman. The lock on these scissors serves to maintain a stable balance and maintain consistency when the scissors are being used to cut a branch. That way, you can trim the branch perfectly.

Made of stainless steel, this best scissor blade measures 7 inches with a thickness of 3 mm. For quality, you don’t need to worry because this best crop scissors product has a very strong and sharp blade and is comfortable to use for trimming plant branches. The handle is also very comfortable to use, even for a long time.

9. Crop Scissors Arrows Crop

Scissors Arrows Crop Scissors

Suitable for beginners in using plant shears, now the best crop shears from the Arrow brand are available. These scissors have a snip type with a spring mechanism and are suitable for cutting twigs on young seedlings. This crop scissors product is priced at a very affordable price.

However, you don’t need to worry because these scissors are still comfortable to use when trimming old plant leaves that can stimulate new leaves to grow. Not only that, these plant scissors can also be used for plants ranging from small to adults.

10. Hasston Scissors

Plant Scissors Hasston Scissors Scissors

When gardening during the day, hands often sweat, and it is very uncomfortable to use scissors because they are slippery. That was then. Now you don’t have to worry because there are already the last best shears from Halston Scissors Dahan. These scissors have a handle that is designed to have a rotation so that the hands will not slip and cut the wrong plant parts even when they are sweating.

Please note that the handle of this scissors has been equipped with anti-slip so that you can use this scissors comfortably. In addition, the handle of the best pruning shears can also be rotated up to 180 degrees to adjust the comfortable position of your hand. That way, you can join comfortably. These scissors are included in the type of cutting with a spring mechanism.


Now we come to the end of the article on the topic of the best pruning shears. In this article, we have discussed a lot of plant shears. The discussion starts with the types of plant shears, namely the type of snip, cuttings, grass shears, and long handles. In this article, we have also reviewed the material of the blade used for these scissors, namely carbon steel, which is prone to rust but has high durability, and stainless steel, which can crack over time but is free from rust.

Not to forget, the mechanics of cutting scissors have also been discussed, as well as a discussion of good products from these plant scissors? Has this article answered your questions regarding these pruning shears? I hope so, yes. And don’t miss it for those of you who are still curious about other recommended products. Stay at and get interesting info about other products.

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