10 Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Producing delicious food not only requires good cooking skills but also needs to be supported by good quality cooking utensils. A good brand of cooking utensils is, of course, also safe to use, so it will not contaminate food with harmful chemical compounds.

Merk Alat Masak yang BagusIllustration Image of Cookware / Tefal Brand

The following article will discuss recommendations for good cooking utensil brands and some ways to care for this cookware.

How to Choose Good Quality Cookware

Cooking utensils are not difficult to find in e-commerce, be it Shopee, Tokopedia, Blibli, Lazada, or e-commerce . To get a good brand of cookware, you need to pay attention to the following things.

1. Identifying materials for making cooking utensils

There are several materials that are often used to make good brands of cooking utensils, including stainless steel, aluminum, ceramics, and wood. These materials certainly have advantages and disadvantages, just adjust them to your needs.

Good brands of cookware made of stainless steel are known to be safe and are usually used to make high pressure pots or large pots used to cook soup. However, this material is not suitable for frying because it is not non-sticky, so it takes a lot of oil when frying with stainless steel cooking utensils.

Another material that is often used to make a good brand of cookware is aluminum. Aluminum has the characteristics of being light, heats up quickly, and has an affordable price, but tends to stick if not cleaned carefully. However, cooking utensils made of aluminum are not scratch-resistant and easily dented, so you have to be careful when using them.

Next, there is ceramic material, which is considered one of the safest ingredients to make a good brand of cooking utensils, be it frying utensils, frying pans, hobs, and so on. Ceramic cooking utensils are usually non-stick, scratch-resistant, suitable for slow cooking, but they are relatively easy to break. To be safer, choose ceramic cookware that is PFA-free, PFOA-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free.

Recently, wood has also been used as a material to make good brands of cooking utensils. Cooking utensils made of wood are easy to clean, but are not suitable for storing in humid places because they are easy to mold.

Merk Alat Masak yang BagusIllustration of Cooking Utensils / Popsugar.com

2. Choosing cooking utensils according to your needs and prices

Of course, in addition to choosing a good brand of cooking utensils according to the ingredients, you also have to adjust the cooking utensils to your needs. For example, choose a small spatula if it will be used for frying. If you want to cook soup, you should choose a pot that can hold more sauce and soup ingredients.

In addition to the need, the price of the cookware also needs to be considered. Good and safe brands of cooking utensils are usually  rather expensive, considering the quality of the ingredients they are made of is also good. One way to ensure the quality of the cookware to be purchased is to look at reviews from previous buyers.

10 Recommendations for Good Cooking Equipment Brands


If you want to buy good cooking utensils through e-commerce, you should buy from an official store . Here tomslead.com provides some recommendations for various brands of cooking utensils that are good and safe.

1. Oxone

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools Oxone

This good brand of cooking utensils is often one of the sponsors for Masterchef events because the quality is indeed good and it makes the kitchen look luxurious and more professional. Cooking utensils from Oxone are made of several materials, including stainless steel, silicon, aluminum, and ceramic, which are safe and of good quality. In addition to offering good quality, the Oxone brand is also well known, so the price is quite expensive.

This good brand of cooking utensils provides cooking utensils sold individually or in sets of cooking utensils. Several products are sold individually, such as food choppers, pressure cookers, frying, electric ovens, air fryers, Chinese woks, mixers, and noodle making machines. Meanwhile, the available cooking utensils include a set of silicone spatula spoons, a kitchen knife set, and a pan set.

2. Maxim

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools Maxim

All series from Maxim, be it Maxim Valentino, Maxim Eclipse, Maxim Superlite, Maxim Casablanca, and others, are free from PFOA, BPA free, and FDA certified, so they are safe to use. Many have proven that cooking utensils from Maxim are also durable for a long time, so it’s no wonder that this good brand of cooking utensils is selling well in the market.

Some of the cooking utensils are sold individually, such as ultra grills for barbecue, Korean grills, Teflon pans, pans, spatulas, knives, and tools for making cakes. Of course, there are also cooking utensil sets available, such as Maxim Eclipse containing 16 pcs frying pans, Maxim Priority 4 pcs Teflon pans, Maxim Delight 5 pcs frying pan sets, and Maxim Tools 7 pcs kitchen knife sets. This good brand of tool is sold at various prices.

3. Tefal

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools Tefal

The next good and well-known brand of cooking utensils is Tefal, which comes from France but has been imported to various countries. Cooking utensils from Tefal are equipped with a Thermo-Signal feature that helps you to find the ideal temperature when cooking so that the level of cooked food is perfect. The Day by Day and So Chef series pans from Tefal are made of aluminum material but have an inside coating , namely titanium for the Day by Day and So Chef series, non stick mineral for Natural Force, and titanium 6x for the Unlimited series.

However, Tefal focuses more on cooking utensils such as frying pans and pans, without a spatula, knife, or other complementary tools. Apart from being sold individually, Tefal also provides cooking utensil sets, such as the Tefal Day by Day Package, the Tefal So Chef Package, the Tefal Natura Package, and the Tefal All in One Package.

4. BOLDe

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools BOLDe

Although this good brand of cooking utensils is classified as a new product, the quality cannot be doubted. Cooking utensils from BOLDe are in the Super PAN category and are made of good quality Granite Ceramic material, processed using ECO GREEN technology, and are, of course, PFOA free. Several types of products fall into that category, including fry pans, saucepans, grill pan, wok pan, pressure cookers, and steamers.

BOLDe also provides other cooking utensils, such as silicone spatula, knives, whisks, soup ladles, spoon ladles, and food tongs. You can buy a good brand of cooking utensils from BOLDe through e-commerce.

5. Maspion

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools Maspion

If you need a good brand of cooking utensils but the price is relatively cheap, then the Maspion brand could be the right choice. For the Teflon products, there are sold sets of 2 pieces with a diameter of 18 cm and 23 cm. There is also a set consisting of a frypan and a sauce pan measuring 16 cm and 20 cm.

The material used to make cooking utensils is metal or a mixture of metals that can conduct heat quickly and evenly. Maspion also provides cooking utensils other than frying pans, such as multi electric cookers, electric warmers, electric stoves, travel cookers, and gas stoves.

6. Vicenza

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools Vicenza

Besides being famous for its luxurious and elegant tableware, Vicenza also has a variety of good cooking utensils. The pan products produced by Vicenza are made of aluminum with a non-stick coating and a heat-resistant handle. This good brand of cookware also provides other accompaniments, such as knife sets, spatula sets, and salad sticks.

Vicenza also provides a set of cooking utensils, such as the Easy Set Cooking Pan, which includes 2 pots measuring 24 cm and 18 cm, 2 frying pans, a lid, and a steamer. There is also the Wave Cookware Set, which consists of 2 pots measuring 24 cm and 16.5 cm, 2 lids, one pan, and one spatula. Products from this good brand of cooking utensils are also sold individually, such as pressure cookers of various sizes, pans, pans, crepe pans, slow cookers, and magnetic multi pans. All Vicenza cookware can be purchased at the online store.

7. Lock n Lock

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools LocknLock
Lock n Lock

Famous products from LocknLock are tumblers and food containers, but this brand also provides quite a cooking utensils. Each product design from this good cookware brand is tailored to its category, such as Leve, Duro Quilt, Hard & Light Ceramic, Speed ​​Cook, and Hard & Light Stone. In addition to having a modern design, this good cookware is made using hard anodizing, which makes it hard but still light in texture.

If you are looking for a knife set or air fryer for frying purposes, LocknLock is also available. Various products from this good cookware brand can be purchased through the official store on e-commerce at varying prices.

8. Ace Hardware

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools Ace Hardware
Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware has indeed become one of the choices for a good cooking utensil brand with good quality assurance. The frying pan is claimed to have a non-stick coating that is 3x better than other pans, making it very easy to clean.

Some of the other cooking utensils from the brand include multifunction steamer pots, toasters, and various types of pans. There are also other cooking support tools, such as an electric egg boilr, blender, spatula, whisk,  grater, measuring cup, and measuring spoon. This good brand of cooking utensils can be purchased directly through Plaza Ace or the online official website.

9. Debellin Cookware

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools Debellin Cookware
Debellin Cookware

Debellin Premium Cookware is a good cooking utensil brand from Indonesia that makes its cooking utensils using technology and components from Germany. Various cooking utensils from Debellin have been confirmed to be PFOA free, which means they are safe for health. Products from Debellin are made of die cast aluminum with a lightweight granite coating and are able to retain heat longer. The bottom is coated with induction so that the cookware can be used on all types of stoves.

Apart from being sold individually, Debellin also provides cooking utensil sets, such as the Family Granite Package, Home Chef Granite Package, Daily Cookware Granite Package, Absolute Granite Sechs Package, and Absolute Granite Starter Package. Other complementary cooking utensils are also available, such as a spatula, food tong, and soup ladle.

10. Cypruz

Recommended Brands of Good Cooking Tools Cypruz

The last good cooking utensil brand in this article is Cypruz, which has a colorful characteristic. The cookware from Cypruz is equipped with an induction bottom to deliver heat quickly and evenly. All of the cooking utensils are, of course, food grade and free of PFOA, PTFE, cadmium, and lead, so they are safe for health.

The Cypruz series of cooking utensils are indeed quite diverse according to the material they are made of. There is granite diecast, white granite, pink ceramic, ceramic diecast, gray marble, marble diecast, and marble honeycomb. In addition, brand has provided various series of spatulas that can be tailored to your needs.

How to Take Care of Cookware to Stay Good & Durable

Each piece of cookware made from different materials requires different handling as well. Here are some tips for taking care of it, so that the products from the good cooking utensil brands that have been purchased can last a long time.

1. Aluminum

How to clean a good brand of cooking utensils from aluminum is quite easy. Just use ordinary dish soap. If there is still an odor remaining, use an ingredient such as lemon or baking soda to remove it.

2. Stainless Steel

Just like aluminum cooking utensils, good brands of cooking utensils can also be washed using the commonly used anti-fat dishwashing soap. If the oil is quite a lot and sticks to the cookware, you can first soak it in dish soap for a few moments before washing it.

3. Ceramic

Good brands of ceramic cookware can be cleaned using ordinary dish soap and cleaned manually by hand, not in a dishwasher. If there are stubborn stains that are difficult to clean, you can use baking soda during the washing process.

4. Wood

There are also good brands of cooking utensils made of wood, usually for cutting boards or spatulas. To clean it, you can use a toothbrush that has been given soap and make sure it is dried in the sun so that there is no fungus.

5. Cast

Cast iron is one of the favorite types of cooking utensils for chefs because it is non-stick, durable, and can give food a good taste. How to clean a good brand of cooking utensils made of cast iron doesn’t require a special method, just like cooking utensils made of ceramic or stainless steel.


Choosing a good cooking utensil is not only to make dishes more delicious, but also for the benefit of your health. In this article, we have discussed recommendations for good and well-known brands of cooking utensils and some tips for caring for them.

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