10 Best Card Reader Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – As the name implies, a card reader is computer hardware that is used to read memory cards, transfer data and also store data. Sounds very familiar, now there are many types of card readers and they have been upgraded to be more unique and useful to meet the needs of their users.

Best Card Reader
Illustration of Card Reader / Movilzon

If previously card readers could only be used to read and transfer data, now the best card readers can be used to store data. Not only that, now the card reader can also transfer data without uniting one device with another via the cloud.

This can be done without the help of cables or what is commonly called wireless. Very cool right? Well, for those of you who are curious about what the best card reader is like right now. Check out the reviews in the following article.

How to Choose a Good Card Reader

Already present in many types, anyone can be confused when choosing this card reader product. Well, so as not to get confused. Check out the following simple tips in choosing the best card reader product.

1. Check for a compatible operating system (OS).

Able to access different operating systems, you must ensure that the card reader you choose can access the operating system you are using. If you are a Windows user, choose a card reader for the Windows operating system.

Or you can also choose a card reader that is compatible with many OS including the OS you are using. So that for the future, you can still use the card reader for a different OS. Don’t get it wrong.

2. Pay attention to the transfer speed

Having the function of moving data or transferring data, a card reader certainly has different data transfer speeds. So, before buying this product, you should first know the transfer speed, that way you can adjust it to your needs.

3. Check out the additional features

Next, always pay attention to the additional features provided. Examples of additional features are additional software, wifi repeaters and others. If your card reader product has this wifi repeater feature, that means you can transfer data without using a cable.

Very simple, right? There is also a card reader that provides additional applications or software in the form of data recovery software that can restore data if it has been deleted. There is also something useful for restoring corrupted data when an error occurs in data transfer. And usually these additional features will also affect the price of the card reader product.

10 List of Best Card Reader Recommendations

Already know how to choose the best card reader, now is the time for you to know the 10 card reader flagship products. Check out the following Ainun reviews .

1. Voter Card Reader + OTG

Best Card Reader Votre Card Reader + OTG
Voter Card Reader + OTG

OTG or what is commonly called a multifunctional card reader that can make it easier to share files from many devices such as PCs, laptops and smartphones to various types of memory cards. 
Can you imagine a card reader combined with OT? Now you can get it on Votre Card Reader + OTG products.

Even though it has a very small shape, this one product is very useful in terms of storing and reading data. Can store data, that means the card reader is equipped with memory.

The best card reader on this one is a fairly inexpensive memory card reader that is multifunctional. This Votre Card Reader + OTG has the function of connecting from a cellphone to memory or flashdisk and vice versa. In addition, this card reader can also be used for active speakers with data from a memory card.

2. SanDisk Imagemate All in One USB 3.0 Reader

Best Card Reader SanDisk Imagemate All in One USB 3.0 Reader
SanDisk Imagemate All in One USB 3.0 Reader

Designed with a stylish vertical model, this best card reader is perfect for your work desk which has limited space. 
This product is compatible with many types of card formats including the new UDMA 7 Compact Flash Drive card format.

For large data transfers such as HD video, this card reader has very high performance, namely the USB 3.0 feature. You need to know, there are many multifunctional card readers and they are easy to find in physical and online stores. Come on, order now.

3. Sony XQD/SD Card Reader

Best Card Reader Sony XQD-SD Card Reader
Sony XQD-SD Card Reader

Able to transfer data very quickly, the best Sony XQD/SD Card Reader is compatible for XQD, SD card types. 
For those of you who want a card reader with a high transfer speed, you can look at this product.

This Sony XQD/SD Card Reader can transfer data up to 60 GB in 3 minutes. For its design, the card reader product is made of plastic with a weight of only 0.52 kg which is very durable to use. Having very powerful features, it’s only natural that this card reader product is priced at a fairly high price.

4. iDragon 4 In 1 Card Reader

Best Card Reader iDragon 4 In 1 Card Reader
iDragon 4 In 1 Card Reader

Want to move data to a PC that has a USB port, or from an Android smartphone? 
You can use a card reader from the iDragon 4 In 1 Card Reader. Having a small size of 58 mm x 40 mm x 8.8 mm, you don’t need to prepare a large room for storage.

The iDragon 4 in 1 Card Reader has 4 port connectors, namely lightning, USB with type C, micro USB, and USB type A. Not only Android smart phones, you can also transfer data from an SD card to a notebook or macbook equipped with USB. with type C. Very cool, right?

5. Transcend RDF5

The Best Transcend RDF5 Card Reader
Transcend RDF5

Equipped with additional features in the form of RecoveRx software which functions to restore deleted data, that is the best card reader from Transcend RDF5. 
So, your data is guaranteed to be safe even if there are interruptions during the data transfer process. Not only that, this card reader product is also equipped with an LED light feature as a sign when data transfer is being carried out.

You need to know, Transcend RDF5 is equipped with various Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS X 10.2.8 or Linux Kernel 2.6.30. Due to its design, this product is designed without cables which makes it easier for you to take it anywhere.

6. Kingston USB 3.0 High-Speed ​​Media Reader

Best Card Reader Kingston USB 3.0 High-Speed ​​Media Reader
Kingston USB 3.0 High-Speed ​​Media Reader

Who doesn’t know the Kingston brand? 
This brand already presents a card reader, namely the Kingston USB 3.0 High-Speed ​​Media Reader. The card reader can be used on various OS such as Windows 7, 10, Mac OS, to Linux. Not only that, those of you who use a Chromebook can also use this card reader.

For its design, this product is very simple with a size of 93.3 mm x 52.68 mm x 16 mm with speeds of up to 5BG/s. This product is compatible with SD cards of CF Type I & II (UDMA 0-7), SD/SDHC UHS I-II/SDXC UHS I-II, microSD/microSDHC UHS-I/microSDXC UHS-I, Memory Stick PRO/Duo. /PRO Duo/PRO-HG Duo. You also need to know, this product is equipped with an LED light that indicates that the product is being used.

7. Brica Air Storage Card Reader

Best Card Reader Brica Air Storage Card Reader
Brica Air Storage Card Reader

Able to transfer data without connecting 2 devices, this product can transfer data through the cloud because it is equipped with a wifi repeater. 
That’s the Brica Air Storage Card Reader. This one card reader can be used by up to 20 users at the same time.

That’s why this product is perfect for those of you who work in a team. That way your work can become easier. Works for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. This best card reader is compatible with SD/SDHC/SDXC & microSD/TF cards. For its design, this card reader product has a size of 50 grams which can be easily carried anywhere.

8. E-PRO Card reader EC-3329

The Best Card Reader E-PRO Card reader EC-3329
E-PRO Card reader EC-3329

Want to find a card reader that is simple and easy to use, the E-PRO Card reader EC-3329 is here for you. 
This card reader can be used for types of memory cards such as SD cards to Micro SD. Very compatible, this card reader product can also be paired with an adapter.

This card reader can also be integrated with cables and USB connectors that can be inserted into the slot provided so that you don’t need a separate additional cable. For data transfer, this card reader is also very capable thanks to the USB 3.0 interface.

9. Card Reader Havit HV-C15

The Best Card Reader Havit HV-C15 Card Reader
Card reader Havit HV-C15

Designed with 6 memory card slots such as MS Series, SD Series, MMC, XD Card, to universal ones such as Micro SD, the Havit HV-C15 Card Reader is one of the most capable multifunctionalist card readers.

Designed very simply and concisely, this product can help you to read the card you need. Supports high speed (480Mbps) and full speed (12Mbps), did you know that this product is priced at a very affordable price.

10. Mediatech Card Reader USB 3.0

Best Card Reader Mediatech Card Reader USB 3.0
Mediatech Card Reader USB 3.0

Furthermore, there is a very simple card reader from Mediatech Card Reader USB 3.0 with data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps. 
That way you don’t have to wait long to send data. You need to know, this card reader is also compatible for USB 2.0.

For the type of memory, this card reader is compatible with memory types such as SDXC, SDHC, MMC, RSMNC, DV-RSMMC, Micro SD, to Micro MNC. For its design, this best card reader product is equipped with an LED light to indicate that transfer activity is taking place. So cool, right?

Those are the 10 best card reader products that you can use as a reference when you want to buy a card reader product. Don’t forget to always check the speed, the amount of memory if there is memory available on the card reader when you want to buy a new one. This is so that you get a genuine product and not a fake card reader. How? Have you found a suitable product?

Use of Card Readers

Often considered only as a data reader only. Know the full function of the card reader as follows.

1. Media liaison and readers

Having the ability to connect memory cards with other devices such as PCs and smart phones via a USB connection, a card reader can be a connecting medium as well as a data reader. By connecting a smart phone to a PC, you can read any data on the smart phone.

2. Data storage

Apart from being a liaison and reader, a card reader can also store data. Of course, the card reader must have a memory card in it. So, for card readers who have this memory card, you can first save it to the card reader and then transfer it to your PC or to your smart phone. To enter a smart phone, usually the card reader is called OTG. For card readers like this, they are usually priced at a slightly higher price than usual according to the amount of memory capacity and also the speed of the card reader.

Types of Card Readers

Having differences in each product, here are some types of card readers on the market.

1. Single slots

For this type, it is often referred to as a 2in1, 3in1, 5in1 card reader and so on. This card reader has only one hole to read a certain type of memory. The advantage is that this card reader can focus on reading data from one card reader and usually has a high transfer speed.

2. Multi Slots

Unlike the single slot, this card reader has many different slots. This type of multi-slot card reader is often referred to as 9in1, 12in1, 15in1 and so on. That way, you don’t need to collect lots of single slot card readers for different types of memory. The advantage is that you can easily access many types of memory.

What’s the difference between a Card Reader and a Flashdisk?

Often considered the same, did you know that flash drives and card readers are different things. Are you curious what are the differences between a card reader and a flasdisk? Come on, see the review.

1. First, the difference between the two is that flash drives can only be used or accessed on a computer or laptop, while memory cards (card readers) are usually used for other electronic devices such as cellphones, digital cameras, and so on.

2. Second, flash drives are practical data storage devices because they are ready to use, while memory cards require other media, namely card readers. Not only that, sometimes you will also need a different card reader. This is because of the various types,

3. A flash drive is a data store that is less secure when used in inter-computer transactions. As for memory cards, in general they can ward off virus attacks from other computers. This is called the write protection mode.

4. To remove it from the computer or PC, the flash drive must be ejected or safely removed beforehand when it has not been removed from the computer or PC in order to maintain data security. Meanwhile, the memory card can be removed from the device immediately if the user has finished using it.

Those are some of the differences between flash disks and card readers. Although they are often considered the same, they have very significant differences.


Those are reviews about good card readers that could be your choice. Starting from how to choose a product, 10 lists of the best card reader products, their types, and also their benefits. How? Have your questions and curiosity been satisfied with these reviews? Then, have you found the right product for you? Come on, just order at your favorite store. Don’t forget to also check other recommended products on other pages. Happy choosing.

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