10 Recommended Minimalist Flower Racks from Wood (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Flower racks are very necessary at home. Especially if you are classified as a person who likes to collect flowers and ornamental plants. The existence of shelves makes ornamental plants neater. You are also free to put it indoors or outdoors for a more beautiful home.

Minimalist Flower Rack From Wood
Illustration of a minimalist hanging flower shelf from wood / Fashionbubbles

However, the many types and offers of minimalist wooden flower racks on the market will make it even more difficult for you to choose the right and quality product. This article will present an explanation ranging from tips on choosing a minimalist wooden flower shelf, a list of recommendations for a minimalist wooden flower shelf to ways you can pay attention to caring for a wooden flower shelf.

Tips for Choosing a Minimalist Flower Shelf From Wood

There are several things that need to be the focus of your attention to get the best quality flower racks. The following will explain some tips for choosing the best minimalist flower rack from wood.

1. Choose Based on the Type of Wood

Because the types of wood are quite diverse, you can choose a quality flower pot rack. Avoid rattan wood because it is easily damaged or not as strong as the others. Flower pot racks do have pretty good resistance, but it also depends on the type of wood used. Look closely and if necessary ask the seller what type of wood was used in making the shelf.

Flower pot racks have the function of condensing too much space when you arrange flower pots. So that to make it neater or concise, you can choose this flower pot rack as the best alternative to make your home decoration more complete. Place a pot size that fits the shelf load.

2. Choose Based on the Laying Model

If you have considered choosing a flower pot rack, pay attention to the shape and model of the flower rack. First determine where you will place the flower pot rack. If the placement location is narrow or not very wide, you should choose a flat type shelf and not too wide. Because flower racks have different widths and lengths. For a compact and slim size, it is more suitable to be placed on the veranda or balcony.

Meanwhile, terraced flower shelves are usually larger and wider which are suitable for accommodating many potted plants. This multilevel product also requires a large enough room. This is something that also needs to be considered if the room is large enough, multilevel flower shelves can be an attractive room decoration.

3. Choose Based on the Size of the Plant Pot

Flower pot racks must also be selected based on the size of the pot according to what is needed. The material that each product has can be different and accommodate certain limits. For flower pot racks made of wood, it can take longer to hold the weight of plant pots of up to several kilograms. The density of the wood allows it to withstand heavy loads except for rattan.

If your plant pot is dominated by medium size, it should be placed on an iron rack. Choose a product that has a metal frame that is quite a lot so that it can be sturdy when burdened with potted plants. For small plant pots, plastic shelves are also possible to use because they have a minimalist impression. Even if you choose a flower pot rack, don’t forget to treat or clean it in the right way. Place it at a suitable angle.

10 Recommendations for Minimalist Flower Racks from Wood

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After knowing the tips for choosing a flower shelf, it’s time for you to be given a list of recommendations for a minimalist wooden flower shelf that can be used as a reference before buying it. Here are a few lists of checklist.id Ainun

1. Ikea Kallax

Minimalist Flower Shelf From Ikea Kallax Wood
Minimalist Flower Shelf From Ikea Kallax Wood

The minimalist flower shelf made of wood which has been widely recommended with the best reviews from its users is the Ikea Kalax brand. 
This flower shelf can stand or lie down, attached to the wall or divide the room. The Kallax series will delight you and adapt to your taste, space, budget and needs. Matches well with drawers, shelves, boxes and inserts.

Made of particleboard, fibreboard, foil paper, honeycomb structure paper filling (100% recycled). This minimalist wooden flower shelf measures 77 cm wide, 39 cm deep, 147 cm high and can accommodate a maximum load of 13 kg. It is enough to clean it by wiping it dry with a clean cloth or cleaning it with a cloth dampened in a mild detergent, this minimalist wooden flower shelf will be shiny.

2. Minimalist Wooden Flower Shelf 5 Stacking and Disassembling

Minimalist Flower Rack From Wood Minimalist Wooden Flower Rack 5 Stacking Disassemble
Minimalist Wooden Flower Rack 5 Stacking and Disassembling

Brown in color, this minimalist 5 stacking disassembled wooden flower shelf looks more natural. 
Minimalist wooden flower rack made of teak wood. Make it easy for you to store shelves if you don’t use them or want to move them, this minimalist flower shelf uses a cool, multi-functional disassembly system, easy to carry.

Besides being able to be used for flower shelves, this shelf can also be made into a place for various objects. This shelf also has a glossy color so it looks shiny and easy to clean with just a damp cloth. This minimalist wooden flower shelf has a size of 60x20x100.

3. 5 Layers Minimalist Corner Flower Shelf

Minimalist Flower Shelf From Wood Minimalist Corner Flower Shelf 5 Stacks
5 Layers Minimalist Wooden Corner Flower Shelf

If you want to make small corner flower pots like cactus flowers and others in every corner of your house, this minimalist 5-layer corner flower shelf is highly recommended for you. 
This minimalist wooden flower shelf has 5 levels that you can place small flower pots or even small items like clocks, photos or other things on this shelf.

This minimalist wooden flower shelf is made of Dutch/pine wood with a height of 120 cm and a width of ±30 cm on each coaster, so it is very capable for placing small flower pots. The color of the pillars of this flower shelf is brown to make it look more natural, while the placemats for the shelves are made in white or black which can be customized as desired.

4. Stick Model Wooden Flower Rack

Minimalist Flower Rack From Wood Wooden Flower Rack Stick Model
Minimalist Wooden Flower Rack Stick Model

Want to decorate the walls in a unique way? 
Narrow room is an obstacle? You don’t need to worry, you can embed a touch of nature in your room with this minimalist flower shelf made of wood with this stick model. This flower shelf does not require a lot of space so that your narrow room also allows you to use this flower shelf. Designed in a hexagon shape makes this shelf look more unique than usual shelves.

Besides that, now there are many types of flower pots that you can use. So the flower rack model is also adjusted to the type of pot. Not only can you place flower pots, you can place other decorations such as night lamps, photos, and more on this minimalist wooden flower shelf. Get this unique item immediately, don’t miss it!

5. Flower Ladder Shelf Model

Minimalist Flower Shelf From Wood Ladder Flower Shelf Model
Flower Ladder Shelf Model

Who still thinks stairs can only be used for building houses? 
You need to know that now the ladder can also be used as a flower shelf! Now, for a minimalist wooden flower shelf model like the ladder model above, you can modify it to become a wooden flower shelf with smaller dimensions to make it look prettier. For example, it can be a decoration in a minimalist kitchen! Feels fresh and comfortable right?

Besides being placed in the kitchen, you can also place this ladder flower rack in your bedroom or living room so that your room looks fresher and looks natural. The color that is owned is also the original color of the wood itself so that it can blend with the color of the plants. Get this minimalist wooden flower rack immediately at the online shop or market.

6. Swing Wooden Flower Shelf Model

Minimalist Flower Shelf From Wood Model Swing Wooden Flower Shelf
Swing Wooden Flower Shelf Model

Well, for those of you who are happy with a unique wooden flower shelf model, there is a wooden swing flower shelf model like the one above. 
You can hang a beautiful wooden flower rack in almost any room in your residence that requires additional decoration, such as in the living room, bedroom or family room. Plants that you can choose to combine with this type of flower rack are Tongue-in-law, Rosemary or Peace Lily. An interesting thing that can add a feminine impression to the room is the hanging rope decoration which can be made with practical knots.

7. Wooden Flower Rack for Wall

Minimalist Flower Rack From Wood Wooden Flower Rack for Walls
Wooden Flower Rack for Wall

The hanging rack model is very suitable for placing on the wall of the house, the shape is also simple. 
You can hang small flower pots on this flower shelf so that the flower shelf design is still visible. There are several sizes of minimalist wooden flower racks that you can adjust to your needs.

This minimalist flower rack is brown to match the natural color of the wood. Many have been sold in the market or in online shops that you can access more easily for the transaction process. Get this minimalist wooden flower rack for a more beautiful room.

8. Wooden Root Flower Rack

Minimalist Flower Shelf From Wood Shelf Wood Root Flowers
Wooden Root Flower Rack

Luxurious, expensive, unique and glossy are opinions that are definitely the first time you think of this minimalist flower shelf made of wood. 
It is very suitable to be placed in the living room with a different size and makes your home even more luxurious. You want the flower rack to be made from real wood roots which are varnished and made glossy.

They have different shapes and sizes, some are tall and some are wide so you can adjust to the size of your room too. Because the manufacturing process and finding the roots of the wood is quite difficult, this makes this minimalist wooden shelf more expensive than usual.

9. Minimalist Propeller Indoor Flower Shelf

Minimalist Flower Shelf From Wood Minimalist Indoor Flower Shelf Propeller
Minimalist Propeller Indoor Flower Rack

The Propeller Minimalist Indoor Flower Shelf is also a flower shelf that looks unusual. 
There is a propeller decoration that makes it look even more aesthetic. This shelf can be placed in gardens, backyards, rooftops, as room dividers, and so on. This shelf is also suitable to be placed in the house such as in the living room, terrace, and others.

Made of solid wood, this product uses a water based finish. The size of this shelf is 110 x 105 x 25 cm. This product is easy to assemble yourself. So, what are you waiting for, get this minimalist flower shelf made of wood right away. Don’t miss it!

10. Minimalist Ladder Wooden Flower Rack with Wheels

Minimalist Wooden Flower Rack Minimalist Ladder Wooden Flower Rack with Wheels
Minimalist Ladder Wooden Flower Rack with Wheels

This Minimalist Ladder Wooden Flower Rack with Wheels is a shame if you pass it up as an option. 
With aesthetic details, of course you can put it in the backyard, kitchen, use it as a room divider, and so on.

This flower rack is easy to assemble because it uses a knockdown system. Made of solid wood, this product is durable. Sturdy construction with a minimalist design. This shelf looks elegant with a water base paint finish. Wheels equipped with brakes at the bottom of the shelf are intended to make this product safe to use. This product comes with a size of 125 x 25 x 100 cm.

How to Take Care of a Minimalist Flower Shelf From Wood

The following are ways you can take care of minimalist wooden flower racks.

1. Dry the Water Stain

Drinking glasses often leave water stains in the form of circles on the surface of a wooden dining table. If left alone, these stains will remain permanent and destroy the beauty of the natural wood texture. How to get rid of it can be by wiping a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda or a mixture of cooking oil and ashes with a soft cloth. For small stains, you can simply wipe the mixture using your finger. Another alternative is to burn the hazelnut seeds until the oil comes out, then crush them by beating them, then rub them on the stains.

2. Place in a dry or normal temperature place

Continuous exposure to hot temperatures can make wood dry and shrink, causing cracks in the layers of wood. Keep wood furniture away from equipment that emits heat or places that are directly exposed to sunlight, especially if you live in an area with high temperatures. Not only that, moist air can also provoke the proliferation of fungi or insects that are harmful to wood.

3. Clean Wood Furniture Periodically

Clean wood furniture at least once a month by spraying enough pledge or furniture coating liquid on the surface of wood furniture, then wipe with a cloth and allow it to dry. You can get equipment for cleaning wooden furniture at material stores or furniture stores. If necessary, you can also refinish wood furniture every 2-3 years so it doesn’t look dull.

4. Move Properly and Carefully

The habit of moving a minimalist table or chair by dragging or pulling the backrest can scratch and erode the wood due to friction with the floor. Pulling just one of the legs also risks damaging the seat joints. The correct way to move wooden furniture is to carefully lift it in cross-section or seat.

5. Use a Brush or Toothbrush for Inaccessible Parts

Basically, wooden furniture can be cleaned with just a cotton cloth. However, there are times when dust, dirt or mold on wooden furniture is not removed properly because it gets stuck between the gaps. Use a small, soft brush or toothbrush to reach these areas.

6. Take advantage of the rest of the tea as a cleanser

Apart from being healthy for consumption, tea has many uses, one of which is as a wood cleaner. For maximum color and shine results, dip a soft cloth in steeping black tea, wring out the cloth, then wipe it on wooden furniture to clean it and leave it to dry.

7. Use Base to Minimize Damage

Even if you are careful when moving your wooden furniture, sometimes it is the way the furniture is used that can slowly ruin its appearance. To minimize the risk of scratches or stains that make the wood color dull and the wood surface not smooth anymore, simply cover the top of the table with a tablecloth or table runner. As for the legs, you can cover them with carpet or felt on each leg.


That’s an explanation of minimalist flower shelves, starting from tips on choosing the best flower shelves, a list of recommendations for minimalist flower shelves from the best wood, to several ways to keep your flower shelves durable. To find out various information about recommendations, you can visit other article pages.

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