10 Best 4K Smart TV Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Watching TV on a smart TV can be fun. But if you want a more enjoyable TV viewing experience, with the best resolution, then choosing a 4K smart TV is the answer. The best Smart TV with 4K resolution, also known as UHD or ultra high definition, is now a consideration for every family in Indonesia.

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To meet the increasing demand for smart TVs, various electronic equipment manufacturers are competing with each other to produce the best smart TV products. That way, it’s certainly not surprising that you will be confused in determining one choice among so many options. But you don’t need to worry because the following will explain how to choose the best 4K smart TV and some product recommendations.

How to Choose a Good 4K UHD Smart TV 

In making the right choice from the many best smart TV products, it might make you a little difficult. Therefore, you need to listen to several ways to choose a good smart TV below.

1. Pay attention to the screen size.

The first way to choose the best smart TV is to pay attention to the screen size. You need to pay attention to this because it must be adjusted to the location where you will put the smart TV. If your location only has a viewing distance to the TV of less than 150 cm, then you should use a TV with a maximum size of 32 inches. However, if you have a viewing distance of more than 150 cm, then you can use a screen size of more than 43 inches.

2. Pay attention to the type of screen

The next thing you need to pay attention to when choosing the best smart TV is the type of screen. In general, there are 2 types of screens, namely LCD and OLED. The two types of LCD screens, namely direct and edge, can produce a bright image, while the edge has a thinner but relatively inexpensive design. While the type of OLED screen, has the advantage of being able to produce perfect dark colors and thin.

3. Pay attention to audio quality Audio

Quality is also important for you to consider before choosing the best smart TV. Good audio quality can provide comfort when you watch TV. You can also choose a smart TV that already has DTS or Dolby technology, which makes the audio that comes out clearer. That way, you can enjoy TV whether you are listening to music or watching. It will become much more comfortable.

4. Pay attention to the built in tuner.

The last thing you need to consider before choosing the best smart TV is the presence of a built in tuner that can support 4K broadcasts. The reason is, if the smart TV you want to buy does not have a tuner , then you cannot watch 4K broadcasts. So, you should pay attention to whether the smart TV you want to buy has a built-in tuner or not.

10 Best 4K Smart TV


1. Samsung QLED Q60T

Best 4K Smart TV Samsung QLED Q60T
Samsung QLED Q60T

In the first position, the best smart TV recommendation that you can choose is the output from a brand from South Korea, Samsung QLED Q60T. This smart TV product has received many good reviews on various platforms because of its screen that can produce crystal 4K UHD crystal. The Samsung QLED Q60T comes with a screen size of 50 inches or 60 inches and is a very suitable option for those of you who want to watch with your family at home.

This Smart TV claims to be able to display realistic colors up to 100%. This is, of course, inseparable from its Quantum Dot technology, which can display stunning colors at various brightness levels. In addition, this best smart TV also uses Dual LED technology, which can adjust the tone according to the mood of the content you are watching, so that your viewing experience feels more enjoyable and realistic.

2. Sony KD-43X7000E

Best 4K Smart TV Sony KD-43X7000E
Sony KD-43X7000E

Many of us are certainly familiar with this one brand. As one of the leading manufacturers of electronic goods, Sony is certainly not behind in producing the best smart TVs for its customers. One of the smart TV recommendations from Sony that you can have is the Sony KD-43X7000E.

This product is a type of internet TV that has been equipped with a display and uses 4K X-Reality PRO to produce stunning images. This best smart TV has also been equipped with voice search and content bar features. You will really need these two features because they make the content browsing experience easier and more comfortable.

3. Polytron PLD 55UV5900 

Best 4K Smart TV Polytron PLD 55UV5900
Polytron PLD 55UV5900

If you are looking for the best smart TV recommendation with 4K resolution and a wide screen size, then this 50 inch Polytron PLD 55UV5900 will be perfect for you. The wide display coupled with the 4K resolution produced by this smart TV will certainly make you more satisfied with watching your favorite shows with your family.

The flagship feature of the Polytron PLD 55UV5900 smart TV is Ultra Smooth Motion. With this feature, the movement display in the movie or game you are playing will look more real. Not only that, the best smart TV technology will make your experience browsing streaming services even more memorable.

4. Panasonic TH-43GX400G 

Best 4K Smart TV Panasonic TH-43GX400G
Panasonic TH-43GX400G

For those of you who are planning to build a personal mini cinema at home, then this Panasonic TH-43GX400G may be the best smart TV choice for you to use. How not? This smart TV from Panasonic already supports 4K image resolution and is also equipped with digital theater sound technology.

This smart TV is equipped with an IPS screen that can be watched comfortably from all directions. In addition, the DTS Surround technology on this best smart TV will also make you feel as if you are in the middle of a movie while it is being played. That way, the experience of watching with family at home will feel like watching in a cinema.

5. Xiaomi Mi TV 4

Best 4K Smart TV Xiaomi Mi TV 4
Xiaomi Mi TV 4

The Xiaomi brand never lags behind in presenting sophisticated electronic products. In fact, Xiaomi can be said to be one of the leading brands in this matter. The best smart TV product that is its flagship is the Mi TV 4, which has 4K resolution assisted with HDR capability and has a screen size of 32 inches and 55 inches, which supports IPS screens so that it can be enjoyed from all directions.

The appearance of this smart TV from the Xiaomi brand is no less astonishing because it has a bezel-less that displays a minimalist impression. In addition, don’t forget the software Android patchwall, which makes it easy to access various streaming services. One of the best Smart TVs has also provided various ports that are compatible with the gadgets , from flash drives to keyboards and mice.

6. Hisense 55E7G

Best 4K Smart TV Hisense 55E7G
Hisense 55E7G

The next smart TV that you can’t miss is the Hisense 55E7G, which is a 4K smart TV product from the Hisense brand. This smart TV comes with a full screen and bezelless display to support the experience of watching Full HD content. This best smart TV has also been equipped with screen share features and voice control features.

It doesn’t stop there. This smart TV from the Hisense brand has also been equipped with the Ultra Dimming function, which can display bright images to be brighter, dark appearances to be darker, and anti-blur to produce a more natural and good quality image. To add to the positive experience while watching, this best smart TV also comes with Dolby Vision HDR, which can enhance the picture effect well.

7. Coocaa TV 50S6G

Best 4K Smart TV Coocaa TV 50S6G
Coocaa TV 50S6G

Finding a smart TV at an affordable price is certainly not a difficult thing. In this case, if you need the best 4K smart TV product at a price of around 5 million, then this Coocaa TV 50S6G could be the right choice. Why not? This smart TV has been equipped with an IPS screen and direct LED, which makes it the best TV with the best contrast even when viewed from various directions.

The best Smart Coocaa TV, 50S6G, has also been equipped with a port , so you can access more entertainment content with a motion rate of around 60 Hz. It doesn’t stop there. This 50-inch smart TV has also been supported by the Android 7.0 system, so it can be used to directly access the Play Store.

8. LG Oled CX

Best 4K Smart TV LG Oled CX
LG Oled CX

The next best smart TV recommendation that you can choose for home use comes from the LG brand, which has no doubt about its ability to produce the best electronic products. This Smart TV has been supported by an OLED panel and various features and delivers the best performance in bringing a better entertainment experience for you and your family at home.

The picture quality produced by this smart TV is very good, especially for use in dark rooms, because LG OLED CX can turn off individual pixels, produce an infinite contrast ratio, and produce perfect black uniformity. Even if you want to watch HDR content, this best smart TV is the right choice because it has good gradient handling.

9. TCL 50A8

Best 4K Smart TV TCL 50A8
TCL 50A8

If you are looking for a smart TV recommendation with a size of 50 inches that supports 4K UHD resolution but without having to dig deep enough into your pocket, then this TCL 50A8 could be the best choice for you. TCL, in this case, boldly offers the best smart TV at a lower price than the market price for every feature and specification it offers.

Having a screen large enough, this smart TV can display broadcasts with stunning images and colors. For audio too, this TCL 50A8 TV has been equipped with Dolby audio and a smart volume that can make it adjust the volume automatically. The best Smart TV from TCL is also equipped with Dual-band WiFi, exclusive remote, bluetooth, USB 2.0, HDMI 1.1, and SPDIF.

10. Changhong U50K2

Best 4K Smart TV Changhong U50K2
Changhong U50K2

In the last position, the best smart TV recommendation with 4K resolution is the Changhong LED TV with the latest type, U50K2. Having a minimalist design, this Changhong U50K2 looks very elegant and luxurious. This Smart TV is also equipped with advanced features, such as U-Max technology, that can offer the best audio quality.

Not only that, with the Multi Screen feature, you can also be more flexible in mirroring between your TV and smartphone . The best smart TV from the Changhong brand is also supported by a 64-bit chip, which allows this TV to work quickly and impressively. HDR technology also does not forget to be present in offering the impression of watching TV with pictures and colors that are bright, real,   of course, a feast for the eyes.

How to Take Care of a 4K Smart TV to Keep it Good & Durable

After you know the various recommendations for the best smart TV, you also need to know how to take care of your smart TV to keep it durable. The goal is that the smart TV that you buy later can last a long time. Therefore, take a look at some ways to care for a smart TV to keep it durable below.

1. Put it in the right position

The first thing you can do to ensure that the smart TV you have remains durable is to put the smart TV in the right position. Basically, smart TVs are thin, don’t take up much space, and can be placed anywhere. If you put it on a table, then try it on a flat table surface. In addition, you can also stick the best smart TV of your choice on the wall to avoid the reach of children.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

The next way to take care of your smart TV to keep it durable is to avoid it being exposed to direct sunlight. This is because, basically, electronic goods cannot receive direct sunlight. The reason is, sunlight has radioactive substances that can make the screen look dull.

3. Turn off the TV after use

After you finish using your smart TV, it’s best not to forget to turn it off. Besides being able to save on electricity expenditure, it can also make smart TVs more durable. To turn it off, you need to press the power button on the remote, then unplug the power plug. The power plug needs to be unplugged so that the power supply does not work continuously and damage the smart TV components.

4. Keep away from electronics and magnets

Keeping electronics and magnets away is also one way to take care of the best smart TV of your choice to keep it durable. The reason is, electronic goods have electromagnetic waves that can interfere with the performance of smart TVs when they are nearby. In addition, the magnetic field near the smart TV can also interfere with the display.

5. Keeping the temperature normal

The last way of caring for a smart TV to keep it durable is to keep the TV temperature normal. The reason is that temperatures that are too hot can damage the components inside the smart TV. Therefore, if the room temperature or TV starts to heat up, you should turn on the air conditioner or fan to normalize the temperature again.


Enough here for an explanation of the 10 best 4K smart TV recommendations that you can consider. Given the many smart TV products in circulation, make sure you pay attention to how to choose the best smart TV that has been described previously in order to get the right product. In addition, take good care of the smart TV that you eventually buy, so that it can last a long time.

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