10 Best Cheap Tablet Pen Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – In the field of technology, especially the use of tablets, there are many advantages and disadvantages of tablet products on the market today. When you want to buy the tablet, you must first determine what criteria you want. As a user, you also have to be more careful and understand what is a matter of consideration in choosing. With so many choices on the market, you may feel confused about which product to choose.

Best Tablet Pens
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You as a user may have experienced dissatisfaction with the goods or products you have purchased. Maybe due to lack of experience in choosing or just seeing the beauty of the product from the outside. Or maybe you just see the price, so just choose the product. It should be noted that technological goods such as tablets are very vulnerable to weaknesses that can only be felt after the tablet is used.

Tips for Choosing a Good Cheap Pen Tablet

Accuracy is needed in this regard to prevent dissatisfaction with the product you have purchased, one of which is the Pen Tablet. Here are tips on choosing the best pen tablet.

1. Choose By Size

When buying a pen tablet, pay attention to the size of the desktop or laptop monitor you are buying. If the size is large, then you have to choose a pen tablet with a large active area, and vice versa. This step is very important so that the objects you draw in the active area appear or are visible in the same size on the computer monitor

Basically, synchronization between pen tablets and computers works on a certain scale. As a result, if you use a small tablet on a large screen, then when you draw an object with a small size, its size on the monitor screen will be many times larger.

This is why you need to balance the size of the tablet with the monitor. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same, the most important thing is not too far from your proportions. Even so, actually you can also get used to working in combinations of mismatched sizes, however, if you are still a beginner it is better to work in proportionate combinations to make it more comfortable as well as productive.

2. Pay attention to the Pressure Sensitivity

As the name suggests, pressure sensitivity indicates the level of sensitivity that the stylus pen can detect to the pressure exerted by the tablet user. The higher the sensitivity, the better the ability of the stylus to identify the intensity of the pressure to determine the thickness of the line.

Each user has different preferences for the right pressure sensitivity according to their style and needs. If you just draw as a hobby and don’t really care about details, sensitivity at the level of 4096 or below is more than enough. However, if you are a professional who works very detailed, maybe you are better off choosing a high sensitivity, namely 8192.

3. Choose Based on Image Result Resolution

In this one criterion, it is very important to pay attention to you, who do a lot of detailed projects. Pen tablet resolution is specified in lines per inch (lpi), which means how many vertical and horizontal lines the screen can display per inch. Even though the screen size is the same, a tablet with a higher resolution will display sharp images as well.

Most pen tablets currently use a resolution of 5080 lpi. This resolution is more than enough to produce high-level precision on the various projects you work on. Some products also have a resolution of 2540 lpi which is still less sharp. However, if you only talk about it as a hobby, that resolution is more than enough.

4. It has a matte screen protector

The matte screen protector is one of the favorite accessories among digital art activists. Basically, this coating gives it a very bitchy texture, very much like paper. As a result, the friction that occurs is more comfortable when drawing. With the shape of the screen, which is mostly tablet monitors, it tends to be slippery and is also typical of glass.

Matte coating is an alternative that you can try. Some products have practiced it directly on their tablet monitors. Even with that experiment, if the product of your choice doesn’t already have this layer on, you can give it separately as an accessory.

5. Equipped with Laminated Screen

If you want to decide to choose a tablet monitor, then you must pay attention to the screen parallax. Parallax here is defined as the difference between the stylus eye and the cursor position on your screen. This size is influenced by the thickness of the glass layer on the screen that separates the stylus from the sensor that detects touch (digitizer).

The thicker the spacing, the greater the parallax, which can lead to greater inaccuracies between the stylus and the cursor. Manufacturers can minimize problems like this by implementing laminated screens, namely monitors that are thinner because layers of glass and digitizer are put together.

10 Best Cheap Tablet Pen Recommendations List

Here we go

Next, you will be given 10 lists of the best cheap pen tablet recommendations along with a brief review from Ainun. This will certainly make it easier for you to decide on the best tablet pen that suits your needs.

1. One Medium CTL-672 from the Wacom Brand

The Best Pen Table One Medium CTL-672 from the Wacom Brand
One Medium CTL-672 from Brand Wacom

This one product has electromagnetic technology that can make it easier for you to control the stylus 
This stylus pen tablet has electromagnetic technology that has been developed by Wacom to produce more accurate lines. Of course it will make it easier for you to control the stylus better.

Those of you who work as photo editors will certainly be greatly helped by this product because the edited photos can look neater. With the tastes of young people who are currently trendy, it is guaranteed that this product really spoils users based on the results of reviews from various groups of users, especially adult users who are engaged in photography.

2. A50 from the VEIKK Brand

The Best Pen Tablet A50 from the VEIKK Brand
A50 from Brand VEIKK

This pen tablet has a thickness of 2mm, so you can carry it flexibly. 
It’s also very practical to put in your bag. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista 10/8/7, Mac 10.8.

You can also function with various design software, for example Photoshop, SAI, Painter, Illustrator, Clip Studio, and many more. With a sufficiently high level of sensitivity, you will be able to inscribe images with maximum quality and sharpness.

3. CTL-490 from Brand Wacom

The Best Tablet Pen CTL-490 from the Wacom Brand
 CTL-490 from Brand Wacom

Wacom is the most popular pen tablet brand on the market, especially among young people. 
This is because the quality is very good, but priced at a fairly affordable price. The Wacom CTL-490 doesn’t need a battery. In addition, by size. 152 x 95 mm and pressure levels up to 1024, this pen tablet is suitable for beginners. Therefore, for those of you who really need a cheap pentagram according to your budget, you can look at this device as your drawing tool.

4. XP-PEN Star 03 Pro

XP-PEN Star 03 Pro Best Tablet Pen
XP-PEN Star 03 Pro

For those of you who are looking for a cheap pen tablet, XP Pen Star could be the answer. 
This pen offers high sensitivity and easy movement of the device so you can get the best pictures. Through the speed of 250 RPS and 5080LPI, you can get responsive and natural images without space limitations. The cool thing is, you can use Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS 10.6.0, and so on. In addition, this device can work effectively with various kinds of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, SAI, Comic Studio, and other 
compatible software .

5. A15 from Brand Veikk

The Best Tablet Pen A15 from the Veikk Brand
A15 from Brand Veikk

Another one from VEIKK which is known for providing the best products in the world of graphic design, you should take this A15 version into account. 
Besides being able to draw on a drawing tablet, you can also use this device in a variety of the best graphic design applications and special drawing software. The cool thing is, with a high enough level of pressure and resolution, you can be creative and work freely without any obstacles.

6. Deco 01 from the XP-PEN Brand

The Best Pen Table Deco 01 from the XP-PEN Brand
Deco 01 from Brand XP-PEN

XP-PEN Deco 01 is suitable for those of you who like to work outdoors. 
The reason is, this pen tablet is light and quite thin. This is understandable, considering that this pentab has a thickness of 8 mm which is only about as thin as a metal coin. P The wide active area, as well as pressure levels up to 8192, make this one pen tablet suitable for those of you who are studying.

In addition to its user-friendly design, this tablet is also very comfortable to carry anywhere, especially for those of you who often work outdoors and enjoy sketching or drawing. This is no longer in doubt, because it has been tested and reviewed in every circle.

In addition to its very satisfying design, this tablet is also durable in use. Because the battery is suitable for use at least 3 hours of use. So you don’t need to be afraid for the power availability of this tablet. This has been highlighted as an upgrade from user reviews. This is one of the plus points of this product which is the target of buyers in today’s market.

7. A640 V2 from Brand Parblo

The Best Pen Table A640 V2 from the Parblo Brand
A640 V2 from Brand Parblo
The pen tablet which is designed in a portable manner has the same pressure sensitivity as the regular Pentab, namely the 8192. The high contrast graphic design or image resolution on this tablet really spoils the user.

In addition, there are also 4 special buttons that can be adjusted to your needs, for sketching, painting, graphic design, document editing and others. What is very interesting about this product, Parblo A640 has a compact and thin design, only 5.2 mm thick. As a result, you can easily take it anywhere. You can rely on a USB Type-C connection for this cheap tablet pen connection.

8. S56K from Brand Gaomon

The Best Pen Tablet S56K from Brand Gaomon
S56K from Brand Gaomon

Gaomon S56K has a rubber material so it is very practical for you to carry around. 
The cheap price makes this pen tablet one of the favorite choices for beginners. This pen tablet is also suitable for use by professionals who often make digital signatures, whether at school, on campus, or in the office.

Besides being able to be used as a device for writing and affixing signatures, you can also use the Gaomon S56K as a mouse pad device. Products that are practical and easily affordable. This product is also the best-selling product in market sales among young people.

9. H640P from Brand HUION

The Best H640P Tablet Pen from the HUION Brand
H640P from Brand HUION

The standard specifications that are very qualified in this product, also easy to use by novice users, are very suitable for using this one product. 
You won’t have to worry about running out of 
stylus power because the stylus from this pen tablet doesn’t use batteries.

All medium-level stylus pressure makes it comfortable to use even for novice pen tablet users. In addition, this pen tablet is also equipped with shortcut buttons to increase your work efficiency. Easy and without complicated according to the tastes of today’s youth.

So enjoying this feature is guaranteed to help users enjoy their work. This product is very popular among teenagers who like to draw using a tablet. This product has also been tested and reviewed by companies with a target market, especially young people.

10. H430P from Brand HUION

The Best Tablet Pen H430P Brand HUION
H430P from Brand HUION

If you are still a student and looking for a very cheap pen tablet with decent quality? 
You can buy a HUION H430P and make it your own that is comfortable to wear.

This pen tablet doesn’t need to use a battery so it’s very efficient. In addition, the 4096 pressure rating makes using the HUION H430P even easier. The lower price makes this device a pen tablet recommendation for beginners like you.

Programmable Features When Drawing

There are several features that can be programmed and are most often used by artists when drawing that you must know, let’s see the following explanation.

1. Express Key

This feature is often used by programmable users. Most tablets generally also include a check button, as well as smaller models. These keys can be programmed according to the keystrokes used and functions.

This can be taken into consideration when selecting features that can be programmed. The key in this case really allows you as a user if you want to add the features you want.

2. Sylus Side Switch

This one feature has also been implemented to be programmed by users. The switch on the side of the stylus as usual is on double click also on right click. However, there are some models or forms that give you the option of modifying standard functions.

These standard functions can then be extended through programs set up or written by the user. Most users use this feature when they are going to add the features they want to add. As long as the user wants to add the desired feature, the user can still experiment with this feature and use it to develop these options.

3.Touch Ring

A tablet that comes with very little touch to the ring will feel great. Control this area touch sensitive scroll/zoom, existing layer, brush size and also canvas rotation.

You can also program it to perform other functions as well by simply visiting the menu in the tablet properties and also assigning new functions. Once you apply it, a single click on the control center button brings up a menu on your monitor and allows you to choose the tool that suits your taste.


Each of the best Pen tablets has advantages in each of its own features so it is very good if you study and master its characteristics before buying the product. By using a pen tablet that is suitable and according to taste, your pleasure in making an illustration will also be greatly increased.

It can also increase your taste in expression in your activities by using the pen tablet. With many considerations including the price of the product, don’t push yourself too hard to buy a pen tablet that exceeds your budget or your budget. If you are interested in one of the products from the 10 recommendations, you can buy it offline at an electronics supply store or order it online at your favorite e-commerce.

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