10 Best Fishing Reel Brand Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Fishing reels of the highest quality and strength are the spare parts for fishing gear that many people are looking for because they have an important role in the fishing process, be it when fishing in the sea, rivers, swamps, lakes, or other places.

Best Fishing Reel
Picture Illustration Brand Fishing Reel / Daiwa

Every fishing spot will require different fishing reel characteristics, so it’s a good idea to choose the right fishing reel. Then, what types of fishing reels are commonly used by anglers?

Various types of good fishing reels that are commonly used

You certainly want to choose good quality products, right? But before choosing the best fishing reel, it’s a good idea to know the various types of fishing reels so you can determine the type of fishing reel according to your needs.

1. Reel pancing spinning

The best type of fishing reel that is widely used by anglers is the spinning reel type because it is easy to use. Well, all you need to do is open the bail arm, hold the string before casting the bait, then throw the bait where you want it. If so, close again the bail arm that was opened earlier.

Usually, this type of fishing reel will be installed under the fishing rod handle. You can use it in various fishing spots. In addition, there is a part of the fishing reel that is used to adjust the amount of fish towing as desired, namely the drag knob.

2. Reel pancing spincasting

If you are a beginner in the world of fishing, then you can choose the best fishing reel with this type of spincasting. Using this fishing reel is quite easy, you only need to press the button at the top of the reel when throwing bait so that the string can come out.

Usually this type of reel is chosen for fishing fish that are relatively small in size. If the spinning type fishing reel is installed below the rod, it is different from the spincasting which is mounted above the rod, so this reel requires a special rod that has a string regulator above.

3. Baitcasting fishing reel

If a spincasting fishing reel is easy for beginners to use, then this type of baitcasting fishing reel is usually used by professional anglers because a good control technique is needed when throwing bait so the strings don’t get tangled.

As the name implies, casting techniques are needed when using this type of fishing reel. The best type of fishing reel on this one is also mounted on a fishing rod, huh!

4. Reel pancing trolling

If previously using the casting technique, the best type of fishing reel on this one is used for trolling techniques or techniques for dragging bait at sea using a boat with a predetermined speed.

Trolling fishing reels are made using quality materials so it’s not surprising that the price is also more expensive. In addition, this type of fishing reel has a larger shape, drag capability, and spool, so it’s no wonder that this fishing reel weighs more.

5. Reel pancing fly fishing

The best fishing reel for this type of fly fishing is rarely used in Indonesia because the fly fishing technique uses very light bait. So, special skills are needed so that the fish can eat the bait that has been thrown. Well, what a lot of people do when using this type of fishing reel is winding the fly strings.

10 Best Fishing Reel Brand Recommendations

Here we go

Currently, there are many places on the market that sell fishing reels with a variety of prices, some are cheap but not of good quality, cheap and strong, expensive and of mediocre quality, and expensive but very good quality. So, here’s a list of the ten best fishing reel recommendations from Ainun from various world-famous brands that should be your choice so that fishing activities become more enjoyable.

1. Shimano Stella SW 20000PG

Best Fishing Reel Shimano Stella SW
Reel Pancing Shimano Stella SW

Have you ever heard of the Shimano brand from Japan which has several kinds of products? 
One of the good quality products from Shimano is the best fishing reel named Shimano Stella SW 20000PG. This best fishing reel is suitable for you to use as a comfortable sea fishing tool, you know!

That’s because Shimano Stella SW is equipped with X-Protect and X-Shield which can protect you from the bad sea water. In addition, this fishing reel or string winder is made using metal material so you don’t have to worry about the quality which makes this string reel long lasting. Then, the gear ratio you have is 4:4:1 so that when you pull the handle, the spool will rotate 4 times.

2. Daiwa Saltiga 20000H

Best Fishing Reel Daiwa Saltiga 20000H
Daiwa Saltiga 20000H Fishing Reel

Have you heard about Daiwa’s popularity before? 
The next best fishing reel recommendation that you can use for fishing in the ocean is the Daiwa Saltiga 20000H with a gear ratio of 5:8:1 and a maximum drag of 66 pounds or around 30 kg. That way, you can have the opportunity to catch heavy fish without having to be afraid of the fishing rod being damaged when you fight the pull of the fish.

In addition, this brand fishing reel is also equipped with an aluminum air rotor which is stiffer than standard materials so that it can add strength and durability. Then, this best fishing reel is also equipped with a magsealed rotor to protect the internal components of the reel from water, dust and sand.

3. Maguro Storm 4000

Maguro Storm 4000 Best Fishing Reel
Reel Pancing Maguro Storm 4000

One of the best brands of fishing reels that has a super drag system is the Maguro Storm 4000. That way, the pull you do when fighting fish will run smoothly. 
This one product has a handle with a position that you can exchange.

So you are left-handed or not, you can still use the best fishing reel to catch fish. In addition, the ball bearings that are owned by this fishing reel are of course very strong and durable so that the risk of the string breaking when pulling with fish can be minimized. Fishing can certainly be a lot of fun, right?

4. Golden Fish Metanium 105

Best Fishing Reel Golden Fish Metanium 105
Reel Pancing Golden Fish Metanium 105

Are you looking for the best light weight fishing reel for freshwater fishing with less aggressive fish species? 
If that’s the case, you can choose the Golden Fish Metanium 105 which is also affordable so that beginners who want to try it can also buy it.

With a fairly light weight, you can use this fishing reel brand for all day fishing without feeling too tired. In addition, the ball bearings on this fishing reel have 5 precisions that you can slide to the right or left. Then, the gear ratio you have is 5:1:1, so you need to think again when you want to use this fishing reel in the sea to catch big and actively moving fish.

5. Pioneer Rexo RX-5000

Pioneer Rexo RX-5000 Best Fishing Reel
Reel Pancing Pioneer Rexo RX-5000

The best fishing reel recommendation for you next is the Pioneer Rexo RX-5000, whose design is no less cool than other fishing reels. 
What’s special is that this product has received the Best Product Award Spinning Reel China Fish in 2016 so that this fishing reel is guaranteed to have good quality.

Not only that, the existence of an anti-reverse system in this product will certainly make it easier for you to fight the fish’s pull because the handle will not rotate backwards. Then, this best fishing reel also has a gear ratio of 5:6:1, a maximum drag of 12.5 kg, and 9+1 stainless steel ball bearings which can make you feel happier when fishing.

6. Versus Duval 2 3000

Best Fishing Reel Versus Duval 2 3000
Reel Pancing Versus Duval 2 3000
The advantage of choosing the best fishing reel where the handle can be used with the right or left hand is that you who are left-handed don’t have to bother looking for the handle on the left.

Well, you can find that in the best fishing reel brand called Versus Duval 2 3000. If you need a gear spool with good quality to last a long time, you don’t need to doubt this fishing reel.

In particular, this fishing reel is equipped with an anti-reverse and the main shaft is made using stainless steel material which is anti-corrosion and resistant to impact so that it will make you have a pleasant fishing experience. In addition, this product is equipped with 11+1 ball bearings so that the rotation you make will run smoother.

7. Penn Battle II 2500

Penn Battle III 2500 Best Fishing Reel
Reel Pancing Penn Battle III 2500

This best fishing reel brand is a product made in America which is suitable for novice anglers to improve their skills. 
You also don’t need to doubt the quality because this best fishing reel is equipped with a brass pinion gear, aluminum main gear, and gear parts equipped with CNC technology to produce better precision.

In addition, the full metal body also makes this fishing reel protect the gear well. You can also fish comfortably because of the HT-100 carbon fiber drag system on this fishing reel which is given a special lubricant so it doesn’t tangle the reels.

8. Yumoshi EF5000

Yumoshi EF5000 Best Fishing Reel
Reel Pancing Yumoshi EF5000

Are you looking for the best fishing reel brands from Japan? 
If that’s the case, you can choose the Yumoshi EF5000 which you can use to lure large or even wild fish.

That’s because this fishing reel is made using materials that are very strong, durable, and anti-corrosion. Well, you can feel a stable fishing reel when using the Yumoshi EF5000 to catch fish because this product has a gear ratio of 5:2:1.

9. Lixada Baitcasting Fishing Reel 12+1 Ball Bearings

Reel Pancing Terbaik Lixada Baitcasting Fishing Reel 12+1 Ball Bearings
Reel Pancing Lixada Baitcasting Fishing Reel 12+1 Ball Bearings

The next best fishing reel that also has a light weight is the Lixada Baitcasting Fishing Reel 12+1 Ball Bearings, which means there are 12 ball bearings and 1 roller. 
This of course makes the rotations that you do smoother.

Well, this fishing reel is made using aluminum alloy material whose cover is polished with ultra violet light so it looks smoother and certainly no less cool than other fishing reels.

10. Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Reel

Best Fishing Reel Abu Garcia Revo SX
Fishing Reel Abu Garcia Revo SX

The last best fishing reel recommendation is the Abu Garcia Revo Low Profile Reel which features 9 stainless steel ball bearings and 1 roller. 
The best fishing reel brand from Sweden is also equipped with an anti-reverse feature so it won’t spin backwards.

That of course will really help you when you attract big and aggressive fish, right? In addition, this fishing reel frame is very light, but still strong and has good durability. Then, there is a drag system that can be carried up to 24 pounds or about 11 kg so you can pull the fish with a fairly smooth pull.


After reading the review of the ten best fishing reel recommendations reviewed earlier, is there a product that has caught your attention? Hope you find the right product, huh! Don’t forget to lubricate the gear wheels regularly so that your favorite fishing reel can be maintained and certainly lasts a long time.

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