Review of 10 Best Meat Knife Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – When processing meat for cooking, it is important to use a type of meat knife that is specifically designed for the needs of cutting meat. Often referred to as a cleaver, a butcher’s knife comes in a rectangular shape and is larger than a regular knife.

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The size of this large meat cutting knife is intended to make it easier to cut meat and bones, so that they become smaller. This type of butcher knife is even able to chop the meat so that it becomes smoother.

Tips for Choosing a Good Meat Cutting Knife

If meat is often one of the most consumed side dishes at home, then now is the right time to switch to a butcher knife. Besides being able to save cooking time, using a cutting knife specifically for meat will produce better cuts of meat.

Well, before choosing a good butcher knife product to use in the kitchen, you should first need to know how to choose a good meat knife. Immediately, here discusses important tips for choosing the best butcher knife.

1. Choose the Right Knife Type The

The type of knife must be considered first when choosing the best meat cutting knife is the type of knife. Maybe some of you think that all knives are the same and only differ in size. But actually, each knife has its own type and its own purpose. Don’t just choose a knife if you don’t want to get a knife that doesn’t fit.

At least there are several types of butcher knives that you need to know, including boneing knives, sticking knives, slaughter knives, machetes, and skinning. Slaughter knives are specifically for slaughtering animals quickly so they don’t feel sick. A knife, skinning, is used to separate the skin from the meat. When the meat has separated from the skin, then separate it from the meat using a bone.

2. Choose a Knife with Good Materials

Not only is the type of knife that needs to be considered, but the materials used for making the knife also need to be considered. The reason is, the material used in the knife will affect the level of sharpness and durability of the butcher knife. There are at least three materials that are good for meat cutting knives, namely stainless steel, titanium, and carbon steel.

If you are looking for a meat cutting knife that is rust-resistant and sturdy, then a stainless steel knife could be an option. However, if you want a lightweight knife, then a titanium butcher knife is the answer. On the other hand, if you want the best butcher knife that is super sharp, then look for a carbon steel butcher knife.

3. Choose a Sturdy Knife Handle

Using a butcher knife is quite dangerous. Therefore, make sure you choose a butcher knife that is comfortable when used so that it doesn’t come off easily or hurt your hands. One way is to choose a meat cutting knife with a forged handle because it is relatively more sturdy.

In addition, choose a butcher’s knife handle that is ergonomic. The reason is, cutting meat requires more pressure in order to stick perfectly. With an ergonomic handle, your hands will be able to stick perfectly so that you can deliver maximum pressure.

4. Choose a knife that is heavy and has a comfortable grip.

size. The last tip to consider when choosing the best butcher knife is its weight and size. Make sure you choose a knife that is neither too heavy nor too light. The reason is, a knife that is too heavy or too light will make it uncomfortable when used. The fix is ​​to take a knife and then make a movement like you’re using it.

In addition to the weight of the knife, you also need to pay attention to the size of the best butcher knife you will choose. Many suggestions recommend choosing a meat cutting knife with a length of 10-30 cm. As for the height of the knife, it is recommended to measure 2 to 2.5 cm.

10 Best Meat Knife Recommendations


After discussing the tips for choosing the best meat knife, we will discuss several products that can be an option for cutting meat. The meat cutting knife products that will be reviewed come from various brands, with models and shapes that can be adjusted to the wishes and needs of the buyer.

1. BMW Kitchen Ware Stainless Meat Knife

Best Meat Knife - Merk BMW Kitchen Ware
BMW Kitchen Ware Stainless Meat Knife

For the purposes of mincing beef, cutting chicken, or cutting other types of meat, this BMW KitchenWare Stainless Meat Knife could be the right choice. This best banana meat cutter, as the name suggests, is made of high quality stainless steel. This makes the meat carving knife from the BMW Kitchenware brand very strong, durable, and able to last a long time.

Not the blade, but the handle of the BMW Kitchenware Meat Knife is also made of the same stainless steel and has been designed with a soft and ergonomic design, so that its use will feel very safe and comfortable. For sure, these best banana choppers will be very useful in the kitchen.

2. Nirosta Velvet Multi Chopper Knife

Best Meat Knife - Merk Nirosta Velvet Multi Chopper Knife
Nirosta Velvet Multi Chopper Knife

In the second place, the recommendation for a meat knife to consider is the Norista Velvet Multi Chopper Knife. This knife is very suitable and ideal for cutting, mincing, or slicing meat and vegetables. Norista itself uses materials from professional brands of stainless steel from Germany, so there is no need to doubt the quality.

From the handle side, this best butcher knife has a soft grip and has been equipped with an anti-slip handle designed to maximize comfort and safety. Therefore, the Norista Velvet Multi Chopper Knife is the best alternative to replace an old butcher knife at home that is dangerous to use.

3. JIB Ceramic Cleaver Knife

Best Meat Knife - Merk JIB Ceramic Cleaver Knife
JIB Ceramic Cleaver Knife

Want to get the best butcher knife in cute and adorable pastel colors? The JIB Ceramic Cleaver Knife is the answer, because this knife comes in three of our favorite color variants, namely blue, pink, and lilac, which will further add to the beauty of your kitchen.

Apart from that, the JIB Ceramic Cleaver Knife is also worth considering because the blade is made of zirconium, making this the best butcher knife very sharp and not easily damaged or dulled when used. The cutting results will not leave oxidation, and the knife will be very easy to clean and odor-resistant.

4. SHIBAZI Professional Chef Silver Cleaver

Best Meat Knife - Merk SHIBAZI Chef Profesional Silver Cleaver
SHIBAZI Professional Chef Silver Cleaver

This meat knife, which will be recommended next, has been widely used by professionals in the world of cooking, especially when cooking typical Chinese food, Western food, and others. How not, this SHIBAZI Chef Professional Silver Cleaver knife has a number of advantages that cannot be underestimated.

First, the advantage of this best butcher knife comes from its very sharp blade, so it can speed up the process of cutting, mincing, and slicing meat. In addition, the handle of this SHIBAZI knife is also made of cast steel, which has also been equipped with an anti-slip design, making it a strong knife and not easily detached when used.

5. Xituo Chef Knife Cleaver Wide 8 Inch

Best Meat Knife - Merk Xituo Chef Knife Cleaver Wide 8 Inch
Xituo Chef Knife Cleaver Wide 8 Inch

The next recommended meat cutting knife that can be used for home or professional purposes is the Xituo Chef Knife Cleaver Wide 8 Inch. This Xituo blade is made of carbon steel, which will not stain or rust if it is used too often for a long period of time.

At first glance, the shape of this best butcher knife is indeed slightly different from other types of meat knives. Even so, this, of course, does not reduce the function of this product. Even the handle has been perfectly designed to feel comfortable when gripped.

6. BOLDe Cleaver Chop Knife

Best Meat Knife - Merk BOLDe Cleaver Chop Knife
BOLDe Cleaver Chop Knife

As a brand that often presents various kinds of household products, BOLDe certainly does not miss the production of meat knives. One of the products from BOLDe that should be considered in this regard is the BOLDe Cleaver Chop Knife, which is made using ice hardening technology to consistently increase steel hardness.

The steel material used to make this best butcher knife, of   has the best quality because it is a high-carbon steel material. Although this meat knife has a fairly thin shape with a relatively light weight, the blade is still sharp when used to cut meat.

7. IDEAL ID627 Cleaver Knife

Best Meat Knife - Merk IDEAL ID627 Cleaver Knife
IDEAL ID627 Cleaver Knife

Every household product brand strives to create the best to meet the demand for meat knife products. IDEAL did not miss this contest and also released its best product, namely the IDEAL ID627 Cleaver Knife.

The best butcher knife from IDEAL is made using high quality stainless steel. This makes the IDEAL ID627 Cleaver Knife not easy to rust, so it can be used for a long time.

8. Maxim Tools Butcher’s Knife

Best Meat Knife - Merk Maxim Tools Pisau Daging
Maxim Tools Butcher’s Knife

Who is not familiar with the Maxim brand? This company that operates in the home industry is already quite familiar among housewives and professionals in Indonesia. In this case, Maxim also has a meat cutting knife product, namely the Maxim Tools Meat Knife.

Measuring about 7 inches, the best butcher knife presented by Maxim is made of quality stainless steel. The handle is also equipped with anti-slip rubber, which makes Maxim Tools Butcher Knife easy and safe to use. So,

9. KrisChef Cleaver Knife 7 Inch

Best Meat Knife - Merk KrisChef Cleaver Knife 7 Inch
KrisChef Cleaver Knife 7 Inch

This next recommended butcher knife is suitable for those who are looking for a sharp knife, not easy to rust, suitable for cutting meat to the bone, and has a perfect blade and is not easy to stick with meat. The product in question this time is the 7-inch KrisChef Cleaver Knife. You could say, the KrisChef brand product distributed by Ace Hardware is the champion of the butcher knife.

With blades made of the best stainless steel, the best meat knives are also often called close to perfection when cutting meat. Not to mention, if we talk about the handle, although it is made of stainless, it is still ergonomically designed so that it feels very comfortable when held.

10. Oxone OX-62G Classic Cleaver/Butcher

Best Meat Knife - Merk Oxone OX-62G Classic Cleaver Butcher
Oxone OX-62G Classic Cleaver/Butcher

Just like KrisChef, Oxone is a brand that has a meat cutting knife product that has always been a mainstay. The product in question is the Oxone OX-62G Classic Cleaver/Butcher which is made of the best stainless steel.

The material of Oxone’s best meat cutting knife makes it very strong, very sharp, and not easy to rust. The process of cutting meat or even bones will feel very easy, short, and not difficult at all.

Tips for Caring for a Meat Cutting Knife So It’s Not Blunt

One of the problems that are often encountered when using a knife, including a special type of knife for meat, is a dull knife. Apparently, there are several things that can cause a knife to dull easily, you know! So, so that the best meat cutting knife you just bought doesn’t dull quickly, let’s look at the following maintenance tips.

1. Wash immediately after use

So that the best meat knife you have is not easily dulled, make sure to always wash it after use. Maybe some of you often put used knives in the sink or with other laundry. However, this habit can make the knife dirty or even scratched so that it becomes damaged. Not only that, putting the knife with other laundry is also dangerous.

The best way to wash a butcher knife is by hand or by hand. This will minimize the knife’s being scratched so that it is no longer sharp. Wash gently by hand to avoid scratching the best butcher’s knife. However, when washing it, you need to be careful because it can injure your hands.

2. Dry the knife before

storing After washing the meat cutting knife, you should not store it immediately. Make sure you dry the blades before storing them. However, do not dry it by hanging it with other tools because it will only make the knife scratch with other tools so that it becomes dull. The correct way is to immediately dry using a cloth or tissue so that mold does not grow on the surface of the knife.

If the best butcher knife you have is dry, it’s best to store it in a special place like a knife drawer. Avoid storing the butcher’s knife with other utensils, as this can scratch the knife. If you don’t have a special knife drawer, at least you can separate it from other tools elsewhere.

3. Sharpen Knives Routinely

The last thing that needs to be done so that your best meat knife can be durable and not easily dull is to sharpen it regularly. The reason is, a knife that has been used repeatedly, of course, the level of sharpness will decrease over time. Therefore, you need to learn to sharpen a knife so that you can sharpen it regularly.

For the best butcher knives that may not be used every day, you can sharpen them every few months or every time you want to use them. Also, make sure the knife is not bent and the tip is still sharp. If the knife is bent and no longer sharp, then the meat-cutting knife can harm the user.


Maybe that’s enough of an explanation regarding the recommendations for the best butcher knife that can be considered. Don’t forget to always apply tips on choosing a good meat cutting knife and according to your needs so that it doesn’t go to waste. Also apply the tips on caring for the knife so it doesn’t get dull easily.

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