Review of 10 Best Goalkeeper Glove Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A goalkeeper glove is incomplete when he doesn’t wear gloves, and of course he must use good goalkeeper gloves. The goal is not only as a fashion complement but to produce a sticky and maximum catch. Not only that, goalkeeper gloves also serve to protect the goalkeeper’s hands. So, there are 2 main functions that the best goalkeeper gloves should have.

Speaking of goalkeeper gloves, nowadays it is not difficult to see and buy this product easily. This is because the product itself has been presented by many official brands and is available in physical stores and online stores. Instead, you will feel confused about choosing the product because there are more and more choices on the market.

Sarung Tangan Kiper TerbaikIllustration of Goalkeeper Gloves / Puma Brand / Amazon 

So as not to be confused, take a look at some of the full reviews that will be explained in this article about the best goalkeeper gloves. Starting from how to choose the best gloves to discussing some of the recommended products.

How to Choose Good Goalkeeper Gloves Your

First, everyone must know how to choose good goalkeeper gloves. How to? Here’s the full review.

1. Know the Parts of Goalkeeper Gloves

As explained earlier, goalkeeper gloves are not only a complement to goalkeeper fashion but also have a main function in catching the ball and also keeping the goalkeeper’s hands warm. To get these two main functions, you must pay attention to 5 things about goalkeeper gloves.

  • Palm

is a goalkeeper glove palm, goalkeeper glove palm has 2 types, namely textured palm and non-textured palm. Textured palms have the advantage of being more durable but less gripping than non-textured palms. For the thickness itself, palm comes with different thicknesses. Generally, it is 3 to 4 mm.

  • Finger Protection

Finger protection comes in 2 types, namely permanent and non-permanent. Finger protection is useful for protecting the fingers from injury. Finger protection is located on the fingers of the goalkeeper gloves. Some gloves come with finger protection for only 4 fingers other than the thumb. There are also brands that provide for all fingers. That way you can choose according to your convenience.

  • Backhand

In soccer, the goalkeeper is the only player who can use his hands. And not infrequently, the goalkeeper does not catch the ball but refuses or punches it. In this case, the part of the goalkeeper’s glove that plays an important role is the backhand.

The backhand is carefully designed to protect the back of the goalkeeper’s hand. Usually this backhand is made of foam, latex or rubber materials. That way, the goalkeeper can punch the ball to the maximum.

  • Closure

Closures, being a fastener between the hand and the glove, come in several types, such as hook and loop, v-notch, and bandage. How to use The ok and loop types are to attach the rough and smooth parts available on both sides of the glove.

Then the v-notch is a type of closure that provides ventilation to the glove so that the hands are free from sweat and stay cool. And for the bandage type, it is a closure that is wrapped around the wrist.

  • Cut

They come in various brands with their own designs. That’s what makes goalkeeper gloves have various cuts. Some of them are flat cut, negative cut, rolled cut, and some are called hybrids. A hybrid is a cut which is a combination of one cut with another.

2. Make Sure the Gloves Fit Your Needs

Apart from the 5 things that have been described previously, one thing you must also know is to make sure you choose a product that fits your needs. Please note that the gloves used for training and when competing are different. That’s why you must adapt to your needs. Will the gloves be used for competition or just training?

  • Compete

When competing, the gloves used will usually be smoother than during practice. Not surprisingly, his grip is also much tighter than when he was practicing. And not infrequently, gloves for competition usually have low durability compared to gloves for training.

  • Exercise

When training, the gloves used are usually made of denser and more durable materials. This is conditioned by the fact that the training time is much longer than the time to compete. That way, the gloves can last a long time. In addition, gloves for practice also usually have a grip that is not too strong compared to when competing.

Here we go

10 Best Goalkeeper Glove Recommendations


Previously, we discussed tips on choosing a good goalkeeping glove product. Now you understand what the tips are. After understanding the tips for choosing the best product, now you will also know the best goalkeeper glove product. Here are some of Ainun’s selection of goalkeeper gloves that you can choose as an alternative.

1. Adidas Predator 20

Goalkeeper Gloves Adidas Predator 20

The best goalkeeper gloves first came from the Adidas Predator 20. Usually, these gloves are used more when you are training. As for the material, this glove is made of 70% polyurethane, 30% polyester. the body, 83% EVA, 15% polyester and 2% rubber for the palm. The available color designs are Black/Active Red, White/Pop.

Please note, this glove product from Adidas has a strong grip with a cut and a closure made of elastic material. In addition, this product is also equipped with a full-wrap wrist strap that can be adjusted for tightness. That way, the cover can be used comfortably and doesn’t come off easily.

2. Nike Goalkeeper Match Goalkeeper

Gloves Nike Goalkeeper Match

Both children and adults, when playing football, must use a complete costume. Children’s soccer games are also expected to use full costumes so that the game can run optimally. including goalkeepers, who must be equipped with goalkeeper gloves.

One of the goalkeeper gloves specially designed for children is the Nike Goalkeeper Match. These gloves come in 3 sizes, namely Size 8 which is 19.7 cm – 21.6 cm, Size 9 which is 21.6 cm – 24.1 cm, and Size 10 starting from 24.1 cm – 26.7 cm. This glove is designed with a very unique and cool pattern. It is hoped that children can play comfortably with these gloves.

3. Calci Illustro Ultima

Goalkeeper Gloves Calci Illustro Ultima

They come in various colors such as Black Gray, Black Red, White Blue, and Black Citroen. The next best goalkeeper gloves come from Calci Illustro Ultima. A glove without finger protection. This glove can still protect fingers because the back of the glove is equipped with 3D shield fusion. Besides being able to protect your fingers, the 3D shield fusion design also makes this glove look even cooler.

Not to forget, this product is also equipped with anti-slip, namely inside grip+. With this inside grip+ the question becomes more comfortable. As for the material itself, this sarong is made of 67% latex, 25% polyester, and 8% velcro.

4. Puma One Grip 1 Hybrid Pro

Goalkeeper Gloves Puma One Grip 1 Hybrid Pro

With a very capable design on the back of the glove, the best goalkeeper gloves are now available, namely the Puma One Grip 1 Hybrid Pro. The design is embossed latex. Embossed latex serves to provide additional protection in the event of an air ball and the goalie hits an air ball. Not only that, this glove is also equipped with 4 mm ultimate grip latex. Its function is to absorb shocks when holding the ball from the opponent.

As for the material, these gloves are made of 55% polyester, 44% latex, and 1% polyurethane. And now, these gloves are available in many color variants, namely Nrgy Red/Puma Black/White, Puma Black/Bleu Azur/Red Blast, and Shocking Orange/Puma Black/White.

5. Sevilla Goalkeeper

Gloves Sevilla Goalkeeper Gloves

Available in 4 colors, the next best goalkeeper gloves come from Sevilla Goalkeeper Gloves. The 4 colors are blue, yellow, green, and orange. These gloves can be used in football or futsal games. As for the design, the Sevilla Goalkeeper Gloves have been equipped with protective wires on the fingers to reduce the possibility of injury.

In addition, this sarong also has a design that is quite comfortable because the materials have a high standard of comfort as well. This cover is made of latex and rubber foam. Of course, this one glove can be one of your choices.

6. PGS Eagle Series

Goalkeeper Gloves PGS Eagle Series

“Simple” is a design that makes you comfortable. Included in this topic are the best goalkeeper gloves. Simple gloves are one of the most sought after gloves. If you are one of those who are looking for this simple type of glove, you can try the PGS Eagle Series.

The PGS Eagle Series is a goalkeeper glove with a black color that is designed in a minimalist, elegant, and simple way. Made of 4 mm thick latex, these gloves can help goalkeepers hold and throw the ball. Free from injury and playing optimally even if you don’t use fingersave technology.

7. Specs Illuzion II

Goalkeeper Glove Specs Illuzion II

Made of 70% latex, 15% nylon, 10% polyester, and 5% PU, the next best goalkeeping glove comes from Specs Illuzion II. This glove is only available in 1 color, which is black. Please note, this one glove is equipped with a removable fingersave. This is because the glove provides a zipper on the back of the hand.

That way, you can remove and install them according to your needs in the game. And with this removable finger feature, you can save money because you don’t have to buy 2 types of gloves anymore. Please note, these specs are brands originating from within the country, you know.

8. Miter Magnetite Glove

Goalkeeper Gloves Miter Magnetite Glove

With powerful features and at an affordable price, it is something that everyone wants when they want to buy a product. Well, for the goalkeeper glove case, there is a Miter Magnetite Glove which has good quality and is priced at an affordable price. These gloves are made of latex and EVA. For color availability, this product comes in Black/Cyan/Yellow colors, which are equipped with air mesh on the thumb.

Well, for those of you who are currently looking for the best goalkeeper gloves with good quality and affordable prices. You must consider this one product.

9. Lotto – Goalkeeper

Gloves Goalkeeper Gloves Lotto – Goalkeeper Gloves

By prioritizing the benefits of using the product, this goalkeeper glove also pays attention to style and style. Lotto – Goalkeeper Gloves are gloves that are designed with a choice of striking colors so that the appearance of the goalkeeper who uses them is more attractive. Not only limited to design and color, these gloves still create user comfort because they are made of many quality materials.

In addition, this glove is also equipped with bone protectors on the fingers to reduce the risk of finger injury. So, for those of you who are looking for the best goalkeeper gloves with style and comfort on point, this Lotto product can be your first choice.

10. Decathlon Goalkeeper Gloves F500 Goalkeeper

Gloves Decathlon Goalkeeper Gloves F500

Finally, there are the best gloves from the Decathlon Goalkeeper Gloves F500. These gloves are specially designed for the best goalkeepers who have more ability to catch the ball. Having high durability is one of the advantages of this glove. It is no wonder that the quality of the material that makes these gloves is high quality latex. That’s why this glove can make it easier for the goalkeeper to grip the ball.

For the price, the Decathlon Goalkeeper Gloves F500 are priced quite affordably for the design and quality of this product.

Those are the top 10 recommended goalkeeper gloves, and a complete discussion that you can use as a reference when buying these products. Don’t make the wrong choice.

Goalkeeper Glove Material

Are you curious about the best goalkeeper glove material? So, in general, goalkeeper gloves are made of latex. Over time, not a few Brands innovate to create gloves from terry cloth and rubber. Although the materials are different, the goal is the same, which is to make the ball stick more easily when caught.

In addition, the material is also now used to absorb the energy of the ball. This strength is usually produced from a fabric material called a spacer. This material is claimed to reduce the power of the ball. And usually, gloves that use this fabric have a design that tends to bulge.


After discussing in detail how to choose the best goalkeeping glove product, there is a discussion of the best product as well. Now you are at the end of this article, which is the conclusion. Based on this article, when choosing goalkeeper gloves, you must know 5 important things from palm, backhand, finger protection, closure, and cut. Don’t forget, you also have to adjust whether the gloves are suitable for your needs, such as training or competing.

So, if your curiosity is answered and you have found the right product, what are you waiting for? You can just check out at your favorite store. Well, for those of you who are still curious about the topics of other recommended articles, just take a look at other related recommended articles on

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