10 Best Raincoat For Kids Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The rainy season is the season most liked by children. But it becomes a season full of care for parents. Why is that? because parents have to take more care of their children than usual during this season. because not a few children can experience fever, stones, and flu during the rainy season. especially when the children are exposed to the rain.

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Even though it is strictly guarded, there must be times when children are not under the control of their parents. For example, when the children are at school. When the rainy season is happening and the children are at school, they often play and can get wet.

If using an umbrella, children may feel disturbed and not free to move. That’s why mothers must provide children’s raincoats. With raincoats, children can play freely and be protected from rainwater that can make children have a fever, flu, cough, and other diseases that come from bacteria that develop during the rainy season.

How to Choose a Good Children’s

raincoat Anyone who needs a raincoat definitely needs one during the rainy season. Moreover, children often run here and there and move freely. That’s why parents should provide these for children during the rainy season. So for that, parents must know how to choose the best and most suitable child’s raincoat. How to? Check out the following review.

1. Pay attention to the material of manufacture.

The first is to pay attention to the material for making the child’s jacket. Usually, the material used to make the rain jacket greatly affects the price of the raincoat. That way you can adjust to your budget. For the material itself, raincoats are usually made of PVC material.

Giving a cool sensation, this one material has a weakness where the material is easily torn. To get a raincoat that is not easily torn, you can choose a raincoat made of EVA material. This material is made of vinyl, which is quite strong and also resistant to water seepage.

In addition, there are also raincoats made of hypora material. Usually, this material is also used to make jackets and gloves for riding motorcycles. Although it has a fairly thick material, a raincoat made of this material is also breathable and can protect children from the rain.

2. Choose the preferred model

There are various variants of the best child raincoat model. You can freely choose the model that the child likes. Why should it be? There are many children who do not really like to wear a jacket, especially a rain jacket.

However, if the raincoat model is liked by children, they will be very happy and want to use the jacket. Intrigued by the model of the child’s rain jacket? Check out the following review.

  • Poncho – This model has a size large enough and is also wide enough without sleeves so that it can protect children from heavy rain. There is a zipper or snap button on the front, which is easy to use. Having enough space, children can easily carry their bags and move freely. However, even so, this model also has drawbacks because it cannot cover the child’s feet perfectly.
  • Overcoat – This model has a different model from the first. This overcoat model has cutouts for the sleeves at approximately calf length. So it is not suitable for use when carrying a bag. The bag will get wet because it is not protected by the suit.
  • Top and bottom suits – The third model is a complete model consisting of tops and bottoms. This third model is the same as the usual children’s nightgown, namely long sleeves and trousers. However, his clothes had a hat to protect his head from the rain.

3. Pay attention to the additional features

Third, pay attention to the additional features made for the child’s rain jacket. An example is a raincoat that provides a special space to carry a backpack when it rains.

In addition, the rain jacket is equipped with a phosphor line, so it is safe to use at night. In addition, there are many more unique features that are very useful for children. So make sure to always pay attention to that.

4. Adjust according to the child’s preferences.

It has been explained previously that not a few children are too lazy to wear a jacket or raincoat. The reason is that it is not comfortable to move or it gets too hot when using it. Well, to handle this, it is enough to adjust it to the child’s preferences and tastes.

You can get a rain jacket in his favorite color. Or maybe his favorite model, and, of course, there are many more things that can be adjusted. That way, the child will definitely enjoy wearing the jacket.

Those are some of the best ways to choose the best children’s raincoat so that the children want to use the coat so that they are protected from the rain. Very helpful isn’t it? Well, then you will be presented with a discussion of the 10 best children’s suits.

The rainy season is not a barrier for children to get out of the house. This is because children have a protector that can protect themselves from the rain, namely a raincoat. If given an umbrella, of course, not all children can hold it well so as not to get hit by the rain.

That’s why raincoats are the best so that your little one doesn’t get rained on when playing outside the house. Well, for the best raincoat brands, you can refer to the following reviews. The following will explain the 10 recommendations for the best children’s raincoats selected by tomslead.com . Let’s discuss it thoroughly.


1. Ormano Duck

Best Children's Raincoat Ormano Duck
Ormano Duck

Raincoat The first children’s raincoat from Ormano Duck Raincoat. Even though it’s the rainy season, the children certainly don’t get tired of playing. In order to be able to play in the rain, the Ormano Duck raincoat is a good recommendation. This raincoat has a cute and attractive design, namely a yellow duck character, and is suitable for children from 3 to 5 years of age.

Suitable for both men and women, this raincoat is equipped with 2 pockets, one on the front left and one on the back left. With this attractive design, children will love to use it during the rainy season.

2. Freemir Unicorn Children’s Raincoat

Best Children's Raincoat Freemir Unicorn Children's Raincoat
Freemir Unicorn Children’s Raincoat

The next one is a children’s raincoat, the Freemir Unicorn Children’s Raincoat. Have fun with cute pictures of unicorn characters. Printed with high quality, the image on the raincoat is not easy to fade and is definitely very liked by children. The jacket also reads “happy everyday’ which makes the rain jacket even more attractive.

Suitable for both men and women, this overcoat is made of high-quality EVA material. As for the design, this rain jacket also provides backpack space. Therefore, it is very suitable to go to school during the rainy season. What are you waiting for? Come on, let the children be free to do activities during the rainy season with a unicorn raincoat freemir.

3. Plevia 110 Raincoat

Best Children's Raincoat Plevia 110 Raincoat
Plevia 110 Raincoat

Next, there is a children’s raincoat from Plevia 110 Raincoat. If you want your children to be protected from the rain from head to toe, this Plevia 110 raincoat is one of the recommendations for you. With a type of top and bottom suit, this raincoat is guaranteed to keep kids out of the rain.

This raincoat can protect the child’s body from top to bottom. It is made of semi-rubber material that is comfortable to wear. In addition, this raincoat also has a bright color that children like.

4. Zoleka Aquakid Children’s Windproof Raincoat Set Unisex

Best Children's Raincoat Zoleka Aquakid Children's Windproof Raincoat Set Unisex
Zoleka Aquakid Children’s Windproof Raincoat Set Unisex

The next brand of children’s raincoat is Zoleka Aquakid Children’s Unisex Windproof Raincoat Set. Made from hipora material, this raincoat from Zoleka is available in 2 motifs, namely bicycle motifs and plain motifs. Both of these motifs will give the user a cool and colorful impression.

For the bicycle motif, it is suitable for use by the mother’s hero, and for the plain yellow color, it is suitable for both men and women. Suitable for both men and women, this raincoat has air ventilation, so it is comfortable to use during the rainy season and does not give the impression of being hot.

5. Children’s Raincoat with Rabbit Motif

Best Children's Raincoat Children's Raincoat with Rabbit Motif
Children’s Raincoat with Rabbit Motif

The next one is a children’s raincoat with the Rabbit Motif Children’s Raincoat. Made with a very cute 3D motif, this raincoat has a dominant pink color, which is suitable for girls. This raincoat is not only made with a picture of a rabbit, it is also equipped with rabbit ears on the hood of the coat.

In addition, this suit is also equipped with two pockets on the right and left of the suit designed with dusty pink rabbit paws. Made of PVC material, this overcoat type raincoat is sure to be very popular with girls because it is very cute and adorable. What are you waiting for? Let’s prepare for your daughter’s rainy season at home.

6. Indoplast Kido Pink

Best Children's Raincoat Indoplast Kido Pink
Indoplast Kido Pink

Next, there is a children’s raincoat from Indoplast Kido Pink. Want to still look fashionable during the rainy season? Girls definitely want that. For that mother must provide this one pink indoplast kido raincoat. Suitable for children aged 3 to 7, this raincoat is equipped with a sling bag that is very easy and practical to carry anywhere.

Having a top and bottom suit, this raincoat can provide protection for children from head to toe. So, as a parent, you don’t have to worry anymore when your children play in the rain. As long as you use this one pink Indoplast kido raincoat.

7. OEM Children’s Rainwear Ponchos

Best Children's Raincoat OEM Children's Rainwear Ponchos
OEM Children’s Rainwear Ponchos

Still on the topic of children’s raincoats, next is the OEM Children’s Rainwear Poncho. Just as the name suggests, this child’s raincoat is designed with a poncho model so that it is very easy and practical to use. In addition, this one model is also very supportive of children carrying bags. So it is very suitable to use when you want to go to school.

Made of PVC material, this raincoat certainly has unquestionable durability. Children must be safe from the rain. Equipped with a pocket on the front, this raincoat becomes even cuter when used. For its size, this suit has a length of 73 cm and a width of 95 cm, which is suitable for both women and men.

8. Skip Hop Zoo LittleKid Raincoat Monkey

Best Children's Raincoat Skip Hop Zoo LittleKid Raincoat Monkey
Skip Hop Zoo LittleKid Raincoat Monkey

The next kid’s raincoat brand is Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid Raincoat Monkey. This raincoat has a design like a hoodie jacket and is equipped with 2 flap pockets and a very cute snap button with a very funny monkey character. This raincoat is made of polyester and polyurethane and is available in sizes S, M, and L.

Designed with a 3D monkey motif, this jacket looks very cute and adorable. So the children must be comfortable and want to use it. Come on, mothers at home, provide this one rain jacket for the children to experience the rainy season. Don’t be too late.

9. Decathlon Caperlan Poncho Blue Pockets Cn Jr. Children’s

Best Children's Raincoat Decathlon Caperlan Poncho Blue Pockets Cn Jr. Children's
Decathlon Caperlan Poncho Blue Pockets Cn Jr. Children’s

raincoat The next child is Decathlon Caperlan Poncho Blue Pockets Cn Jr. As the name implies, this raincoat is designed with a poncho model combined with an overcoat with a length of approximately up to the user’s knee. For the design, on the back of this suit is written “caperlan,” which glows in the dark.

Not only that, the hood of this coat is also designed to be sturdy so that rainwater does not wet the inside. Made of EVA material, this suit has a minimalist yet fashionable design. Suitable for boys and girls, this raincoat is the best recommendation for children who want to look simple but still elegant.

10. Decathlon Quechua Poncho Children’s Climbing MH100 Waterproof

Best Children's Raincoat Decathlon Quechua Poncho Children's Climbing MH100 Waterproof
Decathlon Quechua Poncho Children’s Climbing MH100 Waterproof

Finally, there is a children’s raincoat from the Decathlon Quechua Poncho Climbing Children’s MH100 Waterproof. Having the same vague name as the previous product, this hiking raincoat is different from the previous product even though it is from the same brand.

Equipped with a hydrophobic coating, this raincoat is not stuffy when being used while doing outdoor activities. So, even though you are free to do activities outside, this raincoat can give the impression of being comfortable for children. In addition, this raincoat is also equipped with a fairly large pocket on the front, which adds to the cute impression of the raincoat.

The bag is closed with velcro so that the bag sticks firmly and water does not have a gap to enter the bag. This raincoat is available in navy and pink color variants so that it can be adapted to both boys and girls.


These are the 10 best children’s raincoats, along with their reviews. How? Have you found the right raincoat for your child or sister? Well, if you have found it, immediately order it at your favorite store. Do not let children have to limit their activities because of the rainy season.

Give them freedom to play as long as they keep the raincoat on. And don’t forget to pay attention to the tips that have been described previously to find the right children’s raincoat product.

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