10 Best Recommendations for Children’s Roller Skates (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Roller skating is one of the means that can be used to invite children to play and exercise at the same time. These skates are unisex, meaning they can be played by both boys and girls. Currently, there are many brands of roller skates for children on the market. Find out the recommendations for the best children’s roller skates through this review.

Best Children's Roller Skate Model
Children’s Roller Skates Illustration Image / Pinterest

Pay attention to this before buying roller skates for children

Physically children usually grow very fast. This makes things bought for children, such as shoes, clothes, pants, and bags become too small quickly. Therefore, before buying the best children’s roller skates, you need to pay attention to the following things.

1. Roller Skate Type

Before considering size and other things, you need to know what type of skate model to buy. Currently there are four types of skates, namely recreational, fitness, aggressive, and inline hockey . The four have differences in the form and use of roller skates.

First, the recreational type roller skates are the most commonly used by beginners who are just learning to skate. This type of roller skates has the characteristics of relatively small wheels with the aim that children can easily master the roller skates.

Second, the fitness type skate model which at first glance looks the same as the recreational type roller skate , but the use of the fitness type is intended for children who are already proficient in using roller skates. Fitness -type roller skates have higher wheels at the bottom to speed up movement when using them.

Third, the aggressive type of roller skates which are usually used for various attractions in the park. This type of roller skate model has a shorter wheel section and the notch is only plastic. Such a design is intended to make movement easier, more balanced, and easy to control even when used on uneven terrain.

Fourth, the inline hockey type roller skate model which is designed to be ridden fast, so the wheel size is much bigger. The control of this type of roller skates is not easy, so it is best worn by people who are proficient in using roller skates.

2. Roller skate size

After knowing the best type of children’s roller skates to buy, you need to determine the size of the skates. Several brands of roller skates offer shoe adjustment sizes of up to four levels so that roller skates can be used for a long time.

In order to fit the child’s physical development, usually parents will buy shoes one size larger than the child’s shoe size at that age. Unfortunately, not all skates come with size adjustment, so you’ll need to check the packaging or ask the retailer directly.

3. Child skills

Apart from the type and size of roller skates, you also need to consider your child’s skills in using roller skates. If your child is just starting to learn, buying recreational type skates would be more appropriate.

But keep in mind, even though children are proficient at using roller skates, it is better not to give them hockey -type skates that can slide very fast. The reason is that the child’s bones are still vulnerable and continue to grow, it is feared that the use of this type of roller skates can affect the growth and flexibility of the child’s bones.

4. The shoes are easy to fasten

Children are usually very mobile, so you need to choose skates that are easy to fasten. The two types of fasteners on roller skates are automatic fasteners, called buckles and strap fasteners. However, it is better to choose skates with automatic fasteners as they are easier for children to use.

5. Shoe wheel size

The wheels attached to roller skates can be adjusted according to the needs of the wearer, so not all roller skate manufacturers adjust the right wheel size for children. Usually the most appropriate wheel size for children is between 70-79mm.

6. Frequency of using roller skates

Another thing to consider when you are looking to buy the best children’s roller skates is the frequency with which they are used. If your child is of the same age and is busy with various school activities. You can just buy standard quality roller skates, because children don’t have much time to play with their roller skates. But if your child really likes roller skating, or even wants to become a professional roller skater, you can buy him the best quality roller skates.

7. Price of Roller Skates

There are different prices, roller skates with good quality are of course priced at a higher price than standard quality roller skates. But you need to remember that children’s physical development is very fast, so they can quickly change shoes. So consider carefully the price of the roller skates that you are going to buy.

10 Best Kids Roller Skates Recommendations

You already know how to choose the best children’s roller skates, here are recommendations for Ainun selection of various brands and roller skate products that can be used for your child.

1. Power Superb Inline Skates

Best Children's Roller Skates Power superb inline skates
Kids Power Roller Skates superb inline skates

Power Superb Inline Skates are perfect for kids who are just learning to skate. 
These best children’s roller skates are designed with wheels that can be moved to a position like those of an auto rickshaw, and that makes it easier for your child to make movements using the roller skates. These skates are also equipped with a shoe frame made of aluminum and wheels made of PVC rubber which make them comfortable and durable to use, even though they are often used over uneven terrain.

Another feature of the Power Superb Inline Skates is the shoe brake which is located on the right. If you want to buy these roller skates for your child, they cost around Rp. 200,000.

2. ASL Hard Boots 6081 Inline

Best Children's Roller Skates Original hardboots 6081 inline
Original children’s roller skates hardboots 6081 inline

ASL Hard Boots 6081 Inline are designed using an aluminum CNC frame with a sturdy looking shoe frame. 
The wheels of the best children’s skates use good quality PU material which is made of anti-slip synthetic rubber and makes it easy to control the skates. The wheel size is about 70 mm and is perfect for children who are just learning to skate.

Wheel skate bearings use ABEC 7. Unfortunately, the brakes on this product are difficult to install. The roller skates, which are available in two color choices, namely red and black, are sold for around IDR 500,000.

3. Lynx R55 Recreational Inline Skate

Best Children's Roller Skates Lynx r55 recreational inline skate
Children’s Skates Lynx r55 recreational inline skate

frame for the Lynx R55 Recreational Inline Skate is made of aluminum which is not easily scratched or damaged. The wheels are made of PVC rubber which is not easily broken even though it is often used outdoors. These best children’s roller skates are designed for girls and are available in beautiful colors, namely pink and yellow. However, adults can also use these roller skates, you know.

Are you interested in buying it for your child? The price for the Lynx R55 Recreational Inline Skate on the market is around IDR 500,000.

4. Lynx Recreational Inline Skate BM135

Best Children's Roller Skates Lynx recreational inline skate bm135
Lynx recreational inline skates for children’s roller skates bm135

Still from Lynx, the best children’s roller skate product is designed for boys, namely the Lynx Recreational Inline Skate BM135. 
The roller skate 
frame is made of CN material and the wheels are made of PU material whose quality cannot be doubted. These skates come in three sizes S, M and L, with diameters of 64mm, 70mm and 72mm respectively. The bearings used for shoes are ABEC 7 with a hardness of 85 A.

The fasteners for the skates are made of shiny metal, which makes the skates look even more sturdy. Available in a choice of black and blue colors, the Lynx Recreational Inline Skate BM135 sells for around IDR 500,000 to IDR 600,000.

5. Cougar MZS835L

Best Children's Roller Skates Cougar mzs835l
Cougar Kids Roller Skates mzs835l

The Cougar MZS835L has a roller-like design that is used by professional people using roller skates. 
The best children’s roller skates from Cougar carry an aluminum 
frame with very good quality PVC rubber wheels. Available in white-pink and purple -pink colors, the Cougar MZS835L has a design that looks trendy and futuristic.

This product is very suitable for walking on the streets with smooth cement, but not suitable for children who are just learning to use roller skates. If your child is already proficient in using roller skates, you can buy these shoes for around IDR 900,000.

6. Power Aosite 6001

Best Children's Roller Skate Power aosite 6001
Power aosite 6001 Children’s Roller Skates

The best children’s roller skates from Power Aosite 6001 have an attractive design because they are equipped with LED lights that light up. 
The LED lights up when the wheels are spinning, so your child can use these skates at night. In addition, the size of the roller skates can be adjusted according to the size of the child’s feet through the buttons available on the roller skates so that the shoes can be used for a long time. The price of these roller skates is also quite affordable, around Rp. 200,000.

7. Power Line HB22 Recreational Inline Skate

Best Children's Roller Skates Power line hb22 recreational inline skate
Children’s Roller Skates Power line hb22 recreational inline skate

frame of the Power Line HB22 Recreational Inline Skate skate is made of aluminum and the rubber wheels are made of PVC which is suitable for children who are just learning to skate. The best children’s roller skates are easy to control and can be adjusted according to the size of the child’s feet. The roller skate brake is only on one side, on the right.

For those of you who are adults, you can also use this product, because there are also sizes for adults. Interested to have it? The Power Line HB22 Recreational Inline Skate is sold in the market for around IDR 400,000.

8. Braman Roller Skates B400

Best Kids Roller Skates Braman roller skates b400
Braman Children’s Roller Skates b400

Braman Roller Shoes B400 is one of the best brands of children’s roller skates that can actually be used for boys and girls. 
However, this product offers a pink color that your son may not like. Like the previous roller skates, 
the frame of this roller skate product is made of aluminum, with the tires made of PVC rubber. When worn, the lights attached to the front wheels of these shoes will light up.

The price of Braman B400 Roller Skates on the market is quite affordable. You can buy it for around IDR 400,000.

9. Power King 666

Best Children's Roller Skate Power king 666
Power king 666 children’s roller skates

The best children’s roller skate brand from Power King 666 comes in 3 sizes, namely S, M, L which of course have good quality. 
The main material for the wheels on these shoes uses PU material, 
the frame is made of CNC aluminum, and the bearings use ABEC 7. The shoe fasteners are a combination of laces and automatic fasteners that will ensure the shoes are properly attached.

Carrying a trendy and playful design , these roller skates are certainly suitable for your child. You can easily find Power King 666 on the market for around IDR 300,000.

10. Weiqiu EVO Hard Boots Inline Skate

Best Children's Roller Skates Weiqiu evo hardboots inline skate
Weiqiu evo Children’s Roller Skates inline skate hardboots

Weiqiu EVO Hard Boots Inline Skate is more suitable for children who are already proficient at rollerblading. 
The shoe fasteners use a 
velcro strap with eyelets that look very suitable to the design and are also easy to use. The frame material for this best children’s skate product is made of aluminum, while the wheels are made of a combination of good quality rubber and plastic and are easy to control.

These shoes are very light so they won’t be difficult for children to wear and can be worn indoors or outdoors. The price of these roller skates is relatively expensive compared to the previous product, around Rp. 800,000.

Benefits of Roller Skating for Children

When rollerblading, your child may feel cool and happy even if they have to fall and get up. Besides fun, rollerblading provides many other benefits. What’s wrong? Find out more below.

1. Playing while exercising

Many people have the excuse that they rarely or never exercise because they don’t have enough time due to various activities, such as school, college, or work. But all that can be circumvented by playing roller skates.

This also applies to your children. When using roller skates, children are doing the same movements as jogging which burns calories. This is of course very good for maintaining your fitness, especially if your child aspires to be an athlete.

2. Burn calories

Because it is a form of exercise, rollerblading will also burn calories in your child. For one hour of rollerblading, the body can burn approximately 500 calories. This is because all the body coordinates when using roller skates, such as the feet constantly moving, the hands, and the body maintaining the balance of the body.

3. Train motor nerve performance

Motor nerves are nerves that connect certain muscles in the body, carry impulses, then cause the muscles to contract. When you take your child to skate, it means that you are also training the performance of the child’s motor nerves, because the muscles of the feet, hands, and body work together, especially the muscles of the lower body.

4. Train balance, agility, and body coordination

In addition to burning calories and training motor nerves, rollerblading can also be used to train a child’s balance, agility, and body coordination. Initially the child may fall often, but you don’t need to worry too much about this because at that time the child is still training his body balance when using roller skates. When the body is balanced, the agility and coordination of the child’s body also become trained.

5. Improve mood

As previously written, using roller skates is a form of playing while exercising. So apart from training your child’s motoric muscles, you can also play and spend time with your child.

In addition, roller skating is also good for heart performance and trains children to socialize, especially if done with friends. To get the various benefits of rollerblading above, you can use the best recommended children’s roller skate products .

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