Review of 10 Recommended Expensive Fishing Hooks (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Fishing hooks on the market today are available in various sizes and types, such as hooks, jigs, trebles, and double hooks. The prices also vary, some are only tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of rupiah. However, in this article, we will only discuss expensive fishing hooks, with a price range of hundreds of thousands of rupiah, for your fishing needs.

How to Choose a Good Fishing

Hook Expensive fishing hooks are usually made of very strong metal and are equipped with an anti-rust coating. In order to get a good fishing hook on the market, consider some of the things that discusses below.

1. Knowing the types of fishing hooks

First, the type of jig hook, which is shaped like the letter J, is the most common type of hook found. Many expensive fishing hooks are also made in this shape, but are made of metal thick enough to allow for fishing for large enough fish. Before the hook is thrown into the water, the end of the hook is usually fitted with bait first. It can be pellet bait, small animals, or imitation bait made of rubber or silicone.

If you’re going to fish with expensive jig hooks, you’ll need to pull the rod up and down hard enough for the bait to move and attract the fish’s attention. Unfortunately, the fishing process is relatively longer with jig hooks.

Kail Pancing TermahalIllustration Image /

Second, expensive fishing hooks are circle hooks that look similar to jig hooks, but the hook points to the shank. The shape of the hook like this makes it not hurt the inside of the fish’s mouth. After eating the bait, the fish will usually swim away so that the hook is attracted by the fishing line. As a result, the hook will come out of the fish’s mouth, and when it comes out, its position changes and the hook hooks in the fish’s mouth.

Third, octopus hooks have the characteristic that their hook hole is curved in the same direction as the hook. The use of this type of expensive fishing hook is fairly easy; just pull the hook hole in the desired direction and the hook will follow that direction. Despite its short size, the durability and strength of the octopus hook are good enough that it is often used to catch large fish.

Fourth, the type of double   that has two hooks that are side by side so that they can install the whole bait. Bait attached to an expensive fishing hook of this type will look more natural and not deformed. Double hooks make the percentage of fish caught in the hook twice as large, but can cause serious injury to the fish’s esophagus.

Fifth, treble hooks have the characteristic of having three hooks facing three different angles, so that fish can be hooked from three different directions. With three hooks, this hook can still be used even if one of the hooks is damaged. There are quite a number of expensive fishing hooks made of this type of treble hook. But keep in mind that treble hooks are more suitable for open water fishing.

2. Adjusting the type of hook as needed.

A barb is a small thorn on the hook that makes the hook grip more firmly so that the fish doesn’t come off easily. It is not difficult to find expensive fishing hooks with barbs on the market. However, there are some areas that prohibit the use of barbed hooks to preserve fish. If you want to remove the barb on the hook, you can trim it with pliers.

Some expensive fishing hook products are not equipped with a barb by the manufacturer, so users only feel the sensation when the fish is caught on the fishing hook. A fishing hook that doesn’t have a barb won’t hurt the fish, so it stays in good condition when it’s released. Barbless fishing hooks are also relatively safer for anglers.

3. Choose the size of the hook as needed.

The size of the expensive fishing hooks on the market generally starts at the number thirty (30) for the smallest size and goes up to one (1) for the largest size. However, there are also fishing hook sizes that are larger than a size one (1) hook and are usually assigned an additional zero (0), such as 1/0, 2/0, and 3/0. To catch small fish, you can choose a hook measuring ten (10) to one (1), while to catch large fish, you can use a hook measuring 1/0 and so on.

4. Knowing the materials for making fishing hooks

Although manufacturers have their own standards regarding the materials used to make fishing hooks, usually there are two materials that are most often used, namely stainless steel and carbon. Stainless steel is known as a material that is very resistant to rust and is best suited as a hook material for sea fishing. Many expensive fishing hooks are made of this material, especially the Japanese steel type. While the carbon material is not very resistant to rust,  it is very light and strong, so it is liked by many anglers.


Both in fishing supply stores and in e-commerce, you can easily find various types of fishing hooks at various prices. Here are recommendations for some expensive and good quality fishing hooks.

1. Decathlon Caperlan Fishing Hook – 8374458

Expensive Fishing Hooks Decathlon Caperlan Mata Kail Pancing - 8374458
Decathlon Caperlan Fishing Hook – 8374458

Decathlon Caperlan is a type of circle hook made of 95.0% steel, 2.5% epoxy, and 2.5% nickel brass. The steel material used in this expensive fishing hook makes it strong and not easily deformed. The nickel coating makes this product disguised when in the water and protects the hook so it doesn’t rust easily when exposed to sea water.

Another advantage of one of these expensive fishing hooks is that the hook is strong and won’t straighten when used for fishing, as well as the offset for a stronger hook. Decathlon Caperlan is available in sizes 2, 4, 6, 2/0, 4/0.

2. Owner SSW Circle Hook 5178

Expensive Fishing Hooks Owner SSW Circle Hook 5178
Owner SSW Circle Hook 5178

Owner SSW 5178 is a type of circle hook made of stainless steel with a black finish so that it will be disguised when in the water. Because of the circle hook type, this hook will not hurt the fish’s mouth too badly. Like some other expensive fishing hook products, Owner SSW 5178 can be used for both sea and fresh water fishing.

In one package, Owner SSW 5178 is available in several sizes, ranging from 4/0 (7 pcs), 5/0 (6 pcs), 6/0 (6 pcs), 7/0 (5 pcs), 8/0 (5 pcs), as well as 9/0 (4 pcs). Owner SSW 5178 is quite in demand and has received many positive comments.

3. ZOC Major Craft Assist Hook HT3040 Size 01

Expensive Fishing Hooks  ZOC Major Craft Assist Hook HT3040
ZOC Major Craft Assist Hook HT3040 Size 01

ZOC Major Craft fishing rod type HT3040 is made of stainless steel that is rust-resistant, so it can be used for sea fishing. This product is equipped with an assist hook and a solid ring, so you only need to attach a fishing hook with a split ring without the hassle of buying these two necessities. This expensive fishing hook is available in only 1 size per package with 2 hooks filled.

4. Decoy Y-S23 Treble Hook HeavyDuty

Expensive Fishing Hooks Decoy Y-S23 Treble Hook HeavyDuty
Decoy Y-S23 Treble Hook HeavyDuty

Decoy Y-S23 is a type of treble hook and the outside is coated with tin or aqua block. The combination of the two not only protects the hook from rusting, but also makes the hook less prone to wear. The presence of a cover on the spot of this expensive fishing hook will help protect your hands from the sharpness of the hook when you have to pick it up in a hurry.

The eye of this expensive fishing hook is equipped with a protector to minimize snagging the hook on clothes when in use. Available in sizes 6/0, 7/0, 8/0.

5. Decoy Raishin RH-2 SIZE L

Expensive Fishing Hooks Decoy Raishin RH-2 SIZE L
Decoy Raishin RH-2 SIZE L

Fishing snakehead in fresh water is known to provide tough resistance. rod and reel a balance fish snakehead. The material used to make this expensive fishing hook is also very thick and strong, so it won’t bend easily when pulled by the fish. Decoy Raishin RH-2 is sold at a price of $5 per package containing 3 fishing hooks.

6. Vanfook Takumi Premium CT-88

Expensive Fishing Hooks Vanfook Takumi Premium Treble Hook
Vanfook Takumi Premium CT-88

It is a treble hook type fishing line made using high hardness EX heavy wire. The surface is coated with silver, so it is resistant to rust and discoloration. This product has an independently designed futokoro shape, so the durability of this expensive fishing hook is very good.

The Vanfook Takumi Premium CT-88 is available from sizes 1/0 to 6/0 which is sold at a price of $5 per pack of 4-6 fishing hooks. With the aforementioned features, this expensive fishing hook product is perfect for fishing for large fish.

7. BKK Raptor X Treble Hook Saltwater

Expensive Fishing Hooks BKK Raptor X Treble Hook Saltwater
BKK Raptor X Treble Hook Saltwater

The BKK Raptor-X is one of the most expensive treble hooks with hook gap proportions and a shank to create excellent durability. This product is made of very light wire and processed using hand-ground technology so that it can be fitted with baits that are small enough without affecting its performance.

On the surface, there is a layer of bright-tin Raptor-X to protect the hook from corrosion due to sea water. The BKK Raptor-X is available in sizes 3/0-1/0 and sizes 1-8.

8. ZJ151 Set Jig Fishing Hook 50PCS

Expensive Fishing Hooks ZJ151 Set Jig Fishing Hook
ZJ151 Set Jig Fishing Hook 50PCS

If you are looking for an expensive fishing hook that has enough content so you don’t go back and forth buying a hook, the ZJ151 Set could be the right choice. Designed with a jig hook, the silver ZJ151 does not have barbs, so it is relatively safer when used.

This product is packed with 50 pieces per package but has different weights, ranging from 3.5 grams to 14 grams. However, the price for each package is the same.

9. Gamakatsu GT ​​Recorder Treble Tree Hook

Expensive Fishing Hooks Gamakatsu GT Recorder Trebel Tree Hook
Gamakatsu GT ​​Recorder Treble Tree Hook

The Gamakatsu GT ​​Recorder is made of metal, which is quite heavy and strong because it is intended to catch big fish, such as Giant Trevally. The ends of these expensive fishing hooks are designed without caps, reducing damage to fish and increasing safety for anglers. The surface is coated with a silver layer to increase resistance to rust.

The hook section is designed with a fairly narrow wire, so it is easier to split the ring and prevent deformation of the fishing hook. Available in sizes 4/0 to 7/0, this expensive fishing hook made in Japan is sold for $70 per 1 package.

10. JKK SJ-L Set Twin Luminous Slow Jigging

Expensive Fishing Hooks Jk SJL Set Twin Luminous Slow Jigging
JKK SJ-L Set Twin Luminous Slow Jigging

This expensive fishing hook from JKK SJL has a unique appearance with green thread that can glow in the water, so it can attract the attention of various types of fish. Designed with the jigging type in mind, this expensive fishing hook is perfect for casual fishing.

This product is available in long or short yarn versions, just adjust it to your fishing needs. Although the price is not as expensive as the previous expensive fishing hook brand, which is only $17, the JKK SJL Twin Luminous Slow Jigging Set can still be relied on for fishing small to medium sized fish.

How to Tie a Fishing

Hook In addition to choosing an expensive fishing hook so that it can work optimally, how to tie a fishing hook also needs to be considered in order to get as many fish as possible. Here are some effective methods of tying fishing hooks.

Tie knot method

Steps to make:

  1. Insert a fishing rod and tie the ends tightly around the hook.
  2. Tighten the end of the knot by wrapping it around the fishing line four or five times.
  3. Insert the end of the fishing rod through the loop made in step one. Tighten the knot by tucking the fishing rod through the loop and pulling it firmly.
  4. Give the knot the earlier lubricating oil then pull it tight.
  5. Cut off the excess kenur that is above the knot and leave about 0.3 cm.

The Ovis knot method

Steps to make:

  1. Insert the kenur through the bottom hook to tie the hook.
  2. Form a figure eight by crossing the vertical stretch of yarn, then tie the back end through the first loop formed.
  3. Insert the end of the kenur through the top of the second fold and repeat through the third fold.
  4. Lubricate the thread with oil and then pull the end of the kenur to lock the knot.
  5. Trim the ends of the thread using scissors.

Palomar knot method

Steps to make:

  1. Fold two fishing rods about 6 inches or 15 cm and tuck them over the hook.
  2. Make a simple boxing knot using the folds of the kenur and make sure the hook hangs over the bottom of the thread.
  3. Tuck the crease under the hook and then back up, at the top of the hook.
  4. Tighten the knot by pulling on the vertical end of the knot and the bottom end of the knot.
  5. Tidy the knot by cutting off the remaining thread.

In addition to the three methods above, there are other knot methods for tying your expensive fishing hooks, including the davy knot, steel knot, and pitzen knot.


One way to increase the yield of your hooked fish is to buy a good quality fishing hook. In this article, we have discussed how to choose a fishing hook, recommendations for expensive fishing hooks, and how to tie a fishing hook properly.

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