10 Best Motorcycle Hand Grip Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Every rider needs the best hand grip so that they are comfortable holding bicycle handlebars for long and short distance riding. Not only that, helmets and gloves are also used as a complement to avoid unwanted things. By using a motorcycle hand grip that fits your bike, you can make the best choice of hand grip that is suitable for riding on various types of bikes. Because every brand of hand grip does not always match the bike you are using, you need to be careful in choosing it.

The Best Motorcycle Hand Grip
Illustration of Hand Grip Motorcycle / Motovationusa

Although the best hand grips are divided into several types, you can use them according to your needs and budget. Prices that are not always cheap and sometimes more than expected make you need to pay attention to online and offline shops with the right price on the market. That’s why it’s not surprising that everyone chooses a motorcycle hand grip by bargaining for a cheaper price and still getting the right hand grip.

How to Choose a Good Motorcycle Hand Grip

Many of the best hand grip recommendations that you can choose at low prices, most motorcycle hand grip sellers recommend several types of models to make them look attractive and add new style to your motorcycle. But you need to consider this carefully because the hand grip you need doesn’t have to have a flashy model, here’s how to choose a motorcycle hand grip that you need to pay attention to before buying it.

1. Customize with motorbike

You can choose the best hand grip product by adjusting it to your motorcycle, not only from the color and style displayed but the type of material used must also be considered. Because the motorcycle you have needs to match its color and comfort when riding, by choosing a comfortable motorcycle hand grip you won’t have to worry about cycling with an old motorcycle hand grip that starts to break.

On the other hand, price is the main determinant in choosing the best hand grip, even if it is a small difference from the market price. You can try to find motorcycle hand grips at online stores that offer discounts on motorcycle equipment that are cheaper than the average price. If you prefer to buy direct, you can try offline stores and look for cheaper prices so you can try hand grips right away.

2. Choose what is comfortable with your style

Some of the best hand grips on the market offer low prices with various types that you can try, but driving comfort is an important thing for you to consider before choosing a motorcycle hand grip. A good variety to the most striking colors on the market and you can freely find the right motorcycle hand grip.

With a variety of styles and interesting choices, you can see reviews from other customers, making it easier for you to determine the best motorcycle hand grip at this time, no wonder the motorcycle hand grip recommendations are divided into different parts and models.

3. Pay attention to the grip material used

The best hand grips have different types of materials and are often used in making motorcycle hand grips, rubber and metal are the most sought after types of hand grips for modifying motorcycles today. The cheap price and the various colors available make the motorcycle hand grip an important and must-have tool for modifying the motorcycle to make it more comfortable and stylish.

Metal and rubber materials also have their own advantages when used for riding, but most people are more comfortable choosing rubber hand grips because they are more comfortable to use and softer when holding a motorcycle handlebar while driving.

10 Best Motorcycle Hand Grip Recommendations

Some of the best hand grip products offer prices that are quite cheap and affordable for those of you who want to modify your motorbike to make it cooler, with different price variations and available models, you can choose the right hand grip so that the hand grip is more durable and comfortable to use when driving. Here are ten recommendations for the best motorcycle hand grips from Ainun that you can choose from, what are they?

1. Rizoma Sport

Rizoma Sport's Best Motorcycle Hand Grip
Hand Grip Motor Rizoma Sport
The Rizoma brand presents the best hand grips at a fantastic price, maximum comfort and a choice of striking colors, making Rizoma hand grips often sought after by motorbike racers who want more comfort when driving.

With a price of 700 thousand you can get a pair of Rizoma Sport hand grips with a variety of choices, no wonder Rizoma products often get the best reviews from every motorcycle racer because of their maximum comfort and the price offered according to their comfort. Those of you who have a more budget can choose this hand grip to make it look cool and stylish even though you need to spend a fairly expensive budget.

2. Kawahara Racing

Kawahara racing's best motorcycle hand grip
Kawahara Racing Motorcycle Hand Grip

Kawahara Racing is the best hand grip product in its class and you can get it at a cheap price, for only 65 thousand rupiah you can try this hand grip for comfortable motorcycle modifications at a below average price.

The design that attracts attention and the springy texture when held makes a good impression even though the price is far from the market, you don’t need to hesitate to choose a Kawahara hand grip because this product is often used by motorbikes in general to make it look striking and you can find it in online stores or offline.

3. Protaper

Best Motorcycle Hand Grip Protaper
Hand Grip Motor Protaper

Having a minimalist and eye-catching design, Protaper’s best hand grip products are very comfortable for beginners and are often used in motocross with other motorcycle handlebar accessories. Deliberately designed for off-road driving makes the Protaper look cool at a fairly affordable price.

You need to spend 125 thousand to get this Protaper hand grip with maximum comfort and a model that looks stylish, on the other hand you will look cool when driving because you wear complete equipment with Protaper hand grips on the streets.

4. Feed

Best Motorcycle Hand Grip Baros
Hand Grip Motor Baros

The combination of rubber and aluminum CNC used to make the best Baros hand grips produces quality and strong hand grips when gripped, only 40 thousand rupiah. You can get Baros hand grips on online sites or look for them in offline stores at cheaper prices.

The unobtrusive color and stylish style when combined with various bicycle brands make Baros worthy of your choice, the low price and the best recommended products in its class make Baros hand grips much sought after and often used as racing and touring bicycle models.

5. Harris

Harris's Best Motorcycle Hand Grips
Hand Grip Motor Harris

The Harris brand, which has succeeded in stealing the attention of the Indonesian people, makes this the best hand grip you can look for at a fairly expensive rate, with quality that cannot be doubted. The Italian state is selling well selling Harris hand grips at a price of 200 thousand. The comfort when held and the simple style make it suitable for those of you who have automatic and sport motorbikes.

Various patterns and prices that fit in the pocket make Harris hand grips sell well in the market, it’s no wonder that Harris deserves to be the best hand grip recommendation with good reviews. Friendly prices and a variety of choices can be the right choice for those of you who like foreign brands.

6. DBS

DBS Best Motorcycle Hand Grips
Hand Grip Motor DBS

The combination of materials and colors of the DBS brand gives rise to a slightly flashy design, this best hand grip is a Chinese product that uses a mixture of rubber and iron. A variety of color choices make DBS often in demand among racing children so that the bike looks stylish and eccentric, however this hand grip is only suitable for motorcycles that are more concerned with variations and accessories to make them look different.

Only priced at 30 thousand you can get the best DBS hand grip, with the cheapest price and the dominant color. You can choose this DBS for your motorbike style to make it more attractive and pleasing to the eye so that it looks cool from other motorbikes.

7. TDR racing

The Best Motorcycle Hand Grip TDR Racing
Hand Grip Motor TDR Racing

Different models and shapes and specifically for racers make the best TDR hand grips designed in such a way that they look attractive, flexible and durable materials make this hand grip much popular because of its different styles. Comfort when gripped and not slippery are the main advantages of this hand grip which you can only charge at 45 thousand.

With this version of TDR Racing, you can adjust the comfort of your hands when driving with various models, because the price is cheap and comfortable for long trips, making this hand grip selling well in the market.

8. R9

Best Motorcycle Hand Grip R9
Hand Grip Motor R9

The best hand grip made by the nation’s children, the R9 brand, is one of the motorcycle hand grips made of rubber, the variants of the model offered and a variety of attractive colors that you can adjust to your motorcycle. Only with 100 thousand you can get this hand grip so it will be cheaper if you look for it in the nearest shops.

Not only a variety of attractive colors and variants, the R9 hand grip model is also comfortable to grip and perfect for those of you who like to drive for a long time. It is not surprising that this model is recommended for ordinary people because the price is cheap and there are many variations that make it easier to choose.

9. VND

Best Motorcycle Hand Grip VND
Hand Grip Motor VND

Made from full rubber with a charming classic model, VND is the best hand grip at a low price.

Even though it is only available in a number of colors, this has not discouraged the seekers of the best hand grip for their favorite motorcycle. Suitable for all types of motorbikes, the VND is popular because of its comfort and friendly price. If you want a simple modification for your motorbike handgrip, you can choose the VND brand to be the best recommendation for all types of motorbikes.

10. Monster

Monster's Best Motorcycle Hand Grip
Hand Grip Motor Monster

The Monster brand is also famous for the best hand grip variations and is often sought after in the market, the prices are affordable and easy to find, making these monster products sell well. You can choose from a variety of attractive colors and models by ordering them at online stores or looking for them in motorcycle accessories shops.

Colors that are not too flashy and are always suitable for every type of motorbike make this hand grip popular among automotive lovers, the price is friendly and made of aluminum and rubber looks attractive with a combination of attractive colors such as yellow, blue and red, making this product worthy for you to choose because The model is cool and comfortable to use to drive anywhere.

Things that need to be considered when replacing a motorcycle hand grip

Unlike replacing other motorbike parts, the best motorbike hand grips have special techniques and different installation methods. With simple ways you can install a motorcycle hand grip without fear of damage or getting the motorcycle gas stuck while driving, here are the things you need to pay attention to when replacing a motorcycle hand grip. Anything?

1. Prepare equipment for changing grips

Motorcycle hand grips require a technique to install and need to use a screwdriver or other equipment to make it easier for the grip to enter the motorcycle handlebar, by minimizing the risks you can prepare a flat or minus screwdriver that exceeds the length of the grip.

Grease the surface of the screwdriver with liquid soap and tuck it between the tip of the screwdriver between the handlebar and the grip, if it feels less and difficult to insert you can add liquid soap and do it slowly and rotate. It’s no wonder that installing a motorcycle hand grip requires precision and people who are experts in their fields because the installation is quite complicated.

2. Cut the grip and adjust to the shape of the bicycle handlebar

Even if you have the best motorcycle hand grips from a well-known brand, you also need to know how to remove and replace new grips on each different type of motorbike, you can cut the grip with a knife and then adapt it to your motorcycle handlebars. If inserting a new grip is more difficult, never apply oil when inserting it on the motorcycle handlebar.

This causes the grip to be easily slippery when used for driving and the oil will be very difficult to dry so that you are disturbed because the hand grip is slippery, with a dab of soap you can insert a stuck grip on the motorcycle handlebar and give a little water and then slowly insert the grip into the handlebar using a shot of wind compressor, then add alcohol so that the grip goes into the handlebar smoothly.

3. If in doubt, you can ask for help from a motor repair shop

It is undeniable that everyone is hesitant to replace their own motorcycle hand grip for fear of the risks involved, by asking for help from a motorcycle repair shop and choosing the best hand grip you can pay more for installation. Because installing a motorcycle hand grip is not as easy as it seems, it takes precision and special experience in the workshop to find out tricks and easy ways to install and remove the grip so that the handlebar does not get stuck and functions normally.

Minimizing grip damage when installed, people always use a repair shop even though it costs more, minimal risk and being safe from hazards on the road is the main reason for installing grips in a workshop. You also need to be careful if you don’t have experience installing a motorcycle hand grip yourself, apart from the risk of damage you can have difficulty using a bicycle and often don’t put the grip on the motorcycle handlebar correctly.

So, how about the ten best motorcycle hand grip recommendations above? Even though it’s cheap, the quality doesn’t need to be doubted and it’s definitely comfortable to use while traveling. With a variety of brands and models, you can choose the one that suits your bike even if you have to pay more, because driving comfort is necessary and you always have important equipment ready to arrive safely at your destination.

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