Review of 10 Best Portable Bookshelf Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Having a collection of books often poses a challenge when organizing it, especially if the available space and storage space are limited. But there’s no need to worry because now there are enough portable shelves that can be used to store your various book collections.

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There are shelves made of plastic, wood, and iron, and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Make your bookshelves portable to organize your books more neatly.

Bookcase Portable a Good

Bookshelves portable can usually be folded and moved to various rooms easily. Some bookcases are also versatile, so they can be used to store clothes, kitchen utensils, or skincare and make-up supplies. bookshelf portable on the market, you need to consider the following things.

1. Choose the type of bookshelf according to your needs

A stacking rack consisting of several stacked compartments is a type of portable bookshelf. The number of these arrangements can be adjusted according to needs, can be 1 stack, 2 stack, 4 stack, or even more. The number of arrangements on the shelves can be increased if necessary, but the specifications must be the same so that they are suitable for stacking. bookshelf portable into one, you can put it in several separate places.

Next, there is a type of table shelf that is small and can be placed on the table to organize some of the books you have. The bookshelf portable can also be used to store stationery or other small items on the table to make it neater. If there is an unfinished book or a favorite book, the existence of a desk shelf will certainly make it easier to store the book and reuse it.

bookcase manufacturers portable have also provided bookshelves for children. Because it is intended for children, this type of bookshelf is made with bright colors and cute motifs, such as animal motifs, cartoon characters, or plants. Sometimes children’s bookshelves are designed with a display that shows the cover book, so it is easier for children to find their reading books.

2. Ensure the material used

bookshelf portable because it is related to its strength and lifetime. A bookshelf made of wood will look aesthetically pleasing, especially if the shelf is made using high-quality wood, such as teak wood with additional carvings. Besides being able to be used to store goods, carved wooden shelves can also beautify the room.

bookshelves or portables that are made using wood-derived raw materials or what is known as particle board. This material has a smoother and neater appearance, but it is more expensive than real wood. Unfortunately, these two materials are very susceptible to weathering, mold, and odor, so extra care is required and they should not be placed in damp places.

bookshelves portable Plastic material is known to be lightweight, water-resistant, mildew-resistant, and rust-resistant, so it will last for a long time. Bookshelves made of plastic material also have many attractive models and are easy to assemble. However, bookshelves made of plastic tend to break more easily and are not heat-resistant.

If you prioritize strength when choosing a portable bookshelf, then choose a shelf made of iron. However, because iron rusts easily and is quite heavy, some manufacturers choose other metals or metal alloys to make shelves, for example, from aluminum or stainless steel. Even though they are lighter in weight, they are not inferior in strength to iron racks and are certainly more rust-resistant.

3. Choose based on the number of racks.

The more racks there are, the more items that can be accommodated on the rack. However, taking into account the capacity and ability of the rack to withstand the load also needs to be taken into account so that the shelf is not damaged and collapses. But because you are going to choose a portable bookshelf, make sure the shelf is compact enough and easy to assemble so it doesn’t make it difficult when the shelf is moved to another place.

10 Recommendations for a Good Portable


Portable bookcases are sold at varying prices. There are tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the material of manufacture and the number of arrangements of the shelves. bookshelves portable that can be found easily in various e-commerce.

1. Goto Holo Versatile Bookcase Multifunction Cabinet

Best Portable Bookshelf Goto Holo
Goto Holo Versatile Bookcase Multifunction Cabinet

Goto Book Rack Holo is made of an iron frame and water-resistant non-woven material as a link between the frames. The bookshelf portable is designed with a choice of attractive colors and motifs, such as pink polka dots, blue polka dots, plain gray, white character motifs, plain black, and purple polka dots.

bookshelf portable is made with a size of 40 x 28 x 62 cm so it will fit quite a lot of books. You can also use it to store household items, shoes, and other necessities. Goto Book Rack Holo is available in a choice of 2 or 4 stacks.

2. Aonez Multipurpose Shelf 1-6 layers

Best Portable Bookshelf Aonez Rak
Aonez Multipurpose Shelf 1-6 layers

Skeleton Pattern from Aonez This Multipurpose Shelf is also made of iron with a layer of non-woven fabric that is waterproof and easy to clean. The installation is also very easy to do without the need for any tools. With its light weight and easy to install, this bookshelf is certainly easy to move to another room.

The bookshelf portable from Aonez consists of 5 stacks with a total size of about 40 cm x 28 cm x 122 cm. Thus, there will be enough items to fit in this product, be it textbooks, magazines, office documents, or other home supplies. The Aonez Multipurpose Rack is available in a gray color variant.

3. Sunxin – Portable Plastic Box

Best Portable Bookshelf  Sunxin
Sunxin – Portable Plastic Box

Cabinet The Sunxin Portable Box Cabinet is made of plastic resin material and the frame is made of steel, so it is sturdy and durable. The bookshelf portable is available in closed shelf variants for codes A1 – C3 and half closed shelves for codes D4 – H8. The color combinations of each code are different, but basically the colors used are black, white, pink, blue, and green.

At the front of the shelf is a lightweight plastic window so that it can protect the items inside from dust and other debris. The bookshelf portable consists of 2 stacks with a total size of 35 x 35 x 54 cm and is very easy to assemble. The Sunxin Portable Box Cabinet can be purchased directly at the official Sunxin store.

4. Azonex Portable Multipurpose Trolley

Best Portable Bookshelf Azonex
Azonex Portable Multipurpose Trolley

The frame of the Azonex Multipurpose Trolley is made of stainless steel, complete with supports around it to keep books and other items in it. The bookshelf portable compared to previous products in that there are wheels at the bottom of the shelf, so it can be moved without needing to be disassembled.

To maximize its load-bearing strength, the Azonex Multipurpose Trolley is designed with double screws on the frame. The bookshelf portable is available in 3 stacks with a height of 62 cm and 4 stacks with a height of 87 cm. The Azonex Multipurpose Trolley is sold at a price that is not too expensive.

5. GUNINCO Portable Wooden

Best Portable Bookshelf GUNINCO
GUNINCO Portable Wooden

The portable bookshelf from GUNINCO is a type of desk shelf made of 12 mm thick multiplex wood. With dimensions that are only 34 cm long, 17 cm wide and 35 cm high, the GUNINCO Wooden Portable Shelf will be the right choice for tidying up scattered books on the study table.

Made in white with a glossy finish, this bookshelf portable looks shiny and is also suitable as a table decoration. The price of the GUNINCO Portable Wooden Rack is also not too expensive.

6. PollaHome Bookcase Multipurpose Level

Best Portable Bookshelf PollaHome
PollaHome Bookcase Multipurpose Level

If you want a portable bookshelf made of carbon steel that is anti-rust and tall enough to accommodate many books, the PollaHome Multipurpose Bookcase Level could be the right choice. Not only as a bookshelf, this product is also suitable to be placed in the living room or family room as a decoration.

There are two variants of the PollaHome Bookshelf Multipurpose Level, namely the small variant with a size of 29 x 34 x 133 cm and the large variant measuring 60 x 34 x 135 cm. The bookshelf portable is indeed more expensive than some of the previous products.

7. FUNIKA 93511 Multipurpose Portable Bookcase 2 Levels

Best Portable Bookshelf FUNIKA 93511
FUNIKA 93511 Multipurpose Portable Bookcase 2 Levels

A bookshelf portable with a modern and minimalist design that can also be used to beautify a room. This product is available in color combinations that are not flashy. These are red-white, white only, and white-light brown. The assembly is also very easy and can be done without any tools.

The FUNIKA 93511 Portable Bookcase consists of 2 stacks and has dimensions of 39 x 30 x 44 cm, so it can’t fit too many books. If you want to try FUNIKA 93511 as a bookshelf as well as a decoration at home.

8. CEO Portable Multipurpose Folding Rack

Best Portable Bookshelf CEO
CEO Portable Multipurpose Folding Rack

bookshelf products that satisfy all consumers. Designed in full white, this shelf will be perfect for a minimalist-style home. The frame is made of very strong metal, so it can withstand a weight of up to 100 kg. Thus, a collection of thick books at home can be placed on this bookshelf without worrying.

The CEO Multipurpose Folding Rack is available in a choice of 4 tiers at 123 cm high or 5 tiers at 163 cm high. At the bottom, there are wheels equipped with brakes, so it can be moved and locked at any time. With the quality offered, the Multipurpose Folding Rack is priced quite expensively.

9. BUKO Black Portable Modular

Best Portable Bookshelf BUKO
BUKO Black Portable Modular

Bookshelf The BUKO Portable Modular Bookshelf consists of 4 stacks of shelves that are easy to assemble and install and are suitable to be placed in the living room, office, home, or bedroom. This product is made of a series of iron wires coated with anti-rust paint so that it will last for a long time. With black throughout, the BUKO Portable Modular Bookshelf looks minimalist yet elegant.

The BUKO Portable Modular Bookshelf has a length of 17 cm, a width of 35 cm, and a height of 104 cm. The bookshelf portable is equipped with 4 iron panels measuring 35 x 26 cm, 5 iron panels measuring 17 x 35 cm, 8 iron panels each measuring 17 x 26 cm, and 50 cables to tie the iron panels together. The BUKO Portable Modular Bookshelf is sold at a price of around $10.

10. SOCOZY Portable Bookcase 4 Levels

Best Portable Bookshelf SOCOZY
SOCOZY Portable Bookcase 4 Levels

The body parts of the SOCOZY Portable Bookcase are made of processed wood and PO laminate, while the 4 legs are made of solid wood, which is strong and sturdy. The bookshelf portable is also quite thick, about 180 mm, so it can be used to put books that are thick enough.

The SOCOZY Portable Bookcase is designed with a length of 63 cm, a width of 23 cm, and a height of 130 cm.

How to Make Your Own Bookshelf

As mentioned above, you can actually make your own bookshelf from simple materials, such as disposable cardboard. As you know, some used cardboard boxes are thick enough to be strong enough to hold books. Tools and materials needed:

  • Sturdy and thick used cardboard
  • Scissors or cutters
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue, can be cardboard glue, glue gun, or fox glue
  • Tape
  • Acrylic
  • brush paint
  • container old
  • magazines or newspapers

How to make:

  1. Cut cardboard and remove the damaged parts that are not needed, for example, the cardboard ear section. If you want it faster, use a sharp
  2. Make a size drawing and apply that size to the cardboard that has been cut.
  3. bookshelf portable becomes sturdy. Use the adhesive glue that has been prepared to coat the cardboard.
  4. Sand the edges and corners of the cardboard to make them smoother and neater.
  5. Re-coat the edges of the sanded cardboard with masking tape so that the cardboard sticks together firmly.
  6. Assemble the cardbo cornerstone by one, making sure no tile is left behind.
  7. Attach the cardboard bookshelf frame with adhesive, making sure everything is glued together so that nothing comes off when the books are placed on the shelf.
  8. bookshelf portable with old magazines or newspapers to cover the cardboard.
  9. Coat the entire bookcase with acrylic paint and allow it to dry for a while.


Portable bookshelves can be a perfect solution when you have a large collection of books but do not have adequate storage space. bookshelf, portable . Happy reading.

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