10 Recommended Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Designs (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Anyone would love a bedroom with a comfortable feel and a minimalist and modern design. To get these nuances, of course you have to fill the room with prints with a minimalist design as well. And what is one of the must-have room fillers is the wardrobe. The wardrobe in question is a wardrobe with a modern minimalist design. That way, the room will emit a modern minimalist feel.

Modern Minimalist Wardrobe
Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Illustration Image / nhadecor.vn

Speaking of wardrobes, wardrobes are now available in many design variants. One of them is the best modern minimalist wardrobe design. What are you curious about? Let’s look at the full reviews as follows. In this article, we will discuss how to choose a wardrobe design and recommendations for modern minimalist wardrobe designs.

How to Choose a Good Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design

For those of you who are currently looking for a wardrobe with a unique design like modern minimalism, you must know the following tips. Especially for those of you who have just entered the house or filled out a new room print, the following tips are guaranteed to help you in choosing a wardrobe design. Immediately, following the review.

1. Adjust to the size of the room

First, always make sure the size of the room with the wardrobe you want to buy. To maintain a lot of space you can choose a planting cupboard. However, this needs to be adjusted in advance to the interior in the room. If the room you want to fill with a wardrobe is not too large, choose a wardrobe that is not too big either. It is intended that the room can be filled with other printilan.

However, if the room you want to fill with a cupboard has a large enough space. You can more freely choose the size of the wardrobe. However, always make sure to choose a size according to your needs only. This will also help you save your budget.

2. Select the appropriate material

Not only an attractive design, anyone must consider the durability of product use. It’s the same with wardrobe. When you choose a wardrobe, you should choose a wardrobe that is made with guaranteed materials to ensure the continuity of use of the wardrobe.

Currently wardrobes are made of various materials. And the material also greatly affects the price of the wardrobe. Know the advantages and disadvantages before you choose the product. Here’s the review.

  • Solid Wood Materials

Cabinets made of solid wood are usually priced at a higher price. This is because cabinets made of this material have very high durability. Not only that, the wardrobe must also have an elegant appearance and a more attractive design.

But please note, this product has a drawback where the weight is very heavy. So it’s not easy to move around. In addition, cabinets made of solid wood are also very susceptible to attack by termites and fungi. For this case, it can be overcome by applying wood varnish.

  • Fabricated Wood Materials

Both are made of wood, cabinets made of fabricated wood are the solution for those of you who want a wooden wardrobe that is priced cheaper than solid wood cabinets. Usually cabinets made of fabricated wood have a lighter weight than solid wood.

The design is also elegant, you need to know that this manufactured wood has less durability than solid wood. So you need to pay attention to the details between solid wood or fabricated wood when choosing a wardrobe.

  • Glass Materials

Very elegant, that’s the nuance that is emitted from cabinets made of glass material. For those of you who have bags, shoes, watches or other items that require a special storage area, you must have a wardrobe made of this material.

The design is very pleasing to the eye, you need to know, cabinets made of glass also have disadvantages where they are quite heavy, prone to breaking and priced at a relatively expensive price. How? Are you interested in cabinets made of glass?

  • Plastic Materials

Relatively cheaper, resistant to termites, mold and water as well as light weight, now cabinets made of plastic are mushrooming in society. However, cabinets made of plastic material also have drawbacks which do not have a reliable security system and poor weight resistance.

Cabinets made of plastic are suitable for storing children’s clothes that are not too heavy.

  • Iron Materials

Durable and long lasting, that is the advantage of cabinets made of iron material. Even though it can be used for wardrobes, in its application, cabinets with iron material are more used to store valuables and files.

No wonder this material is resistant to termites, water and also fungus. The drawback of this iron cupboard is that it doesn’t look very attractive and also has the potential to damage when it rubs against the floor.

3. Choose a color according to taste

Next is to choose the color of the wardrobe according to your taste. Choose a wardrobe with a color that matches the color of your bedroom walls. This will really support the modern minimalist feel that is created.

If you are not sure about the color you choose, you should choose a color that is not too flashy. This will reduce the possibility that you choose the wrong color. Don’t let the color of your wardrobe ruin the feel of your room.

Those are some tips that you can use to choose a modern minimalist wardrobe. Hope this helps you choose the right product.

10 Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Recommendations

Here we go

Already know how to choose a modern minimalist wardrobe, you also have to know the 10 modern minimalist wardrobe designs that are very popular in society. What kind of wardrobe are you curious about? The following is a Ainun review

1. Minimalist White Wardrobe

Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design White Minimalist Wardrobe
White Modern Minimalist Wardrobe

Being one of the modern minimalist wardrobe designs that is liked by all ages from young people to the elderly, the white minimalist wardrobe is an elegant wardrobe design that is highly recommended and has been very popular in society. 
Suitable for almost all paint colors, you can make this wardrobe design an option when you are confused about choosing a wardrobe design.

Suitable for both men and women, this wardrobe design will give a neutral feel to your bedroom/dressing room. This modern minimalist wardrobe design is also very suitable for those of you who don’t like flashy designs, this one design is here especially for you. Having a neutral color, namely white, you are free to combine other colors to fill your room.

2. Mirror Door Wardrobe

Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Wardrobe with Mirror Doors
Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design With Mirror Doors

If previously the wardrobe was only used for storing clothes, now the wardrobe has very many designs. 
One of them is a modern minimalist wardrobe design with a mirror door. So, while choosing clothes, you can immediately look in the mirror from toe to toe in the wardrobe door.

This type of wardrobe with mirror doors also comes in many variants. There are those who provide a half body mirror on one door only, you provide a full body mirror but only on one door, There are also cupboards that provide a full mirror on the door. So you can freely choose according to your wishes.

3. Wardrobe & Dressing Table

The Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Wardrobe with Dressing Table
Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design with Dressing Table

Very suitable for women, the next modern minimalist wardrobe design is a wardrobe that is equipped with a dressing table. 
This one wardrobe design is a wardrobe that is equipped with other functions that are designed as a package and cannot be separated. This wardrobe is equipped with a dresser, mirror and bench. No wonder women really like this wardrobe design.

In addition to saving room space, this wardrobe also saves a lot of budget to buy cabinets and dressers. With this wardrobe, you no longer need to buy a separate dressing table. Of course, having a dressing table will make your budget for buying a wardrobe more economical. How? Are you planning to buy a wardrobe with a design like this?

4. Sliding Door Wardrobe

Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Minimalist Sliding Doors
Minimalist Sliding Door Wardrobe

It is often a problem when opened because it takes up a large amount of space, it is time for wardrobes with ordinary doors to be replaced with sliding door wardrobes. 
This sliding door wardrobe has come to be one of the modern minimalist wardrobe designs. Apart from its unique design, this wardrobe with sliding doors can also be used as a solution for narrow spaces.

Not reducing the capacity of the wardrobe at all, you can save your space when choosing to use this sliding door wardrobe. Not only that, with this wardrobe you can choose outfits more freely with just one swipe.

5. Transparent Display Wardrobe

The Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Wardrobe Like Display
Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Like Display

Like shopping for clothes, bags, shoes and more, you need a place to store them to keep them looking neat. 
The solution is a wardrobe like display. This cabinet will usually stretch from the corner of wall 1 to the corner of another wall. There is no need to question its capacity anymore because this wardrobe can have up to 10 doors. This cupboard will fill the whole cold room.

This type of wardrobe is mostly used in physical stores to display all the clothes that are being sold. But there’s nothing wrong with choosing this wardrobe design to meet your needs. Especially for those of you who like shopping. With this wardrobe you can organize all your things neatly. That way your room still looks neat, modern minimalist.

6. Minimalist corner wardrobe

The Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Minimalist Corner Wardrobe
Modern Minimalist Corner Wardrobe Design

Specifically designed to be placed in the corner of a wall, this modern minimalist wardrobe design is also very popular in society. 
This wardrobe is recognized to be able to provide a greater capacity to store more clothes. Please note, this minimalist corner wardrobe design can also enhance the elegant feel of a room or room because it is considered a very unique wardrobe and different from the usual wardrobe.

If you have quite a lot of clothes and want a wardrobe that doesn’t take up a lot of space, this is the right solution for you. Of course, if it fits this wardrobe, you can add it as your wishlist.

7. Minimalist Open Closet

Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Minimalist Open Closet
Minimalist Modern Open Wardrobe Design

Even though clothes are prone to dust, did you know that a minimalist open wardrobe is one of the most popular wardrobe designs. 
This wardrobe is widely used by young people, especially men, because it looks simpler but still cool.

This modern minimalist wardrobe is also widely used in clothing stores to attract more buyers. How? Are you interested in this one wardrobe. If you are worried that your clothes are dusty, you can use protective plastic clothing. That way, you can still use this antique wardrobe and your clothes are safe and free from dust.

8. Minimalist Teak Wardrobe

Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Minimalist Teak Wardrobe
Minimalist Teak Wood Wardrobe Design

Very elegant and has been recognized as having a very long durability, this wardrobe is suitable for those of you who have just started a household. 
So, you can use it for a long time. Please note, this modern minimalist wardrobe is a wardrobe that is rarely found and is also priced at a fairly high price. Not surprisingly, this wardrobe is very durable and also has a very elegant design.

Clothing and other prints are safe, this minimalist teak wardrobe can be used as a wishlist by young people for their future homes.

9. Wardrobe Model Planting

Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Wardrobe Model Planting
Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Planting Model

Having a room with a modern minimalist feel is everyone’s dream. 
One of the supporters is the wardrobe model of planting. Have you ever heard of this modern minimalist wardrobe design? This is a type of cupboard that is placed jutting into the wall. So you can only see the door, because the cabinet body has been inserted into the room/wall.

Usually this one wardrobe design has been adapted to the shape of the room. That’s why if you want this planting model wardrobe, usually people have to do a room renovation first. So for those of you who are currently building a house, consider right now whether you want this type of planting cabinet to adjust the room

10. Full Glass Door Sliding Wardrobe

The Best Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Full glass sliding door wardrobe
Modern Minimalist Wardrobe Design Full Glass Sliding Door

Being the most luxurious modern minimalist wardrobe design, this full glass sliding door wardrobe is certainly very tempting, especially for women who really like mirrors. 
With this wardrobe, you no longer need to buy a mirror because the glass from this wardrobe really spoils you to look in the mirror from head to toe.

Having a sliding door made of glass, you need to be more careful because the door is prone to breaking. Did you know, with this wardrobe you have saved a very large room. You no longer need space for glass, you also no longer need space to open cupboard doors.


That’s a complete review of modern minimalist wardrobe designs. How? Has this article] answered your curiosity about this wardrobe? Hopefully yes. Especially for those of you who are going to fill a new house or new room, you can use the tips for choosing the wardrobe design as a reference to get the right product. Not to forget, you can also make the 10 wardrobe design recommendations previously described as a reference when you want to buy a new wardrobe.

And for those of you who still want to know about other recommended products, you can visit other articles only at checklist.id. Happy reading.

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