Review of 10 Best Pocket Camera Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review digital cameras Compacts, also known as pocket camera, are smaller than normal cameras, but their portraits are not inferior to other types of cameras, such as DSLRs. Especially for those of you who like to travel, this camera is easier to carry because of its compact size.

Merk Kamera Pocket TerbaikPocket Camera Illustration/

The design of the pocket camera is also adjusted to the needs of its users. There are professional cameras and there are also traveling cameras. In this article, we will discuss how to choose and recommend the best pocket camera, as well as how to care for it.

How to Choose a Good Pocket Camera Pocket

Cameras are indeed available in various specifications and prices, ranging from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of dollars. Here are some things to consider when buying a good quality pocket camera.

1. Checking the factors that affect image quality

The first factor when choosing is the pixel and image sensor. Pixel size indicates the pixel density of the image. For example, a 13 MP camera will show a photo with 13 million pixels. The larger the pixel size, the smoother the resulting photo will be.

While the image sensor affects how well the photo will be processed, the results will be better if the sensor size is bigger. Two types of camera sensors that exist in the best pocket cameras are CMOS and CCD. CCD sensors are known to be more sensitive to light, so they can still capture objects well in dim light.

Next, there is the aperture factor, which is the size of the lens hole that is open when shooting and is usually expressed in units of f. A large f value actually indicates a small lens aperture, and little light enters, but the camera’s focus is wide, so it can be used to photograph objects in the frame clearly. Conversely, if the f value is small, the lens aperture and incoming light are large, and the camera focus narrows, so that it is used to give a bokeh effect. If you want to be safe, we recommend the best pocket camera with an aperture of f/1.8–f/2.8.

Then there is the ISO factor, namely the level of light sensitivity on the camera sensor. The higher the ISO value, the better the camera’s ability to take photos when it’s dark and makes the shutter speed faster, so photos don’t get blurry. The standard number of ISO used in the best pocket cameras is 3200 and ISO 6400 for cameras that are often used to take pictures at night. However, make sure the ISO on the camera is balanced with the aperture and shutter speed.

The fourth factor is the shutter speed, or the reference when the camera shutter is open so that it affects the intensity of the incoming light. Shutter speed produces a blurry image, while shutter speed is used to photograph moving objects. Usually a second or a fraction of a second is used for shutter speed, for example shutter speed on the best pocket camera you have is written as 1/100, which means that the shutter time is 1/100 of a second.

2. Choose according to the type of capture needed

The lens catch on any pocket camera is best influenced by the focal length. Some types of capture that are widely known are wide-angle, telephoto, and macro. As the name implies, a wide-angle lens is able to capture a wide object, without cutting off the left, right, top, and bottom sides.

Rekomendasi Kamera Pocket TerbaikPocket Camera Illustrations /

Telephoto lenses are usually used to photograph and record distant objects without any blurring. If you need the best pocket camera with this type of lens, make sure you know the maximum distance that the lens can capture. In contrast to a telephoto lens, a macro lens will help to photograph objects that are very close, such as flowers, insects, water droplets, and other objects that are very close.

3. Researching camera performance supporting features

First, image stabilization to minimize shake when recording video. One type of image stabilization on the best pocket cameras is OIS (optical image stabilization), which works using a micro-electromechanical system inside the camera lens. Another type is EIS (electronic image stabilization), which works using software to correct the image so that it doesn’t shake. However, for pocket cameras, we recommend using OIS because it is easier to correct the vibrations that occur when taking pictures.

Second, the connection system that is supported by the best pocket cameras can be Wifi or Bluetooth. Thus, transferring images from the camera to a computer or vice versa can be done wirelessly and more easily.

4. Checking the weight and battery life

The best pocket cameras are often used outdoors, so the weight of the camera also needs to be considered. If you like traveling, you should choose a camera that weighs about 300 grams or less. Don’t forget to check the battery capacity, which is usually indicated by the number of photos that can be taken or the length of video recording when the battery is full. A good pocket camera can take at least 200 photos or record 120 minutes of video.

10 Best Pocket Camera Recommendations

Several brands that are quite large, such as Sony, Canon, and Nikon, also release pocket camera products for traveling or even for professional photographers. The following are recommendations for various Ainun pocket cameras  that are quite easy to find on the market.

1. DJI Pocket 2 – 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

DJI Pocket 2 – 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer
DJI Pocket 2 – 3-Axis Gimbal Handheld Stabilizer

With a weight of only 116 grams and a size no bigger than the palm of your hand, the DJI Pocket 2 will certainly be very light to carry to various places. This pocket camera also has quite a few complete features, one of which is a 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes the camera. The sensor is only 1/1.7 inches and can produce 64MP resolution photos and 4K videos. Coupled with a 20mm f/1.8 wide lens, it provides a wide and vivid cinematic view.

To support its performance, the DJI Pocket 2 is equipped with a battery that can be used continuously for up to 140 minutes. This best pocket camera is sold at a price of 5.7 million rupiah and is equipped with a cover, mini control stick, tripod mount (1/4″), wrist strap, sticker set, smartphone adapter (lightning and USB-C), and power cable.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is one of the best-selling pocket camera brands in the market. This product includes an instant analog camera with a frame rate of 60 fps and has been designed for selfie purposes. For the lens, a Fujinon 60mm F/12.7 lens is used, so it is very suitable for taking photos at close range.

Operation of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 relies on 2 AA batteries that can last about 60-90 minutes when used. The best pocket camera that weighs only 293 grams is priced quite cheaply, at around 1 million rupiah.

3. Sony Cybershot DSC W830

Sony Cybershot DSC W830
Sony Cybershot DSC W830

The Sony Cybershot DSC W830 has a camera with a resolution of 20.1MP, a Super HAD CCD image sensor, and is supported by a BIONZ processor so that it can produce high-resolution photos and HD video at 1280 x 720p at 30 fps. With ISO 3200, this pocket camera can produce good photos even in low light. Sony Cybershot DSC W830 is also equipped with various interesting features, such as 8 face detection, smile shutter technology, blink detection, and beauty effects.

For the battery, the NP-BN lithium-ion battery 630 mAh is used, which provides a voltage of about 3.6V. Optical SteadyShot support makes the camera more stable when used to take pictures or record videos. This best pocket camera is quite easy to find on e-commerce and costs 2 million dollars.

4. Moza MOIN Pocket Camera 3-Axis Motorized

Moza MOIN Pocket Camera 3-Axis Motorized
Moza MOIN Pocket Camera 3-Axis Motorized

Moza MOIN is a pocket camera that is not too expensive, but has very complete features, such as a 2.45″ touch screen to control camera settings easily and 3-Axis Motorized Antivirus. shakes that produce very smooth recordings. This product is also equipped with the MOZA Digital Stereo System, so it produces videos with clear sound and minimal noise.

The Moza MOIN has a 1/2.3″ sensor to produce high-quality images with noise . Coupled with the 120° FOV lens, this best pocket camera is great for shooting selfie videos or shooting expansive landscapes. Sold at a price of 3.6 million rupiah, Moza MOIN is also equipped with a night mode that provides a lighting time of up to 60 seconds.

5. Canon iNSPiC (C) CV-123A

Canon iNSPiC (C) CV-123A
Canon iNSPiC (C) CV-123A

The Canon iNSPiC [C] CV-123A is equipped with a printer, so you can print the photos you take right away. You can also print photos from your smartphone via the Canon Mini Print app. This pocket camera provides photo editing features, such as adding stickers, brightening photo colors, or beauty effects.

The Canon iNSPiC [C] CV-123A is designed to be small enough to fit in a pocket. This product is paired with 2 selfie mirrors and a battery that can be recharged with a power bank, making this product the best pocket camera for traveling. You can buy a Canon iNSPiC [C] CV-123A at the official store for only 1.7 million rupiah.

6. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10 Pocket Camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10 Pocket Camera
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX10 Pocket Camera

The Panasonic LUMIX LX10 combines an F1.4-2.8 lens and a 1-inch sensor to produce extraordinary power of expression. One of the excellent features of this pocket camera is the crystal-clear F1.4-2.8 24-72 mm lens LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX which can produce photos that look detailed even in low light conditions. For more impressive photos, you can also add a beautiful bokeh.

The Panasonic LUMIX LX10 has a minimum focus distance of 3 cm, which will produce close-up photos with incredible detail. This best pocket camera also supports  built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can transfer photos from the camera to other devices without the need to use a USB cable. The Panasonic LUMIX LX10 can be easily found in e-commerce and costs 8 million rupiah.

7. RICOH Camera GR III


Physically, the Ricoh GR III pocket camera has a compact design and a high grip, so your hands won’t get tired easily when you take it traveling. This product is also equipped with touch buttons that make its use practical and flexible. The Ricoh GR III weighs only about 257 grams and the battery capacity when fully charged is enough to take 200 photos and 180 minutes of video.

This best pocket camera has a 24.24 MP camera resolution and an APS-C CMOS sensor image sensor so that it will produce smooth images even in dim light. Because it is equipped with Wifi and  , various photos taken can be transferred directly to other devices even without using a USB cable. The Ricoh GR III can be purchased directly at the official store at a price of 15.3 million rupiah.

8. Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

If you need a pocket camera for work purposes, the Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera could be the right choice. This product has a 4/3″ sensor to capture full HD images at 60 fps or slow motion photos at 120 fps. To produce perfect shots, Micro Four Thirds lenses are used, and PL, C, and EF lenses can also be used using the adapter provided separately.

This product has a fairly high ISO value, even reaching 25,600, so it will produce good photos even in dark conditions. The Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera is also equipped with audio features, such as a mini-XLR input, an internal stereo mic, and remote control. Bluetooth With a variety of complete features, this best pocket camera is sold relatively more expensive than the previous product, at around 28.3 million rupiah.

9. Nikon Coolpix Pocket Camera S3400

Nikon Coolpix Pocket Camera S3400
Nikon Coolpix Pocket Camera S3400

The Nikon Coolpix S3400 has a 20.1 MP sensor and a 1/2.3-inch CCD, resulting in photos with a resolution of 5152 x 3864 pixels. The screen portion of this pocket camera measures 2.7 inches with TFT LCD technology, an anti-reflection coating, 230k dots, and 5 levels of brightness. For the lens, a Nikkor Glass Lens lens is used with 7x optical zoom, a focal length of 4.7-32.9 mm, and an aperture of f/3.4-6.4.

The battery used in this best pocket camera is a lithium ion battery that can be used for 90 minutes when the battery is full. Although the available internal memory is only 25 MB, you can add an SD card slot to this best pocket camera so that the storage space becomes more spacious. The Nikon Coolpix S3400 is sold at a fairly cheap price, only 1.7 million rupiah.

10. Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III The
Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III The

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III has a 20.2 MP 1″ resolution and a CMOS sensor paired with a DIGIC 8 image processor for fast focusing performance and UHD 4K30p quality video. Like previous pocket cameras, the Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III also has an Optical Image Stabilizer to stabilize the camera when used to record video. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity support, the process of transferring files to other devices will be easier.

The Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III uses an NB-13L Lithium-Ion 1250 mAh rechargeable battery. This best pocket camera is sold in a package with a Canon CB-2LH Battery Charger and a WS-DC 12 Wrist Strap for 12 million rupiah.

How to Take Care of a Pocket Camera to Keep it Good & Durable

Of course, the best pocket cameras, both cheap and expensive, must be treated properly so they don’t get damaged quickly. Here are some ways that can be done to treat it.

  • Removing the battery if the camera has not been used for a long time
  • Clean the LCD and camera body with a soft cloth.
  • Clean the camera lens by blowing, not with a cloth or tissue.
  • Use an impact-resistant camera holder.


Pocket cameras are the right choice of camera when traveling because they are small in size and produce clearer photos than smartphone cameras. In this article, we have discussed how to choose and recommend the best pocket cameras and how to care for them.

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