Review of 10+ Best Badminton Racket Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Badminton racket can make the body healthier and fitter. In addition, doing this kind of healthy activity can also make you feel happier. When playing badminton, one of the most vital things needed is a racket. A badminton racket or badminton racket is a shuttlecock bat or shuttlecock that can be adapted to playing techniques.

Raket Badminton TerbaikThe Best Badminton Racket Illustration Image Badminton

The racket itself has many kinds and brands with various specifications. If you want to buy a badminton racket, you need to pay attention to several important things so that you can get a badminton racket that is suitable and comfortable when used. Make sure you know the weight of the racket you want to buy. Use a light one so it’s easy to swing. In addition, also pay attention to the type and shape of the racket head and the shape of the racket rod so that it can be supported according to your playing style.

Tips for Choosing a Good Badminton Racket

Below, Ainun provides tips on choosing a badminton racket that can be used as a reference in determining your preferred badminton racket.

1. Determine the weight of the racket that

You want to choose If you want to choose a badminton racket, first determine the weight of the racket you want to choose. Do you want to choose a lightweight badminton racket or a heavy one. Heavy badminton rackets tend to add more momentum, especially when swinging the racket.

However, if you tend to want control or want to get a good shot, a lightweight badminton racket is highly recommended for you. The weight of a badminton racket will be marked with a U, where the higher the number of U, the lighter the racket will be.

2. Determining Flexibility

In addition to determining the weight of the racket, you also need to determine the level of flexibility. Rackets that have a sufficient level of flexibility will tend to have a good bounce and be good when hitting smashes.

However, if the racket is stiff enough, it will tend to be better when you do a fast attack. However, if you prefer a stiff badminton racket, then you will need a strong wrist swing and fast action.

3. Adjust to the style of play

To choose a badminton racket, you also have to adapt it to the style of play with your playing style. There are 2 types of badminton rackets, namely those for attacking and defending. If you have a style of play to defend, it is highly recommended to choose a racket that has a light weight. You should choose a weight of 4U-3U.

If you have an attacking style of play, it is highly recommended to choose a racket that is quite heavy, namely 2U-3U. And if you have a playing style that combines defense and attack, a 3U weight racket is a great choice.

4. Choose a comfortable handgrip

Ensure your comfort when holding the handgrip, because the comfort in holding the racket is the main thing when playing badminton. If you are comfortable, then you can choose the badminton racket.

5. Racket base material and frame shape

base Carbon fiber material is an example of a quality base material, because it has aerodynamic and lightweight properties, so it is not easy to rust and remains sturdy.

For the shape of the frame , there are 2 types, namely isometric frames and conventional racket heads. An isometric frame has a wider or wider string bearing so that it can produce a smash . And the head of a conventional racket has a spot where it hits fewer smashes.

10+ Best Badminton Racket Recommendations RECOMMENDATION LIST

After knowing a few tips for choosing a badminton racket, Ainun will share recommendations for the best badminton racket that you can get in Indonesia. The badminton rackets that we want to share below have different brands with their respective advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, make sure you are absolutely sure of your needs before deciding to buy a racket from this list. Is there anything?

1. Victor Thruster K 15 L

Badminton Racket Victor Thruster K 15 L

The Victor Thruster K 15 L is one of the best badminton racket choices. This racket comes from Taiwan, where this country has become an expert in producing various equipment needed for badminton, and one of them is rackets. For the frame, the racket uses High Resilient Modulus Graphite, Nano Resin, and Fiber Reinforced System. Meanwhile, the shafts used in this racket are High Modulus Graphite and Nano Resin.

Victor Thruster K 15 L has a thick handle, many grip options and is of course very light and comfortable when used. The light weight will make you tired quickly. Having the ability to practice smash is the advantage of this badminton racket. Because this racket is part of the Heavy Badminton Raquets, it is undeniable that this badminton racket is designed and recommended for those of you who have an aggressive spirit when playing.

2. Li-Ning SS 99 Plus

Badminton Racket Li-Ning SS 99 Plus

Badminton Racket This one comes from China, where China is famous for its badminton athletes. Therefore, Li-Ning has become one of the most popular and leading racket brands in China. The main material used by the Li-Ning SS 99 Plus badminton racket is carbon fiber. When carbon fiber becomes a very strong material, the level of strength is 5 times greater than steel. Wow! Although it has very strong strength, the weight of this racket is very light. Well, that’s why this racket is one of the best badminton rackets and has very high quality.

This badminton racket is highly recommended for those of you who have expertise in badminton at the intermediate or intermediate level. However, if you want to play badminton in a defensive style, this badminton racket is also highly recommended. And if you decide to buy this racket, you will also get strings, a badminton bag, and, of course, original grips from Li-Ning. But make sure to always read the A detailed description of all the equipment that you will get when you buy it online.

3. Yonex Nanoray 750 Yonex Nanoray 750

Badminton Racket This Yonex Nanoray 750

The Badminton Racket is highly recommended for those of you who have the ability to play fast, agile and often perform various attacks. This racket comes from Japan, which is famous for producing quality goods that are durable, sturdy, and super strong, so the Yonex Nanoray 750 is very reliable for smashing.

For the frame and shaft, we used High Modulus Graphite. The frame is designed in such a way as to minimize air resistance. And also, the shaft is designed to be able to dampen all vibrations when playing. In addition, this badminton racket is equipped with X-Fulleren technology, which makes this racket have the advantage of producing a smash that is very deadly.

The weight of the Yonex Nanoray 750 is very light, which is around 3U and 4U, equivalent to 83-88 grams. It has a flat surface that will make you very comfortable using it when playing. Besides being reliable in producing smashes, the Yonex Nanoray 750 Badminton Racket can be used if you want to knock down your opponent in one hit. Wow!

4. Yonex Bundling Nanoray 68

Badminton Racket – Yonex Bundling Nanoray 68

Who doesn’t know Yonex? A well-known brand that creates badminton sports products, almost 80% of professional players around the world use its products. One of the best badminton rackets from Yonex is the Yonex Bundling Nanoray 68. This racket is the signature of Indonesian badminton legend Rudy Hartono.

You can use the Yonex Bundling Nanoray 68 Badminton Racket for practicing or just playing badminton with friends. This racket is made of high quality material, which ensures the racket has a light weight. The material used to make this badminton racket can provide the best performance to produce a strong hit or fend off hard smashes from your opponent.

5. Flypower Kalimasada

Badminton Racket – Flypower Kalimasada Badminton Racket

For those who don’t know, Flypower is a company that produces badminton equipment needs. Flypower produces the best products such as shoes, socks, pants, jerseys, shuttlecocks, racket bags, and rackets. One of the best badminton rackets from Flypower is the Flypower Kalimasada. This sati badminton racket weighs 84–88 grams with a balance of 285–295 mm and string tension of 22–28 lbs.

Flypower Kalimasada is ideal for badminton players with an attacking or defensive playing style. For those of you who are beginners, you can also use this badminton racket. The reason is that, with a fairly light weight, you will be assisted in hitting or returning attacks that are intensified by the enemy in the field. The light weight of this beginner racket is made from carbon graphite as the material for the rod and head of the racket.

6. Mizuno Aero Hexagram JPX 8.5

Badminton Racket – Mizuno Aero Hexagram JPX 85

Badminton rackets of perfect quality are presented by Mizuno. This racket is made using modern technology and is constantly evolving. Mizuno Aero Hexagram JPX 8.5 is equipped with the Aero Hexagram feature on the overall frame, which ensures the user feels a unified racket when gripped. In addition, this racket also provides an agile and accurate response when the shuttlecock touches the racket strings.

For those of you who want to feel an extraordinary sensation when playing badminton, you must have this Mizuno Aero Hexagram JPX 8.5 racket. This racket is specially designed for fast-paced players. If you have a style of play that prioritizes attack speed, then the Mizuno Aero Hexagram JPX 8.5 could be your favorite badminton racket for action on the court.

7. Apacs New Z Ziggler

Badminton Racket – Apacs New Z Ziggler Badminton Racket

Want to hit a high shot that makes it difficult for your opponent or throws your opponent into chaos on the court with the speed of your stroke? All that can happen if you use the famous Apacs New Z Ziggler badminton racket. This racket, which is the favorite of many badminton fans, has the capability to perform various kinds of movements. Starting from lob shots, drives in front of the net, swooping smashes, to defending, can be done by this racket.

Apacs’ New Z Ziggler is equipped with a catapult effect on the shaft. The grip part of this racket has a solid shape so that it provides more comfort when used. Because it has a flexible and flexible stem, this racket is very suitable for beginners or intermediates. However, for professional players who want to use this racket, they can also use hard feeling strings that are tied more tightly (29 lbs and above).

8. Adidas Spieler P09

Badminton Racket – Adidas Spieler P09

The badminton racket presented by Adidas is designed using special technology so as to produce truly maximum performance. The racket, named after the Adidas Spieler P09, is made of a mixture of ultra high carbon and zylon fiber. Not only that, this badminton racket from Adidas has also been supported with quad wings and heavy head construction so that it is very supportive when making hard smashes.

For players with an attacking style, it is recommended to choose this racket, which is paired with strings with a string tension of 30 lbs so that the smash hit really kills the opponent. If you are a beginner and want to practice, the Adidas Spieler P09 is also compatible for use. The light weight (84 grams) of this racket will certainly make it easier for you to swing the racket and produce better shots.

9. Li-Ning Turbo X 50 G4

Badminton Racket – Li-Ning Turbo X 50

You need to pay attention to balance when choosing a badminton racket. A racket that is balanced on the overall frame, especially the head, is more often chosen for professionals as it is ideal for performing a wide variety of playing styles. The Li-Ning Turbo X 50 G4 is a badminton racket that has these specifications. If you are still an amateur, you can still make this Li-Ning Turbo X 50 G4 your choice.

The reason is that, with a balance value of 295 +/- 5 mm, this racket is easier to move. This racquet weighs 3U (86 grams) and can be paired with strings with a maximum tension of 29 lbs. With a racket length reaching 675 mm, it will certainly help each player to reach the short balls placed by the opponent near the net.

10. Yonex Voltric Z Force II

Badminton Racket – Yonex Voltric Z Force II

Badminton rackets with an aerodynamic frame is issued by Yonex for those of you who have an aggressive playing style. Like world-class badminton athletes, says Lin Dan, Yonex Voltric Z Force II is the ideal racket for them. The reason is that the aerodynamic features contained in this racket can provide the user with the performance to carry out attacks with extra speed.

This badminton racket is also designed to produce a really strong shot. In essence, this racket designed with the most modern technology will be very suitable for use by any player, whether beginner or professional, who wants to play aggressively. This product itself is available in yellow. If you are interested in buying it, you can buy it online on the official website or other trusted buying and selling sites in Indonesia.

11. Hi-Qua Elemental X

Badminton Racket – Hi-Qua Elemental X

Did you know that a good type of badminton racket head is an isometric or square shape? Hi-Qua Elemental X is one of the rackets that has implemented these specifications. The isometric head shape of this racket can provide better ball bounce, especially for those of you who like to play tricky games such as netting or placing the ball in difficult areas.

Hi-Qua Elemental X is also very suitable for those of you who have good defensive abilities. The reason is, the string tension reaches 32 lbs on this racket, which will make it easier for every player to return the attack. This product has a balance point of 290–298 mm. The weight of this world-class badminton racket is 84 grams. The grip part, or the handle of the racket that is usually gripped, is made of water-resistant material. For the frame is made of fully carbon so as to ensure the racket is more durable and long lasting.

12. Victor Challenger 9500

Badminton Racket – Victor Challenger 9500

Victor Challenger 9500 is a badminton racket that has been widely used by national and international players. This racket is widely chosen because it has near perfect specifications. The solid structure possessed by this racket makes every player more comfortable in playing, especially when doing hard smash attacks.

With a weight of 3U, it will make players bring out their best performance to attack opponents all-out. This badminton racket is ideal for installing VBS 63 strings, which are not only fierce to use for dipping shots, but are also capable of returning the ball. Excellent rebound and resistance with the 4 knot method are advantages that may only be found in this product.

13. Yonex Astrox 9

Badminton Racket – Yonex Astrox 9 Badminton Racket Have

n’t found a racket that suits your needs yet? Don’t worry, we still have a recommendation for the best badminton racket called the Yonex Astrox 9. This badminton racket from Yonex is a racket used by players at intermediate and professional levels. With head-heavy balancing points, Yonex Astrox 9 is very suitable for use by players of attacking types.

This racket weighs about 80 g–85 g with a G4 grip dimension of about 3.25 inches. The ability to control the ball from the opponent’s attack or when you want to make a shot is also perfect. You can freely go short, high, or even take the ball to launch an impromptu smash. If you want to do thin netting, you can also rely on this racket.

14. Astec Susy Susanti Series

Badminton Racket Astec Susy Susanti Series

Are you a lover of locally made products? Well, this Astec Susy Susanti Series Badminton Racket is one of the best badminton rackets that is highly recommended for those of you who really love homemade products by giving a touch of batik ornaments, and of course, the materials used are also not less competitive than other badminton rackets. The advantages of this Astec Susy Susanti Series racket are that it has an aerodynamic design and an aeroloop. The touch of batik ornaments on the handle makes this racket very Indonesian.

The main material used in making this badminton racket is Ultra Hi-Modulus Carbon Graphite. The main material used is famous for its very light weight, and of course it has super strength too. This badminton racket belongs to the 4U category, which weighs in the range of 80-85 grams. Light weight will be able to train your speed and can also reduce soreness after doing exercises with this racket.

10 Best Badminton Racket Brands

So, to make badminton racket recommendations more complete, Ainun will provide a review of badminton racket brands that you can use as a reference in choosing a racket brand.

1. Badminton Yonex

Racket Yonex Brand Badminton Racket

Yonex is the first badminton racket brand. Yonex is one of the companies that produces handicrafts made from wood. Yonex itself was founded in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama. Since then, he has been active in producing rackets and various other sports equipment made of wood. Until now, Yonex has become a well-known badminton racket brand and has become a mainstay badminton racket for world-class athletes.

One of the advantages of Yonex badminton rackets is the ISOMETRIC technology, which can maximize the sweet spot or area on the racket head. So you give the maximum shot when the shuttlecock hits the sweet spot, and of course, with perfect control.

In addition, Yonex has also embedded NANOMETRIC technology on the racket, which makes the racket lighter and the Oval Pressed Shaft, which is able to increase spin and control while playing. Several variants of Yonex badminton rackets are in great demand, such as Yonex Muscle Power, Yonex Nanoray 80, and Yonex Voltric Z Force.

2. Wilson Badminton

Racket Wilson Brand Badminton Racket

The second brand of badminton racket comes from a company from the United States, namely Wilson. Wilson became a company engaged in producing sports equipment. Serve, Smash, Repeat. Badminton gear that gets it done is the pride slogan of this company.

This badminton racket is made of high modulus carbon filter material, which makes this racket strong but still light. so that it can make you perform more agile movements in playing.

3. Karakal Badminton

Racket Karakal Badminton Racket The Karakal

The badminton racket originating from Belgium is the brand owner of PSGS Dendermonde, Belgium. The name Karakal itself is taken from the Turkish language, which means shoes and sportswear. Then over time, it has grown and has now marketed sports products to various countries, including badminton racket products.

This Karakal badminton racket is basically made of full carbon material, so it can be more flexible and very light in weight. In addition, this badminton racket brand also always presents stylish racket designs and grids that are very comfortable in the hands of the wearer. This racket is perfect for your casual but deadly playing style.

4. Yehlex Badminton

Racket Yehlex Brand Badminton Racket

Another badminton racket brand that is no less popular is Yehlex. This badminton racket brand has been widely known by badminton players all over the world. Yehlex itself releases badminton rackets of high quality and, of course, very worthwhile to support your badminton activities. In addition, this Yehlex racket can also be swung well, so it is more defensive.

5. Pro Ace

Badminton Rackets Pro Ace

Badminton Rackets This badminton racket brand comes from England, which has been active in making sports equipment since 1978. It has ultra graphite construction that is sturdy, strong and able to absorb vibrations well. This material will minimize the potential for injury to the wrist.

Similar to other badminton racket products, this Pro Ace racket also produces several variants of rackets for beginners to professional players. both for daily training needs and for use in championship tournaments.

6. Li Ning

Badminton Racket Li Ning Brand Badminton Racket

The next badminton racket brand is Li Ning. Li Ning is a sports equipment brand from China. The resulting products are also available for beginners to professionals. Li Ning’s racket specializes in high speed and good power control. This racket is also very suitable for those of you who like an attacking style of play while controlling the game as it is applied to the double player format.

Made of aluminum and carbon graphite materials, this Li Ning racket has a solid and lightweight shape but still has a stronger structure. Interestingly, this Li Ning manufacturer uses an aerotec beam system and a dynamic optimum frame. And, of course, it really supports you in deploying the best smash hits to beat your main opponent. This Li Ning racket is also highly recommended for players who often intercept the opponent’s attack.

In addition, Li Ning’s rackets are produced in various types according to the player’s specialty. More than 150 Li Ning rackets are available with different advantages. That way, you can adjust the type of racket to your playing style and skills.

7. Adidas Badminton

Rackets Adidas

This badminton racket comes from a world-famous apparel brand, Adidas. But not many people know that Adidas can also produce badminton rackets that can be used for beginners and professional players.

This adidas badminton racket uses materials made of pure nano carbon, x-tra titanium, and zylon super fiber to produce a racket that is strong, sturdy, and also lightweight when swinging. The head of the stroke is isometric, so it is highly recommended for those of you who have an offensive playing style.

8. Carlton Badminton

Racket Carlton Brand Badminton

Racket The next badminton racket is a badminton racket with the Carlton brand. This brand has become one of the most well-known brands for producing rackets that are quite popular and well-known in several countries.

Using metal as the main material in the manufacture of this Carlton racket, it is light and strong as well. The Carlton brand is also the first brand to use stainless steel as an ingredient in making badminton rackets.

9. Victor Badminton

Racket Victor’s Brand Badminton Racket

The name Victor itself means victory. The company deliberately chose the name so that its users get a win. This brand not only produces badminton rackets but also produces goods needed for sports needs, such as bags, shoes, sportswear, and squash rackets.

The badminton rackets that Victor designed and designed are more likely to be specialized or offered to players who have the task of attacking. However, if you really want to use this racket, you can try it and feel the greatest experience when using this Victor brand badminton racket.

The badminton racket skyrocketed when Tontowi Ahmad and Lilyana Natsir became the brand ambassadors for this product. Especially when Tontowi Ahmad and Lilyana won the All England competition.

10. Astec Badminton

Racket The Astec Badminton

Alan Susi Technology, or Astec, is one of the local products founded by badminton athletes from Indonesia, namely Alan Budikusuma and Susi Susanti. This badminton racket with the Astec brand is designed and designed by utilizing ultra hi-modulus carbon graphite as the main material in the manufacture of this racket.

so that the weight of the badminton racket with the Astec brand has a light weight. In addition, this badminton racket is equipped and supported by aeroleap technology, which produces the best speed and the right shot.


It is not an easy matter to choose the best badminton racket because there are many things that need to be considered in order to provide maximum comfort and performance when playing. Therefore, we recommend that when you want to buy a badminton racket, don’t buy a racket that is also used by professional players or your favorite athletes.

The reason is, they already understand the playing technique very well and have their own type of play, so that the racket is also adapted to their playing character. So, choose a racket that matches your game character. If you are a badminton fan, you can try some of the rackets that have been recommended above.

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