Review of 10+ Best and Cheapest Steam Iron Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – As with electric stoves, nowadays there are also other innovative electronic products that can be a solution for mothers when it comes to ironing clothes. The tool is a steam iron that works by utilizing water as a medium for drying and smoothing clothes. There are two types of steam irons, namely vertical steam irons (steamers) and irons that are similar to ordinary electric irons. Vertical steam irons are used more often for businesses such as laundry or boutiques.

Setrika Uap TerbaikIllustration of a Steam Iron / Philips

Replacing a conventional electric iron with a steam iron can provide many advantages, one of which is saving time. The reason is that the steam iron works more effectively in spreading the steam on the clothes so that the wrinkles on the clothes can disappear faster while aiding the drying process. In case you didn’t know, this moisture has the same role as a fabric lubricant spray. So when using a steam iron, there is no need to spray clothes like when ironing with a conventional iron or scrubbing.

10+ Best Cheap Steam Iron Recommendations


There are many other advantages that steam irons have, so this electronic device is starting to be widely popular and used. If you are currently in need of a steam iron, here at is a review of some of the best steam irons that are guaranteed quality. The recommendations that we will provide below each have advantages and disadvantages, as well as different price ranges depending on the features, materials, and performance of each steam iron.

1. Philips GC1424 Steam Iron – Steam Iron

Best steam iron Philips GC1424 Setrika Uap - Steam Iron
Philips GC1424 Steam Iron – Steam Iron

The best steam iron recommendation that you can choose is the famous Philips brand. One of the most famous types of Philips steam irons is the Philips GC1424 iron stream, which can remove creases on clothes quickly using a steam boost of 8 g/min. Of course, the non-stick non-stick soleplate makes this one of the most comfortable irons to use. The use of water spray will help when the clothes are smoothed. This Philips GC1424 steam iron water tank has a capacity of 160 ml with the use of 800 watts of electrical power. In addition, Philips provides after-sales service with an official Philips warranty for 2 years.

For those of you housewives, ironing will be faster using this Philips steam iron because of the constant flow of steam that comes out continuously, so wrinkled clothes will be neatly done faster. Plus, the non-stick coating and the integrated water spray feature will also be more supportive when this steam iron is used. You can make this Philips GC1424 one of the best choices for steam irons. Ironing will be faster with steam.

2. Xiaomi Mijia Ironing Steamer Steam Iron

Best steam iron Xiaomi Youpin Ironing Steamer Uap
Xiaomi Mijia Ironing Steamer Steam Iron

The next best choice of steam iron is from the Xiaomi Mijia Ironing Steamer which is an iron using hot steam. When compared to conventional irons, the use of this hot steam technology will further minimize the risk of burning clothes when ironed. In addition, this Xiaomi steam iron has another advantage, which is that it is more practical so that it can be carried when you are traveling, especially when traveling.

The use of the best steam iron, xiaomi mijia ironing steamer, is quite easy because it is equipped with a steam stop reaction time that will help you regulate the steam used when this steam iron is used when ironing. Other technologies owned by this steam iron are triple security control, including intelligent temperature control, fuse protection, and anti drying. When you buy this iron, in the box there is a Xiaomi Youpin Ironing Steamer, brusher, water tank, user manual, and gloves. For the use of electric power requires 1200 watts of power. Although the use of power is quite large, it seems quite worth it to try.

3. Steam Iron Q V2

Best steam iron Steam Q V2
Steam Iron Q V2

Want to iron clothes without having to spend a lot of time? Just use a steam iron from Steam Q. This Steam Q brand steam iron promises every user will feel a different ironing sensation. It is said that this steam iron is different from similar steam irons. This can be proven from the application of the technology included in this tool, namely the latest evaporation technology that can give the iron a smoother and faster drying result. In this way, Steam Q V2 can be classified as a steam iron that saves energy and time.

Not only superior in terms of providing fast ironing results, Steam Q V2 is also specially designed to increase the ease of ironing activities. This convenience is due to the compact size of the iron but still compatible for the use of ironing various types of clothes. Not only that, the Steam Q steam iron design also allows users to iron items other than clothes, such as dolls, curtains, bed sheets, and even carpets.

4. Philips GC 3920 Steam Iron

Best steam iron Philips GC 3920
Philips GC 3920 Steam Iron

Philips actually has several steam iron products that can be an alternative for its loyal customers. But so that you don’t get confused, we have chosen one of the best steam iron products from Sharp, namely the Philips GC 3920. This steam iron is equipped by Sharp with a technology called OptimalTEMP, which can create the perfect It uses a combination of heat and steam so that wrinkled clothes can be lost in an instant if ironed using a Philips GC 3920 steam iron.

Not only that, the balance level of the combination of steam and heat also prevents clothes from burning or shiny marks. This Philips GC 3920 runs at 2400 W, which provides very fast heating, so ironing doesn’t have to take long. To return to discussing the OptimalTEMP technology, Thanks to this technology, the Philips GC 3920 steam iron   not need users to make settings or rotate buttons to adjust the temperature. So, once turned on, this Philips iron is ready to work on all fabrics, anytime.

5. Soarin Portable Steam Iron

Best steam iron Soarin Setrika Uap Portable
Soarin Portable Steam Iron

Need the best steam iron with a selling price of $100 thousand? You can choose products from Soarin. On Indonesian buying and selling sites, you can easily find this product. Its common name is the Soarin Iron Portable Steamer. It is natural for irons to be made portable, as well as Soarin’s steam irons. The convenience offered by the portable nature of the steam iron is that you can use it to tidy up clothes wherever you are.

This compact size and comfortable grip make the process of ironing with Soarin not boring. Not to mention the combination of a foldable that makes this iron not take up much space when stored. While the The temperature control technology that can be used to iron various types of clothing can be found on this product itself.

6. Philips GC 1418

Best steam iron Philips GC 1418
Soarin Portable Steam Iron

Apart from the GC 3920 series, Philips also still has another flagship steam iron in its GC 1418 series. Of course, with excellent user reviews on the official website, this iron is unquestionable. The Philips GC 1418 is designed to help get your ironing job done as quickly as possible. To achieve this goal, Philips incorporates a variety of features that make this iron capable of producing non-stop steam so that even very wrinkled clothes can be neatly and quickly straightened.

The power consumption of the Philips GC 1418 is different from the GC 3920 series. While the GC 3920 requires 2400 W of power, the GC 1418 only requires 1000 W. This steam iron can be used with ordinary tap water. The feature that makes this product attractive is the calc slide button, which is able to remove scale on the iron. But keep in mind that if you use ordinary tap water, this descaling function should only be used once a month.

7. Panasonic NI-V100N

Best steam iron Panasonic NI-V100N
Panasonic NI-V100N

An electric-saving steam iron is presented by Panasonic in the NI-V100N series. Simply by using 300 W of power, the best steam iron offered by Panasonic can work optimally to smooth and tidy your clothes so they look like new. This super low-watt steam iron is deliberately designed to be simple because Panasonic wants to make it focus on functionality or performance.

The Panasonic NI-V100N is also designed with a curved base that makes it easier to use. The long reach at each stroke of the iron will remove creases in clothes faster. This best steam iron is classified as a cheap steam iron, so there are some features that it does not have, such as an anti-calcium feature and a non-stick system. However, Panasonic has anticipated this by installing a temperature setting feature so that users can more freely do their work.

8. Tobi Steam Brush

Best steam iron Tobi Steam Brush
Tobi Steam Brush

Still haven’t found the right electric steam iron? Don’t worry, we still have another recommendation, namely the Tobi Steam Brush. Tobi Irons from Tobi are also included as cheap steam irons, but still good and superior in terms of quality. This iron that produces hot steam from Tobi’s has a small and light form. So, carrying out ironing activities will not feel tiring because of its compact size and shape.

Although small, Tobi is still designed to have an attractive design and maximum performance for a steam iron with a price range of only $10. For traveling purposes, this steam iron from Tobi can be a very helpful friend. You also don’t need to use spray clothes again, which is usually used to produce a fragrant aroma, because the Tobi Steam Brush has also pocketed that feature through the fragrant steam it produces.

9. Hetian Steam Iron

Best steam iron Setrika Uap Hetian
Hetian Steam Iron

doesn’t feel right with the travel steam iron from Tobi? We’ve re-selected for you a portable steam iron that travels from Hetian. In terms of price, this product is not much different from Tobi’s steam iron. But in terms of performance, the Hetian steam iron is slightly superior. Hetian Steam Iron not only has a small size and light weight, but can also be folded so it won’t take up much space when stored in a suitcase or bag when traveling.

This Hetian steam iron also does not require high wattage, so it is very safe to use when staying at a hotel. The unique thing about this Hetian steam iron is its dual function; this product can be used as a small wattage steam iron or as a conventional electric iron. Even though it is priced relatively cheaply, Hetian still includes a temperature control feature, making it easier for you to scrub various types of clothing.

10. Sanken ASI-800PI The

Best steam iron Sanken ASI-800PI
Sanken ASI-800PI The

The brand that holds the slogan “Santai… there is Sanken” is indeed appropriate if applied to one of its steam iron products, namely the Sanken ASI-00PI. With the Sanken steam iron, this time-consuming household chore is made quicker and more relaxing. This superior product from Sanken has an ergonomic design. The body is made of high-quality materials that are durable and durable. On the iron plate of this iron there is a non-stick coating, so it will not damage clothes when used.

It doesn’t stop there, Sanken also ensures that users get convenience when using it through the installation of the temperature control feature. Another convenience offered by the Sanken ASI-800PI is the flexible cable that can be rotated 360 degrees when ironing clothes or pants. When the iron is first turned on, the fast heating on this product will work to reach the optimal temperature faster so that it can be used immediately.

11. Salav Travel Steamer

Best steam iron Salav Travel Steamer
Salav Travel Steamer

The Salav Travel Steamer is a steam iron that has a unique shape compared to other similar products. This product is marketed with a price range of $5-$500,000. It is quite expensive, but there is no doubt about the quality. Common tasks such as removing wrinkles from clothes are not difficult for the Salav Travel Steamer. Likewise, ironing various types of fabrics without hesitation can be done with this product.

One of the advantages of this gas steam iron from Salav is that it can also be used to remove animal hair that sticks to the surface of clothes. This product also has a fast heat generation feature. In just 35 seconds after plugging in, the Salav Travel Steamer will reach its peak temperature. The water tank capacity of the Salav Travel Steamer reaches 150 ml, which can be used for steam for 10 minutes.

12. Black & Decker AJ2000-B1

Best steam iron Black _ Decker AJ2000-B1
Black & Decker AJ2000-B1

Feel the satisfaction of ironing clothes using a good steam iron like the Black & Decker AJ2000-B1. This product has been proven to be reliable for handling various types of clothing materials thanks to its temperature control feature. Although it is sold at a lower price than previous products, this steam iron from Black & Decker has a water storage tank of up to 200 ml. They are also the same as the previous two products, which are included with a cable that can rotate up to 360 degrees.

On the bottom plate of the Black & Decker AJ2000-B1 steam iron there is a special coating to prevent clothes from sticking to the plate. Meanwhile, at the front or under the mouth of this steam iron, there are small holes that can spray fragrant steam. The material used by this steam iron is plastic. The flexible cable has a length of up to 180 cm, or 1.8 meters.


If conventional electric irons often cause problems such as damaged, torn, or sticking clothes, then such problems are almost never encountered by steam iron users. Besides that, besides that, at another time we will also discuss standing steam irons, which are starting to get quite a lot of interest. Therefore, it is necessary to consider replacing conventional electric irons with steam-based electric irons as clothes straighteners and lubricants. Not only does it help make it easier, but a steam iron is more than that, because it’s safer and definitely more practical.

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