10 Best Volly Knee Decker Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Knee injuries, especially the ACL, are arguably a nightmare for every athlete because these injuries can cause an athlete’s career to fade. After an injury, athletes usually use knee braces or knee supports to speed up their recovery.

Knee braces also make the knees relatively protected so as to prevent injury when playing volleyball, badminton, basketball, tennis, futsal, and other sports. This Ainun article will discuss in full the volleyball knee brace which can also be worn in other types of sports such as badminton and other sports.

Tips for Choosing a Good Knee Decker

Every day the knee experiences a lot of pressure so it is quite vulnerable to injury and illness, especially for people who rely heavily on their physique, such as athletes.

Badminton Volly Knee Decker
Knee Decker Illustration Image

This makes the existence of knee braces or sports knee supports important, because they are specifically designed to protect the knee area during sports because they can be used as knee supports to reduce pain. To get the best quality volleyball and other sports products, pay attention to the following things.

1. Recognize the types of knee braces on the market

Broadly speaking, there are three main types of knee braces that are easy to find on the market, there are knee sleeves, knee braces, and hinged knee braces . Out of the three, knee sleeves are the best volleyball knee braces because the model is simple, just like a sock without any hinges. Indeed, the protective ability is not too high, because it is more intended to relieve pain, provide balance, and protect the knee from friction.

If you are experiencing a mild to moderate injury, this volleyball knee brace can help your recovery more quickly and prevent further injuries. Using knee sleeves on injured knees can help relieve inflammation, promote blood circulation, so that the knee can be more comfortable when exercising. Even if you’re not an athlete, you can still use knee sleeves when your middle knee is a little sore, because it will feel more comfortable.

If knee sleeves are more appropriate to be used as volleyball knee braces, then this type of knee braces is more suitable for lifting weights or running. This type of decker is shaped like a bandage with some Velcro that can be glued together with a certain degree of tightness. So far, there are two types of knee braces, one of which is a knee strap which is like a bracelet and is worn in the knee patella area. There are also types of double-wrap braces which are similar to knee sleeves but are attached using Velcro so that they provide better protection compared to knee sleeves .

Apart from volleyball knee braces and knee braces for lifting weights, there are also types of hinged knee braces which have hinges with an adjustable level of tightness. As a knee brace with the most maximum protection, hinged knee braces are used for postoperative physiotherapy purposes in the knee area, such as postoperative meniscus, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), or medial collateral ligament (MCL). When the condition of the knee is getting better, the use of hinged knee braces will be replaced with knee braces , then knee sleeves .

2. Choose products that suit knee problems

Every knee brace, including volleyball knee brace is categorized in the form of level 1–3+ according to the level of protection. Level 1 ( primary ) knee braces are used for minor knee pain problems or bruises due to activities that require the knee to work hard, for example mountain climbing or marathons. Level 2 ( advanced ) knee braces are used for moderate knee problems, for example when the patella is easily mobile due to certain injuries. Meanwhile, level 3 (maximum) and 3+ (maximum plus) knee braces are used by people who have just finished surgery so that the knee does not move.

Regardless of the level of the volleyball knee brace or other type of knee brace you choose, be sure to consult with the doctor or physiotherapist who treats you first. Choosing the wrong decker when treating an injury will not heal it, but it can actually make the knee condition worse.

2. Check the materials used

One of the materials most often used to make volleyball knee braces is neoprene because it is elastic, comfortable on the skin, and provides good air circulation. There are also other decker products made of nylon or lycra because they have good compressive strength, are very elastic, and are light in weight. Whereas in the hinged knee braces type , metal materials are used to produce a sturdy frame with the best protection.

After finding the most suitable volleyball knee pad material , also make sure whether or not it’s easy to wash the product because this item is in direct contact with the skin and makes sweat easily seep into it. When finished washing, knee pads should not be dried using a dryer or iron, because this can reduce their elasticity.

4. Make sure the size fits the foot

The performance of the volleyball knee brace is by compressing the knee to minimize its movement, so that the higher the level of protection provided by the brace, the more limited the movement of the knee. To choose a knee brace that fits properly, bend your leg about 30 degrees, placing the brace above the calf or about 2–3 cm below the kneecap. The size of the deck is said to fit if it can cover the entire knee to below the thigh.

Even though it is available in four size options, it does not rule out the possibility that the existing volleyball knee brace does not really fit the leg. This can be worked around by reducing the size of the kneecap to half or one size lower, because this product will become looser after being used for a while. The type of deck also affects the choice of size. For knee sleeves it is recommended to wear a size that is tighter to maximize the compression function , while for knee braces it is recommended to choose a size that is not too tight because there is Velcro that can be fastened.

10 Good Volly Knee Decker Recommendations

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Finding volleyball knee braces on Tokopedia and Shopee isn’t difficult at all, in fact the prices aren’t too expensive either. Here are some recommendations for knee brace products to support your sports activities.

1. AOLIKES Knee Support Sleeve Pad Wrap 7718

Deker Knee Volly - Harga Aolikes Knee Support Sleeve Pad Wrap 7718
Deker Lutut – Aolikes Knee Support Sleeve Pad Wrap 7718

AOLIKES Knee Support 7718 is made from a mixture of several materials, including nylon, 
latex silk , spandex, and silicone which makes it so elastic and very comfortable to wear as a volleyball knee brace This product is made with a black base color and has lists of red, light green, orange, and sky blue on the surface so that it looks more colorful. For its size, the Aolikes 7718 knee brace is available in three options, starting from M for a leg circumference of 35-41 cm, L for a leg circumference of 42-47 cm, to XL for a leg circumference of 48-53 cm. The price of this product is quite affordable, around 50 thousand rupiah in various e-commerce sites.

2. SPEEDS Knee Supporter Dekker Wristband 055-3

Deker Knee Volly - Harga SPEEDS Knee Supporter Dekker Wristband 055-3
Deker Lutut – SPEEDS Knee Supporter Deker Wristband 055-3

SPEEDS Knee Protector Dekker 055-3 was made with the aim of preventing injury to the knee during sports. 
Made from a breathable blend of nylon, neoprene and spandex, this volleyball knee brace feels cool and very soft when worn. There are two sizes available from SPEEDS 055-3, namely the L which is 29 cm long with a top-bottom width of 16 cm and 14 cm and the XL size which is 26 cm long with a top-bottom width of 17 cm and 16 cm. For the price, this product is priced at around 57 thousand rupiah.

3. SFIDN FITS Knee Pad Sleeve Wrap

Deker Lutut Volly - Harga SFIDN FITS Full Support Knee Pad Sleeve Wrap Compression
Deker Lutut – SFIDN FITS Full Support Knee Pad Sleeve Wrap Compression

Available in a black color option, SFIDN FITS Knee Pad Sleeve Wrap is made of nylon and spandex materials that can help relieve arthritis pain and can be used every day when exercising. 
All parts of this volleyball knee pad are made using a special knitting technique using two strips of silicone gel to ensure that they don’t come off easily when worn.

Besides being worn as a volleyball knee brace , this product is also possible for a variety of other sports, such as basketball, golf, gym, tennis and hiking. Available from sizes S to XL, SFIDN FITS Knee Pad Sleeve Wrap is sold at a unit price of IDR 70,000 and a pair of IDR 120,000.

4. Specs Sentinel Knee Pad Black 902883

Deker Knee Pad Volly - Price Specs Sentinel Knee Pad Black 902883

Knee Pads – Specs Sentinel Knee Pad Black 902883

As one of the well-known sports equipment brands in Indonesia, Specs also produces 
volleyball knee pads, one of which is the Specs Sentinel Knee Pad Black 902883. The material used to make it is a mixture of nylon and spandex which is very soft, elastic, and breathable. This product is only available in black and can be purchased at the official Specs store for IDR 130,000. To make it last longer, wash this knee pad only by hand and you don’t need to dry it in the machine or squeeze it.

5. ADIDAS Knee Support

Deker Knee Volly - Price ADIDAS Knee Support
Knee Support – ADIDAS Knee Support

ADIDAS Knee Support is made using a highly breathable,
 soft nylon material , and designed to follow the natural curve of the knee area. The design makes this product not only used as a volleyball knee brace, but can be used in other sports that put too much stress on the knees. There are four sizes of ADIDAS Knee Support to choose from, from S which can stretch up to 350 mm to XL which can stretch up to 440 mm. The price for this knee brace is quite affordable, around 150 thousand rupiah in e-commerce.

6. Variteks Knee Support 725

Volly Knee Decker - Price for Variteks Knee Support 725
Deker Lutut – Variteks Knee Support 725

Derived from Turkey, Variteks Knee Support 725 is produced using garment technology from Germany and has a 
seamless knit throughout. In some parts of the Variteks Knee Support 725 is equipped with silicone dots to prevent it from sagging when used for sports, including playing volleyball. Interestingly, this volleyball knee pad already has an aloevera microcapsule so it can prevent odor-causing bacteria. Available in four size variants, from S to XL, this product sells for 180 thousand rupiah on the marketplace.

7. LP Knee Support 601

Deker Knee Volly - Price for LP Support Knee Support 601
Deker Lutut – LP Support Knee Support 601

LP Knee Support is made from a mixture of several materials, most of which are 60% polyester, then 15% rayon, 15% 
rubber , and 10% nylon . These various materials make this volleyball knee brace can be used to protect minor knee injuries, minimize the risk of more severe injuries to the knee area so that sports activities can be carried out safely and comfortably. Available in white, there are four sizes of LP Knee Support that you can choose from, from S to XL. This product can be purchased for only 80 thousand rupiah and is not yet possible to wash in a machine wash .

8. FITS Patella Knee Support Padded Bracer

Deker Knee Volly - Harga FITS Patella Knee Support Padded Bracer
Deker Lutut – FITS Patella Knee Support Padded Bracer

FITS Patella Knee Support is only available in black and is made using a blend of neoprene, nylon and spandex which makes it light, soft and stretchy. 
Although it is a type of 
knee braces, this product can also be used as a knee brace for volleyball, baseball, basketball, soccer, gym, hiking , running, tennis, and other sports that rely heavily on the feet. The design itself can be adjusted for different foot sizes, as there is a patellar tendon support strap and cross fixation straps to maintain the tension of the patellar strap. FITS Patella Knee Support is sold at a price of 80 thousand rupiah per 1 pcs and can be worn for knee circumferences of 20 cm – 35 cm.

9. AONIJIE Knee Compression Pad Brace E4108

Deker Knee Volly - Harga AONIJIE Knee Compression Pad Brace E4108
Knee Brace – AONIJIE Knee Compression Pad Brace E4108

AONIJIE Knee Compression Brace E4108 is made using 2% spandex, 80% nylon and 18% 
elastodiene fiber and weighs only 75 grams. Besides being used as a volleyball knee brace , this product can also make your knees more comfortable when used for running, soccer, tennis and fitness. For sizes, they are available from S to L which are enough to wear on knee circumferences of 32 cm to 42 cm. AONIJIE Knee Compression Brace E4108 is quite easy to find in e-commerce with a price of only 100 thousand rupiah.

10. Victor Knee Support SP181

Knee Decker Volly - Harga Victor Knee Support SP181
Knee Decker – Victor Knee Support SP181

Another well-known sports 
brand , namely Victor, also released 
knee support products, one of which was Victor SP181. Made from 70% nylon, 20% neoprene , and 10% spandex, this product will certainly be very comfortable when used as a knee pad for volleyball, badminton, or everyday light sports. Victor SP181 is available in three size options, from M to XL and costs around 70 thousand rupiah.

Benefits of Knee Deckers and How to Install Them

In the review above, we not only discussed volleyball knee brace products , but also discussed the benefits of knee braces for health. The main benefit of this tool is to minimize knee or ligament injuries by protecting the sides of the ligaments to keep them stable. In addition, knee braces will also be very helpful in providing a sense of security and comfort when doing activities, helping the recovery process, while maintaining knee health.

Meanwhile, to use the right volleyball knee brace , you can follow the steps below.

  1. Choose the right fit, for example using compression type knee braces for minor sprains or metal braces for more serious injuries.
  2. Make sure the skin on the knee area is not covered in any way so that the support is directly against the skin.
  3. On the slip on brace model , slide the foot into the top of the brace then out through the bottom and slide the knee brace over the leg until it rests on the injured knee.
  4. On the wrap model, place the inside of the pad on the knee and wrap the strap –
  5. If using a knee support that has a strap or strap, route it around the back and secure it at the front using the Velcro strap .
  6. Even though it has to be tight, make sure there is still a gap of one or two fingers into the space between the foot and the kneecap.


Knee braces are one of the important supporting equipment in sports, especially for people who have experienced knee injuries. If you are looking for products for volleyball knee braces or other sports that are quite affordable and of good quality, this article has discussed the recommendations in full.

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