10 Best Laptop Backpack Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A laptop is an item that has become a primary need for some people. And this makes the person obliged to carry the laptop anywhere. One of the things that can keep your laptop safe when you take it anywhere is a laptop bag. Laptop bags themselves come in various types. One of the most comfortable and widely used laptop bags is the laptop backpack. With this laptop backpack, you can ensure that the laptop is safely maintained and can also make it easier to carry it.

The Best Laptop Backpack
Illustration of a Laptop Backpack / Techburgeon.com

Talking about laptop backpacks, this article will discuss how to choose a laptop backpack and also recommendations for the best laptop backpacks that you can make as your choice. For those of you who are curious about this one topic, see the review as follows.

How to Choose a Good Laptop Backpack

It has been widely marketed in physical stores and online stores, anyone can feel confused when choosing a laptop backpack. Well, so as not to get confused. Don’t miss a few tips on how to choose the best laptop backpack below.

1. Choose according to the size of the laptop

Currently, laptops come in various sizes, as well as backpacks for these laptops. One of the things that you must pay attention to when choosing a laptop bag is to pay attention to the size of your laptop and adjust it to the size of the bag you want to choose.

As much as possible, avoid choosing a laptop bag (part of the laptop compartment) that fits the size of the laptop. We recommend that you choose a few inches larger than the size of the laptop. This is so that the laptop is not too cramped and hot in the bag.

2. Consider the capacity of the laptop bag

When using a laptop backpack to carry your laptop, it’s not uncommon for you to also bring other items such as drinking bottles, books, wallets and so on. For that you also need to consider the capacity of the laptop backpack.

Apart from the laptop, make sure you can also include the things that you usually take with you when you go to work or anywhere you usually take the laptop.

3. Check the laptop compartment

Will be stored in one part of the bag called a compartment, you must check that part. You can check based on the material used to make the compartment. Is it safe and comfortable to use to store your laptop. Not only that, from the material used, you can also see the durability of the laptop compartment.

4. Consider waterproof / waterproof features

Damage will occur when exposed to water, it’s a good idea to choose a laptop bag that is waterproof. With this waterproof nature, the laptop will always be safe even during the rainy season. Especially for those of you who work in the office, sometimes unpredictable rain can make the laptop in the bag wet. For this reason, this needs to be considered to avoid this incident.

Not only to protect the laptop from rainwater, this waterproof feature will also be very useful when carrying drinking water and placing it on the side of the bag. Even though the bottle leaked and spilled, the laptop was still safe because of the waterproof nature of the laptop backpack

Those are some tips on choosing the best laptop backpack that you can use as a reference when choosing a laptop bag. Always making sure the size is right is one of the indicators that you must know.

10 Best Laptop Backpack Recommendations

Here we go

You already know how to choose the best laptop backpack, it’s still incomplete if you haven’t presented 10 recommendations from this bag. What brands are you curious about? Check out the full Ainun review below.

1. Bodypack Laptop Backpack

Bodypack's Best Laptop Backpack
Bodypack Laptop Backpack

Who does not know this one brand? 
Bodypack is a brand that has won a place in the hearts of many people. Not surprisingly, this is because the bags presented by this brand are very durable and also fashionable. One of them is a bodypack laptop backpack.

This bag has a lot of space that you can use to store other items besides your laptop. Not only that, the laptop compartment of this bag is also very good and safe for laptops. Not only for carrying a laptop, this bag is also suitable for use as a school bag because it still has enough space to store books and so on.

2. Eiger Shelby 2.0 Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack Eiger Shelby 2.0 Laptop Backpack
Eiger Shelby 2.0 Laptop Backpack

Made of good and thick polyester material, it is certain that your laptop will be very safe and comfortable in this backpack. 
Even though it doesn’t have waterproof properties, you need to know, this bag doesn’t easily absorb water, so even if it’s splashed with rain, the laptop won’t get wet.

As for the compartment area itself, this bag can accommodate a 14-inch laptop. Not only that, this one of the best laptop backpacks is also equipped with quite a lot of compartments so that it can be used to store other items such as books, stationery, tissues and many more.

3. Crumpler Dry Red No. 6

Best Laptop Backpack Crumpler Dry Red No.  6
Laptop Backpack Crumpler Dry Red No. 6

Capable of accommodating a 15 inch laptop, this backpack comes with 5 pockets that can be used to store other items. 
Apart from being a laptop backpack, Crumpler Dry Red No. You can also use these 6 as a mini-office organizer table bag. With this label, even city trips you can use this bag. For its own capacity, this backpack can be filled up to 25L.

Please note, this laptop bag is made of waterproof material which is comfortable and safe to use for storing laptops and other electronic items which will be damaged when exposed to water. With this bag, you can move freely even in the rainy season.

4. Everki Concept 2 Premium Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack, up to 17.3-Inch

Everki Concept 2 Premium Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack, up to 17.3-Inch
Everki Concept 2 Laptop Backpack Bag Premium Travel Friendly Laptop Backpack, up to 17.3-Inch

Having a large and quite heavy laptop, you need the best laptop backpack which is very capable, namely the Everki Concept 2 Premium Travel Friendly. 
This backpack can accommodate a 17.3 inch laptop with a capacity of 30L. For the compartment, this laptop is equipped with many pockets. That way you can store other items.

Did you know, there are so many items that can be accommodated in this bag, this bag is claimed to be a very travel-friendly backpack. This is because laptop bags are basically designed for professional workers. The material itself is made of ballistic nylon, leather accents for the exterior, and hard shell. Not only that, in this product there is also a corner guard patent innovation.

5. Catenzo MB 006

Best Laptop Backpack Catenzo MB 006
Catenzo MB 006 Laptop Backpack

Comes with 2 types of straps, namely back straps and handles, this Catenzo MB 006 laptop bag can be used as a tote bag as well as a backpack. 
This bag has slots that are equipped with foam padding and Velcro that can store your laptop safely without shocks. Coming in feminine blue and white colors, you need to know, this contemporary laptop bag is only suitable for women.

For the body, this bag is capable of carrying a laptop up to 14 inches in size. Not only laptops, with this bag you can carry several other equipment at the same time.

6. Inficlo Backpack

Best Laptop Backpacks Inficlo Backpacks
Inficlo Backpack Laptop Backpack

Then there is the next best laptop backpack only in the inflio bag. 
This bag has the advantage of having a very good level of resistance. Its appearance is quite spacious so it is very suitable when used to carry things other than a laptop. Not only that, this bag is also superior in terms of accommodating quite heavy objects.

Having a very attractive design, this laptop bag is suitable for use in the office. With its very capable features, did you know that this one backpack is priced at a very affordable price. So it’s not only cool when used, this product is also recognized as very pocket-friendly.

7. Dell Alienware Vindicator Laptop Carrying Backpack V2.0

Best Laptop Backpacks Dell Alienware Vindicator Laptop Carrying Backpack V2.0
Dell Alienware Vindicator Laptop Carrying Backpack V2.0 Laptop Backpack

Having an exterior with super hardiness, the Dell Alienware Vindicator Laptop Carrying Backpack V2.0 laptop backpack is here for those of you who use gaming laptops. 
This bag can accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches in size. For the interior itself, this bag is designed with high-strength cushioning that can withstand strong impacts. Please note, this bag is also highly recommended for use even when the weather is very bad.

Basically, the design of this laptop backpack is not suitable for women because the design and shape are very masculine. But still, for those of you who are currently looking for a bag with very high protection and durability, you must consider this product.

8. Acer Predator Notebook Gaming Utility Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack Acer Predator Notebook Gaming Utility Backpack
Acer Predator Laptop Backpack Laptop Gaming Utility Backpack

Next is the Acer Predator Notebook Gaming Utility Backpack laptop backpack. 
Just like its name, this backpack is here for you gaming laptop users. This bag has a very secure design from both the exterior and interior sides. In addition, this bag has also provided an additional compartment for storing gaming prints or laptop accessories.

Resistant to shocks and has waterproof properties, this bag is able to store a laptop with a large size and is also heavy with a gaming laptop specification. Even though the weight of the bag is quite heavy, you don’t need to worry because this bag is equipped with a very comfortable back strap because it is equipped with foam. How? Intrigued by this one laptop backpack?

9. Navy Club EIBB Backpack

Best Laptop Backpack Navy Club EIBB Backpack
Navy Club EIBB Backpack Laptop Backpack

Don’t want to stand out, you must have a laptop backpack from Navy Club EIBB Backpack. 
This bag has a very simple design with neutral colors that can give you a casual look when using it. Suitable for use by women or men, this bag is capable of storing laptops up to 14 inches in size.

As for the body itself, this bag is equipped with a large enough compartment that can not only accommodate a laptop but can also accommodate other equipment such as books, wallets and other stationery. In addition, this bag is also equipped with a drinking water slot on the side of the bag.

10. XD Design Bobby XL 17″ Anti-Theft backpack, Black

Best Laptop Backpack XD Design Bobby XL 17 Inch Anti-Theft backpack, Black
XD Design Laptop Backpack Bag Bobby XL 17 Inch Anti-Theft backpack, Black

Made of waterproof material and cut proof features that are anti-scratch and anti-scratch, the XD Design Bobby XL 17″ Anti-Theft backpack, Black is perfect for those of you who often ride a motorcycle to keep your laptop comfortably. 
The anti-theft and night security features of this bag can provide special security for those of you who have to travel at night.

The capacity itself is quite extensive. Capable of storing laptops up to 17 inches in size and equipped with additional pockets that can be used to store other equipment such as tablets, cellphones and others.

Types of Laptop Bags that You Must Know Apart from Laptop Backpacks

Apart from the type of backpack, laptop bags come in various types. This type of bag has its own advantages and uniqueness. Curious what kind? Here’s the full review.

1. Messenger Bag

The first is a messenger bag type laptop bag. This type of bag is also known as a sling bag. This bag is perfect for those of you who want a semi-formal style. Usually this type of bag is equipped with a strap that is long enough to hang over the shoulder or cross it across the body. And usually the length of the strap of this bag can be adjusted according to the needs of its users.

2. Briefcases

Very suitable for those of you who work in the office, this briefcase type laptop bag has a shape like a suitcase with a rigid structure that follows the shape of the laptop. With this briefcase laptop bag, you will get a formal look.

Please note, this briefcase bag is not only in the form of a briefcase. Now there is a laptop bag with a combination of types of briefcase equipped with a shoulder sling strap so you can also use it as a backpack. How? Are you interested in using this type of join?

3. Tote Bags

Giving a fashionable impression, a laptop tote bag also comes as a type of laptop bag. This type of bag can be used for both shoulder and arm. Usually, this type of bag comes with a simple but attractive design. With this type of bag, you will get a casual look.

4. Sleeves

Finally there are types of sleeves. Basically a laptop bag is a bag with this type of sleeves. This bag is here to store a laptop along with the charger only. Which is opposed in the hand and very easy to carry around. For this type of bag, you should choose a bag that is equipped with a padding that is thick enough to prevent the laptop from being hit. Laptops stay safe with sleeves bag.

Those are some types of laptop bags apart from the best laptop backpacks. How? Are you interested in owning it? Based on the review, any type of laptop bag has its own uniqueness and advantages. So, just adjust it according to your needs. It doesn’t just depend on the bag. Whether or not your laptop is safe is also very influential from how you take care of it.


Those are the reviews of the best laptop backpacks. Hopefully this article has answered your questions regarding this topic. Now of course you already know how to choose the best laptop backpack, you also know the 10 most recommended brands. How? Have you found the right bag for your laptop? If you have found the right one, you can immediately place an order at a trusted store.

Not to forget, for those of you who are still surfing to find out other recommended products, you can visit other recommended articles on this site.

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