10 Best Lawn Mower Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – If you have a large enough area planted with grass, of course it will be tiring when you have to trim the grass manually with scissors. It is for this reason that the lawn mower is here, to make it easier for humans to tidy up the grass in their yard. So, in this article, we will discuss how to choose and recommend a lawn mower, as well as how to care for it.

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There are several types of lawn mowers, such as push, electric, mini, and carry lawn mowers. The fuel used in lawn mowers is also different. Some use gasoline, electricity, and batteries.

How to Choose a Good & Suitable

Here are some things to consider when buying a good lawn mower.

1. Knowing the type of lawn mower

First, the carrying type of lawn mower is used by being carried on the back and walking forward. The shape of this type of lawn mower is similar to a pest sprayer and can be used to cut grass on uneven ground surfaces. Avoid stones when operating the machine so that the knife is not damaged quickly.

Second, the push-type lawn mower is more suitable for use on flat and square ground surfaces. This type of machine can cut the grass to the very edge according to the wheel path. When using it, you should do it in a circular way so that the cut grass can collect in the center of the yard.

Third, a car-type lawn mower that can be driven like a car. At the bottom of this type of machine there is a knife that works to cut the grass. Car-type lawn mowers are best suited for trimming grass over a very large area, such as a field.

2. Choose the appropriate fuel for the lawn

mower. There are lawn mowers that use electric fuel, which must be connected to a power source when used. It’s easy to use, but the cable connecting the machine to the mains can get in the way of mowing the grass, and its reach is limited. Therefore, electric lawn mowers are more suitable for small lawns. However, you don’t have to worry about battery power or buying gas when using this machine.

There are also the best lawn mowers that use batteries that don’t need to be connected to a power source with a cable when in use, making the process of mowing the lawn easier. In addition, it is also light in weight and small in size because it does not require a fuel tank. However, lawn mowers with batteries cannot be used for a long time due to limited battery power. Just like electric lawn mowers, this type of lawn mower is more suitable for use on a lawn that is not too wide.

If you want to use it to trim grass in a large area, then choose a gasoline-operated lawn mower. This type of lawn mower is relatively heavier, but is capable of cutting very tall grass, has great power, has a wide range, and can last longer.

For a small home, then just use the best manual lawn mower that does not require electricity, batteries, or gasoline to operate. This type of lawn machine uses a power source from the user’s encouragement. Besides being more environmentally friendly, manual lawn mowers offer neater results and can also be used as a means of exercising.

3. Checking the type of blade used.

The blade types on lawn mowers are classified into reel and rotary types. The reel type blade has a cylindrical shape and rotates in a vertical direction. The rotating blade will rub against the stationary blade so that the pinched grass will be cut. Reel blades provide a neat cut, but are less than ideal for cutting long grass.

blades The rotary used in many of the best lawn mowers has a blade that rotates horizontally when mowing the lawn. blades Rotary mowers are easier to use for cutting fairly long grass. Therefore, lawn mowers with a rotary blade are more suitable for regular grass cutting activities, not daily activities.

4. Knowing the width and height of the cutting machine,

The cutting width or cutting width of the lawn mower refers to the width of the range of grass that can be cut at one time. The wider the cutting width, the more grass that can be cut at one time, so cutting time is much more efficient. Unfortunately, it is difficult to perform small maneuvers on a lawn mower with a cutting width because the engine body is also wide. The price of a lawn mower with a large enough cutting width is also quite expensive.

Meanwhile, cutting height is the maximum height of the grass that can be cut by the best lawn mower. Cutting height can be adjusted according to needs, but of course, each product has a different cutting height limit setting.

5. Consider a machine with a lawn box.

Some of the best lawn mowers often come with a grass collection box that has already been cut, so you don’t have to bother with sweeping it again and it makes haircut time more efficient. Another advantage of a machine equipped with a grass box is that it keeps grass clippings from being scattered on the lawn, so the yard will look tidier.

10 Best Lawn


Now, lawn mowers are also widely sold in the marketplace, with prices ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. Here, discusses some recommendations for lawn mowers that will make your business easier when caring for your home.

1. Black and Decker GL4525-B1

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations Black and Decker GL4525-B1
Black and Decker GL4525-B1

The Black and Decker GL4525-B1 uses strings instead of its grass blades and produces a cut width of about 25 cm. This lawn mower is an electric type that operates at a power of 450 W and is capable of producing a cutting speed of up to 7300 rpm.

To support its performance, this best lawn mower is equipped with several features, such as adjustable stem length, E-Drive technology, and an automatic single line feed system.

2. ACE – Krisbow Lawn Mower

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations ACE - Krisbow

If you are looking for a lawn mower that is quite slim, portable, and affordable, the Krisbow Lawn Mower could be the right choice. This grass cutting machine operates using electric power, with a power consumption of 350 watts. For the cutting part, strings are used, which is relatively safer than knives and does not require special care.

The Krisbow Lawn Mower is designed with an ergonomic shape that can provide a better balance so that it is comfortable to use and does not make the user tired quickly. With this best lawn mower for only $20, you can get a much neater cut than with a manual lawn mower.

3. XENON CDGT360 Cordless Grass Trimmer

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations XENON CDGT360 Cordless Grass Trimmer
XENON CDGT360 Cordless Grass Trimmer

Unlike previous lawn mower products that use direct electricity, the XENON CDGT360 Cordless Grass Trimmer operates on a 12V, 1,500 mAh Li-ion battery. To charge the battery itself requires 360 watts of power. This German-made product can produce speeds of up to 12,500 revolutions per minute, so it can trim the grass around the house quickly.

This best lawn mower has an ergonomic and slim design, so it is quite comfortable to use for a long time. The price of the XENON CDGT360 Cordless Grass Trimmer is also quite cheap.

4. TASCO 328E 2 Stroke Lawn Mower

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations TASCO 328 E
TASCO 328E 2 Stroke Lawn Mower

The Tasco 328E is a type of carry lawn mower that has a 2 stroke engine type. With a size of 34 x 28 x 40 cm, complete with back pads and belts on the waist and chest, this lawn mower is certainly very easy to carry on the back. Using a blade with 2 teeth, the Tasco 328E can reach speeds of up to 7000 rpm when mowing the grass.

Even though it uses a 2 stroke engine, this best lawn mower is quiet and doesn’t emit a lot of smoke. The mower stalk is also flexible enough to reach the grass that grows on the edge or corner of the yard. Tasco 328E can be purchased through e-commerce at a price of $111.

5. HONDA Brush Cutter UMR435 T

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations HONDA Brush Cutter UMR435 T
HONDA Brush Cutter UMR435 T

Measuring 2838 x 462 x 299 mm, the HONDA UMR435T is designed as a sling type lawn mower. This lawn mower is already equipped with a back pad and shoulder protector, but it is more suitable for use by professionals because it weighs more than 10 kg. For the cutter, a 2-blade cutter with a diameter of 305 mm is used and can produce a rotation speed of up to 7000 rpm.

This best lawn mower uses a recoil starter to start it and a transistorized magneto ignition to make combustion efficient. Having a fuel tank capacity of 0.65 liters and equipped with a semi-dry air purifier feature, the HONDA UMR435T is priced at $210.

6. RYU RGT350 Grass Trimmer Electric Strings

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations RYU RGT350 Grass Trimmer
RYU RGT350 Grass Trimmer Electric Strings

Ryu RGT350 is designed with an ergonomic stem shape whose length and width can be adjusted as needed. This lawn mower uses string cutting media instead of a knife and produces a cutting width of 26 cm. The use of the string itself greatly reduces the load that must be borne by the engine shaft, thus making the lawn mower more durable. Operation requires 350 watts of electricity and can produce rotational speeds of up to 12,000 rpm at no-load conditions.

Please note that the RYU RGT350 should not be used on wet or damp soil due to dew because it can cause the engine motor to burn at the bottom. RYU RGT350 should be used in the afternoon or evening when the weather is sunny. This best lawn mower is also sold at a fairly affordable price, at around $50.

7. Yamamax Pro 338 2 stroke

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations  Yamamax Pro 338
Yamamax Pro 338 2 stroke

The Yamamax Pro 338 uses a 2 stroke engine, which is known to be cheaper, easier to maintain, and easier to spare than a 4 stroke engine. But like a 2-stroke lawn mower in general, the sound is louder and it smokes more than a 4-stroke lawn mower. The fuel tank in this product has a capacity of 1.2 liters and requires a fuel mixture of 25:1, 25 for gasoline and 1 for lubricating oil.

Yamamax Pro 338 can deliver a power of 1.8 HP and a rotation speed of around 7000 rpm. This best lawn mower includes the type of carrying lawn mower and is sold at a price $90.

8. HONDA Lawnmower HRJ196

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations HONDA Lawnmower HRJ196
HONDA Lawnmower HRJ196

The Honda HRJ196 is a push-type lawn mower and is powered by the Honda GXV160 OHV engine, which is very easy to start. This product uses a 200 mm diameter blade and produces a cutting width of approximately 482 mm. For operational support, the Honda HRJ196 is equipped with a fuel tank capacity of about 1.5 liters and an oil capacity of 0.65 liters. The most suitable gasoline for this lawn mower is unleaded gasoline of 86 octane or higher.

The Honda HRJ196 also has other features that make it easy to use, including an engine brake system for operator safety and a grass   cutter. The size of this best lawn mower is indeed quite large, which is 1540 x 505 x 1025 mm and weighs up to 40 kg. Therefore, the Honda HRJ196, which is sold for $950, is more suitable for tidying up grass in large areas, such as fields.

9. TESLA BG328 2 Stroke

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations TESLA BG 328
TESLA BG328 2 Stroke

The Tesla BG328 also uses a 2 stroke engine with a 30.5 cc cylinder and can produce a rotation speed of 6700 rpm. This lawn mower includes a carrying type that uses the recoil starter to turn it on. The engine is also equipped with air conditioning to prevent overheating during use.

Operation of the TESLA BG328 is supported by a fuel tank with a capacity of 2 liters and a fuel-oil mixture of 25:1 is required. Of course, as the best carrying type lawn mower, this product is equipped with a backpack strap to ensure comfort during use. TESLA BG328 is sold at a price that is not too expensive, $50.

10. Krisbow Lawn Mower

Best Lawn Mower Recommendations Krisbow Manual 38 Cm
Krisbow Lawn Mower

This lawn mower from Krisbow is a manual type that does not require fuel, electricity, or batteries to operate. This product has dimensions of 56 x 46 x 28 cm and is equipped with a cutting blade of 38 cm wide and a grass bag with a capacity of 25 liters. Because it only needs to be used by pushing, the Krisbow Lawn Mower is certainly more environmentally friendly than lawn mowers that use gasoline or electricity.

The blade of the Krisbow Lawn Mower can be adjusted from 14 to 47 mm, so it can be used on grass of different heights. If you want to use this best lawn mower to tidy up your yard, you can buy it for 1.2 million rupiah.

How to Care for a Lawn

Mower Like other machines, the best lawn mowers also require maintenance to keep them durable for a long time. Here’s how to maintain a lawn mower, especially one that uses gasoline.

  • Diligently heat the engine
  • Regularly changing oil and gasoline
  • Using proper spark plugs that match the engine
  • Regularly changing the air filter
  • Using standard cutting blades that meet specifications
  • Store in a safe place away from sources of ignition
  • Do not force the engine to run continuously


Having a lawn mower is very important because it makes it easier to tidy up the yard or even a large grass area, such as a field. In this article, we have discussed how to choose and recommend the best lawn mower, as well as how to care for it.

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