10 Recommendations Best Folding Table For Children's Study (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The position of the child when studying is very important because if the child learns to bend too much, it will cause their body to become sick. Make sure when studying that the body is upright from the position of the book, not too low or too high.

Using a study table is the best solution, in addition to keeping the body from getting sore but also supporting their enthusiasm for learning. One type of table that can simplify your activities in terms of room placement and use is a folding table, also known as a children’s study table.

Meja Belajar Anak TerbaikIllustration of Children’s Study Desk / Terenowiec

Many study tables have been produced with different shapes, quality levels, and prices. This, of course, will make it difficult for you to find the right product. This article will provide some information ranging from tips on choosing a good folding children’s study table to products recommendations on how to organize a maximum learning atmosphere. Let’s look at the following explanation.

Tips for Choosing a Good Folding Children’s Study Table

There are several tips that you need to consider when choosing the best folding children’s study table so that later when you use it, you will not regret choosing the right product. Here are some tips.

1. Adjust to Needs

Things that need to be considered before buying a folding children’s study table are the needs of the table, such as age and use. Children aged under 10 years and over 10 years certainly need a different folding table.

Make sure to choose a study table according to the favorite motif if the study table is used by children under 10 years of age so that they do not feel bored and are more enthusiastic about learning.

However, if children are over the age of 10, they will usually not pay attention to motives anymore because they will be more likely to focus on their work. In addition, pay attention to the child’s growth factors. Make sure you buy a study table that can be used for 2-3 years to be more cost-effective.

2. Study

Table Models and Designs Folding children’s study tables also have a variety of models and designs that can be selected according to needs. There is a study table model that comes with the bench, so you don’t have to worry about finding the right bench in terms of height and width that fits the study table.

There is also a study table that has many decorations and others. Designs with additional functional decorations such as pictures of planets and others will make learning more fun.

In addition, the design of the study table that is in accordance with the child’s wishes will make him more enthusiastic when studying and not want to move from the table. The model and design of this study table can also, of course, be adjusted by paying attention to how to use it and the area of ​​the room you have.

3. Pay attention to the material.

When buying furniture for children, the quality of the material is more important. Choose a material that is strong and durable. This is because children are more active and pay less attention to the care of their belongings. Choose a folding children’s study table made of wood, plastic, or metal.

A table made of metal material will not break easily and is resistant to rust, but has a heavier weight. This folding table made of plastic is lighter, so it is easy to move or carry anywhere, and the price is definitely more affordable, but more prone to breakage.

If the folding table is made of wood, it is more environmentally friendly, stronger and looks more natural, but it is more prone to rot if exposed to water. The weight is not too light or too heavy.

4. Features

on the table. Additional features on the table also need to be considered because they will really help you in terms of neatness, safety and others. First, pay attention to the safety features of the folding children’s study table. Make sure each corner of the study table has rounded corners so that when the child jumps and then stumbles into the corner of the table, your child will not suffer serious injury and be safer.

The drawer feature will also be very helpful in terms of neatness. The existence of a drawer on a folding children’s study table allows you to store study books, stationery, and even other documents so that they are neater and easier to find when you want to study.

Having an anti-stain surface coating material will also be very helpful in terms of cleanliness. When children use the study table as a dining table, the leftover food stains will not stick to the table surface, so it stays clean.


If you already know some tips on choosing a study table, then it’s time for you to check out some of the lists of the best folding children’s study tables selected by tomslead.com that have received good reviews from users. Here’s a list of products.

1. Coretech Elenco Children’s Study Table

Best Folding Table - Coretech Elenco
Coretech Elenco Children’s Study Table

With a minimalist and modern design, this folding children’s study table from Coretech Elenco can be used not only for studying, but can be used as a dining table, laptop table, and more. This table is very efficient and multi-functional. It has a slot to put a bottle or glass, a slot to hold a cellphone, a table and more. The table surface is made of MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) panel, making this table easy to clean and safe to use. It is equipped with a drawer at the bottom of the table so you can store children’s learning supplies.

The main material of this folding children’s study table is made from a combination of powder and wood fibers, which are compacted with the help of resin using high pressure and temperature. It is equipped with anti-slip pads on each corner of the table leg, so it will not be slippery and be safe to use. It has a size of 60x40x28cm and a weight of 2.5 kg, so it is quite enough to accommodate all children’s learning equipment and is very easy to store anywhere.

2. Magnetic Chalkboard Drawing Study Table

Best Folding Table
Magnetic Chalkboard Drawing Study Table

Multifunctional and varied folding children’s study table in one product only. This study table is very unique because it has a magnetic whiteboard and a regular whiteboard at the same time. In one purchase, you get 2 board holders, 54 magnetic symbols consisting of numbers and letters, and 1 eraser. The board’s dimensions are 26x19cm and the overall dimensions of the table are 4x32x29cm.

It is made of good quality plastic and exclusive packaging, so it is very suitable if sent birthday gift. You can use the magnetic side of the board to attach magnetic symbols, so kids can learn while they play. The side of a regular board can be written with an ordinary marker so it is perfect for children who are just learning to write.

3. Napolly Character Study Desk

Best Folding Table - Napolly Hellokity
Napolly Character Study Desk

The Napolly brand is well known by many people because the household furniture that is issued has an above average quality. One product that is widely recommended is a folding children’s study table. Included in a patterned study table, this table provides several cartoon characters for your child, such as Frozen characters, Hot Wheels, and others.

Dimensions 45x30x20cm made of polypropylene plastic so that children will have more fun learning. In addition to studying, this table has a large space that can be used as a place to store stationery, drawing books, markers, and others, making it very practical and easy to carry anywhere. Specially designed for children under 5 years old who are still learning to write and draw.

4. FM052 Children’s Study Desk Character Whiteboard

FM052 Best Folding Table Whiteboard
FM052 Children’s Study Desk Character Whiteboard

There is another table with the next character made of wood. It is very multifunctional because, in addition to having a study table, there is also a portable whiteboard that can be detached as needed. The images of the characters provided are very varied, such as Power Rangers, Princess, Robocar Poli, Batman, Cars, Little Pony, Lol, Naruto, Barbie, etc., giving you many choices according to your child’s wishes.

When you purchase a package of this folding children’s study table, you get a table, markers, and an eraser. With virtual learning activities, the use of this desk will be very helpful, because there is no need to buy a separate whiteboard, so it can be more efficient. Its weight is also not too heavy, at only 3,500 grams. You can get this table from various e-commerce with various price options.

5. ACE Soleil Children’s Study Table

ACE Soleil Best Folding Table
ACE Soleil Children’s Study Table

ACE presents a study table that is suitable for your little one, namely the Soleil Children’s Study Table, which is very comfortable to use. It has an ergonomic design because it not only has a table but also has a chair that is connected directly. This will really help you not to bother looking for the right bench size anymore.

It has dimensions of 56x24x51cm, which is quite enough to place various children’s learning or drawing needs. With a weight of 14.5 kg, this table will be difficult to move even though the child can’t just sit still while studying. Having a bright and varied color scheme makes this table design more suitable for children.

6. Minimalist Portable Children’s Study

Best Folding Table Minimalis Portable
Minimalist Portable Children’s Study

This locally made table, with a plain design and a brown color like the original color of the wood, makes this folding children’s study table look more stylish and natural. It is made of solid wood, which is a ceiling material, so that it is stronger, lighter, and more durable because this material is termite resistant. In addition, the water-based varnish used makes this table waterproof when exposed to liquid food and is very safe for children’s health.

Having a size of 52 cm x 32 cm x 22 cm, it is very suitable for children when learning lesehan. It can be used for drawing, writing, or even as a laptop table with a very wide space. It has a weight of 2 kg, so this table is easy to carry anywhere. Its foldable legs make storage very easy and don’t take up space.

7. Wall Folding Study Table

Best Folding Table
Wall Folding Study Table

To minimize the storage space of a folding children’s study table, you can also use this wall folding table. It simply sticks to the wall. It is very easy to use; just open or close it. It is made of quality material from 18 mm blockboard / plywood, so it is more sturdy and durable.

This table is also resistant to liquids because it has been coated with quality HPL, so you don’t have to worry about the table being damp enough to cause mold or termites. Don’t use taco sheets or dacosheets so they won’t swell when hot. It can accommodate a variety of goods with a length of 100 cm x 40 cm. When you buy, you will be given 2 iron hinges or folding elbow brackets that have been installed on the table, wall fisher 104 and screws 105 so that it will be easier for you to install. With this supporting material, this folding children’s study table can bear a weight of up to 30 kg.

8. Oxy Study Table

Oxy Best Folding Table
Oxy Study Table

Unlike other products, this Oxy folding children’s study table has its own advantages. This can be seen from the side of the table board, which can be tilted according to the needs of the child and some remain flat as normal. Not only can it be used for studying, but this table is very suitable for playing laptops with the laptop position on the slanted side and the cursor on the flat side.

This folding children’s study table board is made of MDF material. The table legs are made of quality metal, so they are easy to carry anywhere. It has a size of 60x34x26cm and weighs 3.1 kg. This table is very suitable for use when sitting on the side. You can have it right away because it is already available on various well-known e-commerce.

9. OEM Cooler Fan Desk

Oxy Best Folding Table OEM Cooler Fan
OEM Cooler Fan Desk

This OEM folding children’s study table is very unique in terms of table legs that can be adjusted in height according to needs. Learning online will make your child use the laptop all day, so you don’t have to worry if the laptop is hot because this table is equipped with a cooling fan at the bottom of the table. The table legs can also be measured according to the child’s comfortable and safe position because the elbows can be rotated up to 360 degrees.

It has dimensions of 42 cm long and 27 cm wide. There are variations in pink and black. This table is very strong and certainly durable, with a top made of solid aluminum. The model is very simple, making it easier for you to install.

10. 3D Folding Children’s Study

Best Folding Table 3D
3D Folding Children’s Study

Table A study table with a fun 3D character motif for children, which you will get on this folding children’s study table. Varied cute designs with characters such as Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Mickey Mouse, and others are perfect for your child. made of MDF board material, so it will be waterproof and easy to clean, with table legs made of anti-rust aluminum.

This table is very light, only 0.8 kg, but this table is very sturdy and can withstand a maximum weight of 20 kg. It has dimensions of 48x33x21cm, making it more suitable for children who are just learning to write. It is easy to carry with the handle on the back of the table.

How to Arrange a Maximum Learning Atmosphere

If you already know the recommended folding children’s study table, then you also need to pay attention to the arrangement of better learning conditions. Here are some things to note.

1. Create Encouraging Decorations

Although folding children’s study tables already have their own motives, this is not enough to make children enthusiastic about learning. You can add a touch of decor, such as painting the characters they love in the children’s study.

In addition, arranging award trophies that have been obtained by children on tables or shelves/wall cabinets will also make them more enthusiastic about learning. You can also add a study schedule board using character pins to make it more interesting to look at. Placing green plants around the room will also make the learning conditions more fresh and natural.

2. Create Categories of Items.

Make sure the placement of items used by children for learning has their respective categories. These categories can be made based on size, type or function, frequency of use, or others. This will help the child learn to organize things better and make the desk more tidy.

You can also put labels on each item so that it is easier for children to find the items they want to use when studying. Then teach the child to immediately rearrange the items they have used by returning the learning equipment to where they originally took them. In addition to a more organized study table, children will also be more accustomed to discipline.

3. Complete Lighting

The lighting factor is the most important thing when learning. A bright room will make anything you read or do more clearly visible. Conversely, a dark room will allow the child to hallucinate and fall asleep faster.

The right lighting will make the learning atmosphere more comfortable and eye health will be maintained. You can use the LED lights that are placed on the study table, or move the study position or place the table closer to the light source. This right will provide children with natural light and have a positive impact on creativity and increase learning inspiration.


Some information related to folding children’s study tables has been explained, starting from tips on choosing a good study table, several lists of recommendations for folding study tables, and how to organize better learning conditions. Hopefully, the information presented can satisfy all your curiosity. If you want to get information about other recommendations, you can visit the available article pages.

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