Review of 10 Best Men's Hair Vitamin Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – There are quite a few brands of men’s hair vitamin. Sometimes it makes us confused when we buy them. Moreover, choosing hair vitamins should not be careless because they can fall out if the product selection is wrong. Previously, did you know what hair vitamins are? Hair vitamins are essential nutrients needed to nourish male and female hair so that it remains strong, shiny, and soft.

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Because it has a variety of functions, the men’s hair vitamins can be adjusted to suit their needs. For example, to treat hair loss, dandruff, and dry hair to overcome limp hair. So before buying it, you must know what hair problems are being experienced? so that the benefits can be felt optimally. Let’s find recommendations for the best men’s hair vitamin brands and their benefits through the following discussion.

The Benefits of Good Hair Vitamins

Before discussing recommendations for good men’s hair vitamins, there are many benefits contained in each product. This is because hair vitamins have many different ingredients. Let’s find out the benefits of hair vitamins through the following reviews:

1. Keeps Hair Moist and Nourished

Keeping hair moisturized and nourished is one of the benefits of men’s hair vitamins because they contain a lot of vitamin E in each product package. With a lot of content in it, hair vitamins are needed more than shampoo and conditioner. Even since the beginning of the use of vitamins, hair has been softer than other products.

2. Protecting Hair from Damage

The benefits of vitamin for men’s hair that are no less important are that it protects hair from damage because it contains mineral oil that can strengthen hair roots and nourish the scalp optimally. Moreover, if used regularly, the problem of brittle hair, loss, and branching due to sun exposure or hair styling can be immediately resolved. However, if the selected product does not show results, you should stop using it and use product recommendations that are in accordance with the condition of your hair.

3. Keeps Hair Shiny

Keeping hair shiny is another benefit of men’s hair vitamins. So, for those who often do outdoor activities and are exposed to direct sunlight (UV), there is no need to worry anymore. But to get maximum results, you must use it regularly so that your hair is shinier, beautiful, and charming. Use hair vitamins after every wash, at least once a week or 3 times a week.

4. Overcoming Dandruff Hair

Another benefit of men’s hair vitamins is that they help overcome dandruff. Dandruff itself is dead skin cells on the head that dry up, causing peeling. Although dandruff is a problem on the scalp, hair vitamins can be a solution to reduce scalp problems such as dandruff, itching, excess oil, and odor. This is because hair vitamins contain zinc, which is powerful enough to overcome these hair problems.

5. Overcoming Smelly and Limp

Hair vitamins for men’s hair are believed to be able to overcome limp due to excess oil. While the smell of hair can occur due to pollution, sweat, vehicle fumes, and sun exposure. Both of these men’s hair problems will certainly reduce the sense of comfort and confidence. To fix this, immediately use a hair vitamin that contains a special formula to control excess oil and eliminate unpleasant odors.

10 Recommendations for Men’s Hair Vitamins


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Caring for hair is one of the obligations of women and men to look clean and healthy. But to treat it, it is not enough to use shampoo alone. There are several products you will need, such as conditioner and hair vitamins. The following are recommendations for men’s hair vitamins that are widely recommended and can be used as an alternative choice to nourish your hair.

1. Hair Tonic Treatment Serum

Best Men's Hair Vitamin Tonic Treatment Serum
Hair Tonic Treatment Serum

Hair Tonic Treatment Serum is one of the recommended men’s hair vitamins that has been sold a lot in the marketplace, so you don’t have to worry about the quality. This product has a liquid form with a content of 100 ml. It is sold at a relatively cheap price of around $1. Not only that, Hair Tonic Treatment Serum hair vitamins are available in 3 variants, namely special herbs, ginseng, and green tea.

Men’s hair vitamin Hair Tonic Treatment Serum has long been known as a hair lengthening product, so it is suitable for those who have hair loss problems. For information on the benefits, they are listed on the packaging. extracts of aloe vera to treat fertility problems, ginseng extract to strengthen hair roots, and yellow green tea extract to treat dandruff hair problems.

2. Wick & Storm Hair Loss Vitamins

Best Men's Hair Vitamin Wick & Storm Hair Loss Vitamins
Wick & Storm Hair Loss Vitamins

Recommendations for the best and most good men’s hair vitamin brand are Wick & Strom Hair Loss Vitamins. Wick & Storm Men’s Hair Vitamin contains biotin, B vitamins and keratin, making it suitable for those who have thinning hair problems. Not only for men, Wick & Storm Hair Loss Vitamins can be consumed by women.

Wick & Storm men’s hair vitamins come in tablet form and come in a 60-pill bottle. Even though it has a tablet form, you don’t need to worry when consuming it because it has passed clinical trials, so it is safe for consumption. Don’t forget to read the instructions for use listed on the product packaging before using it.

3. Matrix Opti Black Dazzling Shine

Best Men's Hair Vitamin Matrix Opti Black Dazzling Shine
Matrix Opti Black Dazzling Shine

Matrix Opti Black Dazzling Shine is a recommended brand of the best men’s hair vitamin and has been proven to be good and has been widely used. Men’s hair vitamin Matrick Opti Black Dazzling Shine is rich in vitamin E and made from natural ingredients so that it can make hair look radiant, healthy and shiny.

Use Matrick Opti Black Dazzling Shine Men’s Hair Vitamin after shampooing. The trick is to pour enough hair vitamins on your hands and then apply them evenly to the roots of the hair. No need to rinse, just wait for it to dry. To get maximum results, don’t forget to use it regularly, 3 times a week.

4. Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Spray

Best Men's Hair Vitamin Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Spray
Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Spray

Makarizo Advisor Hair Recovery Spray is one of the names of men’s hair vitamins that are easy to find. Makarizo Advisor Hair Spray Recovery has a type of oil and a size of 50 ml, suitable for those who like to do hair styling. This is because Makarizo Advisor Hair Spray Recovery is able to protect hair from the heat of the hair dryer, protect it from UV rays and soften it.

For how to use it, you should use Makarizo Advisor Hair Spray Recovery Men’s Hair Vitamin before styling to protect your hair from heat. Also, make sure your hair is semi-wet or damp and then spray the product twice on each side of your hair. Avoid contact with the eyes and start from the middle to the ends of the hair.

5. Green Angelica

Best Men's Hair Vitamin Green Angelica
Green Angelica

Men’s hair vitamin Green Angelica has a type of oil with a size of 100 ml. The benefit is that it accelerates the growth of new hair and makes hair healthier. This is because Green Angelica contains vitamin E, which is easily absorbed and is able to inhibit the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) so that it can improve blood circulation and stimulate new hair growth.

The way to use the Green Angelica male hair vitamin is to wash your head with water and then let your hair and scalp get half wet. We recommend that you spray Green Angelica on the bald head only and use a maximum of 3 sprays while gently massaging while smoothing. For oily hair, use it one to two times a day.

6. Humphrey Hair Loss

Best Men's Hair Vitamin Humphrey Hair Loss
Humphrey Hair Loss

The next recommended brand for men’s hair vitamins is Humphrey Hair Loss, which is suitable for treating hair loss. Humphrey Hair Loss has been known as a hair lengthening product. So, for those who experience hair loss problems, immediately use it to reduce baldness due to genetic factors. Because Humphrey Hair Loss contains soluvit richter, vitamins and plant extracts that are good for hair.

Humphrey Hair Loss men’s hair vitamins are oils and have different sizes in each product. For how to use it yourself, use Humphrey Hair Loss when your hair is half dry after washing it. Then pour enough hair vitamins on your hands and then apply to the scalp or hair roots and massage gently.

7. Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Best Men's Hair Vitamin Kerastase Elixir Ultime
Kerastase Elixir Ultime

Men’s hair vitamin Kerastase Elixir Ultime is an oil type with a 50 ml or 100 ml content. Kerastase Elixir Ultime is suitable for treating dry and dull hair. It is widely used by those who have a lot of outdoor activities and are exposed to UV rays directly.

For how to use it, please use Kerastase Elxir Ultimate Male Hair Vitamin 1-2 pumps after shampooing and before styling. After that, apply Kerastase Elixir Ultime evenly to the hair roots and let it dry. Feel the sensory calm sensation from a blend of floral notes, violet leaf, freesia, mandarin, a hint of woody and musk.

8. Rogaine Men’s Extra Strength Men’s

Best Men's Hair Vitamin Rogaine Mens Extra Strength
Rogaine Men’s Extra Strength Men’s

hair vitamin Rogaine Men’s Extra Strength has a fairly more expensive price, but the efficacy is faster (12 weeks) and more satisfying compared to other men’s hair vitamin products. In addition, there is no need to worry because Rogaine Men’s Extra Strength has been through clinical trials.

Men’s Extra Strength Men’s Hair Vitamin is one of the top brands recommended by many dermatologists. This is because Mens’s Extra Strength contains 5% minoxidil, which is suitable for dealing with hair loss, retaining moisture and helping to grow up to 25% more hair.

9. Ellips Hair Vitality

Best Men's Hair Vitamin Ellips Hair Vitality
Ellips Hair Vitality

Men’s hair vitamin Ellips Hair Vitality is one of the products that you can easily find in Indomaret with a relatively cheap price of around Rp. 10,000 only. As in each package, you will get 6 vitamin capsules that can be used as needed. In addition to the hair vitality type, Ellips hair vitamins are available in many colors with different benefits.

Since the first, Ellips Hair Vitality male hair vitamins have been widely used by the people of Indonesia. To be soft and smooth, use this hair vitamin after shampooing. But before that, make sure the hair is damp and half wet so that the vitamins can be absorbed quickly. After use, Ellips Hair Vitality men’s hair vitamins are able to give a fragrant aroma to the hair all day long.

10. SugarBear Hair

Best Men's Hair Vitamin SugarBear Hair
SugarBear Hair

Unlike the previous male hair vitamins, SugarBear Hair has a tablet form with a size of 60 gummier/bottle. Its attractive and cute packaging is enough to lure many people to buy it. Not only that, Sugar Bear Hair hair vitamins have been widely used by well-known artists such as Cinta Laura, Kim and Kylie Kardashian, so there is no doubt about their products.

You can use Sugar Bear Hair male hair vitamins for external use and they can also be consumed directly. How to take 2 tablets per day SugarBear Hair can be used by women to repair and nourish their hair. No need to worry, SugarBear is safe for the stomach, does not cause dependence and is formulated with vitamins A, C, D, E, B-12, pantothenic, acid, iodine, zinc. and inositol.

Easy Tips for Caring for Men’s Hair

In addition to using men’s hair vitamins, you can try to apply other hair care tips at home. These tips will be very helpful, especially for men who like activities and sports, so they must try them. Here are easy tips for caring for men’s hair, including:

1. Diligently shampooing

Diligently shampooing is one of the important things that must be done no matter how busy your daily activities are, especially for men who are easily sweaty and exposed to dirt. So shampooing is a daily treatment before using male hair vitamins. As a rule, you should wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. Avoid shampooing every day because it can reduce the oil content in the hair so that it is easily damaged.

2. Choosing the right shampoo

Besides having to choose the right men’s hair vitamins, you also have to be careful when choosing a shampoo to match the condition of your hair. For example, for colored hair, use a special shampoo, as well as for those of you who have dandruff problems, try menthol shampoo for dandruff. Meanwhile, for men who have oily hair problems, they can try a shampoo with a deep cleansing sensation.

3. Use Conditioner

Just like men’s hair vitamins, conditioner is one of the hair care products that you shouldn’t miss. Conditioner is needed to keep hair soft, healthy, and well-groomed. Conditioner treatment is important for those who have dry or limp hair problems. For the users themselves, please apply after shampooing, make sure the hair is not too wet, apply conditioner, let stand for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with warm water. That way, hair care becomes more optimal.

4. Dry Hair Using Towel

Before using men’s hair vitamins, you should dry your hair with a towel, even though there are still some men who use a hair dryer to dry it. Even though the use of a hair dryer too often can cause hair damage quickly, Also, avoid drying your hair by rubbing it because it damages can make your hair hard and rough. The best way, pat until slightly dry, then use a comb to smooth the hair.

Conclusion The

The 10 recommendations for men’s hair vitamins that we recommended above have had many positive reviews from a number of previous buyers, so you don’t have to hesitate to choose one of these products. But most importantly, choose hair vitamins that contain ingredients according to the condition of your hair and pay attention to a number of other hair care tips so that the benefits can be felt to the maximum.

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