10 Best Wall-Mounted Shelves Model Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Currently there are many brands that provide a variety of wall-mounted shelves to be installed in rooms, such as living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. The function of the wall-mounted shelf is not only a storage area, but also a decoration.

Model Rak Dinding Tempel yang BagusPicture of Paste Wall Shelf Illustration / Amazon.com

According to its type, the product is indeed affixed to the wall with a flat surface using glue or special wall adhesive. That way, you don’t have to worry that the shelf will fall if the weight of the object placed is in accordance with its capacity.

How to Choose a Good Wall Mounted Shelf Model

Everyone has different tastes and needs from one another. However, here’s how to choose a wall-mounted shelf model in general that can be done.

1. Choose the desired model of wall-mounted shelf.

In order to meet the wishes of different consumers, now many brands of household product providers have sold various models of wall-mounted shelves. Well, these models include a choice of colors, shapes, patterns, and so on. Usually one product model will be provided with a variety of colors and sizes. If the size is larger, automatically the costs that need to be incurred will also be greater.

2. Find out how to install it first.

This point needs to be considered because sometimes people who sell wall shelves on the marketplace provide the keyword for the wall shelf model in the product name. Even though how to install it does not use glue, but requires the help of a drill. If indeed the installation only needs to be pasted, a special wall glue with strong adhesion will be included at the time of purchase. However, there are also some products that have two mounting methods so they can be installed with or without a drill.

Model Rak Dinding TempelWall Mounted Shelf Illustration / Amazon.com

3. Know the material chosen to make the wall shelf

One of the things that a brand considers when selling its products is the material used to make the model of the outboard wall shelf. There are those who choose stainless steel, ABS, or iron with various advantages of each. One of the similarities between the three materials is that they are waterproof or waterproof so they are safe to place in the bathroom or near the dishwasher. If there is oil attached is also not a big problem because it is easy to clean.

4. Pay attention to its size so that it can be installed in the desired place.

Before buying the desired model of outboard wall shelf, it is important to know the size of the installation location first. After that, you can choose a product with a certain size where the information is usually written on the packaging or product description. That way, there’s no longer a problem about the wall shelves being too big or too small.

5. Know the weight of the load that can be supported

Each model of wall-mounted shelf is made using different materials, so it is not surprising that the capacity will also be different. Therefore, you need to know what the maximum weight of the object that can be supported is so that you can choose and sort out the right items to put on the shelf.

10 Best Wall Mounted Shelf Model Recommendations


Now, here’s tomslead.com discussion of the best outboarded wall shelf model recommendations that can be used as a reference to be installed in various rooms. Everything from different brands, equipment set options, and sizes. Of course this will also affect the selling price so it needs to be adjusted to the budget you have.

1. Olla Hom Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves
Olla Hom Stainless Steel Wall Shelf

If you are looking for a stainless steel wall shelf model, then this product from a brand that has more than 20 years of experience is the right choice. The material does have properties that are not easy to rust, are resistant to corrosion and oxidation, and are impact resistant so that wall shelves can be more durable. There are three options provided, namely 1 level with a length of 40 cm, 2 levels measuring 40 x 15 x 36 cm, or 3 levels measuring 40 x 15 x 56 cm.

This wall-mounted shelf model is also elegantly designed with a distinctive stainless steel color and has been polished so that it is not easily scratched. In addition, the front of the product, which can withstand a load of up to 50 kg, is also equipped with a guardrail to prevent objects on the shelf from falling. Interestingly, the height position of each level can be adjusted to your taste because the product is given in an unassembled state. There are two installation methods that can be done, namely installation with a drill or without a drill because it has been given a special adhesive.

2. GoTo Twinto Wall Mounted Shelf

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves GoTo Twinto
GoTo Twinto Wall Mounted Shelf

Recommended model of this outboard wall shelf can be used as a cosmetic shelf in the room or body care storage in the bathroom. Quite a lot of things that can be stored because there are two main parts insulated on the wall shelf. Interestingly, the bulkhead can be removed easily. In addition, there is also a drawer at the bottom that can be used to store small items.

No need to worry about dust or dirt because this product measuring 45.5 x 32.5 x 11.5 cm is equipped with a transparent and aesthetically designed cover. Well, PP and PC were chosen as the materials for the GoTo wall shelf which are then able to withstand loads of up to 5 kg. As with other brand products, the installation of this one wall-mounted shelf model also only requires special wall adhesive.

3. GM Bear Wall Mounted Shelf 1310

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves GM Bear 1310
GM Bear Wall Mounted Shelf 1310

Of course there are some items that are placed in the kitchen, such as cooking utensils and kitchen spices. To make it look neat, these items can be arranged on this pegboard wall shelf model from GM Bear. Some spatulas with holes can also be hung so it’s easier to pick them up when cooking or store them after washing. The attractive shape and color make this product can be used as a decoration at the same time.

Not only in the kitchen, this 25 x 25 cm wall-mounted shelf model is also suitable to be placed in the room. Accessories, booklets, photos, and other small items can be arranged to make them more neat and aesthetic. Well, the material chosen to make this product is good quality plastic so that it can last longer. Also make sure to occasionally clean it from dust or other debris.

4. Happy Family 2in1 Wall Mounted Shelf

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves HappyFamily 2in1
Happy Family 2in1 Wall Mounted Shelf

use of nails or brackets when installing a wall shelf often causes the wall to be damaged so it needs to be renovated when moving the shelf. However, this will not be encountered when installing the outboard wall shelf model. Well, another recommendation for a wall-mounted shelf model that is also made using stainless steel is this HappyFamily product with a size of 24.5 x 7.5 x 15 cm.

There is a choice of black and white products to match many room themes. On the right side of the shelf, you can use it to hang hair dryers, hair bands, and other things that can be hung. While the other part, can be used to store combs, hair vitamins, and so on.

5. Minimalist Dejavu Pegboard

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves Dejavu Pegboard Minimalis
Minimalist Dejavu Pegboard

This one-of-a-kind wall-mounted shelf model can be used as a storage area as well as room decoration because it has an attractive color. This perforated board or pegboard made of plastic made with a size of 22 cm x 22 cm will look more beautiful if you buy and arrange more than one pegboard. Although made of plastic, each pegboard is able to withstand a load of about 2 kg.

No need to worry, the wall-mounted shelf model sold by Dejavu has been designed to be non-slip so things don’t fall off easily. Besides being installed in the room, this product can be installed in the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen.

6. Micoe Multipurpose Wall Shelf

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves Micoe
Micoe Multipurpose Wall Shelf

Many leading brands of household appliances from Indonesia and abroad sell various models of outboard wall shelves. Well, one of them is Micoe which is produced in China but is already famous in various parts of the world, such as Indonesia, America, Russia, England, and so on. Stainless steel 304 which is shiny, strong, heat resistant, and anti-bacterial was chosen as the main material for making this product.

With a size of 60 cm x 9.1 x 15.5 cm, this wall-mounted shelf model has a large storage space. There is a place that is accompanied by an air hole so that cutlery does not get moldy. In addition, this product is also equipped with hangers for rags and cooking utensils.

7. Oxihom Wall Mounted Shelf Box

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves Oxihom
Oxihom Wall Mounted Shelf Box

Storing skincare properly is indeed something that needs to be done so as not to be contaminated. Therefore, choose an outboard wall shelf model that has a cover like Oxihom’s. This product measuring 39 x 11.5 x 31.8 cm is equipped with a magnetic lock type shelf cover. In addition to skincare, you also use it to store medicines, kitchen spices, and toiletries.

When going to buy, you can choose a green, white, pink, or blue wall-mounted shelf model. Then, the adhesive will also be included to attach the product to a flat and smooth wall surface. You don’t have to worry about the wall being damaged because its installation does not require drills, nails, and the like.

8. Sorabel Wall Mounted Shelf

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves Sorabel
Sorabel Wall Mounted Shelf

Lovers of the outboard wall shelf model that carries the theme of a mix of minimalism, modern, and elegant, can choose this product from Sorabol. With a size of 27 x 11 x 6.5 cm, this stainless steel product is suitable to be placed in the bathroom to store various bath necessities or in the kitchen to store kitchen spices. In addition, this product can also be used as a flower rack by placing several small flowers, such as succulents, as decorations on the terrace.

Different from the previous stainless steel wall mounted shelves, which chose a distinctive stainless color, Sorabel instead provides products with neutral black and white colors. Thanks to this, things will not only look tidier, but the room will also look aesthetic.

9. Unisoh Sticky Wall Shelf 2 in 1

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves Unisoh 2 in 1
Unisoh Sticky Wall Shelf 2 in 1

Installing the outboard wall shelf model without using a drill or nails is indeed one of the attractions. Just one time paste, then the shelf can be installed properly. If you want to experience this convenience, the products sold by Unisoh can be one of the choices. It is said to be 2 in 1 because it can not only be used to put, but also can function as a hanger. When you buy this white shelf, it will include 6 hooks for hanging.

The main material chosen to make this UNA 76006 coded wall shelf model is good quality ABS. Like the nature of plastics in general, this product will be resistant to water. You don’t have to worry about the adhesive power given because it already consists of 3 layers of material with strong adhesive capabilities. You can put anything as long as the object does not exceed its capacity, which is 4 kg.

10. Decorating the Godean Wall Mounted Shelf

Best Wall-Mounted Shelves Mendekor
Decorating the Godean Wall Mounted Shelf

The next recommended model for the outboard wall shelf is a product sold by Mendekor with a choice of blue, white, and pink colors. Well, this Godean type shelf is more suitable to be placed in the bathroom to store bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and so on because it is equipped with a hole at the bottom. Therefore, the water from the wet goods will immediately flow out.

Although it is made using plastic material, the load capacity of this wall-mounted shelf model reaches 5 kg. This product measures 28.5 cm in length, 11.3 cm in width and 5 cm in shelf height. When you buy it, you will also be given a deer hanger so that it can reach 10 cm in height. The function of the hanger is to store bracelets, hair bands, or other small items.

How to Install a Wall Mounted Shelf Model to Look Good & Aesthetic

Installing an outboard wall shelf model does look simpler than products that need to be installed using nails, drills, or the like. However, there are some important things that should be understood so that the shelf can stick well and not easily come off. Well, here are the general installation steps.

1. Choose media with a flat and smooth surface.

There are several types of walls in homes, such as walls and ceramic walls. Although the name of the product is a wall shelf, it can also be attached to other media such as glass, metal, or other materials. Well, make sure the media has a flat and smooth surface before installing the desired model of outboard wall shelf.

2. Clean the installation media first

In order for the wall-mounted shelf model to stick perfectly, the installation media needs to be cleaned first of dust, oil, or other dirt. You can use a damp cloth, wet tissue, or the like until it’s completely clean. After that, let the wall, ceramic, or glass dry completely.

3. Install the special adhesive for the wall that has been provided

. Now is the time to apply the special adhesive before the model of the wall shelf that has been selected is installed. Usually the adhesive provided is in the form of glue or special double-sided tape for walls with strong adhesion. Therefore, it is not surprising that wall shelves can withstand objects weighing up to several kilograms.

4. Install the model of the wall-mounted shelf properly.

Immediately attach the wall-mounted shelf and glue it a few times by hand. Even if it is sure to stick well, you need to wait at least 1-2 days before using it. The goal is to obtain perfect bonding results so that the risk of the wall shelf falling can be minimized.


Wall mounted shelves can be used as a place to store items in various rooms as well as decorations. In addition to how to install it, which is relatively easy, the product also tends to take up less space because it is attached to the wall.

In order to get the right product, it is necessary to pay attention to several points before deciding to buy it. Also know how to install it after successfully finding the desired product so that the risk of the wall shelf falling can be minimized.

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