Review of 10 Recommendations for the Best Electric Massage Tools, Overcome Aches with Relaxation (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – An electric massager has become one of the things that must be owned by people with busy work schedules, so sitting for too long makes the body achy. However, electric massagers are available in various models and have different features, so it is often confusing when we buy them. What are the recommendations for the best electric massager? Let’s find out the recommendations through the following reviews.

Alat Pijat Elektrik TerbaikIllustration Image of Electric Outboard Massager / Brand Omron

The best electric massager has been suggested by many health services when we experience pain due to sitting too long. There are even some studies that explain that massage tools work better than acupuncture and spinal modification, so they can reduce dependence on pain relievers by up to 36%. With the help of this tool, you will experience a number of benefits, such as relaxing muscles, controlling blood pressure, and reducing stress.

How to Choose a Good Electric Massage Tool

To get a good electric massager that suits your needs, there are several things that need to be considered so that you don’t choose the wrong one. This is because massage tools are available in various functions, such as body, foot, and calf massage tools. Here’s how to choose the best electric massager, including:

1. Choose a Simple and Practical Massage Tool. The

The first way to choose the best electric massager is to choose a simple and practical massage tool to use. Because there are cushion and manual massage tools, the message cushion is equipped with a massage ball and a heater inside, so it is suitable for use on the back, waist, and legs. The manual massage tool is in the form of a stick and is easier to use at reflex points in the form of a roller. In addition, manual massage tools do not require electricity or batteries, so they can be used while bathing.

2. Check the Setting Mode Making

There is a way to choose the best electric massager, which is no less important because everyone’s posture and level of aches are different. If the massager does not have an adjustment, there are times when the massage is too painful and strong. Likewise, if the massager is not strong enough, you will feel dissatisfied. As a result, the body remains tired and uncomfortable. Therefore, choose a body massage tool that has a setting mode so that it can be adjusted to the rhythm of your body.

Merk Alat Pijat ElektrikIllustration Image of Electric Outboard Massager / Brand Omron

3. Check Massage Tool Resources

In addition to the previous two methods, you can choose the best electric massager by checking the massager’s resources. You can choose a massage tool that uses batteries if you want to use a massage tool that is far from an electric plug. So if the type of power cord feels inconvenient, choose a wireless massager or a rechargeable battery. This type tends to be more comfortable and useful for those of you who don’t want to be bothered.

4. Choose a Massage Tool Design According to the Room’s Atmosphere

To get the best electric massager, choose a product according to the atmosphere of the room, so you don’t have to worry about storing it. Especially if you choose a massage chair or foot massager product that takes up relatively less space, the design is important to pay attention to. Therefore, choose a massage tool that is in accordance with the interior design, so even if it is not used, it can still be placed in the room and comfortable to see.

10 Best Electric Massage


EquipmentThis electric massager is available in various types, shapes, and functions, from massaging the feet, calves, thighs, and body hands. Here, provides some recommendations for good electric massage tools that can be used as alternative choices, including

1. Benbo Foot Massage

Best Electric Massage Benbo
Benbo Foot Massage

Tool The electric massage tool, at a price of $27, is the Benbo   whose products have been widely sold in the marketplace and have many good reviews good. This is because, with its low price, Benbo machines are made of high quality and durable materials. Moreover, Benbo has been equipped with 15 minutes of overheating protection so that it remains safe when used.

The best electric massager from the Benbo brand can improve health and blood circulation in the immune system. Not only that, this tool is quite effective in regulating organ functions in achieving normal balance. Even the Benbo electric massager has three speeds you can adjust.

2. Portable Cervical Shoulder Pillow

Best Electric Massage Portable Serviks
Portable Cervical Shoulder Pillow

The electric massager portable cervical shoulder pillow uses rubbing, grasping, and pinching techniques to reduce pain and squeeze deeper layers. In addition, the cervical portable shoulder pillow is equipped with 2 stirring knots to promote blood circulation to the neck, shoulders, relax muscles and relieve fatigue.

The best way to use the cervical portable shoulder pillow is to press the power button to turn on the 2-way massager. While in the massage mode, you can set it to turn off automatically after 15 minutes. The massage it produces is no less comfortable even though the price is relatively cheap, at only around $27.

3. MC616 Waist Pillow

Best Electric Massage MC616
MC616 Waist Pillow

The next electric massager is the MC 616 waist pillow, suitable for you to use to treat a sore waist like being stabbed. Waist pain is one of the symptoms of low back pain that makes it difficult for the body to move. Another symptom is muscle tension, so you need to be careful when experiencing these symptoms and immediately use the MC616 waist pillow.

As one of the solutions for low back pain, the best electric massager MC 616 waist pillow has two massage styles, namely strong and weak. How to use it, simply put the waist pillow on the back of the seat and plug the cable into the car charger socket to reduce the feeling of soreness when driving. The price is relatively affordable, which is around $20.

4. D’Precious Kneading

Best Electric Massage Precious Kneading
D’Precious Kneading

D’Precious Kneading is an electric massager in the form of a chair where the speed of D’Precious Kneading can be adjusted from low, medium, to high. Even D’Precious Kneading has been equipped with a heating device to improve blood circulation throughout the body. With the support of its features, this massage tool is suitable for use on the back, neck, waist, and buttocks.

For those of you who are interested in buying the best electric massager, D’Precious Kneading, you don’t have to worry about the electricity because it only consumes 35 watts. In addition to having a relatively lower electrical power, the D’Precious Kneading massage chair is simpler because it can be placed in the car and be used while driving. You can also use it while working in the office.

5. XUF Massage Chair

Best Electric Massage XUF
XUF Massage Chair

The massage chair still includes an electric massager with 4 choices of massage techniques, namely squeezing, patting, vibrating, and massaging, so that it can be adjusted as desired. In addition, users can adjust the massage tool by expanding or shrinking the massage area because this one chair is designed to create a sense of comfort and reduce neck, shoulder, and waist pain.

In terms of weight, the best electric massager XUF is fairly light, weighing only 19 kg. This allows you when moving it to another place so it is lighter even without the help of others. Because it has a fairly light weight, this massage tool is quite comfortable when used while working. About the price, you can get it at a price of $200.

6. Perfect One Help Massager Perfect One Help Massager

Best Electric Massage Perfect One Help Massager
Perfect One Help Massager Perfect One Help Massager

An electric massager has a fairly compact and practical size, which is only the size of a hand. You can use this massage tool in the office, at home or in the vehicle because it can be taken anywhere. Even the Perfect One Help Massager massage tool is waterproof, so it is still safe even when used while riding a motorcycle or taking a shower.

In terms of features, the best electric massager, the Perfect One Help Massager, is equipped with four massager rubber balls to accelerate blood circulation and relax stiff muscles. Even though it is designed as a scalp massager, you can use this massage tool on your arms, neck, and legs so that soreness in the body area can immediately disappear.

7. Osim U Cozy 3D Shoulder Massager

Best Electric Massage Osim U Cozy 3D Shoulder Massager
Osim U Cozy 3D Shoulder Massager

The next recommendation for an electric massager is the Osim Cozy 3D Shoulder Massager, which is suitable for those of you who are busy working and lack rest. It has a drawstring at the back, so it can be attached to a car or office seat. With its mini, practical and fashionable design, it can beautify your room and car.

In terms of features, the best electric massager, the Osim Cozy 3D Shoulder Massager, is equipped with a heater to improve blood circulation, relieve neck stiffness, and relieve muscle pain. Besides being able to be used on the neck, you can also use it on the back, shoulders, and calves. With the features it has, this massage tool is sold at a price of $300.

8. Mijia LF Neck Massager Pillow

Best Electric Massage Mijia LF Neck Massager Pillow
Mijia LF Neck Massager Pillow

For those of you who are traveling fans, there is nothing wrong with trying the Mijia LF Neck Massager Pillow electric massager to make your trip more comfortable because it can relieve neck pain. The Mijia LF Neck Massager Pillow is relatively affordable compared to other products, which are only around $30.

In addition to massage, the best electric massager, Mijia LF Neck Massager Pillow, can be used as a head support while sleeping, so it won’t hurt. Regarding cleanliness or hygiene level, you don’t need to worry because the Mijia LF Neck Massager Pillow is equipped with an antibacterial sheath so that it remains safe even when you travel a lot.

9. Omron HV F021 Outboard Massage Tool

Best Electric Massage Omron HV F021
Omron HV F021 Outboard Massage Tool

The Omron HV F021 is one of the best outboard electric massagers that has a fairly simple design. Clinically, Omron HV F021 is quite effective for reducing pain, releasing endorphins and relaxing muscles. By relaxing your muscles, you can improve blood circulation. The Omron HV F021 is sold at a price of around $80.

Using the HV F021 outboard electric massager is also relatively easy, so that it will not be difficult, namely only through three buttons. Equipped with an LCD screen, you can choose from 6 body area modes, namely the soles of the feet, arms, back, shoulders, and joints. In addition, you can choose the type of massage and the level of intensity according to your needs.

10. Advance Foot Massager Neo Foot Dream

Best Electric Massage Advance Foot Massager Neo Foot Dream
Advance Foot Massager Neo Foot Dream

An electric massager that is no less good is the Advance Foot Massager Neo Foot Dream (HS8891), with two color choices, namely gray and blue. But the most popular is the color gray. You can easily find the Advance Foot Massager Neo Foot Dream (HS8891) in the marketplace at a price of IDR 4.5 million.

In terms of function, the best electric foot massager, Advance Foot Massager Neo Foot Dream (HS8891), has 5 types of massage, namely heat therapy, air pressure, vibration, shiatsu, and scraping. In addition, this massage tool is equipped with air cushions to massage the ankle and heel areas so that the muscles become more relaxed.

Types of Massage Tools For

For those of you who have never tried the best electric massage tools, you may still be unfamiliar with the types of massage tools. where each product has different benefits. The following are the types of massage tools that you need to know about, including:

1. Massage Chair

The electric massage chair is one of the best types of electric massage tools in the form of a chair that can massage almost the entire body, from the neck, shoulders, back, and feet. In addition, the massage chair is equipped with a roller, massage ball, air bag, and others that will make the body more comfortable. However, this type of massage tool requires space to store it and has a higher price, especially compared to massage chairs that have more complete specifications.

2. Massage Seat

In addition to the massage chair, there is also a massage seat, which is the best electric massage tool that is no less popular than other massage tools. To use this massage tool, you need to tie it to a chair that is usually used to feel the massage. Not only that, the massage seat is more recommended for those of you who don’t have a large room to store it because this massage tool can be folded. With a price that is not too expensive, massage seats can be used to massage the shoulder, waist, legs and arms area.

3. Neck Massager

It includes one of the best electric massage tools, the neck massager, to relieve stiffness in the shoulders and neck. Generally, this massage tool is used at the base of the neck and is more recommended for those who have complaints of shoulder pain. But choose a neck massager that has a lighter weight so that your arms and hands don’t get tired easily. The advantages of a neck massager are that it does not take up space and it has a cheaper price.

4. Foot Massager

The next best type of electric massager is a foot massager, which consists of a roller type to stimulate the soles of the feet and an air jet type. pocket to massage the calves. The foot massager is one of the recommendations for the best massage tools for those of you who want to feel the sensation of massage on the sofa. Through a foot massager, the feeling of tiredness in the feet from standing for too long, walking and using high heels can be resolved immediately.

Conclusion The

The best electric massage tools that have been discussed above can be a good choice and have many positive reviews in a number of marketplaces, so that the quality is quite trustworthy. Because electric massage tools are available in various types, adjust them according to your needs. For example, there is a massage tool for feet, calves, back, shoulders or the whole body. In addition, don’t forget to consider a number of other factors when buying it, so it’s not a hassle when this tool is stored at home.

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