10 Best Hanging Pots Recommendations for Flowers (Updated 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Hanging plants around the garden makes the atmosphere seem neater and more comfortable. Hanging pots for flowers are also useful for adding space in planting flowers. Before discussing recommendations for hanging pots, let’s look at several ways to choose hanging pots.

Hanging Flower Pots
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Tips for Choosing Hanging Pots for Good Flowers

Apart from considering the price and reviews from previous customers, you need to pay attention to the following points before choosing hanging pots for flowers in the garden. Come on, see the following explanation.

1. Consider Pot Capacity

In choosing hanging pots for flowers, you need to consider the capacity of the pot with the flowers you want to plant. You should not choose a pot with a capacity that is mediocre with the size of the flower. It’s good, you choose a pot that has more space for plant growth.

2. Know the Quality of the Pot Hanger Rope

The rope on the hanging flower pot serves to hold the weight of the pot and its contents. Therefore, it is important to choose the best material and quality pot rope. If you choose a pot rope made of iron, it’s a good idea to know that the paint from the rope is water resistant and doesn’t rust easily. If you choose a rope made of plastic, make sure that the contents of the pot are not too heavy.

3. Know the Hanging Flower Pot Material

Hanging pots for flowers have various types of material they are made of. If you want to present a warm and beautiful atmosphere, you can choose flower pots made of wood. Metal materials such as iron can add a rustic vintage atmosphere .

Pots made of plastic usually have a variety of pot colors . The weight of this hanging flower pot is relatively light. You can easily use and clean it.

4. How to Arrange Hanging Flower Pots

There are many types of pots available in the market. Some can only be hung and some can only be linked to wood. You can hook flower pots that have hooks around garden walls and fences. Hang pots on string from garden trees.

10 Best Hanging Flower Pot Recommendations

Here we go

In the previous section, you already know how to choose a good hanging pot for flowers. Of course you already understand the factors that must be considered before choosing the flower pot of your choiceIf so, consider some of the following recommendations for hanging flower pots to beautify your home garden.

1. Cheap Hanging Pot Kunatarum

Hanging Flower Pots - Kunataruma Cheap Hanging Pots Leaves Artificial Plastic Flower Vase Wall Decorative Plant Stick Vase
Hanging Flower Pots – Kunatarum Hanging Pots

The following hanging pots for flowers have a luxurious design and have aesthetic colors. 
The product model is round and has a woven pattern. This type of hanging pot has 6 color variants, namely brown, blue, green, red, white and gray. Based on reviews from previous buyers, hanging flower pots can be 
self-watering so you don’t have to water the plants too often.

In one package you’ve got a pot, a pot rope, and a pot mat. At the bottom of this hanging flower pot there is a hole to let the water out. The pot hanging chain is made of strong and sturdy iron. This hanging pot material is made of plastic material.

You can also use hanging pots for this flower as a soil medium or water medium. It has 2 sizes, namely 16.5 cm x 11 cm and 21 cm x 14 cm. Are you interested in having this aesthetic pot?

2. Goland Iron Flower Pot

Hanging Flower Pot - Goland Iron Flower Pot
Hanging Flower Pots – Goland Iron Flower Pots

This hanging pot product for flowers has a unique shape at the top of the 
frame . There are beautiful carvings and birds that seem to be perched at the top of the frame . In one package there is an iron frame and coconut fiber. Available iron frame colors are also quite varied, namely black, white, and gold.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of the hanging pots for these flowers because they are guaranteed to be strong and long lasting. This unique type of hanging pot is also sun-resistant, you know! There is an anti-rust and water-resistant substance on the iron frame paint so it is suitable for placing in the garden. This handmade pot is 50 cm high with a hook height of 25 cm and a hook width of 25 cm.

3. Nara CJP 18 & 20 Woven Stick Wall Pots

Hanging Flower Pots - Woven Wall Mounted Pots Nara CJP 18 & 20
Hanging Flower Pots – Nara Woven Hanging Wall Pots CJP 18 & 20

Are you looking for hanging pots for flowers that can be attached to the garden wall? 
This type of hanging pot brand Panda Farm provides hanging pots that have 3 color variations, namely white, brown and black. In one package there is no rope to hang the pot. You can use the provided rope or attach it directly to the wall spikes around the garden.

This hanging pot for flowers has a semicircular shape with a woven pattern. This pot has 2 sizes, namely size 18 (top diameter 18 cm, bottom diameter 10 cm, height 12 cm) and size 21 (top diameter 21 cm, bottom diameter 11 cm, height 14 cm). The quality of these cute pots is nothing to worry about anymore. The pot material is made of strong and sturdy plastic.

4. NKT Hanging Netpot Size 15 Orchid Flower Pot

Hanging Flower Pot - NKT Hanging Netpot Size 15 Orchid Flower Pot
Hanging Flower Pots – NKT Hanging Netpot Size 15 Orchid Flower Pots

Are you looking for hanging pots for orchids? 
Pots from the NKT brand are the right choice, especially for those of you who have moon orchids. Based on 
reviews from previous buyers, this pot has a thick material, an affordable price and is suitable for growing orchids. The pot material is made of strong, thick plastic material.

Even though the price is cheap, the advantage of this pot is that it is resistant to sun heat. The length of the hanging pot hanger for this orchid flower is 49 cm. The pot itself has a top diameter of 14 cm, a bottom diameter of 9 cm and a height of 10 cm. The weight of the pot is quite light, namely 40 grams.

5. BMW Kitchen Ware Hanging Round Vase

Hanging Flower Pot - BMW Kitchen Ware Hanging Round Vase
Hanging Flower Pots – BMW Kitchen Ware Round Hanging Vase

Hanging pots for flowers this time are a little different. 
You can hang or put pots on the ground around the garden. The colors available from the BMW Kitchen brand are also very aesthetic. Available in white, black, pink, Tosca green, and gray.

The hanging pot material for this flower is made of plastic. The size of this pot is 20 cm x 20 cm 6.5 cm. The weight is also quite light at 132 grams.

6. Plastic pots, ornamental plant bulbs, hanging coconut fiber ropes

Hanging Flower Pots - Kunataruma Hanging Pots
Hanging Flower Pots – Kunataruma Hanging Pots
Hanging pots for flowers in the shape of a bulb have a different design from the shape of pots in general. Having a unique, stylish and up-to-date design can beautify your flower garden. This pot material is made of hard plastic so you don’t have to worry about its quality. The pot rope is also strong and neat.

Care for hanging pots for flowers is quite easy. You just change the water more or less once every 5 days or once a week at the latest. The length of the pot rope is approximately 30 cm. The bottle height is approximately 14 cm with a water capacity of 320 ml.

7. Iron Chain Flower Pot Coconut Coir Hanging Plant Balcony Decoration

Hanging Flower Pots - Plastic Pots Decorative Plant Bulbs Hanging Coconut Coir Rope
Hanging Flower Pots – Plastic Pots Bulb Ornamental Plants Hanging Coconut Coir Rope

This variant of hanging pots for flowers this time has a retro 70s style. 
The presence of coconut coir supports a strong retro feel. 
This pot frame is made of iron which is not thick but sturdy. The dimensions of the pot are 20cm x 25cm x 30 cm.

Even though it is made of iron, this pot is suitable for you to place in the garden because it is strong and durable. A package of hanging pots for flowers consists of an iron frame with an iron chain to hang it and coconut husk as a place for the plants. You can put petunias and nine o’clock flowers in these pots. It also has another advantage, namely heat resistance.

8. Kunataruma Hanging Pot Paste

Hanging Flower Pot - Iron Chain Flower Pot Coconut Fiber Hanging Plant Balcony Decoration
Hanging Flower Pots – Iron Chain Flower Pots Coconut Fiber Hanging Plants Balcony Decorations

Hanging pots for the following flowers are no less good than the previous pots. 
The shape of this pot is semicircular. There are 2 holes that become pot hooks. You can hook the pots with string and thread them around the garden.

The price of this hanging pot is very cheap and affordable. The color of the pots also varies greatly. There are green, pink, purple, yellow, terracotta, white, orange and blue colors. Hanging pots for this flower also have 2 sizes, namely M (21 cm x 18 cm x 13 cm) and L (25 cm x 21 cm x 16 cm).

9. Purie Garden Hanging Colorful Flower Pot 21.5 cm

Hanging Flower Pot - Purie Garden Colorful Hanging Flower Pot 21.5 cm
Hanging Flower Pots – Purie Garden Colorful Hanging Flower Pots 21.5 cm

Are you looking for a pot that has a 
colorful color ? Hanging pots for this flower have 8 striking color variants. There are pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, black and white colors. These colorful pots are suitable for many types of foliage and plants with flowers that have bright petals.

Even though the price is cheap, you don’t need to doubt the quality of the hanging pot for this flower. This pot material is made of flexible plastic material so it doesn’t break easily. This pot has a top diameter of 21.5 cm, a bottom diameter of 10 cm and a height of 13.5.

10. Pretty Wall Pots

Hanging Flower Pots - Beautiful Wall Pots
Hanging Pots for Flowers – Beautiful Wall Pots

Are you looking for hanging pots for flowers that can be attached to the wall around the garden? 
You can use this unique pot. The shape is almost semi-circular and there are carvings that add detail to this pot. There is only one color variant of this pot, namely ivory white. The contents that can be accommodated in this pot are quite large.

The quality of the hanging pots for these flowers is also good and thick so they are durable. At the bottom of the pot has no holes. This fact makes you do not need to water the plants with lots of water. If necessary, you can make holes in the bottom of the pot yourself.

Types of Flowers Suitable for Hanging Pots

In the previous section, you already know 10 recommendations for hanging flower pots in the garden. Maybe you have extra hanging pots and are confused about what kind of flower to fill in the pot? Here are some flower inspirations that are suitable for hanging pots of your choice.

1. Parisian Lilies

This flower, which has the nickname of chicken feather, is one of the flower inspirations that is suitable for your favorite hanging pot. Its simple appearance makes this flower attract many people’s hearts. The characteristics of Paris lilies are white edges, dark green stripes, and small elongated. Usually the leaves of this plant are about 10-40 cm long and 1.5-2.5 cm wide.

Caring for this plant is fairly easy. You don’t need to bother watering this plant. Apart from being an ornamental plant, this flower is able to eliminate harmful substances such as carbon monoxide in the air. This flower is very useful so it is suitable to complete a collection of ornamental plants in your home garden.

2. Orchids

Hanging pots for orchids are usually made of plastic or ceramic. At the bottom of the pot there is usually a hole for root air circulation. This flower is easy to care for and suitable in hot areas so it is popular in Southeast Asia. There are more than 25,000 species of orchids spread throughout the world.

The smallest size of the orchid flower is half a centimeter and the largest is three meters in size. Some orchids can bloom for months and some can bloom in hours. The age of this orchid flower can reach 100 years, you know! You will not regret planting this flower in your favorite flower pot.

3. Dutch Betel

Hanging pots for Dutch betel flowers are usually small. At the bottom of the pot there is a container for storing water. The use of this water to maintain moisture in plants. The benefits of this plant can absorb pollutants from around the garden with the color of its yellow leaves.

When the area around the plant is full of pollutants, the leaves will quickly age and get saturated. In addition to reducing pollution, this plant can reduce body and mouth odor, itching, nosebleeds, and anti-bacterial. The price of this plant is relatively cheap, ranging from Rp. 7,500.00 to Rp. 15,000 per bag.

4. Latana

For you flower lovers, there is nothing to lose by preparing hanging pots for this latana flower. This is because this flower has many color variations such as orange, yellow, a mixture of red, blue, white and pink gradations. The age of this plant is also fairly long. It is able to live more than 2 years.

This plant can also be an organic pesticide. Natural pesticides are very efficacious in repelling insects and diseases caused by fumigant activities. You can use this plant on seeds to keep pests away.

5. Petunias

Are you looking for flowers that thrive in hot areas? Choose petunias as your next flower collection! Even though it can thrive in hot areas, this plant must be exposed to enough sun, huh!

Petunia flowers also have different color variations, you know! Starting from purple, white, red, light blue, yellow, and pink. If you’re lucky, you might get black flowers. Have you prepared any hanging flower pots for these petunias?

6. Fuchsia

Ornamental flowers shaped like bells can live in areas that have cool and humid climates. The bright flower colors are perfect for decorating your home garden. Many big fashion brands are inspired to use this flower color for their newest collections, you know! Because the unique flower color of this flower comes from a mixture of bright red and purple.

In its care, this flower only requires morning and evening sun. You need to be careful in summer because this flower does not like extreme hot weather. Are you getting interested in caring for fuchsia flowers?


After knowing the 10 recommendations for hanging pots for the best flowers, have you decided to buy the best hanging pot products? In choosing hanging pots, of course, it must be adjusted to the capacity, quality and placement of flower pots so that the pots can be arranged neatly and beautifully. In addition, choose flowers that are suitable for the hanging flower pots that you have so that the flowers are expected to grow well. Hopefully the information that has been provided will be an inspiration in choosing hanging pots! Congratulations on choosing your flower pot of choice!

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