10 Best Nail Clippers Recommendations for Babies (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Long baby nails can injure the skin on the face or other body parts. No wonder many parents wear fingerless gloves so that babies don’t injure their skin. If you wear gloves for too long, your baby can become uncomfortable and fussy. For that, you can cut her thin nails with a nail clipper for babies.

When born, babies will immediately have nails that look long and thin like paper. If it is too long, then the possibility of the nail piercing an area of ​​the body such as the face is getting bigger. If you don’t want your child to cry because of it, it’s time you buy the best nail clippers for babies.

The Best Nail Clipper for Babies
Nail Clipper Illustration for Baby

How to Choose a Good Nail Clipper for Babies

There are quite a few choices of nail clippers or nail clippers for babies. Some brands like Pigeon, BabyComfy, Farlin, and Chicco have this tool. If you are interested in buying one of these, we suggest you find out how to choose a nail clipper for babies. Pay attention to the points in this section, we will explain them to you.

1. For newborns, choose a scissor-shaped nail clipper

Newborn alias newborns are most commonly found in the form of scissors. This type of nail clipper has a rounded design tip so it won’t hurt baby’s skin. This type of scissors is ideal for cutting the nails of newborns where the nails are still small and thin. When the baby starts to grow, you can change his nail clipper to a compound lever type .

2. For babies aged 3 months and over, choose a compound lever type tool

As mentioned in the previous point, the compound lever nail clipper is considered more suitable for babies who have grown quite large. Although in design this type resembles adult nail clippers, but in terms of the size of the compound lever for babies it is smaller because it adjusts to the size and shape of the baby’s nails. The cutting part is made more closed so that it will not pinch the baby’s nails too deep which risks injuring the inner skin.

3. For those of you who are not brave, choose a file type nail clipper

Not infrequently parents are afraid to cut their own baby’s nails with a clipper type nail clipper or compound lever . If you are among those who hesitate to do this, you can switch to using a nail clipper in the form of a . In this type, the tool will cut the nail by filing it. This type is often used to trim the tips of baby nails that are still sharp after cutting.

File -type baby nail clippers are made in disposable or electric forms. The disposable type has an advantage in terms of cleanliness, while the electric file type nail clipper is equipped with a removable and adjustable part for smoothing adult nails. If you have more budget, then the electric file type nail clipper can be chosen.

The older the baby, the shape and size of the nails also become thick and long quickly. You need to choose a nail clipper according to the age level of the baby. In addition to paying attention to the size and shape of your nails, you can also choose a nail clipper that is easy and comfortable to use. Here , Ainun describes the 10 best nail cutting tools for babies for you.

1. Pigeon Safety Nail Clipper

Best Nail Clipper for Babies Pigeon Safety Nail Clipper
Merk Pigeon Safety Nail Clipper

Both adults and children, it is not uncommon when cutting nails there are remnants of pieces that bounce scattered on the floor. 
If you sweep up the splattered nail residue but it’s not completely removed, the baby’s nail residue can harm your baby. In fact, your little one can eat the rest of the nail clippings without your knowledge.

Therefore, you need to use Pigeon Safety Nail Clipper. The nail clipper from Pigeon comes with a nail clipper storage unit in one purchase. This cutting tool is in the form of a compound lever so you can use it for maximum results. However, this product is not recommended for your newborn baby.

2. Zo.li Buzz B Nail Trimmer

Zoli Buzz B Nail Trimmer
Merk Zoli Buzz B Nail Trimmer

You will find it easier to trim baby’s nails without having to cut them. That’s right, Zo.li Buzz B Nail Trimmer is a baby nail filer. Of course, those of you who are not proficient at using nail clippers to cut baby nails can use this product. This nail clipper will not hurt baby’s skin due to cutting too deep.

In this tool there are 4 filing blades that you can adjust according to your baby’s age. Not only that, each knife is also equipped with padding which makes it safe and soft for babies. You don’t need energy to press this tool, because Zo.li has implemented an easy electric system. In addition, this product also does not make noise when used, even for babies who are sleeping without having to wake them up.

3. Pigeon Safety Nail Scissors Newborn

Best Nail Clipper for Babies Pigeon Safety Nail Scissors Newborn
Merk Pigeon Safety Nail Scissors Newborn

For those of you who are brave enough to cut your newborn’s nails manually, then you can use Pigeon Safety Nail Scissor Newborn. No need to worry about baby’s nails not being cut flat or getting injured because Pigeon has embedded a safety feature in this scissor-type nail cutter.

The shape of the scissors on this nail clipper is different from other types of nail cutters. In this Pigeon product, there is a hole size that fits your thumb and forefinger. Not only that, the cutting part of this object is also made with the right size and thickness in the form of a small tip, so it is very suitable for newborn baby nails .

4. BabyComfy Nail Safety Clipper

BabyComfy Nail Safety Clipper
Merk BabyComfy Nail Safety Clipper

If you don’t have the courage to use a compound lever nail clipper with a long section, then this product from BabyComfy is different. The existence of the clipper knife in this tool is only placed at the end of the main body. The main body of this baby nail clipper is large so you can hold it comfortably.

Not only provides comfort to you, but also safety when used to cut your child’s nails. This is realized by BabyComfy by using only 1 blade on the top of the cutter. While the bottom is made of plastic that will push the baby’s skin so that only the skin is exposed to the cut.

5. Bocas Swivel Safety Nail Clipper NC-2000B

Best Baby Nail Clipper Bocas Swivel Safety Nail Clipper NC-2000B
Merk Bocas Swivel Safety Nail Clipper NC-2000B

If you need a cheap baby nail clipper, this product from BebeBocas can be purchased. For less than 100 thousand, you can get a nail clipper that can be rotated up to 180º. With this feature, you can more easily cut your baby’s small nails.

This compound lever nail clipper from Bocas has a quite unique design so that the cutting part can be rotated according to the position of you or your child. That way, you can make cuts in less time and your baby will also feel more comfortable and less fussy.

6. niceEshop Baby Nail Trimmer

The Best Baby Nail Trimmer niceEshop Baby Nail Trimmer
Brand niceEshop Baby Nail Trimmer

Not a few parents are looking for ways to cut the nails of babies who are actively moving. One way is to cut his nails when the little one sleeps at night. But there is another obstacle where when you turn on the light, your baby can wake up due to the light produced. If you have this kind of problem, you can try a nail clipper that works in a dark room.

niceEshop Baby Nail Trimmer is a file type nail clipper equipped with a light. This electric nail clipper from niceEshop is equipped with 2 speed features that you can adjust to the length of the nail. Interestingly, this product is not only ideal for babies, but adults to the elderly too. The presence of 6 filing points also makes it easier for you when you want to keep your nails smooth.

7. Farlin Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier BC-50006

Best recommended baby nail clipper Farlin Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier BC-50006
Merk Farlin Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier BC-50006

If you have difficulty cutting baby nails because you can’t tell the difference between inner skin and baby nails, surely this product from Farlin is very useful for you. The reason is, Farlin completes this nail clipper with a magnifying glass that can highlight baby’s nails and skin up to 3 times larger.

With the presence of the magnifying glass, the cutter that applies the compound lever model will not make you hesitate because it can tell the difference between baby’s skin and nails. Not only that, this device is also presented in 2 color choices that can be used for babies from 0 months ( newborn ). With the addition of the wide handle , you will be more comfortable when cutting baby’s nails.

8. Chicco Nail Care Set Happy Hands

Best Nail Clipper for Babies Chicco Nail Care Set Happy Hands
Merk Chicco Nail Care Set Happy Hands

Even though it looks complete, this Chicco Nail Care Set Happy Hands is only sold for less than hundreds of thousands, you know . For those of you who want to get a complete package at an economical price, then choose this product. In one set , there is a nail clipper type of scissors, compound lever , file , and nail brush.

All these products are packaged in one cute bag. The many choices of this cutter model can also fit all shapes and sizes of baby nails. Thus, you can use this product set longer, even until the child enters the age of a toddler. Each product is also designed to be safe to use for babies.

9. Tommee Tippee Essentials Baby Nail Clippers

Best nail clippers for babies Tommee Tippee Essentials Baby Nail Clippers
Brand Tommee Tippee Essentials Baby Nail Clippers

An obstacle that will interfere with your performance when using a compound lever , whether used on infants or adults, is the difficulty in holding the grip. Not infrequently the material used is slippery and the size also doesn’t fit in your hand, so this can cause discomfort to you.

Unlike these products, Tomme Tippe is here to offer the convenience of a baby nail clipper with an anti-slip grip. You don’t have to worry about the risk of your hand slipping so that it hits the baby’s skin. With its elongated handle and non-slip coating, this product is able to trim all of your baby’s long nails without the risk of injury.

10. KU-KU Duckbill Safety Scissors for Baby

Best baby nail clippers KU-KU Duckbill Safety Scissors for Baby
Merk KU-KU Duckbill Safety Scissors for Baby

Many manufacturers issue baby nail clippers with cute and unique designs. KU-KU is one of the brands that offers nail clippers with cute designs. Although it is designed to look suitable for users of infant age, this product is still equipped with safety features. Especially for babies who like to hold objects around them, this tool is not dangerous when held by them.

The reason is none other than the KU-KU Duckbill Safety Scissors for Baby equipped with a cover on the sharp blade. This will give you peace of mind when you know your child is reaching for this object and playing with it. The blade with a curved tip is perfect for small and thin baby nails.


In choosing a nail clipper or nail clipper for babies , you have to put aside the design aspects offered. Always prioritize the safety and comfort of these products, both for you and your baby. After that, you are free to choose products that have an adorable design or appearance.

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