10 Best Tempered Glass Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The best tempered glass brand is indeed much sought after because it has the function of an HP screen protector, or more commonly known as an LCD. Usually, the type of cellphone that is owned is a touchscreen that does not have a prominent button or commonly known as a keypad to operate it. However, many people think that screen guards and tempered glass are the same thing. Do you know the difference between the two?

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What’s the difference? If you are looking for a scratch-resistant LCD protector only, then you can choose a screen guard. However, its strength is not good enough to protect your cellphone screen. While tempered glass is better able to protect the LCD properly because it is made of glass, which is quite strong. That’s what makes the LCD not break even if your cellphone is dropped. Then, how to choose a good tempered glass brand? Check out the following article reviews, yes!

How to Choose a Good HP Tempered Glass Brand

You certainly want to find a good and high-quality product, right? Some are sold at cheap to expensive prices. Well, you can try the following methods to find the best tempered glass brand.

1. Choose the type of tempered glass you want.

The best tempered glass brands have various types offered to their customers, including the following:

  • Anti glare, which has the ability to reduce light reflections on the HP screen, usually the surface feels a bit rough and its usefulness makes the HP screen free from oil .
  • Anti-scratch, protects the HP screen from being scratched.
  • Anti-shatter, because it is processed using very hot temperatures, making tempered glass strong and not easily broken.

Each type of tempered glass is certainly sold at different prices. So, you have to be prepared to pay a higher price if you want tempered glass that has better benefits and is of high quality.

2. Adjust the tempered glass to the size of the cellphone.

Choosing the best tempered glass brand is also inseparable from considerations of size and also the type of cellphone you have. Call it some well-known HP brands in the market, namely Samsung, Xiaomi, Apple, Redmi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, and so on.

Some of these HP brands, of course, have different sizes and shapes of their faces or are more specific, for example: samsung s7 edge, the iPhone 13, or other specific brands. Therefore, if you want to have the best tempered glass, don’t forget this one element so that the tempered glass you choose can fit and match your cellphone type.

3. Pay attention to the thickness and durability of HP tempered glass.

You certainly already know that the best tempered glass brands have various thicknesses available for various HP brands as well. The thickness of tempered glass has a straight comparison with the durability of tempered glass to protect your HP LCD screen.

Tempered glass sold in the market has three thickness levels that have a high level of demand, namely sizes 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.4mm. Of the three types of thickness of tempered glass sold on the market, 0.3mm thick tempered glass is the most desirable by consumers because the thickness is not too thin nor too thick.

10 Best Tempered Glass Brand Recommendations


Not only in Indonesia, the majority of people who own a cellphone or tablet in the world also use tempered glass to protect their cellphone screen. With a wide selection of good brands and many options, it will usually make you confused about making a choice. It depends on each advantage it has. Well, here are ten recommendations for the best tempered glass brands selected from tomslead.com that you can add to your references.

1. Tempered Glass Copper

Best Tempered Glass Copper
Tempered Glass Copper

Have you heard of this best tempered glass brand? Copper itself is a brand engaged in online-based HP accessories that puts forward the concept of consumer satisfaction levels and quality products. By carrying out these two concepts, there is no doubt that copper products are of high quality. One of the superior products from copper is the tempered glass screen protector.

Tempered glass made from copper has several types which can certainly be your alternative choice when you want to buy tempered glass. Several types of tempered glass from the copper brand, including Anti Blueray, made of glass, which is equipped with ultraviolet technology to reduce radiation emitted by HP. Then, there is Anti Glare, which serves to reduce light reflection and has a slightly rough surface.

In addition, there is also Glossy Full Glue, which is made from glass with a glossy surface. Then there is the Full Glue Privacy type for those of you who want to maintain privacy because this tempered glass will distort the light so that only users can see the HP display.

2. Nillkin Tempered Glass Even

Best Tempered Glass Nillkin
Nillkin Tempered Glass Even

You certainly need the best tempered glass brand so that your HP LCD screen can last longer. The next best tempered glass brand, Nillkin, is a HP LCD screen protector that has the best quality because it is made of high quality Japanese AGC glass processed using HARVES nano technology. The advantages of Japanese AGC glass are that it is resistant to scratches, hard impacts, and explosions.

Other advantages that you can get include, Nillkin tempered glass has a high level of light transmission, so you can get maximum clarity after using this tempered glass; the surface of the tempered glass has an oleophobic oil which functions to prevent fingerprints and oil stains on the screen; it has an ultraviolet filter; it has a very thin thickness that makes the user comfortable to use; and it has an environmentally friendly silicone coating, which makes it possible to reuse this tempered glass after cleaning.

3. Tempered Glass Spigen

Best Tempered Glass Spigen
Tempered Glass Spigen

The next best tempered glass brand recommendation is Spigen, which has various shapes and sizes according to the brand and type of HP. Like the previous tempered glass brand, Spigen tempered glass also has several advantages, which can make it the best alternative for tempered glass for you.

The advantages of Spigen tempered glass, namely, glass with 9H durability that is able to protect HP LCD screens from scratches and is resistant to hard impacts; furthermore, it is oil free and prevents fingerprints on the surface of HP LCD screens because it has an oleophobic coating; and most importantly, it has an oleophobic coating. auto align technology, which is engineered to make it easy to install and look perfect, allows placing the tempered glass in the right position with the help of a straightener.

This tempered glass from Spigen is perfect for those of you who want to try installing tempered glass yourself without the help of HP counter customer service and accessories.

4. Tempered Glass Mocolo

Best Tempered Glass Mocolo
Tempered Glass Mocolo

If you are looking for the best tempered glass brand that is sold at an affordable price, then Mocolo is the right choice. Mocolo tempered glass is a product under the auspices of Japan’s Asahi Glass.

Although mocolo tempered glass is sold at affordable prices, there is no need to doubt the quality. Why is that? Affordable prices do not make Mocolo sell tempered glass products that are not of high quality, but on the contrary, Mocolo tempered glass is equipped with Japanese AGC glass, which is of high quality and is scratch and impact resistant.

The plus point of the Mocolo tempered glass product is that it is equipped with 3D arches that can protect your cellphone from various angles. It’s interesting, isn’t it? In addition, the Mocolo tempered glass is also equipped with anti-fingerprint technology, which certainly makes your cellphone screen free from fingerprints.

5. Tempered Glass Rhinoshield

Best Tempered Glass Rhinoshield
Tempered Glass Rhinoshield

The next best recommended tempered glass brand that will add to your reference is Rhinoshield. Rhinoshield produces various products ranging from HP cases, back protectors, data cables, and also tempered glass. Just like tempered glass from other brands, rhinoshield tempered glass also has several advantages, which, of course, make this product very suitable for you to use on your cellphone.

The advantages of the rhinoshield tempered glass product are that it has an oleophobic hydrophobic coating, which has the function of providing resistance to finger stains and dirt. The next advantage is that the tempered glass rhino shield has a hardness level of 9H so it is very resistant to scratches, and the last is that it has a level of transparency that is almost transparent. namely at a percentage of 99% and has a 3D curve so that it protects the cellphone from various angles and does not interfere with the use of the HP touchscreen.

6. Tempered Glass Whitestone Dome

Best Tempered Glass Whitestone Dome
Tempered Glass Whitestone Dome

By using the best tempered glass brand, your cellphone screen will remain safe even if it falls. Well, one of the brands you should choose is Whitestone Dome, because it has advantages that can help you get quality tempered glass without compromising the ease with which you operate your cellphone.

This is due to several advantages, such as the following, using ultra premium materials, making this tempered glass have a high level of touch sensitivity, then this tempered glass protects the edges of the cellphone, or in other words, all parts of the cellphone are covered by tempered glass whitestone dome.

The last advantage that is no less important to protecting the HP LCD screen is that it is equipped with oleophobic coating technology, which has more protection functions, especially against sweat, reduces fingerprint smudges, and produces a clear display so that users can see the HP LCD screen clearly.

7. Tempered Glass Otterbox

Best Tempered Glass Otterbox
Tempered Glass Otterbox

The next best tempered glass brand recommendation that you should choose is Otterbox. You may already be familiar with the Otterbox brand, right? Otterbox is a startup located in the United States that produces accessories for HP such as HP cases, wireless and tempered glass. A tempered glass otterbox is produced from various types of glass with their respective advantages. However, tempered glass otterboxes in general have good quality and are guaranteed.

So what are the advantages of this tempered glass otterbox? The advantages provided by the tempered glass otterbox include the following, the selected glass material makes the tempered glass has a perfect level of clarity or in other words maintains the quality of the original appearance of your cellphone so that users can still see clearly the cellphone display even with the tempered glass installed.

Furthermore, it has a reactive touch level, which maintains the responsiveness of your cellphone’s touchscreen, and the last advantage is that the glass is shatterproof. Of course, this last advantage is the most important thing that consumers must consider before buying tempered glass.

8. Tempered Glass Gobukee

Best Tempered Glass Gobukee
Tempered Glass Gobukee

Are you looking for the best tempered glass brand and a premium brand? If so, then you can choose Gobukee as your cellphone screen protector. Gobukee is a screen protector company from South Korea that focuses on producing the strongest tempered glass to protect your phone. In line with this focus, Gobukee produces various kinds of tempered glass to ensure your comfort with the products that have been made.

Several kinds of tempered glass are made by Gobukee, namely, 3D Plus Armor has thick glass and a curved surface at the edges, so it is comfortable to hold in the hand and has four layers of glass.  The second product, 3D Plus Active, has thick glass equipped with silicone on the edges of the tempered glass and has three layers. glass layer.

Next, the tempered glass. Full Cover has three layers of glass that provide comprehensive protection for your phone, so you don’t have to worry about hard impacts. And lastly, Ultra Edge is made of aluminosilicate glass base material has the best strength so that it can perfectly protect your HP LCD screen.

9. Tempered Glass Suntaiho

Best Tempered Glass Suntaiho
Tempered Glass Suntaiho

Are you quite familiar with this best tempered glass brand? Suntaiho is one of the tempered glass products that has an affordable price among other tempered glass. Suntaiho tempered glass is made of ultra-thin glass, which has good quality.

Suntaiho is one of the products issued by Suntaiho. This Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass is made of glass which is equipped with ultraviolet technology to reduce radiation emitted by HP. This tempered glass is perfect for those of you who cannot escape from operating a cellphone but want to reduce radiation emitted from the cellphone. You.

Some of the advantages of Suntaiho tempered glass are that it is made of thin glass material so that it keeps the HP LCD screen display aesthetic and the touchscreen responsiveness is super fast. Then the tempered glass is designed to have curves on the edges, making it comfortable to hold, and the last advantage is the anti-stain glass material. and prevent fingerprints on the surface of your HP LCD screen.

10. Tempered Glass Kingkong

Best Tempered Glass Kingkong
Tempered Glass Kingkong

The last recommendation for the best tempered glass brand is the Kingkong brand. Kingkong tempered glass is classified as tempered glass, which has a fairly expensive price when compared to other brands that have more affordable prices. However, the high price is certainly directly proportional to the quality of the tempered glass that is owned, so that it does not harm consumers when buying it.

The quality of this Kingkong tempered glass is evident from the following advantages, made from scratch-resistant glass, making the surface of your cellphone screen comfortable to use even with tempered glass.

The next advantage of tempered glass kingkong is that the glass material is coated with oleophobic, which is anti-stain when there are stains or oil. It is easy to clean and the last advantage that tempered glass kingkong has is reactive touch sensitivity, namely maintaining touchscreen responsiveness without installing tempered glass.


After reading the ten recommendations for the best tempered glass brands reviewed above, which product caught your eye? Hopefully you can find the right screen protector for your cell phone, huh! Don’t forget to take care of it to make it last longer.

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