10 Recommended Modern Builders Equipment (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – As time goes by, everything is now modern. The more modern tools are used, the easier and faster the construction work is done.

In the market, you will be offered various brands and forms of construction tools. Therefore, you also have to be smart in choosing construction equipment that will not be a hassle but make your job easier.

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This article will provide you with some information about modern construction equipment, recommendations for construction equipment products, and how to take care of the best builders’ equipment.

Tips for Choosing Building Equipment

Before buying construction equipment, you need to pay attention to the following important things. Buying the wrong one will make the work not optimal. Here are some tips for choosing builder’s equipment.

1. Adjust your Budget and Function

If you buy modern handyman equipment, make sure the tools you buy will be used often. Why is that? Modern equipment will save energy and time, so you can work more optimally.

If you buy modern handyman equipment that is rarely used, this will only waste your budget and increase maintenance costs.

2. Desired Type

Make sure the handyman equipment purchased later has optimal function. Make sure the tool to be purchased can be used for some of the functions previously performed manually.

For example, you can use a hand grinder to cut iron, an L-type drill, or as a cutting saw. By buying just one tool, various functions can be performed.

3. Availability of Spare Parts

Construction equipment that is carried out intensively will make the parts wear out and need to be replaced. Make sure you buy equipment that is often found on the market so that it can guarantee replacement parts in the future.

10 Recommendations for Modern Builders’ Equipment


Getting to know a variety of modern builder’s tools will help you to repair your house in a state of urgency. Here, tomslead.com discusses some of the best builders’ tools that are often found and needed.

1. Drill Machine Kenmaster Drill Cordless Drill KM-48

Modern Builders Equipment Kenmaster Bor Cordless Drill KM-48
Drill Machine Kenmaster Drill Cordless Drill KM-48

The Drill Machine is one of the pieces of building equipment that will really help the builders’ work be faster in terms of making holes in walls, wood, iron, and others. This drilling machine has various different functions depending on the type of drill. There are also various types, shapes, and sizes of each drill that are widely available in the market. There is a choice of a battery drill or an electric drill, with different functions and durability for sure.

One of the drilling machines that can be chosen is the Kenmaster Drill Machine Cordless Drill KM-48. This brand is already very well known for its various types of construction equipment, which are issued with reliable quality for sure. This product is a rechargeable battery drill and is easy to carry anywhere. There are 2 modes, namely, standard drill and straight drill (die grinder), that can be adjusted according to needs. You can also count on this drill to reach even the tightest angles, making the job easier to do.

2. Krisbow Digital Laser Meter Compact 100 Mtr

Modern Builders Equipment Krisbow Meteran Laser Digital Compact 100 Mtr
Krisbow Digital Laser Meter Compact 100 Mtr

Currently, the meter is not only manual type by measuring the distance by walking from point A to point B. There are also meters that are made electronically, namely laser meters, which will be very helpful in measuring a certain distance with only a direct line of sight. This builder tool can show you faster results digitally from one object to another without the need to move places.

One of the products that can be used is the Krisbow Digital Compact Laser Meter. This construction tool can help you measure area, distance, and volume more accurately. You can measure distances up to 100 meters with its laser technology, and accuracy is up to 1 mm. There is a large LCD screen for easy viewing. This tool has the ability to auto off after 3 seconds, so it does not consume too much power.

3. Wood Shaver Machine 82 x 3mm 900 Watt

Modern Builders Equipment Krisbow 82 x 3mm 900Watt
Wood Shaver Machine 82 x 3mm 900 Watt

Builders who work a lot with wood definitely need a wood shaver machine. This machine will clean the wood surface from the cuttermark and can also flatten the wood surface so that it has the same height between the left and right arm sides. In addition, this machine can also make the wood being used thinner when it is of an inappropriate size, so this one builder’s equipment certainly should not be left off the list.

If you are looking for a wood shaving machine, then you can choose the Krisbow 82 x 3mm 900 Watt Wood Shaving Machine. This builder’s equipment can facilitate activities before the finishing stage on the wood surface. This machine also has a stable grip, making it easier for you to control it during use. This product measures 34.5 x 19 x 17 cm with a maximum planing width and depth of 82 and 3 mm.

4. Bosch Wood Crab Machine Type GHO 6500

Modern Builders Equipment Ketam Kayu Bosch Tipe GHO 6500
Bosch Wood Crab Machine Type GHO 6500

Who else does not know this one builder’s equipment, namely wooden crabs? This tool is useful in producing wood surfaces after the kiln dry stage is complete. There are many shapes and types of wooden planks, such as wooden block models with a handle on the back or a handle on the front. This tool will smoothen and make the surface of the wood smoother after shaving so that it can be easily painted without any remaining fibers that can cause sore hands if rubbed.

You can choose the Bosch Wood Planer Planer Machine Type GHO 6500 as an option. This tool can plan wood to a maximum depth of 2.6 mm. The machine used in this tool is powered by 650 watts with the highest planning speed. There is also an airflow for removing wood chips, which can be optimized. You can use the lock switch to use your left or right hand. There are 2 HSS knives with parking rubber that will not damage the wood surface.

5. Krisbow 3.8 Mtr Telescopic Aluminum

Modern Builders Equipment Krisbow 3.8 Mtr Tangga Teleskopik Ganda Aluminium
Krisbow 3.8 Mtr Telescopic Aluminum

ladder A ladder is one of the builder’s equipment that is needed as a liaison between the vertical and horizontal planes. This ladder is needed by the builders to reach a certain height so that the work process is faster. Currently, there are many variants of stairs, ranging from folding and non-folding stairs. Currently, there are also types of ladders that will help builders when they want to take them anywhere, namely the telescopic ladder.

One of the telescopic ladders that has the best reviews is the Krisbow 3.8 meter Double Aluminum Telescopic Ladder. This ladder is designed with a stacked model and can be stacked with a maximum height of up to 3.8 meters, making it easy to store. This construction equipment is also made of aluminum, so it is more sturdy. When closed, this ladder only measures 73 x 15.3 x 89.7 cm.

6. Ryota Cutting Saw Machine RA 5800

Modern Builders Equipment RA 5800
Ryota Cutting Saw Machine RA 5800

The next construction tool that should not be left behind is the saw. Currently, there are chainsaws that can make it easier for builders to cut wood, ceramics, iron, and others. This chainsaw is a portable saw that has a rotating chain along its specially designed guide bar. This chainsaw will work automatically to cut the intended object with a control system on the hand without the need for long time and maximum effort. In addition, chainsaws also have sharper blades, so you have to be more careful!

The Ryota Sawing Machine RA 5800 is one of the saw machines that you can get as an option. This machine is also offered at a very affordable price but of the best quality. There is a drain hole designed in such a way that it is away from the operator. You only need 500 watts of electricity with a voltage of 220V/50 Hz to use it. This builder’s equipment can also rotate at a speed of 0-300 rpm without a load.

7. Black and Decker KC4815 Battery Screwdriver Machine

Modern Builders Equipment Black and Decker KC4815 Battery Screwdriver Machine
Black and Decker KC4815 Battery Screwdriver Machine

Who doesn’t know if a screwdriver has already had a type of machine? Currently, there are also electric screwdrivers. Without the need to turn the screwdriver manually by hand, you only need to grip this builder’s tool by hand and the bolts will be automatically tightened or loosened. Builders are increasingly pampered with this tool because they do not need to expend maximum energy anymore.

The Black and Decker KC4815 Battery Screwdriver Machine is one of the most recommended tools and has the best reviews from its users. This builder’s equipment has been equipped with LED lights that will provide lighting for you when you are working in a room that has minimal light. There are 2 positions of the handle that can be rotated, namely the straight position or the gun position. In the package you will be provided with a charger, a 25 mm blister card pack and a screwdriver bit, and also a 60 mm magnetic bit holder.

8. Krisbow Paint Machine Airless Piston Pump 1500 Watt Rrap5

Modern Builders Equipment Krisbow Paint Machine Airless Piston Pump 1500 Watt Rrap5
Krisbow Paint Machine Airless Piston Pump 1500 Watt Rrap5

Currently, everything has been done in a modern way, one of which is painting activities. You can easily paint walls, tiles, fences, and more using a paint machine or spray gun. This machine uses compressed air to apply paint to walls, metal fences, or wood. This builder’s tool provides better and more economical painting results than using a brush. In addition to maximum results, the time required is shorter.

You can use the Krisbow Paint Machine Airless Piston Pump 1500 Watt Rrap5 if you want the painting process to be more leveraged. By using this builder’s equipment, the painting results are smoother and more even. This painting machine is equipped with a brushless smart motor controller. No need to worry about air pollution because only a small amount of paint is wasted from this machine and the tool is easy to clean.

9. Makita BO 3700

Modern Builders Equipment Makita BO 3700
Makita BO 3700

Sanding Machine A sanding machine is a machine that is driven to smooth every surface, such as wall surfaces, metal, concrete, and others, using electric power. This machine has abrasive material so that it is able to even out uneven surfaces. This builder’s equipment can minimize the dust generated from the sanding process. With sanding, the surface of the walls, metal, and others will be smoother.

The Makita BO 3700 Sanding Machine is one of the sandpaper builder’s equipment that can be used as an option. When operated, this tool only requires electrical power of about 180 watts. The width of the sanding paper on this machine is 93 x 228 mm, with a vibration generated per minute of about 10,000. The weight of this product is only 1.4 kg, so it is still very comfortable when held.

10. Grinding Machine The Bosch GWS 8-100 CE

Modern Builders Equipment Grinding Machine The Bosch GWS 8-100 CE
Grinding Machine The Bosch GWS 8-100 CE

The name alone is familiar to hear. Yes, a grinding machine that builders must have owned. This machine is one of the builder’s equipment that is needed to cut and also grind an object. In addition, this machine can sharpen, scrape, smooth, and cut objects with a rotating motion. This tool can cut the corners of objects and produce curved shapes on your workpieces.

The Bosch GWS 8-100 CE grinding machine is a grinding tool equipped with air circulation so that it can dissipate heat. When you change the blade, this builder’s tool is equipped with a spindle lock button model. The dynamo is capable of high performance up to 4.3 AMP for overload protection and quick cutting blade removal. The switch is placed on the back so as to prevent contamination.

How to Take Care of Builder’s Equipment

Here are some practical ways that you can pay attention to to take care of various builders’ equipment so that it doesn’t get damaged quickly.

1. Maintain Periodic

Maintenance of builder’s equipment that can be carried out periodically includes the process of setting, sharpening, and lubricating. To work properly, some of these castings need to be sharpened again. These tools can be sharpened again by sharpening or using a grinder. Lubricants are needed by tools that work in a rotating manner.

2. Clean Tools

Keep the builders’ equipment in clean condition after use. Clean the equipment from oil, dirt, or remnants of material attached to the tool. You can clean the tool with a slightly damp cloth to avoid rust. For power tools, you can use an air gun by spraying dirt.

3. Use it according to its function.

A trivial mistake can have the potential to damage the builder’s equipment slowly, which can cause work accidents as well. You must use each tool according to its function. For example, avoid planting nails using wood drills and others.

4. Save according to the place and position.

After cleaning the builders’ equipment, then store the tools in the correct place and position. Insert the tape measure into the roll, remove the blade or drill bit, tighten the machine fastening bolts and others. Store the equipment in a dry box or bag so that it avoids breaking and exposure to dust.


That’s some information about the best handyman equipment that can be used as a reference. Hopefully, the information presented in this article can help you. If you want to find out more information about the recommendations, you can visit the available pages.

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