Review of 10 Best Retro Helmet Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Helmet is a must when riding a motorcycle. This is for safety while driving. In addition to safety, modern helmet design also has considerations to support cool fashion. And now helmets are available and present to provide safety and comfort for you. One of the helmets that are widely used when you have to ride in style is a retro helmet that is nice and unique. This retro helmet really supports the appearance of being okay and cool when riding a motorcycle.

Helm Retro TerbaikRetro Helmet Illustration / JPX Brand

Speaking of the best retro things, this product has now come from many brands and has become a hot topic for motorcycle users. Well, this article will also discuss the best retro helmets. Starting from how to choose the best product to a complete review of the recommended product. What are you waiting for? Let’s see the following review.

How to Choose a Good Retro Helmet Brand

Anyone can be confused when choosing a good retro helmet product from various brands. So, so as not to be confused, consider the following cool tips, namely how to choose the best retro helmet brand.

1. Know the Helmet Type

For its own type, this helmet has been presented in many types. That way, you can freely choose the type you like.

  • Shorty

It is one of the classic helmet types that from the past until now has remained cool when used. With this, you can enjoy the breath of air and also hear the roar of the motorcycle and the streets around you while driving. This shorty type is very popular and is used by people who ride motorcycles. However, it is also possible for motorcycle users to use this type of helmet.

Referred to as a “chip and chip” helmet, this shorty helmet has not yet received SNI (Indonesian National Standard). That’s why you must adjust the time and place to ride using this shorty type helmet.

  • Open Face

Next there is an open face type. The open face is the most popular type of retro helmet. This helmet can cover all parts of the head except the face because, according to the title “open face,” it means your face is open and not covered at all. However, please note that this retro open face helmet can be customized according to the user’s wishes.

One customization that you can try is a helmet using a visor or glass. That way, security is more awake. To protect the skin from the sun, you can also use a pet. Very cool, right?

  • Full Face

Next, there is a full face type. This is a type of retro helmet that has the highest level of safety. With this helmet, all parts of the   including the face, are covered safely. That way, the head is ensured to be safe and avoid injury due to impact.

However, the use of this helmet also has a drawback, namely that the air circulation is not as smooth as the two types of retro helmets that have been described previously. In order to feel comfortable regarding the air circulation, you must get used to it first. And if you wish, you can also change the visor on this helmet into goggles so that your face still gets air circulation while riding.

2. Know the Material

Apart from the retro helmet type, you must also consider the material used to make the helmet to see the advantages and disadvantages of the helmet. Some of them are as follows.

  • ABS

The first material is ABS plastic material. Usually, helmets made of ABS material are made in bulk using machines. Helmets made of this material are usually priced at a very affordable price. However, you don’t need to worry because this helmet has very capable strength and high durability. Plus, this helmet has passed SNI safety.

  • Tri-fiber composite

Next there is the Tri-fiber composite material. This helmet is made of 3 different materials, namely fiber, Kevlar, and carbon fiber, to create a helmet that is capable of being used when riding a motorcycle. Slightly similar to a helmet made of ABS material, this helmet made of Tri-fiber composite has a lighter weight. And for durability, this helmet is much stronger than helmets made of ABS material.

  • Full carbon

In contrast to the previous material, which is a combination of 3 materials, this helmet is made of only one material, namely carbon. For its weight, this helmet is much lighter and also stronger than the 2 materials previously discussed. This helmet has been tested for impact problems, and the quality is unquestionable. Did you know, this type of helmet is widely circulated in Europe and the United States.

The 10 Best Retro Helmet Brand Recommendations


After knowing how to choose a good retro helmet, it’s still incomplete if you haven’t been presented with the helmet brand recommendation. Curious what brand? The following is the discussion of

1. Zeus Helmet

Best Retro Helmet - Zeus Helmets Retro
Zeus Helmet

The first retro helmet brand is Zeus Helmet. This helmet comes from Taiwan, which has now spread to many countries, including Indonesia. This Zeus helmet has obtained an SNI permit. Based on this, it can be ascertained that this helmet has a high level of security.

The Zeus brand itself has issued many helmet series. And from the many helmets that have been presented, there are 4 types of helmets that have been distributed in Indonesia. If you want to get information related to this helmet, you can visit online shops to get helmets other than the 4 types above.

2. Simpson Helmet

Best Retro Helmet - Simpsons Helmets
Simpson Helmet

Next, there is a retro helmet brand from Simpson Helmets. This is one of the many helmets imported into Indonesia. The Simpson helmet comes with free stop technology, which means the helmet is easy to open and close. In addition, this helmet brand also puts COOLMAX ventilation on its helmet products so that the head still gets fresh air even when wearing a closed helmet.

Did you know that most of the helmets that are presented by this brand are helmets with balam needs. although there are also those that are not the type of racing helmet. How? Do you already have this product from Simpson Helmets?

3. JPX Helmet

Best Retro Helmet - JPX Retro Signature
JPX Helmet

Included in the local helmet brand, the JPX helmet is a helmet originating from Indonesia, which is under the auspices of Jaya Plastik Mandiri, which can be abbreviated as JPX, where the x means exploration. These JPX helmet products are inspired and created by their owners due to their love of helmets and fashion.

If you want good imported helmets, of course you have to spend a big enough budget. This is because the helmets must be nominated for a high price. However, with the birth of JPX, you can get a high quality helmet that is priced at a price that is not too high, or in market terms, an affordable price.

4. Bell Helmet

Best Retro Helmet - Bell Helmets
Bell Helmet

This Bell helmet has a very classic value and art. It’s one of the oldest helmet brands in California. That’s why this helmet has so many variants in retro helmet types. So, if you want to see many models of the helmet type, retro, you can check out this one brand.

Bell Helmet has issued a retro helmet with a shorty, open face, and full face type. So, you can freely choose according to your needs.

5. Cargloss Helmets

Best Retro Helmet - Cargloss Helmets
Cargloss Helmets

Being one of the retro helmet brands, Cargloss Helmets is recognized for its very affordable price tag compared to other brands. In addition to an affordable price, Cargloss Helmets has the advantage that its products are very compatible with helmet accessories that are currently widely marketed. The accessories in question are not from this brand but from other brands.

These accessories are visors, pets, goggles, and many more. and, of course, very compatible with this one brand. So, for those of you who want a helmet with a unique design and style, Cargloss Helmets are the answer. This is, of course, because the design of this helmet is combined with other brand accessories that make the helmet have a very unique design value. How? Interested in buying it right away?

6. Ruby Castel Helmets

Best Retro Helmet - Ruby Castel Helmets
Ruby Castel Helmets

Ruby Castel Helmets are one of the forms of celebration of the French state producer. They have the characteristic of a slightly fat helmet. It can penetrate to the international market, of course, because the quality of this helmet brand is very good. Helmets from this brand are made of carbon fiber as the main material.

That way, you can be sure the helmet must have a light weight with high resistance. Not only that, the inside of this helmet is also made with sheepskin, which is very rare in other brands’ helmets. Please note that in Indonesia, this Japanese-made Ruby Castel Helmet is owned by Black Riot.

7. Nolan Helmets

Best Retro Helmet - Nolan Helmets
Nolan Helmets

Nolan Helmets is a brand that provides a complete range of helmet products through its own sales portal. You can make deliveries abroad or you can buy them directly from the Nolan Helmets portal. Before buying one of these Nolan products, you can adjust the type and size you want because this helmet brand has provided it completely.

Currently, Nolan Helmets has presented 3 types of helmets, namely Full Face Helmets, Modular Helmets, and Open Face. How? What kind of helmet would you like to have? What are you waiting for? Let’s have it now.

8. WTO Helmets

Best Retro Helmet - WTO Helmet
WTO Helmets

It comes at a very affordable price. The next best retro helmet brand is WTO Helmets. This helmet has used the national standard, or SNI, so it has been confirmed to have a fairly high level of security. This WTO helmet also comes in many sizes, from children to adults. So, with these products from WTO helmets, there is no longer any reason not to use a helmet when driving.

This is certainly a very good advantage for WTO helmets, as this brand can present helmets that have SNI standards at very affordable prices. What are you waiting for? Let’s have it now.

9. JPN Helmets

Best Retro Helmet - JPN Helmets
JPN Helmets

The next retro helmet brand comes from Japan, with many helmet variants. Jpn helmet has various types of helmet products ranging from JPN kids to monsai series. One of the most sought after JPN helmet products is the Retro Plain JPN Helmet. This helmet has an SNI standard to protect the user’s head from the risk of unexpected collisions while driving.

For the price, this JPN helmet is classified as a helmet that is priced at a very affordable price, and it is also easy to find the product. To get this JPN helmet product, you can visit any e-commerce. Or you can also visit the JPN helmet portal directly.

10. GM Helmets

Best Retro Helmet - GM Helmets
GM Helmets

Finally, there is the best retro helmet brand, namely GM helmet. Who doesn’t know this GM Indonesia helmet brand? This brand almost caters to motorcyclists throughout Indonesia. has presented a lot of helmet products, ranging from children’s helmets to adult helmets. For the types of helmets themselves are very diverse and one of them is a retro type helmet.

Talking about the GM Indonesia brand, this is one of the biggest local helmet brands. In addition to the retro type, there are many other types of helmets that have been presented by this brand. Some of them are cartoon, cross, open face, you can even apply for a custom one. Very cool, right? Come on, custom helmets are available now only at GM Indonesia helmets.

You Must Know, These Types of Helmets

Speaking of helmets, do you already know the types of helmets other than full-face helmets, open-face helmets, and shorty helmets that are widely circulated today? Come on, see the following review.

1. Half-Face

Helmet Being a modified helmet from an open face helmet, this Half-Face Helmet is often referred to as a shorty helmet. This helmet has a higher level of security compared to an open face. And an alternative for those of you who don’t like full-face helmets related to air circulation. With this helmet, you can still feel the air circulation because this helmet has an open bottom.

2. Modular/Flip Up Helmet

The combined result of a full face and half face helmet, this type of helmet has a visor that can be lifted so that the user’s face can look as if he is wearing a half face helmet.

3. Cross/Offroad

Helmet This type of cross/offroad helmet is used by cross or trail motorcycle racers. This helmet can provide a fairly high level of security. This helmet not only protects the head from wind and dust, it also serves to protect the head from dust and wind.

4. Dual-Sport Helmet

Providing full protection to the head, this dual-spot type helmet is here for motorcyclists who wear an ALTO style, commonly known as All Terrain Off-Road.


Based on this discussion, it can be concluded that there are still retro helmets that meet SNI standards. That way, you must pay attention to when and where to use the helmet. In this article, you have also found out how to choose the best retro helmet and the brand of helmet. How? Is this article enough to answer your curiosity about this one topic?

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