10 Best Flower Vase Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – The Best Flower Vases , Many studies have proven that caring for plants such as gardening, both inside and outside the home, can make you feel happier which also has an impact on a person’s life span being longer. For those who don’t have a garden or more land outside the home area, gardening activities can also be done inside the house by using a sitting flower vase or hanging flower vase.

Best Unique and Minimalist Flower Vases
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A green plant placed in a room not only adds to the aesthetic value of the room, but also makes the room look fresh. Flower vases can be chosen to place indoor ornamental plants such as flowers. Currently there are many indoor plants that can be placed in flower vases, for example Monstera , Paris Lilies , Philodendron , and so on.

10 Best Flower Vase Recommendations

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If you want to try to carry out activities to maintain ornamental plants such as flowers in the house, then a flower vase can be chosen as a container to place these ornamental flowers. Even though it seems trivial, the fact is that choosing the right flower vase can also increase everyone’s feelings of happiness. Therefore, on this occasion, Ainun will invite you to get acquainted with a number of the best flower vase options that you can choose to decorate the corner of your room or desk at home.

1. Alibambah Glass Flower Vase ALB-019-2

Picture of Alibambah Best Glass Flower Vase ALB-019-2
Alibambah Glass Flower Vase ALB-019-2

The flower vase itself has many materials to make, from rattan, plastic, clay, to glass. 
If you want a glass vase, we recommend choosing a flower vase from Alibambah. Alibambah ALB-019-2 flower vase is made of high-quality glass with perfect thickness. Not only thick, glass flower vases from Alibambah also have a bright level of clarity.

The existence of a glass flower vase from Alibambah not only makes the room fresher, but looks more aesthetic because of its elegant and minimalist appearance. You can put this flower vase in every room or several important rooms in your home, such as the study, bedroom or living room. The height of the Alibambah flower vase itself reaches 30 cm with an outer diameter of 13 cm so you can put lots of flowers in it.

2. Groot Vas Pot Bunga

Best Flower Vase Images Groot Vase Flower Pot
Groot Vas Pot Bunga

Want to have a flower vase with a cute and adorable shape? 
You can choose a flower vase in the shape of the cute character Groot from the film Guardian of the Galaxy made by 
Marvel Studios . The details of Groot’s flower vase are very similar to the Groot character in the film. The brown color of the trees with contours that resemble real trees makes this vase very suitable for planting flowers.

The material for making this Groot character flower vase itself is PVC, aka solid rubber, so you don’t need to worry that the flower vase is vulnerable to damage when it falls. The size is also quite small with a height of 16 cm so it won’t draw too much attention when placed on a table or shelf. Apart from functioning as a flower pot or vase, this object can also be used to store office stationery such as pens, pencils, and so on.

3. IKEA Willjestark Vase

Gambar Vase Bunga Terbaik IKEA Willing Vase
IKEA Willjestark Vase

The world-renowned Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA, has a wide selection of flower vases to decorate your home. 
One of the best flower vases from IKEA is the IKEA Viljestark Vas which is made of thick glass so it is not prone to breaking when accidentally dropped. This flower vase from IKEA has a striking transparent color so that the beauty of the flowers or plants stored inside can be seen perfectly.

This Viljestark vase by IKEA weighs about 270 grams and measures 10 x 10 x 17 cm. This flower vase from a glass bottle is perfect for decorating your dining room, family room, living room, study, bedroom, or in your yard where you relax and hang out with family or friends. The price of this IKEA flower vase is also relatively cheap, which is only 16 thousand per item.

4. Vas Bunga Aztec M59

Aztec M59 Best Flower Vase Images
Aztec M59

Do you want your family dinner activities to be more exciting? 
Please decorate the table with ornamental plants using an antique flower vase from the Aztec M5A9 series. For your information, the Aztecs themselves were an ancient civilization in the central region of Mexico which had a society with many ethnic groups in the 14th to 16th centuries. One of the most famous of the Aztecs is their strong ethnic and traditional motifs.

Aztec M59 itself is made of quality ceramic base material which has been designed with typical Aztec motifs with the dominant color brown. For the ceramic itself, it has a white color so that it creates a minimalistic color combination that is very beautiful as a room decoration. This ceramic flower vase has dimensions of about 12 x 12 x 30 cm. The best offerings from the Aztecs can be used to put artificial flowers that are famous for their beauty.

5. Mini Plastic Flower Pots

Best Flower Vase Mini Plastic Flower Pot
Mini Plastic Flower Pots

As previously mentioned, flower vases or flower pots have many models, including the use of the basic materials they are made of. 
If you are more interested in colorful flower vases made of quality plastic, you can use plastic flower vases. The design of this plastic flower vase is no less interesting, but minimalist and will definitely bring a cheerful atmosphere from the colorful appearance it has.

This type of flower vase is generally designed in a mini size, making it easier for the owner to move it. This mini plastic flower pot has a water reservoir so that it keeps the plants fresh. Because it is made of plastic, this mini flower pot will be more water resistant and not easily damaged. If you really intend to have this flower pot, be sure to choose different colors so that its presence can give a real cheerful impression.

6. Gypsy Tall

Gypsy Tall Best Flower Vase Images
Gypsy Tall

Besides functioning to place flowers, flower vases are also often used to store decorative stones or plastic plants. 
Therefore, if your main goal is to show beauty as a whole, it is advisable to use glass-based flower vases. You can choose Gypsy Tall as the best flower vase to decorate your living room or family room in your home.

The quality of the glass material used in the Gypsy Tall flower vase has been tested. The dimensions of this product are 14 x 14 x 31.5 cm so you can place plastic ornamental plants with planting media such as decorative stones so that the plant flowers don’t seem lethargic. The color of the glass itself is transparent with a mixture of turquoise so that at night it will reflect light which is very nice to see.

7. Vie For Living Gold Box Flower Vase

Best Vie For Living Gold Box Flower Vase Images
Vie For Living Gold Box Flower Vase

Do you like everything that seems classic but still has an element of luxury in it? 
One of the flower vases that suits you with this preference is 
Vie For Living . This flower vase with a classic design combined with beautiful plaid motifs will give an elegant and futuristic impression. For those of you who sit at the office desk more often, there’s nothing wrong with placing this flower vase next to the computer desk as a decoration.

This flower vase is different from the best flower vases before. The reason is, Vie For Living is made of a material called terracota. The name of the material comes from the Italian word for burning earth. The brown color decorated with small checkered ceramic motifs makes this clay flower vase have high aesthetic value.

8. Naindo Flower Vase

Naindo's Best Flower Vase Images
Naindo Flower Vase

You can also choose a flower vase in the form of melamine to beautify your room. 
The flower vase is Naindo which has a box shape that is slightly conical downwards. The melamine material used makes Naindo flower vases very beautiful, especially if there are no cracks or scratches on the outside of the vase. The main impression that Naindo wants to give is a minimalist room, especially if the wall paint in the room is white or another regular bright color.

This flower vase can be used to plant ornamental grasses or ornamental flowers. There are also various color choices for Naindo flower vases, ranging from yellow, black, blue, to white. With so many color choices, you can be creative to give your room a beautiful touch.

9. Diamond Hanging Vase

The Best Hanging Diamond Flower Vase
Diamond Hanging Vase

If your current need is for a flower vase that can be placed hanging, then a hanging flower vase is the only type of vase to choose from. 
Diamond Hanging Vase is one of the flower vases for growing ornamental plants by hanging. The material for making this hanging flower vase is ceramic. You don’t need to worry that the flower vase will easily fall and break because it is equipped with a sturdy support rope.

This hanging flower vase is easier to clean because it is made of ceramic material. The size itself is not too big or small, which is 14 x 13.6 x 11.7 cm. You can hang this flower vase in your yard or attach it to the living room wall. This flower vase has white and gray color variants that can go with many colors of room wall paint.

10. Vas Rotan Zakkz

Zakkz Rattan Vase Best Flower Vase Images
Vas Rotan Zakkz

Lastly, we will recommend a unique rattan-based flower vase. 
If you are a fan of woven objects, then it’s fine to buy this Zakkz Rattan Vase. With a vertical round shape with a smaller section on the belly of the vase, this woven bamboo flower vase holds an aesthetic value that everyone can enjoy.

The perfect rattan knitting on this rattan wooden flower vase is the result of the skilled hands of rattan craftsmen from abroad. The size of the Zakkz Rattan Vase itself is about 28 cm in height with a diameter of about 11 cm. The selected rattan material is also made of a color combination between coffee brown and golden brown so that this flower vase also has a minimalist impression .


Those are some of the best flower vase choices for you to decorate corners of your home or tables in your home or work space. By planting indoor ornamental plants, some benefits, of course, come along. The benefits provided from indoor planting activities are to purify the air, fight sick building syndrome , help sleep better, and most importantly reduce stress and depression.

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