10+ Recommended Good Quality Wallpaper for Walls (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Wall wallpaper is a wall decoration that often uses vinyl or PVC paper as the main material. To install it, just need to attach it to the desired wall area. Most wallpaper walls have a smooth texture and pattern, making them very pleasing to the touch or look. For those of you who want an artistic touch at home, you can use wallpaper to make your home look more attractive and beautiful.

Best Wall Wallpaper
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The advantages of using wallpaper are many, such as its good durability. In fact, for 10-15 years, the color or pattern will not fade quickly with a note of care. By using wallpaper, you can choose the look you want, because it is thematic and customize-able. Installation is also easy and fast, so you can install it yourself without the help of others.

10+ Good Quality Wall Wallpaper Recommendations

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Thanks to this, wallpaper is very suitable for coloring the walls of the house instead of wall paint. If you are interested in using it, then you can choose a variety of wall wallpapers that have been widely circulated in the online and offline markets. But to make it easier to find, the recommendations for quality wall wallpapers selected by Ainun below might help.

1. Joyful Home Interior Wallpaper PVC Wall 3D Wallpanel

Best Wall Wallpaper Joyful home decor - nice wall wallpaper PVC 30 Wallpanel
Joyful home decor – nice wall wallpaper PVC 30 Wallpanel

This Wall Wallpaper from Joyful is here to give the impression that the room is livelier because it has an embossed motif that is quite 
eye-catching . You can use Joyful home interior PVC 3D Wallpanel wallpaper to beautify and make your home look more luxurious. This wall wallpaper has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-stain, and water-repellent features. So you no longer need to worry about cleaning it from the stains that stick, just by using a wet cloth. 

The material is also hard and dense, unlike foam wallpaper which is soft and peels off easily. So that this PVC 30 Wallpanel wallpaper is included in the good wallpaper category and can last for years. This product is made from organic natural ingredients and is harmless to your children at home. You can also be creative according to your favorite color, because this wallpaper can be painted as you wish.

2. Blue Whale Thick 3D Brick Wall Wallpaper

Blue Whale Best Wall Wallpaper - 3D thick brick nice wall wallpaper
Blue Whale – Bold Brick 3D Nice Wall Wallpaper

Brick motifs will give the impression that the interior of the room is 
rustic , industrial style. This distinctive brick color can also add color to make the room in your home more attractive. Even with the presence of this brick motif wallpaper, you no longer need to bother building original brick walls, just use the Blue Whale, a thick 3D brick wall wallpaper. Made of XPE foam with a thickness of 4.5 mm and 5-6 mm, yet very light to hold.

Besides that, it also has the advantage of super sticky glue and can last a long time, don’t worry, good wallpaper glue is environmentally friendly. The density and high level of elasticity make children more protected from possible wall impacts, so that they will provide better security. The material is also water resistant and very easy to clean. Lastly, it’s flexible and easy to cut so you can adjust it according to your needs.

3. Joyful Home Interior Wallpaper Wood Pattern Wall Sticker 

Best Wall Wallpaper Joyful home decor - nice wood pattern wallpaper
Joyful home decor – nice wood motif wallpaper for walls

If you like aesthetic elements in every room, it seems that this Joyful home decor with wood motif wallpaper is worth a try. 
It has four color choices: glossy white, glossy blue, glossy orange and glossy purple. Choose according to your wishes and suitability in each room. For example, when choosing a glossy white color for the kitchen to make it look bright and aesthetic.

No need to worry, the features of this good wallpaper wallpaper are also anti-bacterial, anti-stain, waterproof and easy to remove. With a length of 50 cm and a width of 120 cm, you can already calculate how much is needed for one room. The texture is similar to real wood, not printing, and it already has adhesive, so all you have to do is peel off the plastic and stick it on the wall.

4. Blue Whale Wallpaper 3D Batik Motif

Blue Whale Best Wall Wallpaper - nice 3D batik motif wallpaper
Blue whale – beautiful batik motif 3D wallpaper

Are you the type of person who likes cultural elements at home? 
This batik motif 3D blue whale wallpaper can be one of the best solutions. It has high density, not only thicker but also more elastic. With a size of 70 x 70cm and already equipped with super sticky glue which is certainly environmentally friendly.

XPE foam material, so it is water resistant and easy to clean. The 3D model on this beautiful wall wallpaper has a very clear/real pattern. Besides that, it is also very easy to install yourself at home to beautify the room and add to the impression of loving Indonesian culture.

5. Tridee Plain Wood–POE05

Tridee Plain Wood Best Wall Wallpaper–POE05
Tridee Plain Wood–POE05

Tride Wallpaper provides lots of cool wall wallpapers with very real 3D styles, including Tridee Plain Wood–POE05. 
The motif in the form of a wood motif is very similar to the original, because the appearance is designed to be three-dimensional. The materials used to make them are natural and harmless, so they are harmless to children. In addition, the wallpaper is waterproof, soundproof, and easy to clean, so it’s safe when children are playing near it.

There are two thickness options, namely 8.5mm and 10mm, so it is strong enough to withstand minimal impacts or scratches. The wallpaper is also able to last a long time, even the manufacturers claim that this wallpaper is at least around 6 years old. If your choice falls on this wallpaper, then it is very appropriate, because when you buy it, you already have adhesive, so it can be easily installed yourself. Those of you who want to design a classic-style building, then you can use this one wood wallpaper.

6. Tokuniku 7065 3D Self Adhesive Fashion Modern Stripe

Best Wallpaper Tokuniku 7065 3D Self Adhesive Fashion Modern Stripe Images
Tokuniku 7065 3D Self Adhesive Fashion Modern Stripe

To give the room a bright, fresh and not boring feel, this wallpaper uses a blue color that captivates the eye. 
The blue color is combined with beautiful but simple motifs that bring a calm impression to your room. Its beautiful blue appearance is not only clearly visible when the light is bright, but when night falls, the color will shine to show its beauty.

To make it even more pleasing to the eye, this 3D wallpaper uses a vinyl-coated surface which is very comfortable when the body’s skin comes in contact with it. Thanks to that, the wallpaper is fireproof, soundproof, and easy to clean, allowing children to play quietly when around. You can place it in the living room, bedroom, study room, or any other room that requires a sense of serenity in it.

7. Luxurious LUX Wall Wallpaper 5-27 PRB

Luxurious LUX Best Wall Wallpaper Images 5-27 PRB
Luxurious LUX 5-27 PRB

Luxurious LUX 5-27 PRB is designed with a red brick-shaped appearance on all sides. 
This kind of display will be very suitable if it is placed in your cafe or dining room, because it looks like the cafes in the city of Brooklyn. By using this wallpaper, your room will produce a more cost-effective vintage style. Because, if you use original red brick, surely the costs incurred can be very much different.

Apart from being more cost-effective, by using this wallpaper, you will save more manufacturing time, because the installation process is easy and fast. Equipped with adhesive glue, you can install it yourself without the help of others. Thanks to its thicker, more textured appearance, your kids can play near it without fear of getting hurt. If you wear real red brick, hitting your skin will definitely result in excruciating pain. Cool, cost-effective, time-saving and safe, it makes it the perfect wallpaper for your home or cafe.

8. Xoxo Corner Sticker Wallpaper 3D

Best Xoxo Corner Sticker Wallpaper 3D Wallpaper
Xoxo Corner Sticker Wallpaper 3D

Shown by presenting a real brick motif, you can use Xoxo Corner Sticker Wallpaper 3D to decorate your home. 
The appearance itself is very similar and stunning, because it presents a wallpaper that is three-dimensional and is one of the best and best selling wallpaper motifs on the market. Its smooth surface makes children more comfortable and safe when in contact with it, because it won’t hurt them. Imagine if you use real brick, surely when it is scratched a little the skin will hurt.

Besides looking very real and safe for children, this wallpaper is also easy to install. This happens because the wallpaper is of the sticker type, so the installation process is the same as pasting a sticker, that is, you just have to peel off the glue cover and then stick it on. The living room to the bedroom will be very suitable if you stick this kind of wallpaper, besides being beautiful, it also creates an impression of calm. For those of you who want to decorate a room with calm nuances, then it is suitable to make this white wallpaper an option.

9. DECO-003 Sticker Wallpaper

Best Wall Wallpaper Images DECO-003 Sticker Wallpaper
DECO-003 Sticker Wallpaper

To present a calm room atmosphere, you need DECO-003 Sticker Wallpaper wall paper. 
With a white background patterned with flowers or characters, anyone who sees it will be very comfortable and calms the mind. Because of this, you can apply it to rooms that require quiet, such as bedrooms or study rooms. In addition, family rooms and living rooms are also very suitable when fitted with this kind of wallpaper.

In addition to a good appearance, the material used is also of high quality, because it is made of PVC. With these materials, the wallpaper is thicker, more fire-resistant, water-repellent, and easy to clean from adhering stains. The installation process is very easy, simply by removing the adhesive covering paper, then sticking it on the wall, then the wallpaper is installed. Not only does it fit perfectly on a flat wall, but also fits on desks, doors, cupboards, washing machines and other flat surfaces.

10. Luxurious LUX 5-75 PRB Premium Quality

Luxurious LUX 5-75 PRB Premium Quality Best Wallpaper for Walls
Luxurious LUX 5-75 PRB Premium Quality

For those of you who like country-style designs, using Luxurious LUX 5-75 PRB Premium Quality wallpaper can be the right choice. 
With a pastel-colored rustic wood motif, this wallpaper-covered building will give an old, rustic feel. Even though it has a rustic feel, wallpapers like this are still suitable when combined with a minimalist home. The color is also calm, so it doesn’t give off a dirty or gloomy air at home.

You don’t need to worry about its durability, because the non-transparent PVC material used is very durable. Not only good durability, this kind of material is also easy to clean from dirt and water resistant, making it safe when there are children nearby. With a design that is typical of the countryside and gives off a classic feel, this wallpaper will be very appropriate when installed in the bedroom or even the living room.

11. Glory 075 Blue Galaxy Planet Space

Glory 075 Best Wall Wallpaper Images Blue Galaxy Planet Space
Glory 075 Blue Galaxy Planet Space

For you or your baby who likes outer space, the Glory 075 Galaxy Blue Planet Angkasa wallpaper can be used as a room interior. 
Dominated by blue and star motifs, anyone who sees it will feel like they are in outer space. Usually, this kind of wallpaper will be placed in the child’s bedroom, besides being liked by them, it also makes the room’s atmosphere more lively. You should try it to be attached to your child’s room.

Sticking it is very easy, because there is already an adhesive that can be directly attached to the wall. Not only the walls, the ceiling of the room can also be pasted with this wallpaper, so that the feel of outer space is more complete. You who want to please your little one, can install it in their room. Also add good lighting, so that a real view of outer space seems to be seen right before your eyes.

12. Nature Motif Wallpaper Custom 3D

The Best Wallpaper for Walls Nature Motif Wallpaper Custom 3D
Nature Motif Wallpaper Custom 3D

Previously there was a wallpaper with a space theme, now there is a wallpaper with a natural landscape theme. 
With a 3D view that is so real, it makes you feel the beauty of the outdoors when you look at it. You can place this wallpaper in the bedroom or living room, with thick natural nuances, it will definitely give birth to calm after a day’s activities.

You can use this wallpaper if your vacation desires don’t come true right away. That way, you can feel like a holiday every day just by looking at the walls of the house covered in natural motifs. Of course, there are many choices of motifs, ranging from flowers, mountains, rivers, forests, and other beautiful views. You only need to choose the look that you like the most, so that you can get comfort.

13. Luxurious LUX 5-34 PRB Premium Quality

Luxurious LUX 5-34 PRB Premium Quality Best Wallpaper for Walls
Luxurious LUX 5-34 PRB Premium Quality

The blue color is indeed a source of calm, that’s why Luxurious LUX 5-34 PRB Premium Quality presents a blue wall wallpaper. 
The blue color is complemented by a slightly darker vine motif to create an elegant impression. Thanks to this kind of appearance, rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms will feel good to look at while giving the impression of serenity.

One of the things that this product relies on is the material which is made of non-transparent PVC. Because of these materials, the wallpaper is more textured, thicker, and lasts longer even though it has been used for years. Don’t worry when children play beside it, because this material is fire-resistant, water-resistant and easy to clean from stains. The pasting process is also easy, because the way it is attached is like the installation of stickers in general.

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