Top 10 Recommended Frying Pan (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – One of the cooking utensils used for cooking purposes is a frying pan. Also known as a frying pan, this kitchen utensil is important. In addition to sautéing spices, frying pans can also make a variety of other dishes, including Chinese dishes that have different tastes.

Kitchen equipment manufacturers such as Oxone, Maxim, and Tefal, produce frying faces with various advantages. From basic materials to superior features, each will help make your work easier when cooking in the kitchen. With so many choices, you need to know the important points in choosing before buying the best frying pan available on the market. Follow this article to find out!

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How to choose a good frying pan

When cooking, you may often use a spatula to stir the ingredients or seasonings in the pan. Some pan materials have strong durability, and some are weak if they are often exposed to friction. That is why choosing a frying pan based on the material of manufacture is very important to know.

In addition to paying attention to the material, the weight and diameter of the pan are other aspects that are also important to consider. The handle that you will grip to swing the pan is another equally important element. Let’s go through them one by one so you can find the right frying pan.

1. Choose based on the material of manufacture

If in the past, the term “frying pan” referred to a large cauldron with two ears, now the frying pan has been modified into a smaller and simpler form so that it is easy to use. The materials for its manufacture also vary, including the characteristics of each. Is there anything?

  • Teflon

skillet This fluorine or Teflon frying pan is the most widely used in Indonesia. Offering convenience when cooking without fear of burning is the advantage of a Teflon pan. In fact, you can stir-fry the spices or fry the eggs in just a little oil to make them healthier.

However, this type of wok is weakly resistant to large fires and is not resilient. The surface of the Teflon-coated pan can also peel off if you frequently use an iron spatula to stir the ingredients. In addition, Teflon pans, including consumables, may only last 2-3 years.

  • Iron

skillet A wok made of iron has a heavier weight than Teflon. However, cast iron pans are not easily damaged and can withstand the friction of an iron spatula without fear of chipping. The properties of iron in conducting and storing heat are also good. This skillet is durable, so it can last up to 5 years or more.

If you use this frying pan, it may be difficult at first to get the right amount of oil. In addition, improper maintenance can also cause this type of pan to rust. However, if you already know how to use and care for it, the cast-iron skillet will make you fall in love.

2. Choose the ideal size and weight for easy cooking.

. The ideal weight size of a frying pan ranges from under 1 kg to up to 1 kg. If you buy a frying pan that weighs up to 1 kg, it may feel heavy. For example, if you make a dish that stirs frequently or you need to swing the pan frequently, such as fried rice, capcay, and so on. However, a pan weighing no more than 1 kg will make it easier for you.

In addition to the size of the weight, also check the diameter of the frying pan. It is recommended to choose a size that ranges from 25 – 28 cm wide for daily cooking needs to be comfortable. If you want to cook on a large scale, choose a frying pan with a diameter of 30 cm or above so that there is no need to cook repeatedly.

3. Choose a handle that is comfortable to grip

When stirring food, you will hold the handle of the skillet so that the pan is stable and does not come out of the stove. In this case, it is important to check the material used to make the handle part.

  • Plastic and wooden handles. Both of these materials are widely used because of their characteristics as heat insulators and anti-slip. However, wood and plastic have a short durability because they are generally connected to the pan using bolts. Check regularly for any damage.
  • Metal Handle From the looks of it, a pan with a metal handle looks more fashionable, elegant, and simple. Usually, the metal handle is attached directly to the pan, so it is more durable and strong. As a result, however, metal handles heat up more easily when you heat the pan for a long time.


Already have an idea of the right frying pan for your daily cooking needs? In this section will continue the discussion by showing the ten best frying pans that are compatible with gas and induction cookers. Yes! Choose the one that suits your needs.

1. Maxim Paris in Color Fry Pan 24 cm

Recommended Frying Pans Maxim Paris in Color Fry Pan 24 cm
Maxim Paris in Color Fry Pan 24 cm

Bored with a pan that is dominated by black? The leading cookware brand, Maxim, released a classic series of frying pans with a touch of color on the outer surface. Cooking with this skillet feels more fun.

Not only because of the attractive color, but the three layers on the inner surface of the pan make it non-sticky. In other words, cleaning this pan is even easier. In fact, you can clean this pan in the dishwasher as well to make the job easier.

2. I-Kitchen Frying Pan 28 cm

Recommended Frying Pans I-Kitchen Frying Pan 28 cm
I-Kitchen Frying Pan 28 cm

I-Kitchen designed this frying pan with a handle made of heat-resistant material so that it is safe even if it is accidentally reached by children or the elderly. This product is processed through a high heat strength paint coating method, which makes it non-sticky and free of heavy metals.

The ability to transmit heat well is a plus for this product. Thus, you can get a temperature that is always stable when cooking, and the results of the dish will taste delicious. Serving delicious dishes for the family, who’s afraid?

3. LOCK & LOCK Cookplus Prima Pan Frying Pan – 26 cm

Recommended Frying Pans LOCK & LOCK Cookplus Prima Pan Frying Pan – 26 cm
LOCK & LOCK Cookplus Prima Pan Frying Pan – 26 cm

This frying pan from the Lock & Lock brand is quite famous in Indonesia. People love it because this pan has been coated with a scratch-resistant material, so it doesn’t matter if you stir the ingredients using an iron or metal spatula.

In addition to the inside, which is coated with anti-scratch material, the Cookplus Prima Frying Pan, with a diameter of 26 cm, is also equipped with a heat-resistant outer layer, so it does not fade easily even when exposed to hot temperatures. This product is guaranteed to be free of toxic ingredients, making it delicious and healthy.

4. Oxone OX-03FP 3PCS Marble Frypan Set

Recommended Frying Pans Oxone OX-03FP 3PCS Marble Frypan Set
Oxone OX-03FP 3PCS Marble Frypan Set

Oxone OX-03FP is intended for those of you who want to cook with less oil. The food is manufactured with special materials that allow you to cook without oil. The risk of obesity and other diseases will decrease. Even without oil, the pan, which is sold as a set of 3 pieces, is still not sticky.

In addition, Oxone also guarantees that the material used in this pan is able to spread heat evenly. The wok handle is made of stainless steel so that it can ward off heat quite well, is durable and not easy to rust.

5. LOCK & LOCK Cookplus Hard and Light Frying Pan – 26 cm

Recommended Frying Pans LOCK & LOCK Cookplus Hard and Light Frying Pan – 26 cm
LOCK & LOCK Cookplus Hard and Light Frying Pan – 26 cm

We bring back the frying pan from Lock & Lock, this time the product of choice fell to the Cookplus Hard and Light Frying Pan. With a diameter of 26 cm, this frying pan is big enough to be able to cook enough fried rice for your kids in the morning.

Lock & Lock equips this product with hard anodizing technology, which makes the body strong and hard, but it weighs less than 700 grams, so it’s very light! In addition, the three non-stick coatings used are proven to be environmentally friendly and abrasion resistant.

6. Tefal Pleasure 30 cm

Recommended Frying Pans Tefal Pleasure 30 cm
Tefal Pleasure 30 cm

Tefal is an excellent brand that should not be missed. Total Pleasure is a frying pan that is quite easy to find due to the high market demand for it. Equipped with Thermo-Spot technology, this pan will turn red when your cooking reaches the ideal temperature.

Thanks to its Thermo-Spot, you will get cooking results with the perfect level of doneness and deliciousness. In addition, the titanium-coated base makes this pan durable and stronger. The 30 cm diameter will help you serve food to a large family.

7. IKEA Oumbärlig Frying Pan

Recommended Frying Pans IKEA Oumbärlig Wajan Penggorengan
IKEA Oumbärlig Frying Pan

If your budget is limited, you can still get a high quality frying pan. This IKEA product is sold for less than 300 thousand rupiah. This 28 cm frying pan is quite large and interesting. You can put it in the oven too, you know!

IKEA Oumbarlig Frying Pan can help you create more dishes for your kids or husband at home. At the base, one layer of aluminum is used to store heat and is flanked by two layers of stainless steel for durability. This skillet is also easy to clean and durable.

8. Neoflam Midas Plus 3 Piece Set, Detachable Handle

Recommended Frying Pans Neoflam Midas Plus 3 Piece Set, Detachable Handle
Neoflam Midas Plus 3 Piece Set, Detachable Handle

Neoflam released a frying pan with a ceramic-based non-stick coating that is environmentally friendly because it is composed of natural ingredients. The layer also wraps around the outside, so cooking with this pan will preserve the nutritional content of every ingredient you add.

Interestingly, Neoflam designed this wok handle to be easy to remove. So, you can change the function of the frying pan from a cooking plate into a serving plate for cooked dishes. Practical, right?

9. Maxim Ultra Frypan 20 cm

Recommended Frying Pans Maxim Ultra Frypan 20 cm
Maxim Ultra Frypan 20 cm

Maxim Ultra Frypan made by prioritizing quality and durability. This product is made of Teflon material, which is twice as resistant to scratches, making this product a good choice if you are looking for a long-lasting Teflon-coated frying pan.

Apart from being scratch resistant, this pan is also durable, so you can use it for a longer time. The handle components are made of soft and anti-slip material and not get hot, making the cooking process more comfortable.

10. Oxone Perfect Frypan OX-16FP

Recommended Frying Pans Oxone Perfect Frypan OX-16FP
Oxone Perfect Frypan OX-16FP

If you live alone in a boarding house or apartment and rarely cook but still want to provide a frying pan, you can buy this Oxone OX-16FP. This product has a compact size, which is only 16 cm in diameter and has an economical selling value.

This skillet is made of a stainless steel material that is compatible with various types of stoves, whether gas stoves, induction cookers, or even ceramic cookers. The material of manufacture is also durable and not easily damaged because it has rust resistance even though it is often used and washed.


Besides being made of iron and Teflon (fluorine), frying pans are also made from several other materials, such as aluminum, copper, casting (metal that is diluted and then poured into molds and frozen), and so on. Each material has advantages for cooking several types of dishes. For example, a pan made of aluminum material is more convenient for cooking pasta because it is light in weight and easy to lift.

A copper frying pan can conduct heat evenly, so it is suitable for cooking eggs with even maturity. Then, the cast iron skillet can create a touch of brownish color in the dish because of the material’s characteristics that are easy to pass through heat, suitable for cooking steaks and hamburgers.

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