10 Best Headlight Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – For those of you who like to go on adventures in nature or often do activities in dark areas, a head torch or headlamp is an important tool to support these activities. You will be helped and free in exploring nature. There are many types, functions and benefits offered by various brands of head flashlight manufacturers so you must be confused about choosing the best head flashlight. Then, which one is right for you?

Best Headlight
Illustration of a Headlight / Olight

Headlights may not be a priority for most people. However, for those of you who often do outdoor activities or do activities in dark areas, a head torch is a major necessity.

How to Choose a Good Headlight

Before deciding to buy and use a head flashlight, you need to consider several indicators. You don’t want to regret buying the wrong product? Come on, see an explanation of how to choose the best headlamp.

1. Easy to Operate

Before purchasing and using a headlamp, it is important to consider the ease of use of the product. Moreover, you use this tool in the dark, it is difficult to find the button if it is difficult to operate. This can interfere with your activities. It can even be fatal.

Therefore, make sure you choose a headlamp that is simple and easy to operate even when wearing gloves. You should not buy a headlamp that has a dial feature. It is better for you to choose a product that has a sensor feature. By buying a product with a sensor feature, you can turn on, turn on, change the intensity of the head flashlight with hand movements.

2. Type and power of the lamp

The type and power of the lamp are criteria that you need to consider in choosing the best headlamp. You can find both LED and regular types of lamps. LEDs are superior when compared to ordinary lamps because they have a brighter light emission. In addition, LEDs are more energy efficient than ordinary types of lamps.

Currently, most headlamps use LEDs. Each LED has a different number of lumens. For better lighting, it’s best to buy a headlamp that has a minimum of 50 lumens of light. This is because lamps that have lumens below 50 produce less bright light.

You also need to consider the color of the lights before using them in your activities. Usually there are 2 colors of headlamps, namely white and yellow. We recommend that you use a lamp that has a white color because it has a farther beam of light when compared to the color of the yellow light. Headlights that produce yellow light work well in foggy conditions.

3. Type and Capability of the Battery

Usually lithium and alkaline battery types are often used as a head torch power source. This type of lithium battery is considered capable of producing a brighter light. The light produced by alkaline batteries tends to dim as the charge on the battery decreases. It’s best if you have a head flashlight that has a battery capacity that can last above 8 hours so that you can use it all day without bothering to charge or replace the battery.

4. Water Resistance

When using a headlamp outdoors or in extreme weather conditions, the benefits of water resistance need to be considered before purchasing a headlamp product. Usually there is an IPX statement on the flashlight packaging box which indicates that the product is water resistant. The higher the IPX number written on the packaging, the better the product is used in water. With the ability of a head torch that is resistant to water, you don’t need to worry about using this head light under any circumstances.

5. Flashlight Strap and Settings

In order for your movement to be more flexible and comfortable, you should use a strong and thick head flashlight strap. This is useful to avoid shifting the flashlight head strap which allows the flashlight to fall in an unwanted area. The number of flashlight straps also varies. It’s best not to use a three-strap headlamp in an emergency, as it can be difficult to put on or take off.

6. Additional Features Offered

Some head flashlights have red light capability and blinking mode on as additional features. If you use red light mode at night, people who see the light will not be disturbed. You and your entourage will be comfortable with the light emitted with this mode. Your pupils will not be disturbed.

The blinking mode feature or often referred to as blinking mode is useful for telling other people where you are. You can use this mode when you are apart from your friends. Apart from that, you also need to consider features that can adjust the range of light. This feature will also provide more comfort when used.

Usually there are two light range mode settings, namely remote mode and close range mode. Remote mode usually has a type of light that can reach long distances with a narrow light range. This mode is useful in providing sharp light in very dark situations. If you use this mode, your battery power consumption is quite large.

Close range mode is usually capable of providing a wider range of lighting. However, the light produced by this mode is dimmer. This mode is ideal when you want to search for something around you in the dark. It’s not good if you keep using remote mode or melee mode. So, it’s best to choose a head torch that has both modes to save power.

10 Best Headlight Recommendations

Here we go

In the previous explanation, you already know how to choose a good headlamp. Now, it’s time for you to choose a product that suits your needs. Are you curious about the products offered? Come on, take a look at the 10 best head flashlight recommendations from various brands, Ainun choices below.

1. OLIGHT Headlight HS2

Best Headlight OLIGHT Headlight HS2
OLIGHT Headlight HS2

The Olight HS2 is the best headlamp you can use for extreme sports and walking. 
This flashlight is super light because it is made of lightweight aluminum with a uni body structure. This flashlight has a maximum output of 400 lumens. The Olight HS2 provides a more focused close-up and long-range beam.

In one package, you will get one head torch, one unit, 2000mAh 3.7V LIPO battery that supports up to 18 hours usage time for continuous use, head strap, case, replacement clip cable, 1.5 meter micro-USB cable. There is also an instruction manual to help you use this product. Alternative lighting is easily available. If the supplied battery pack runs out of power, you can recharge the battery with the help of an external Micro USB.

This head flashlight has a battery indicator feature that can detect the battery capacity that has reached 10%. With this feature, you will always know the battery level without having to take it off. Gradual brightness change. If you turn off or turn on the light, the light will gradually fade away. You can also turn off this flashlight directly.

2. Zoomable LED Headlamp T6+4XPE LED

Best Headlight Zoomable LED Headlamp T6+4XPE LED
Zoomable LED Headlamp T6+4XPE LED

This best head flashlight has a Telescopic Zoomable feature. 
The light distance produced by this flashlight is about 100 to 200m. Besides having 5 lights, there are also 4 modes that you can use, namely T6 LED Light, 4 XPE LED Light, 5 LED Full Light, and 5 LED Strobe. Please press the button provided to use this flashlight.

The battery used in this product is rechargeable with a 18650 battery type.

 Therefore, you can recharge the battery for 5 to 8 hours. You can use this flashlight for 6 to 8 hours. This waterproof product is made of aluminum alloy.

In one complete package there is a head flashlight unit, a headband unit, a Wall Charger unit and 218650 batteries. The headband adjusts so it fits all head sizes. You can rotate this headlamp by 90 degrees. You can use this tool for outdoor sports such as running, cycling, camping, hiking, fishing and hunting.


Best HARVEST LED 85W Headlight

One of the Headlights that you can buy is the Harvest LED 85W. 
This flashlight has a light range of 50 to 100m. The battery can last up to 10 hours and has a bright level of light with 2 steps, namely bright medium and very bright. This flashlight has a rechargeable battery (rechange) with a 3000 mAh Lithium battery type.

In one package, you will get 1 unit of head flashlight, 1 unit of charger, 1 set of tires for head straps, 1 small light bulb, and a warranty card for 3 months. There are 2 choices of light, namely yellow and white. For initial use, you should charge this flashlight for about 8-10 hours. This best headlamp can be used by technicians, camping, traveling and other activities according to your needs.

4. Luby LED L2888 

Best Luby LED Headlight L2888
Lubby LED L2888

Don’t miss one of the Head Flashlights with a white light, the Luby LED L2888. 
This flashlight lasts up to 50 hours because it has a battery capacity of 8000mAH. You can also see the amount of battery power remaining because this flashlight is equipped with a battery charge indicator. The light illumination distance reaches up to 1000m.

5. DONY KL-108

Best Headlight DONY KL-108

DONY KL-108 is one of the Head Flashlights with its ability to be water resistant. 
If you have a hobby of diving, this product has no doubt about its quality in the water. The light produced by this flashlight is focused, round and stable. The light distance that can be achieved is 500m. This flashlight circuit has a short circuit protection function so it is safe to use.

With a battery capacity of 2800 mAh, this best head flashlight can last for 18 hours in low light mode and 12 hours in bright light. You can recharge the Lithium Ion type battery for about 10 hours. You can use this flashlight battery up to 1000 times charging. The body and materials of this flashlight are made of high-quality plastic and a glass lens.

6. SOLAR 50W L505R

Best SOLAR Headlight 50W L505R

The 50W Solar can be a pretty good choice of head torch. 
This flashlight produces very bright light because it has BLITZ and SOS features. This head torch requires a 3.7V Lithium battery type power source which can be recharged more than 1000 times. You will get 1 unit of 50W Solar head torch, 1 unit of head flashlight strap and 1 unit of adapter charger in one package.

7. LED Cre XML-T6 5000 Lumens

Best Cre XML-T6 5000 Lumens LED Headlight
LED Cre XML-T6 5000 Lumens

The Cree contained in the Cree XML-T6 5000 Lumens LED headlamp can produce very bright light. 
There are 3 Cree XM-L T6 that produce light up to 5000 lumens. In addition, this flashlight is flexible because it can be moved up to 90 degrees. This flashlight can use 1 ultrafire battery.

This flashlight is made of soft and strong fabric. You don’t need to worry because this flashlight strap is flexible and fits various head sizes. Even so, it is still able to withstand the weight of the light when you are moving. Interestingly, this flashlight has a better cooling system than other types of flashlights because it is made of aero grade aluminum.


Best Headlight LED HEADLAMP 3 MODES COB KX1804

You can find 3 light lighting modes in this one of the best head flashlights. 
You don’t have to force your head in the direction it’s going because the KX1804 COB 3 Modes LED Headlamp can be moved as much as 45 degrees. In addition, the head strap of this flashlight can be adjusted according to the shape of the head. You can use type 18650 battery for longer browsing.

9. Lamp Energizer 350 Lumens

The Best Headlight Lamp Energizer 350 Lumen
Lamp Energizer 350 Lumens

You don’t need to doubt the quality of this best head flashlight because it has 7 modes so you can adjust the level of light produced. 
You can adjust the flashlight from dim to very bright. Lamp Energizer 350 Lumen requires 3 pieces of AAA type batteries as a power source. This tool is also water resistant.

10.Niteye HP35

Niteye HP35 Best Headlight
Niteye HP35

The Niteye HP35 is one of the best headlamps with a small shape and a flexible strap. 
You can place the supplied mount clip on your head, bag, wrist, and other places. This flashlight has a round joint. You can rotate the flashlight by 60 degrees according to your needs.

Three AAA batteries are needed as a power source for this flashlight so that it can last for 120 hours in low light levels. The flashlight’s headband is made of flexible nylon so it fits a variety of helmet / head sizes. The Niteye Niteye HP35 can produce lighting levels of up to 200 Lumens. You can use 3 AAA batteries as a power source for this flashlight.


You need to choose the best headlamp according to the conditions and area to be covered. Although there are many head flashlight products available on the market, you need to pay attention to the ease of operation of the head flashlight, the type and power of the lamp, the type and capacity of the battery installed, the ability to withstand water and the quality of the flashlight strap and its settings before deciding to buy one of the flashlight products. head. It’s a shame if you don’t prepare a flashlight properly before doing the activity. This can be fatal because it can hamper your adventure.

We hope that the 10 best flashlight recommendations can help you find the flashlight you want! Let’s immediately complete your equipment with a head torch. Have a great adventure!

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