10 Best Glue Recommendations for Metal

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Best Blog Review – As the most widely used material in making objects, people’s need for glue for metal also increases. Glue that is specifically for metals, especially iron generally has the characteristics of being resistant to water, heat, and shock. When the metal breaks, cracks, or splits in half, you can glue it back together with the help of glue.

Glue for metal itself is divided into several types. We will explain the characteristics of metal glue along with the right type to use according to the object you want to glue in this article. We’ve also selected ten of the best glues for metal that you can use. So, we hope you read this article till the end.

Best Iron Glue
Glue Recommendation Illustration for Metal

How to choose a good glue for metal

We’ll cover how you should choose glue for metal. What you need to know before choosing a metal glue is its ability to glue metal objects firmly and heat resistant. Another key characteristic of strong metal glue is that it solidifies as it hardens. As much as possible you prioritize looking for products with these characteristics. Next, we will talk more about how to choose glue for metal.

1. Pay attention to the object you want to glue with metal

If you want to glue the material in the form of metal to metal, then there is no compromise in product selection. You should use a special metal glue that will harden over time. The large change in volume and length of the metal material due to the temperature rise created by the glue will not affect the material as a whole. Therefore, use metal glue if you want to glue two metal materials together.

If what you want to glue to metal is non-metallic material, such as paper, plastic, wood, and paper, you can use multifunctional glue. However, it is not recommended to stick metal with polypropylene or polyethylene plastic materials because they are difficult to bond to metal.

2. Epoxy resin glue is recommended for hot and humid locations

Epoxy resin glue can lock metal firmly. When dried in a humid and hot place, this type of glue will hold so that its strength does not decrease due to water or hot temperatures hitting it. Currently, it is easy to find epoxy resin glue with a heat resistance level of up to 80 o C.

Although some also claim to be able to withstand temperatures up to 100 o C, you should avoid placing glued metal in areas that are too hot. Therefore, pay close attention to where you store the metal even though it has been glued with the help of epoxy resin glue.

3. Want to glue two different materials? Use elastic glue

Elastic metal glue is best recommended for those who want to bond metal to non-metallic materials, whether wood, plastic, or paper. Usually people glue metal to wood, so the right glue is elastic glue.

When gluing with elastic glue, not infrequently the surface of the object will break, bend, or even break due to the difference in the coefficient of heat of expansion which causes changes in the volume and length of the object in the material due to an increase in temperature. With elastic glue, its properties that can follow changes in the volume of non-metallic objects will be very good in preventing objects from breaking or bending.

5. Prioritize choosing glue that is accompanied by shock resistance properties

Shock-resistant properties are actually almost owned by most metal glues. However, make no mistake, some manufacturers also issue metal glue that is more focused on its resistance to heat or water in humid conditions. Therefore, first make sure that the metal glue that you want to buy has pocketed the properties of being resistant to shocks or not.

Metal glue that can hold the material firmly despite shocks is recommended. Shock-resistant products are considered to be better than multifunctional glue or instant glue, which is superior in terms of the dry speed of the glue after use.

10 Best Glue Recommendations for Metal

After knowing what kind of glue is recommended for gluing metal with metal or non-metal, now you can see a list of the best glue products for metals that have been reviewed on the Ainun website . Anything, huh? Please choose the most suitable one to meet your needs!

1. Aica-Aibon 601 . Glue

Best Metal Glue Recommendation Aica-Aibon 601
Image of Aica-Aibon 601

You must be familiar with this yellow packaged glue. 
Speaking of packaging, the Aica-Aibon 601 is available in many variants of packaging, you can adjust it according to the frequency of use. If you rarely do gluing metal objects, then choose glue with a small size, such as a 70 gram jar packaging.

Aica-Aibon 601 glue is classified as the best metal glue. His expertise in gluing objects is not only for metal materials, but also for non-metallic materials such as plastic, paper, and wood. When using this glue, it is recommended to wear a mask because the smell of this glue is intoxicating if inhaled for too long. The texture of this glue is thick but still easy to apply.

2. Lem UHU Contact Liquid

Best Metal Glue Recommendation UHU Contact Liquid
Gambar UHU Contact Liquid

Besides Aibon, you’ve probably seen this glue in many household supply stores, grocery stores near your home, or photocopiers. UHU releases several variants of glue for metal, one of which is UHU Contact Liquid. This tube-packed product is not viscous so it easily absorbs into between cracked or hard-to-reach metals.

Interestingly, you can also use this glue to glue various types of materials. Although liquid, this glue is also classified as elastic when there is a change in the volume of the object. The strong adhesion of this glue proves to be durable. In addition, this product is also claimed to be waterproof and heat-resistant so you can use it to glue objects that you want to place outdoors.

3. Lem Deyi Adhesive 50g Latest One-Component No More Nails

Best Metal Glue Recommendation Deyi Adhesive 50g Latest One-Component No More Nails
Gambar Deyi Adhesive 50g Latest One-Component No More Nails

Adhesive is the word that is the value of this product. Not limited to words, the inherent nature of Deyi glue has proven to be effective in attaching materials like nails. Its high adhesive power is ideal for gluing two metal materials.

In addition to strong adhesion, this glue is also water and heat resistant. This product is also quite economical. You only need to use a little, the glue will give maximum results. Perfect for those of you who want to save money! When applying glue, make sure the surface of the metal object you want to glue is free of dirt.

4. Lem UHU Epoxy Quick Set

Best Metal Glue Recommendation UHU Epoxy Quick Set
Gambar UHU Epoxy Quick Set

Another variant of UHU that you may not know about. UHU has an epoxy resin glue that is a mainstay for creative workers in producing tools that are resistant to shock, humidity, heat, and cold air. You want to repair broken metal objects with this glue? Very possible!

To use, you must first mix the two liquids in the product. Once mixed, apply on the surface of the material you want to glue. Let it dry for between five minutes and the glue will solidify by about half an hour. Leave the glue in a location that is at the ideal temperature to ensure that the glue sticks perfectly before using the object.

5. Lem Clear Acrylic Resin + Catalyst

Recommended Best Metal Glue Clear Acrylic Resin + Catalyst
Gambar Clear Acrylic Resin + Catalyst

As the name implies, Clear Acrylic Resin + Catalyst is a metal glue that mixes two liquids, namely resin and catalyst. Although there is an additional resin, actually this glue does not use materials found in epoxy resin glue, but acrylic resin which is considered stronger, stronger, and dries quickly.

In addition, another characteristic of acrylic resin material is its resistance to chemicals and heat. Guaranteed results provided are not only strong, strong, and durable, but also the adhesive is not easily scratched. What’s more interesting, this glue can also work even if the surface condition of the object is oily, you know!

6. Lem Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix 1 Minute

Best Metal Glue Recommendation Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix 1 Minute
Gambar Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix 1 Minute

There is a special section that when two liquids are mixed, the two ingredients will mix by themselves. You don’t need to stir the liquid that has been put together thanks to this container. To strengthen the bond results while accelerating the hardening process, manufacturers use hardener as a mixture of the main ingredient in the form of resin.

That’s right, this is an epoxy resin type glue. Talking about performance, Loctite Epoxy Instant Mix 1 Minute is unquestionable. In just one minute, this glue can glue things together. After ten minutes had passed, the texture of the glue immediately hardened! Don’t want to wait long to see the results of the work of a glue? Try this product!

7. Lem Protective Coating PC-Fahrenheit

Recommended Best Metal Glue Protective Coating PC-Fahrenheit
Gambar Protective Coating PC-Fahrenheit

Some people need a metal glue that can withstand heat temperatures of more than 100 o C. Are you one of them? If so, we recommend this glue for you to use. This epoxy resin glue has a thick texture and hardens quickly when exposed to high temperatures. According to its claim, this glue can withstand extreme temperatures between 176-260 o C.

Amazing, right? Its strong and durable adhesion is very suitable for repairing iron that is often exposed to heat in motor vehicles. If you want to do your own vehicle repair or service and need a metal glue that is strong and can withstand very high temperatures, this product is worth considering.

8. Lem Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control

Best Metal Glue Recommendation Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control
Gambar Loctite Super Glue Ultra Gel Control

Just like temperature, Loctite also releases premium metal glue which is classified as “Super Glue”. This glue is equipped with the ability to firmly glue objects. Not only strong in the sense of durable, but also resistant to impact or shock. That way, this product is very suitable for gluing objects that are often carried on the go.

For example, if you want to glue work equipment that is often stored in an open car body, then this glue not only protects it from damage from shocks, but is also strong from extreme weather. This glue packaging is made airtight so that it is guaranteed to be durable and its performance remains intact even though it is often used.

9. Lem Ontel 5 Second Fix

Best Metal Glue Recommendation Ontel 5 Second Fix
Image of Ontel 5 Second Fix

Why is this glue categorized as the best metal glue on this list? The reason can be found in the name of the product being quoted. No lie, this product from Ontel can repair damaged objects in just five seconds.

You only need to apply glue to the two objects you want to glue, then place the glue in the sun. In an instant, the glue will dry. You will definitely be surprised by the magic that happens! You can use this glue not only to glue between metal materials, but also wood, plastic, and other materials.

10. Lem Dextone Silicone Sealant

Best Metal Glue Recommendation Dextone Silicone Sealant
Gambar Dextone Silicone Sealant

It can be said that Dextone Silicone Sealant is the cheapest metal glue on this list of recommendations. However, how does it perform? Although cheap, this glue still has good adhesion and durability. Even though it’s not very strong against shocks, you can still rely on it to glue metal or non-metal materials together.

Many people use this glue to glue glass, such as when building an aquarium. The soft, clear texture of this silicone-based glue is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the glue melting in a damp room. The clear color of the glue will also not change the appearance of the glued object.


After gluing the metal glue, you must place the object in an ideal temperature room. That is, avoid a room that is too humid or hot so that the glue can work better. So, the glue will be more solid so you don’t need to do further gluing because the first action did not produce satisfactory results.

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