Review of 10 Best Badminton Shoes Recommendation (Latest 2024

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TOMSELAD – There are several types of sports shoes sold by well-known brands, such as basketball shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, volleyball shoes, futsal shoes, and badminton shoes. That’s because each type of sport has a different way of playing. Not only professionals, those of you who are beginners also need special badminton sports shoes if you want to play badminton on the field. Then, how to choose the best badminton shoes? Let’s look at the following article review.

How to Choose Good Badminton Shoes

You certainly want to play badminton safely and comfortably, right? Therefore, you need to choose the right sports shoes of good quality. Well, here are some ways to choose the best badminton shoes that you can do to have good, durable, and quality shoes.

1. Pay attention to the materials used to make badminton shoes.

. One of the things that is quite crucial and needs to be considered when choosing badminton shoes is the material. Every shoe is certainly made using different materials, right? In addition, the materials used to make the shoes will also affect the weight of the shoes. Not only weight, but your comfort when playing badminton on the field can also be influenced by the material.

Sepatu Badminton TerbaikFigure Illustration of Badminton Shoes / Yonex

Well, the material that is usually used to make badminton shoes is mesh, which is lightweight and has air circulation. Then, there are also manufacturers who use synthetic leather to make it more durable, and badminton shoes have good stability. Choose the best badminton shoes with a medium thickness so your feet don’t heat up quickly, okay? You can also choose shoes with an outsole that has added built-in gel to absorb hard movements.

2. Choose a badminton shoe size that matches your foot size.

Another factor that you need to pay attention to to find badminton shoes is shoe size. Each shoe brand will certainly provide several size options for the same shoe model. Some use the US, UK, and EU sizes, as well as the size in centimeters. There are a variety of shoe sizes to choose from. Of course, you can be more flexible in choosing them.

If you can find the best badminton shoes in the right size, then you can avoid injury to your feet. Shoes that are too small will make your feet feel cramped and eventually sore if you play badminton for a long time. Similarly, if you wear shoes that are larger in size, your chances of falling will also increase. Sprained legs are unavoidable, right?

3. Customize the design of badminton shoes with preferences

Badminton shoes come in different materials and colors. They also have different designs. That’s because everyone has different needs and wants from one another. Of course, you can be more excited when playing on the field by choosing a shoe design that suits your preferences. However, you can choose the same shoe design as your partner if you are a double team player to make it look more compact.

Well, the difference in the design of the best badminton shoes can be seen in terms of color and shoe model. Some are made using only one color, but there are also shoes whose colors are the result of a combination. In addition, there are also low-cut and mid-cut shoe models. Don’t forget to choose a shoe design that suits your preferences, OK!

10 Best Badminton Shoes Recommendations


The number of brands that provide badminton shoes in various materials, sizes, and designs can, of course, affect the selling price. Usually, original and quality badminton shoes will be pegged at a higher price because the quality is also good. However, there are also original products that are sold at low prices. Well, here are ten recommendations for the best badminton shoe brands selected by that can be used as an alternative in choosing your latest badminton shoes.

1. Yonex All England 17

Best Badminton Shoes Yonex All England 17
Yonex All England 17

There are several brands that specifically provide sports equipment, one of which is Yonex. If you see the logo, you will surely feel familiar because the products are often used by national badminton players. Well, the badminton shoe product from this brand that you can choose from is the Yonex All England 17. This type of shoe, which was launched in 2020, is able to minimize shocks, making it easier to move.

These badminton shoes from Yonex are made so that the overall footwork is fast and smooth. This is because the All England 17 has a round sole, which ensures smooth movement and maximum energy transfer.

The quality of the Yonex All England 17 is unquestionable, yes! Yonex insoles can last a long time and Tru Shape with the right contour so as to provide stable comfort in the forefoot area.

2. Eagle SSPro1 Badminton Shoes

Best Badminton Shoes Eagle SSPro1
Eagle SSPro1 Badminton Shoes

Having badminton shoes with trendy designs can certainly increase your confidence, right? In addition, you will also have the enthusiasm to compete on the field. Well, these Eagle SSPro1 badminton shoes could be the right choice. This product, which is available in various sizes, has an upper made of mesh material with a combination of synthetic leather.

That way, your shoes will have good enough air circulation so they don’t make your feet sweat. Not only that, these shoes are also equipped with Power Grid technology, so they have good durability. Then, these badminton shoes also  which can make your feet feel comfortable. To make it easier to recognize that this product belongs to Eagle, the logo is included on the membrane mesh section.

3. Li Ning Ranger V Lite Deep Blue AYTR003-3

Best Badminton Shoes Li-Ning Ranger V Lite Deep Blue AYTR003-3
Li Ning Ranger V Lite Deep Blue AYTR003-3

Li-Ning is also one of the badminton shoe brands that you should choose. Interestingly, the Li-Ning Ranger V Lite Deep Blue AYTR003-3 has been equipped with a probar loc that locks the feet for stable movement. In addition, there is a wear-resistant material on the forefoot that has high performance. Of course, these badminton shoes can be more durable.

Well, other materials used to make Li-Ning’s badminton shoes are synthetic leather on the upper. Meanwhile, the midsole uses Phylon material so that the shoe has excellent flexibility and good shock absorption ability. Just like other badminton shoes, Li-Ning also uses rubber material to make the outsole of this shoe so that it is comfortable to wear.

4. Astec Dagmar Badminton Shoes

Best Badminton Shoes Astec Dagmar Badminton Shoes
Astec Dagmar Badminton Shoes

The next recommendation for badminton shoes comes from the Astec brand, which also provides sports equipment. Well, one of the products to choose from is the Astec Dagmar Badminton Shoes. These badminton shoes are specifically for you, women, with sizes 36-40, yes! The shape is regular fit, so these shoes will fit perfectly on the feet.

Your feet will be perfectly covered when wearing these shoes, but still breathable due to the breathable double mesh material and PU. Well, this badminton shoe has a lightweight midsole, so it feels light and soft. That way, your movement can be faster without feeling burdened. Meanwhile, the outsole of this shoe is made of durable rubber.

5. Ardiles BDP – GLISSANDO

Best Badminton Shoes Ardiles BDP - GLISSANDO

Are you familiar with this brand of badminton shoes? Ardiles is indeed one of the most prestigious brands in Indonesia. One of the products that you can choose is Ardiles BDP – GLISSANDO because it has a sporty shoe design. The attractive color combination makes these badminton shoes can add to your enthusiasm when playing badminton.

The upper part of this badminton shoe is comfortable, lightweight, and flexible. It is made of synthetic leather, which is strong and elastic so that it can adapt to the movement of your feet. Then, the sole uses a flexible M-Flex-CTR material so that it can facilitate maximum movement of your feet. You can choose sizes ranging from 39-43, yes!

6. Spotec Titanium Badminton Shoes

Best Badminton Shoes Sepatu Badminton Spotec Titanium
Spotec Titanium Badminton Shoes

Another brand that also provides various sports equipment is Spotec. Well, one of the products sold by this local brand is Spotec Titanium badminton shoes. This product has an EVA midsole so that the shoe feels softer, more flexible, and able to withstand shocks. Another comfort you can get from these shoes is the breathable sandwich mesh.

This material is able to make you feel comfortable using these badminton shoes because of the good air circulation. Then, on the outsole of the shoe, use high quality rubber which is labeled non-marking so it will not cause scratches on the surface of the badminton court. Women’s and men’s leg lengths are, of course, different, right? Well, this badminton shoe size is available in sizes 37-50 for men, while those of you who are female can choose sizes 36-41.

7. Victor P9500CY AC

Best Badminton Shoes Sepatu Badminton Victor P9500CY AC
Victor P9500CY AC

The next recommended badminton shoe, Victor P9500CY AC, is one of the many badminton shoes used by professional badminton players. Victor P9500CY AC is designed with such perfection that it uses LS-S technology, which significantly increases the stability of intense transfers and accelerates the direction of movement when playing badminton. The Victor P9500CY AC badminton shoe has stability in the midsole and minimizes torsional strain on the arch of the foot because it is designed using carbon power technology.

In addition, the Victor P9500CY AC badminton shoe is also designed with light resilient EVA technology, which improves the shoe’s flaws and makes the midsole durable. Have you ever known shoes that have ventilation? Well, this Victor P9500CY AC is equipped with a unique breathing net to increase ventilation in the shoes, especially for heat dissipation, so you don’t have to worry and be confused while playing badminton. Your feet will not feel hot.

8. Adidas Wucht P3 Unisex Badminton Shoes

Best Badminton Shoes Adidas Wucht P3 Unisex Badminton Shoes
Adidas Wucht P3 Unisex Badminton Shoes

Another recommended badminton shoe that is also comfortable to use for competition is the Adidas Wucht P3 Unisex Badminton Shoes. Right? Knowing the brand alone can tell that the products are of good quality, right? Things that can provide comfort are the use of synthetic uppers, lateral forefoot support, which is able to provide stability, and CloudFoam, which can provide a light and soft feel.

Another thing that can provide stability when using this badminton shoe is the Heel Stabilizer, Flex Grooves, and Lateral Stabilization Zone. With the High Wrap Rubber, this product can be protected from friction. If you are interested in these badminton shoes, you can buy them directly at the official store.

9. Asics Court Control FF

Best Badminton Shoes Asics Court Control FF
Asics Court Control FF

Are you looking for badminton shoes that can provide maximum comfort? Asics Court Control FF is for you. Lightweight and comfortable shoes really support your performance when playing badminton. designed using flytefoam midsole technology, which provides excellent bounce and response. In addition, Asics Court Control FF is also equipped with ventilation so that it increases your level of comfort when playing badminton.

The seamless PU coated upper provides not only great stability but also durability and flexibility, making the Asics Court Controll FF the badminton shoe for you. This shoe is also equipped with a badminton specific outsole, which is a rounded outsole construction that provides a smooth landing for fast and non-slip footwork.

10. Flypower Rio Gold C1

Best Badminton Shoes Flypower Rio Gold C1
Flypower Rio Gold C1

The last recommended badminton shoe is the Flypower Rio Gold C1, whose design is, of course, sporty. You certainly know that shoes also have parts, right? Well, each part is ocourse,se made using different materials. The materials used in the upper part of this badminton shoe are TPU Hot Melt Press, and PU Synthetic Microfiber. These three materials will make your badminton shoes comfortable to wear to compete on the badminton court.

Then, the tongue is designed to be a slip on model with an Eva Molded Cup Insole sockliner, which adds to the comfort of this shoe. In addition, the combination of black, white, and gold makes these badminton shoes look trendy. This product uses Phylon and TPU materials on the midsole and rubber on the outsole. Well, you can choose the Flypower Rio Gold C1 shoe size more freely because there are sizes 38–46 that use the Euro size.

The importance of using badminton shoes

You certainly know that every sports field has a different character, right? Well, here are some reasons you need to know about the importance of using badminton shoes when playing badminton on the field.

1. Avoid injury

The first reason it is important to use the best badminton shoes is to avoid injury. This is because the materials used to make each part of badminton shoes have been adapted to the needs on the field.

The soles of badminton shoes are, of course, also made using special materials so that they can withstand friction between the shoes and the court, which has a hard surface. Your feet are also not easily chafed despite repeated friction.

2. Avoid slipping when on the field

When playing badminton, you certainly have to move here and there to hit or return the shuttlecock to your opponent. Therefore, you need special shoes that have high flexibility so that your movements can be carried out smoothly without worrying about slipping on the court.

Of course, the best badminton shoes are not slippery when used to compete, so you don’t easily slip or even fall. That’s because the shoe has a strong grip.

3. Make the movement more agile

The last reason it is important to use badminton shoes is to help you move more easily. In addition to the non-slip sole and strong grip, the weight of badminton shoes has also been adjusted to your needs.

Usually, there are types of shoes that have a thick layer of cushioning to absorb the weight experienced by your feet when moving, so you can do other movements faster. In addition, there are also the best badminton shoes whose insoles are made using lightweight materials so that they can increase the speed of your foot movement.


Besides going to the store, you can also buy the badminton shoes above. You can visit several marketplaces, such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada. After reading the review of the list of the ten best badminton shoe recommendations, which one do you think you will buy? Make sure you choose the right product to make playing badminton more fun, OK!

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