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Review of 10 Best Portable Bookshelf Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – Having a collection of books often poses a challenge when organizing it, especially if the available space and storage space are limited. But there’s no need to worry because now there are enough portable shelves that can be used to store your various book collections. Illustration of Portable Bookshelf / Amazon […]

Review of 10 Best Meat Knife Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – When processing meat for cooking, it is important to use a type of meat knife that is specifically designed for the needs of cutting meat. Often referred to as a cleaver, a butcher’s knife comes in a rectangular shape and is larger than a regular knife. Meat Knife Illustration Image / […]

10 Best IKEA Chair Office Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – For those of you who have a minimalist room, it is highly recommended to choose furniture that is minimalist in size so that the room does not look cramped and simpler. One of the pieces of equipment needed to complete your minimalist room is a minimalist chair. One brand that is […]

10 Best Wall-Mounted Shelves Model Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – Currently there are many brands that provide a variety of wall-mounted shelves to be installed in rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. The function of the wall-mounted shelf is not only a storage area, but also a decoration. Picture of Paste Wall Shelf Illustration / According to […]

10 Best Hanging Pots Recommendations for Flowers (Updated 2023)

Best Blog Review – Hanging plants around the garden makes the atmosphere seem neater and more comfortable. Hanging pots for flowers are also useful for adding space in planting flowers. Before discussing recommendations for hanging pots, let’s look at several ways to choose hanging pots. Hanging Flower Pot Illustration Picture / () Tips for Choosing Hanging Pots for Good Flowers […]

10 Recommended Corner Flower Shelf Models from Minimalist Iron (Latest 2023)

Best Blog Review – Not only as a place to put plants, flower racks also function to enhance the aesthetics of a room. With a flower shelf, you can place and arrange flowers neatly. As a result, the room becomes more beautiful, cooler and also comfortable. Illustration of Iron Flower Rack / walmart Usually, many people put flower […]

10 Recommended Minimalist Flower Racks from Wood (Latest 2023)

Best Blog Review – Flower racks are very necessary at home. Especially if you are classified as a person who likes to collect flowers and ornamental plants. The existence of shelves makes ornamental plants neater. You are also free to put it indoors or outdoors for a more beautiful home. Illustration of a minimalist hanging flower shelf from wood […]

10+ Recommended Good Quality Wallpaper for Walls (Latest 2023)

Best Blog Review – Wall wallpaper is a wall decoration that often uses vinyl or PVC paper as the main material. To install it, just need to attach it to the desired wall area. Most wallpaper walls have a smooth texture and pattern, making them very pleasing to the touch or look. For those of you who want an […]

10 Recommended Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Designs (Latest 2023)

Best Blog Review – Anyone would love a bedroom with a comfortable feel and a minimalist and modern design. To get these nuances, of course you have to fill the room with prints with a minimalist design as well. And what is one of the must-have room fillers is the wardrobe. The wardrobe in question is a wardrobe with […]