10 Best IKEA Chair Office Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For those of you who have a minimalist room, it is highly recommended to choose furniture that is minimalist in size so that the room does not look cramped and simpler. One of the pieces of equipment needed to complete your minimalist room is a minimalist chair.

One brand that is very well known and has many varied products is IKEA. IKEA chairs already have many product offerings with elegant colors to beautify your room.

Kursi IKEA POANGIKEA POANG Chair Illustration / ikea.co.id

You can choose IKEA minimalist chairs ranging from work chairs, study chairs, rocking chairs, chairs for outdoors in the garden, for eating, for the office, mini bar, café, round shape, and other IKEA sofas and chairs. Some are made of wood, plastic, or rattan, all of which are available at IKEA. Therefore, this article will present some information about the best IKEA minimalist chairs that you can choose.

Tips for Choosing a Good Minimalist Chair

Before buying a minimalist chair, proper and careful design and planning are needed. Not only should you pay attention to quality, but also the comfort of use needs to be considered. Here are some tips from tomslead.com in choosing a minimalist chair.

1. Size and Shape

Before you buy a chair, make sure in advance where you will put the minimalist chair so you know to buy the right size.

If you want to put a chair in a large living room, then you can choose a sofa with a semi-circle or parallel shape that can accommodate many people. If you want to place the chair in the family room, you can choose a soft L-shaped chair so that the child is comfortable jumping around and even comfortable when sitting together while watching television.

2. Chair

The right frame is also an important thing that needs to be planned before you buy a chair. Usually, you will find a chair frame made of real wood, plywood (plywood sheet), plastic, or rattan. If you are looking for a chair that is strong and sturdy, it is highly recommended to choose a chair made of wood with a more attractive model.

3. Colors and Motifs The

The colors and motifs of the chairs will add an interesting impression to your room. It is highly recommended to choose attractive colors and motifs for the sofa that are in harmony with the room. If you want to highlight the classic impression in the room, then you can choose brown or maroon. However, if you want to give an elegant impression, you can choose chairs with soft colors and a little touch of carpet or patterned seat cushions.

10 Recommendations for the Best IKEA Minimalist Chairs


After knowing the tips for choosing a minimalist chair to complement your room, here are some recommendations for the best IKEA minimalist chairs that have received good reviews from users.

1. IKEA JARVFJALLET chair Gloss Black

Best IKEA Chair Office JARVFJALLET Glose Hitam
IKEA JARVFJALLET chair Gloss Black

For a more comfortable and quiet work environment, use the IKEA JARV JALLET work chair. This chair can be tilted and locked according to your comfort and stability in your sitting position. The net material on the body of this minimalist IKEA chair will make it easier for air to enter from the body when you sit down, so you won’t feel hot even if you sit for a long time. In addition, this chair is also equipped with a waist and head support whose slope you can adjust according to your preferences and needs.

The wheels on the chair have a sensitive safety mechanism. They can run when you sit on the bench and stay in place when you stand up. The armrest pad on the chair uses synthetic rubber, which is certainly comfortable to use. This minimalist IKEA chair is equipped with polyurethane foam on the seat, which is sure to feel cool and stretchy.


Best IKEA Chair Office VEDBO

This minimalist IKEA chair is small in size, with a height including the back cushion: 75 cm, a width: 73 cm, and a depth: 65 cm, so it is very easy to move around. This VEDBO armchair is perfect for use when you want to relax in an open space, such as on a terrace, but still be able to socialize with people.

This chair is also very suitable for your minimalist room, with a muted color that beautifies the home decor. The legs of this minimalist IKEA chair are made of solid birch and clear acrylic lacquer. The seat cushion is made of high elasticity polyurethane foam and 35 kg/m3 cold foam. The frame is definitely strong because it is made of steel covered with 75 kg/m3 polyurethane foam.


Best IKEA Chair Office POANG

If you are looking for a rocking chair with armrests, this minimalist IKEA POANG chair could be your choice. This chair has a high back with a handle at the neck. The bic wood coating on the chair makes this chair more supple and comfortable when moving. This chair is suitable to be placed in the family room with the color of the cushions, which is very neutral.

The base material for this seat cushion is soft leather with 100% cotton upholstery. The chair frame uses veneer wood so that the surface is smoother and not fibrous. This chair has enough space to accommodate an adult. The foam used on the seat and back is made of polyurethane foam. You can buy this IKEA minimalist chair at your trusted retailer.


Best IKEA Chair Office BERGMUND Kursi Bar

This chair is perfect for the minimalist bar you have designed in your home. This minimalist IKEA chair is different from other bar stools because it is equipped with a footrest, making it very comfortable to use. The legs of the chair are definitely strong because they are made from solid birch wood with acrylic paint. The seat frame uses steel which has been coated with epoxy polyester powder, so it is definitely very soft.

This chair has a height of 110 cm with a seat width of 45 cm, which is enough to accommodate 1 person. The fabric used as the seat cover is 100% cotton, so it will definitely feel cool even after sitting for hours. This minimalist IKEA chair is available in a choice of white or black, which you can choose according to your taste. Currently, BERGMUND bar stools are not only available at the IKEA store but also available on e-commerce.


Best IKEA Chair Office - NOLMYRA

Chair The recliner that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use is the minimalist IKEA NOLMYRA chair. This chair is very light and fairly small, but still able to accommodate 1 adult. Due to its small size, this chair is easy to move and clean anywhere. Redesigning household furniture is also easier because the size is very minimalist, namely 64 cm wide, 75 cm high, and only 75 cm deep.

The seats use a steel frame that has been coated with epoxy/polyester powder, and the legs use birch veneer. Because it is not covered with cloth, this chair is very easy to clean by simply wiping it with a damp cloth or using a vacuum cleaner. So what are you waiting for? Get the IKEA NOLMYRA minimalist chair immediately from your favorite e-commerce.

6. IKEA GUBBON Rocking Chair

Best IKEA Chair Office - GUBBON Goyang
IKEA GUBBON Rocking Chair

For those of you who are looking for a rocking chair to complement your outdoor decor, this product is highly recommended for use, namely the minimalist IKEA Gibbon Rocking Chair. This chair is made of strong polyethylene plastic rattan, so it doesn’t need special care. This chair also has a backrest that has been equipped with excellent neck support for you to relax and enjoy the fresh air.

No need to worry about scratching the floor, because this chair has been equipped with a plastic strip at the bottom. The structure shown is woven so that it looks more spacious. If the chair is exposed to water, dry it immediately and let the air circulate so that there is no condensation. So what are you waiting for? Get a comfortable sitting position outdoors with the minimalist IKEA GUBBON Rocking Chair.


Best IKEA Chair Office - NORNA-NILSOVE

Who likes furniture made of natural materials? For those of you who like a room like in nature, the NORNA / NILSOVE rattan chair can be an option. This minimalist IKEA rattan chair will make your living room, dining room, or terrace even more beautiful. This round chair has a unique design and a detailed pattern woven by professional craftsmen.

The armrests are intentionally designed to let you relax and lean back while eating or talking. The seat is very comfortable because it is equipped with 25 kg/m3 polyurethane foam. This minimalist IKEA chair measures 57 cm wide, 82 cm high and 57 cm deep. Perfect sitting comfort will be obtained by using the NORNA / NILSOVE chair.


Best IKEA Chair Office - ASKHOLMEN

The next IKEA product that has been highly recommended by its consumers is the ASKHOLMEN garden chair, which is made of solid acacia wood with an acrylic color so that the impression is more natural. This minimalist IKEA chair can also be folded, making it easier for you to store and move it. This chair measures 105 cm long, 37 cm wide, and 13 cm high and weighs 3.61 kg so it is perfect for your mini garden.

It’s quite easy to care for this IKEA chair. Just by repainting it regularly and cleaning it regularly, the chair can last a long time. This chair will be very thin when folded, so it doesn’t take up too much space during storage. The sturdy wood will provide extra comfort because you don’t have to worry about it shaking when you sit on it.

9. IKEA MUREN Lounge Chair

Best IKEA Chair Office - MUREN Kursi Malas
IKEA MUREN Lounge Chair

Are you looking for a recliner that you can also use for lying down? Then the MUREN IKEA Recliner Chair could be an option. With this IKEA chair, you can choose from three positions from upright, reclined, and reclined when using this chair. The footrest will fold outward if you choose the reclining position. There is a neck rest on the chair that will support the neck and is very good for avoiding soreness.

The chair frame uses quality materials such as plywood, particleboard, polyurethane foam, solid wood, and fern base. The seat cushion is made of 30 kg/m3 polyurethane foam with polyester filling. The seat upholstery is made of 100% polyester. It is enough to use a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth to clean the chair. You can place this minimalist IKEA chair in your living room or bedroom when you want to read a book.

10. IKEA MAMMUT Chair Children’s

Best IKEA Chair Office - IKEA MAMMUT
IKEA MAMMUT Chair Children’s

Chair This minimalist IKEA MAMMUT series is a product that is strong and durable but still light. This chair is designed with a fun and durable shape because it is used by children. This chair is also suitable for outdoor use when children play. This chair is made of polypropylene plastic, which is definitely BPA free because it will be used by children.

This lightweight and stable chair is perfect for children to use for drawing, playing, doing crafts, or as a picnic table. This product is also resistant to all kinds of conditions and weather, such as rain, dirt, heat, and snow. There are a variety of very attractive and bright colors that are liked by children. This minimalist IKEA chair is also equipped with UV protection technology, so it is safe when taken outside the room.

How to Care for Wood

Chairs Wooden chairs are one of the best-selling items among the people. Besides being believed to be more durable, wooden chairs also give the impression of luxury in the room. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper care so that your wooden chair is durable and long lasting. The following are some ways to care for wooden chairs.

1. Coating with Paint

Coating a wooden chair with protective paint is one way that can be done so that the texture of the chair is maintained. This paint will prevent the entry of dust or dirt into the chair so that the wood is protected from weathering.

2. Do not sit on the arm of the chair.

. The most common thing that happens is sitting on the arm of the chair, but this is absolutely not allowed because it can damage the shape of the chair. The armrests are designed not to have enough durability to accommodate heavy loads. If occupied as often as possible, it will cause the armrest to weaken and break.

3. Clean regularly

It is recommended to clean wooden chairs every 3 or 4 times a month. You can clean it by using a small brush to remove the sticky dust or dirt between the chairs. Also use a special wood cleaning liquid so that the color of the chair does not fade or fade. You can also clean it with a dry cloth to prevent the chair from getting wet quickly.

4. Place the Chair in a Dry Area and Avoid the Sun

Make sure you put the chair in a dry place and do not allow the chair to be exposed to water. Frequent exposure to water, will make the chair become cracked and moldy. Avoiding wooden chairs from sunlight also needs to be done so that the wood is not stiff and porous. Besides that, the color of the chair is also maintained.

5. Move it Properly

If it’s not really necessary, don’t move the wooden chair too often, so as not to damage the chair’s rigidity. But if it must be done, then move the chair very carefully. Do not drag or pull the back of the chair, as this can scrape the wood and damage the underside. Lift it up slowly and place it on a flat area.

Here’s some information about minimalist chairs, starting from how to choose a minimalist chair, recommendations for minimalist IKEA chairs, and the right way to take care of chairs made of wood. Hopefully, this information can help you to find the best product and take care of the chair to keep it durable. If you want to find out more information about the recommendations, you can visit the available pages.

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