Review of 10+ Best Mini Rice Cooker Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For those who live in rented houses independently, a mini rice cooker is a must-have electronic. Its existence will not take up much space and will help residents of the house get carbohydrates from rice every day. Have you had this rice cooker at home?

Today, mini rice cookers are not only able to cook rice, but also boil eggs, make soup, and make bread and cakes. Various manufacturers have innovated to launch the best mini rice cookers, ranging from Philips, Maspion, Sanken, Sharp, and Miyako. Which is the best? To find out, you need to follow this article to the end. Happy reading!

Tips and How to Choose a Good Mini

Rice Cooker Illustration Image Mini Rice Cooker

It is important to get a product that can cook rice with perfect quality and taste. Therefore, let’s follow the guide in choosing the following mini rice cooker. There are several choices of technology for the features that each product has. Therefore, you need to adapt it to your needs and lifestyle.

1. Determine the type of rice cooker: microcomputer, IH, or pressure IH

At least in the Asian region, rice cookers are divided into three maturation technologies, namely microcomputer systems, IH systems, and pressure IH systems. Each technology gives different maturation results; you must choose the one that best suits your wishes and budget.

  • Microcomputer Systems Microcomputer technology is a heating technology centered on the bottom of the jar holder. Although easy to clean, a rice cooker with a heating structure like this is considered less than optimal for creating fluffy and delicious rice. In addition, microcomputer technology rice cookers can also not cook large amounts of rice because of their inability to distribute heat. However, this type is suitable for those of you who are constrained by a budget.
  • IH System. IH stands for induction heat, which is a technology that conducts heat evenly throughout the jar. Of course, this kind of technology will cook rice better than the microcomputer type. But remember, rice cookers that use induction heating are pegged at a high price. The average electricity consumption is also fairly large. So, also consider these two points.
  • Pressure IH System. The latest and most modern technology, which is the result of the development of induction heating technology, As the name implies, this technology provides additional pressure that allows rice to be cooked at temperatures of up to 100o Celsius or more. The results of cooking rice are also fluffier and more delicious. In line with its advantages, this type of rice cooker is also more expensive than other types, as well as the electrical power used.

Rice Cooker Mini TerbaikIllustration of a Mini Rice Cooker / Brand Tefal

2. Adjust the function of the product based on your needs

As explained at the beginning of the discussion, rice cookers are not only useful as rice cookers but also produce various side dishes such as fried eggs, boiled eggs, vegetable soup, and even bread and cakes. Choose a product that provides features according to your daily needs.

  • Cooking Functions. The rice cooker equipped with the cooking function can cook various types of rice, be it white rice or brown rice, black rice, or brown rice. Most of them are also created with environmentally friendly features because they use minimal electricity and are able to warm cold rice.
  • Cooking Mode. Unlike the previous features, the additional functions listed in the rice cooker with the cooking mode feature include being able to cook other than For example, making cakes and bread, boiling soup or eggs, and so on. Choosing this type of mini rice cooker will help you produce rice as well as side dishes. Interesting, right?
  • Two-stage cooking function For those who don’t know, this feature can cook rice as well as make side dishes in a separate jar. So, there are two jars that are stacked with their respective functions. If you don’t want to waste time cooking separately, look for a rice cooker that has this feature. Definitely very helpful!

3. Adjust the jar capacity, product size, and choose one that is easy to clean.

If you live with no more than two people in a rented or private house, then a mini rice cooker capable of cooking rice from 1 to 2 cups is enough. To meet the daily rice needs of 1-2 people is more than enough.

This is, of course, also related to the capacity of the pennya tube. Choose a rice cooker whose jar capacity can meet the daily needs of the people at home. In addition, it is also important to measure the product so that it fits into the available space at home. Try to place the product in a safe location.

Finally, the factor you should consider is how easy it is to clean. Given its very important role every day, it would be better if you chose a rice cooker that is easy to clean. It’s a pity, isn’t it, if the product is good and has modern technology, but is difficult to clean and maintain? You will also be less comfortable using it.

10+ Best Mini Rice Cooker


Furthermore, provides ten more choices of mini rice cookers that you can choose based on the capacity and features listed on each. Are you ready to choose? Come on, see the list below!

1. COSMOS Mini Digital Rice Cooker CRJ-1031 0.3 Liter

best rice cooker COSMOS Mini Digital Rice Cooker 4 in 1 - CRJ-1031
COSMOS Mini Digital Rice Cooker CRJ-1031 0.3 Liter

If you need a rice cooker for traveling or even then, the COSMOS CRJ-1031 will be the right choice. Although the capacity is only 0.3 liters, this product can be used to cook rice, warm up, cook instant noodles, and cook fast. Another advantage of the COSMOS CRJ-1031 is that it saves electricity, because it only requires 180 watts of power.

To support its performance, the rice cooker is equipped with a Teflon-coated pan. Apart from being used for traveling, this product can also be taken with you during Umrah, Hajj, or for boarding students. The COSMOS CRJ-1031 is sold at a price that is not too expensive, around 280 thousand rupiah.

2. BOLDe Rice Cooker Mini 0.6 Liters

best rice cooker BOLDe Rice Cooker Mini 0.6 Liter - SUPER COOK
BOLDe Rice Cooker Mini 0.6 Liters

The BOLDe Rice Cooker Mini has a capacity of 0.6 liters, so it is enough to meet the rice needs of 1-2 people. rice cooker This best miniWith only 200 watts of electrical power, this product will certainly not make your electricity bill swell.

On the front of the BOLDe Rice Cooker Mini, there is a bear motif that makes it look cute. Sold at a price of 200 thousand rupiah, every purchase rice cooker is equipped with a non-stick pan, standing rice scoop, measuring cup, instruction book, and warranty sheet.

3. MITO Mini Rice Cooker R11 1.2 Liter

best rice cooker Terbaik MITO Mini Rice Cooker R11 1.2 Liter
MITO Mini Rice Cooker R11 1.2 Liter

The Mito Mini Rice Cooker R11 is a small digital rice cooker that is equipped with a timer and can be used to cook rice, porridge, instant noodles, and warm various types of food. The rice cooker has a capacity of 1.2 liters and is suitable for small families, students, and mothers who are running a complementary food program for their babies.

With a power consumption of only 70-300 watts, the rice cooker is relatively energy efficient. The pot itself is coated with a coating which is not easily scratched for a long time. If you want to try the MITO Mini Rice Cooker R11, you can buy it at a price of 450 thousand rupiah.

4. Midea Rice Cooker 0.72 Liter MRM-2001P

Rbest rice cooker Midea Rice Cooker 0.72 Liter MRM-2001P
Midea Rice Cooker 0.72 Liter MRM-2001P

Besides being designed with a unique shape and beautiful color, the Midea Rice Cooker MRM-2001P is equipped with a 3-sided heating system technology, or 3D heating, so that the heat is more evenly distributed throughout the rice. The rice cooker has a capacity of 0.75 liters and is multifunctional. It can be used for steaming, boiling, or even frying food.

Like rice cookers , this product is also equipped with a non-stick pan that is easy to clean. Offering a 3-year warranty on elements as well as a 1-year warranty on services and spare parts, the Midea Rice Cooker MRM-2001P is sold at a price of 300 thousand rupiah.

5. KRIS Rice Cooker 0.6 Liter

best rice cooker KRIS Rice Cooker 0,6 Liter
KRIS Rice Cooker 0.6 Liter

The Kris Rice Cooker is made with a capacity of 0.6 liters and requires about 400 watts of power each time. The body of the rice cooker is made of plastic material, while the lid is made of strong glass equipped with a handle , making it easier for you to open or close the rice cooker.

Kris Rice Cookers are usually sold at Plaza Ace Hardware and are a bit hard to find in electronics stores in the market. You can also buy rice cooker this best mini

6. Oxone OX182 Mini 0.3 Liter Rice Cooker

best rice cooker Oxone OX182 Rice Cooker Mini 0.3 Liter
Oxone OX182 Mini 0.3 Liter Rice Cooker

Not only is its small capacity only 0.3 liters, the Oxone OX-182 is also designed with a cute pink and purple appearance. However, the rice cooker is the best mini , you know, because it can also be used for steaming, boiling, and even carrying food because it is equipped with a wrapping tray. So you won’t have to worry about bringing the Oxone OX-182 for traveling.

Another advantage of the Oxone OX-182 is that it saves electricity because it only requires 230 watts of power each time it is used. The price of the rice cooker is also not too expensive, which is around 400 thousand rupiah.

7. Tefal Mini Cooker RK5001 0.7 Liter

best rice cooker Tefal Mini Cooker RK5001
Tefal Mini Cooker RK5001 0.7 Liter

Tefal is known to be superior in its kitchen equipment products, Tefal also produces rice cookers through the Tefal Mini Rice Cooker RK5001. With a capacity of 0.7 liters and a power requirement of 420 watts, this product is certainly very suitable for traveling. The pot is made of 5 layers of ceramic, each of which has a thickness of 2.0 mm, so that it will last for a long time.

The rice cooker has been equipped with advanced technology, such as fuzzy logic that can automatically adjust the amount of water, cooking time, and the level of cooked rice. The Tefal Mini Rice Cooker RK5001 is also equipped with 11 cooking programs. With these advanced features, the Tefal Mini Rice Cooker RK5001 is sold at a relatively expensive price compared to the previous product, at around 1.3 million rupiah.

8. LocknLock Small Low Carbo Rice Cooker 1.2 Liter

best rice cooker LocknLock Rice Cooker Small Low Carbo 1.2 Liter
LocknLock Small Low Carbo Rice Cooker 1.2 Liter

For those of you who need a rice cooker to support a healthy lifestyle, just choose the Lock & Lock Small Low Carb Rice Cooker. The rice cooker from Lock&Lock is equipped with two stainless steel filters that can filter the water in the rice when it is cooked, so it will produce rice with low sugar content.

The rice cooker is equipped with advanced features, including a 3D warming system, which ensures that the rice does not harden quickly, 4 Digital LED Displays to estimate the cooking time, and a timer. Made with a capacity of 1.2 liters, Lock & Lock Rice Cooker Small Low Carb is sold at a price of 600 thousand rupiah, and there is a bonus recipe book for every purchase of this product.

9. Mini Kris

best rice cooker kris
Mini Kris

Kris Rice Cooker The Kris Mini Rice Cooker is a rice cooker that has a handle to make it easier for users to move it. The existence of this kind of handle also allows you to take it traveling. Measuring 18 x 18 x 25 cm, the entire body of the product won’t take up much space, either in your car or in your kitchen.

Simple in design, this product puts its usability first. Kris provides a jar with a capacity of 0.3 liters for each cooking session. This product, which is suitable for traveling, is capable of operating with a power cut of only 200 W. This is perfect for those of you who want to save on your monthly electricity budget!

10. Maspion Magic Cooker Mini Rice Cooker MRJ-1039 1 Liter

best rice cooker Maspion Magic Cooker MRJ-1039
Maspion Magic Cooker Mini Rice Cooker MRJ-1039 1 Liter

Are you annoyed with the rice crust that sticks to the surface of the jar? If you use the Maspion MRJ-1039, you will no longer have this problem. The reason is, this mini rice cooker is equipped with a jar of non-stick material. Even so, it is not recommended to cook rice without water. Its non-stick properties also make the washing process easier.

This product could be an option for those of you who want to cook rice while making the kitchen look modern. The reason is that Maspion designed this one rice cooker with a minimalist shape and color. You can use it to cook as much as 1 liter of rice at a time.

11. Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker NS-WXQ10

Penanak Nasi Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker NS-WXQ10 - best rice cooker
Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker NS-WXQ10

If you want to cook more rice with the same cooker product, we recommend that you consider the rice cooker NS-WXQ10 from Zojirushi. This is a rice cooker with microcomputer technology that can be programmed to set the temperature and cooking time based on the type of rice or desired result.

For three dollars with products from Maspion, Zojirushi also designed a 1 liter rice pan with a non-stick coating. Interestingly, this product has a steam valve that is easily removed so you can clean it to the highest level.

12. Zojirushi Rice Cooker IH NP HBQ10

best rice cooker Zojirushi Rice Cooker IH NP HBQ10
Zojirushi Rice Cooker IH NP HBQ10

Measuring 41 x 29 x 24 cm, this product is clearly capable of cooking more rice than the previous three products. For those of you who prioritize a healthy lifestyle, Zojirushi IH NP HBQ10 is the right choice! With Super IH technology, this product will provide a perfect level of maturity.

This rice cooker provides access to brown rice and GABA brown rice for those of you who want to get more nutrition. The function of the healthy cooking option makes this product attractive to many people, especially those who promote a healthy lifestyle.

13. Tiger Induction Heating Rice Cooker JKT-S10S

Tiger Induction Heating Rice Cooker JKT-S10S - best rice cooker
Tiger Induction Heating Rice Cooker JKT-S10S

If you are not constrained by a budget and want to get rice with a very delicious taste, then use this one product. Designed with computerized cooking features, you only need to make adjustments on the available panels. Very practical, of course!

This product from Tiger can save you cooking time because it is equipped with the patented Tacook feature, allowing it to cook rice and side dishes at the same time, where the bottom of the jar is used to cook rice and the tank on top is for cooking side dishes.

14. Sanken SJ-203BK Mini Rice Cooker

best rice cooker Sanken SJ-203BK
Sanken SJ-203BK Mini Rice Cooker

The existence of 6 cooking functions in one product makes the Sanken SJ-203BK very worthy of your choice for daily needs. With this product, you can cook rice, fry eggs, make porridge, sauté spices, cook soup, or create other favorite meals.

Complete with the 3D Warming feature, the heating structure will deliver heat to all parts so that the processed food is not only perfectly cooked, but delicious as a whole. The cooker tube is made of stainless steel, which makes it durable even though it is often used.

15. Philips Daily Collection Rice Cooker HD 3116

Philips Daily Collection HD 3116 - best rice cooker
Philips Daily Collection Rice Cooker HD 3116

This product is very popular among people. There are various color options to choose from according to your taste. Philips says that this rice cooker is able to automatically maintain the softness of rice for up to 2 days. For those of you who are often hit by the problem of hardened or runny rice, switch to using the Philips HD 3116 to be free from these problems.

If you are someone who is active in the morning and returns in the afternoon, this rice guard feature will keep your appetite awake. In other words, you can reduce expenses as well because you don’t have to buy food outside.

16. Taikeda Lunch Box KE007

Taikeda Lunch Box KE007 best rice cooker
Taikeda Lunch Box KE007

The cooking mode function allows the Taikeda KE007 to cook not only rice, but also soup, melt chocolate, warm baby bottles, heat vegetables, and boil eggs. The outer component made of plastic will absorb heat when the product is operated.

Named the lunch box as a sign that this product is compatible to be carried everywhere. If you are planning to travel long distances, it is easier to prepare rice by taking Taikeda KE007 with you in the car. Its size, which is only 20 x 17.5 x 15.2, certainly won’t take up much space in your house, suitcase, or car.

17. Mini Sharp Rice Cooker, Rice Cooker KS-P8MY-WH

Sharp Rice Cooker KS-P8MY-WH - best rice cooker
Mini Sharp Rice Cooker, Rice Cooker KS-P8MY-WH

A rice cooker with a body design resembling an apple will increase the attractiveness of your kitchen. Activities in the kitchen are now more fun because the eyes will continue to be entertained by the existence of this product. The milky white color and minimalist switch buttons not only make it beautiful, but also easy to operate.

You can use the Sharp KS-P8MY-WH to cook rice as well as warm and steam cakes. The following product has a size of 24.98 x 25.2 x 25.11 cm, which will fit even if placed between electronics or other kitchen appliances in your kitchen.

18. Miyako MCM-606-B Mini Rice Cooker

Miyako MCM-606-B Mini Rice Cooker

Do you need a rice cooker that is equipped with many features but is priced at an affordable price? Miyako offers this rice cooker for those of you who are looking for products with these criteria. This product is light in weight because it is made of plastic. While the frying pan is made of aluminum, which is quite durable.

Besides being used as a rice cooker, the Miyako MCM-606-B can also be relied on for steaming or warming various wet and dry side dishes. In addition to having three usage features, this product is also equipped with heating technology that is evenly distributed on 3 sides, namely the top, bottom, and middle, to get perfectly cooked rice.

Tips for Caring for a Rice Cooker to Keep it Good and Durable

Like other electronic devices, the rice cooker you have also needs to be taken care of properly. Follow the tips below to care for your rice cooker so that it can last for years.

1. Not washing rice with a rice cooker

The habit of washing rice using a rice cooker is the best mini If this habit continues, over time the pan can be damaged so that the cooked rice will stick to the surface of the pan. It’s better to wash the rice in another container first, then transfer it to the rice cooker when it’s clean.

2. Checking the water vapor

reservoir The rice cooker that contains water can cause unpleasant odors if left for days. Of course, this can affect the smell of rice, making it less delicious. So make sure to always drain the water every time the steam reservoir is full of water.

3. Drying the outside of the pan before cooking

The outside of the pan that is left wet can damage the heating element so that it can affect the cooking temperature and performance of the rice cooker. So before cooking, make sure the outside of the pan, both sides and bottom, is dry.

4. Washing the pot properly

The only way to wash a rice cooker properly so that it lasts is to soak it in warm water so that it can lift all the rice that is attached to the pot. After that, just rub the pan with a sponge on a soft surface.

Other maintenance is needed for the rice cooker. Use your best mini rice cooker, always use a rice spoon, use the rice cooker as needed, and make sure to clean the rice cooker regularly.


A rice cooker is one of the necessities that must be carried when camping, traveling, going on Hajj, or Umrah. Some rice cookers have They have also been designed to be multifunctional so that they can be used to warm, steam, boil, and even fry food. In this article, we have discussed how to choose a rice cooker , recommendations for the rice cooker , and tips for caring for them.

From a series of the best mini rice cooker products that we have listed, which one would you like to buy? Always prioritize choosing products that can accommodate your daily needs, especially if they meet your primary food needs. With a mini-sized rice cooker, you can also save more space and electricity because the average wattage is small.

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