10 Best Recommended Brands for Motorcycle Cellphone Holders (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The practicality of motorcycle cellphone holders makes this one object increasingly in demand. Even though the shape is small, the benefits are undoubted, the holder will help you when you get lost on a trip, but it’s not possible to hold a cell phone. Holders are usually used by motorcyclists to refute their cellphones so they don’t fall when accessing navigation maps, generally used by online motorcycle taxi drivers.

Motorcycle cellphone holders have various types, material quality, features and different prices, so you need to consider them beforehand. This will make it easier to make choices when buying it directly. If you are looking for the best holder, you should know some tips before buying a holder so that it doesn’t disappoint and suits your needs through the discussion below.

Tips for Choosing a Good Motorcycle HP Holder

Until now, the best motorbike HP holders are still in great demand, not only by motorcycle users such as online motorcycle taxi drivers, but some people in general who need navigation when driving.

The Best Motorcycle HP Holder
Illustration of Baseus / Baseus HP Motor Holder

This is because gadget owners don’t need to hold their cellphone for long, which sometimes makes their hands sore. Before buying it, here are various tips you need to know, including:

1. Know the Type

The first thing you need to know is the type of HP motor holder that fits your needs. Generally, there are 2 types of holders sold in the market, namely desktop phone holders and car phone holders.

Desktop phone holders are usually used for stationary surfaces whereas car phone holders are usually used in cars or moving surfaces. Each type of selected HP motor holder certainly has a different design from one another.

2. Choose what is comfortable to use

The comfort level of the HP motorbike holder is no less important to note, such as dimensions, easy to carry, sturdy and light when used. In addition, you need to pay attention to the locking system because if not, it is likely that the cellphone will shift until it is out of place.

This will be dangerous especially when driving on a motorbike. Also make sure that the HP support is equipped with a soft mat so that it is not easily scratched and protected by an anti-slip material such as special rubber.

3. Materials Used

Know the material for the HP motorbike holder, choose premium quality materials so they are durable and not easily damaged. But of course the quality will affect the selling price of the holder, you can choose a price that is not too expensive, not too cheap either.

Generally, holders are made of ABS plastic or aluminum alloy mixed with polycarbonate or acrylic. This material is widely chosen because it tends to be light, sturdy, not easily broken, cracked and scratched.

4. Compatible for all types of cell phones

Choose the best HP motor holder that is compatible for all types of HP. For example, choosing a holder that is equipped with an enlarge or reduce feature so that it can be used by various types of cellphones that are owned.

That way you don’t have to buy a lot of holders when you have another type of cellphone or change to another cellphone. This will be more efficient because it does not require additional costs and reduces expenses. So make sure the type of holder you choose can be used for all types of gadgets.

5. Pay attention to where to buy it

Where to buy is one of the things that is no less important for you to pay attention to before buying the best HP motorbike holder. Make sure the store is reputable by looking at some reviews from previous buyers, especially when you buy it online.

Because we cannot see the quality of the product directly apart from the reputation of the store and the experience of the buyer. This is done to avoid losses because the goods are not as desired.

6. Has a Waterproof Feature

Unpredictable weather conditions, sometimes hot and sometimes rainy, for those of you who work in the field or as an online motorcycle taxi driver, the best waterproof type motorbike holder will be suitable for you.

That way the holder can be used in all weather conditions that can change at any time. So even when it rains, work continues because the cellphone that you use as a guide is safe from rainwater which can quickly damage your cellphone.

10 Best Motorcycle HP Holder Recommendations

There are many motorbike cellphone holders that we can choose to make the motorbike look better and make it easier for riders when traveling which requires a navigation map. Of the many types of cellphone accessories, motorbike motorbike holders are one of the accessories that are most sought after, especially by online motorcycle taxi drivers. Don’t make the wrong choice, here are recommendations for HP holders on the best motorbikes selected by Ainun that you can choose from, including:

1. Smartphone Holder 5,5 Inci

The Best Motorcycle Phone Holder Smartphone Holder 5.5 Inch
Holder HP Motor 5,5 Inci

The recommendation for the best motorcycle cellphone holder at a relatively low price is the 5.5-inch Smartphone Holder. 
Even though it can be reached with only IDR 50,000, don’t get me wrong, the cellphone on this motorbike is made of strong material.

Made of aluminum steel, the 5.5 inch Smartphone Holder will not fall off easily even when driving at high speed. Having a product width of 14 cm, the 5.5-inch Holder uses a spring model on the stem so that it is not stiff when stretched or extended.

2. Waterproof Casing Mobile Phone Holder

Holder HP Motor Terbaik Waterproof Casing Mobile Phone Holder
Holder HP Motor Waterproof Casing Mobile Phone Holder

For those of you who are looking for a cell phone holder for a waterproof motorcycle, the Waterproof Casing Mobile Phone Holder is the solution. 
The best waterproof motorcycle cellphone holder is specially designed to withstand all weather conditions.

In addition, the Waterproof Casing Mobile Phone Holder is equipped with many excellent features ranging from a strong grip to a 360 degree swivel feature, making your view while driving adjustable. You can use the Waterproof Mobile Phone Casing for various types of cellphones, ranging in size from 4.5 to 7 inches.

3. GUB Plus 6 Original

The Best GUB PLUS 6 ORIGINAL Motorcycle HP Holder

The best GUB Plus6 motorcycle HP holder is made of the main ingredient which is sturdy and elegant aluminum alloy. 
This cellphone stand is fairly safe when used because it’s not made of plastic and has 6 support points that keep the cellphone strong even through extreme roads.

GUB Plus6 is available in a variety of colors from red, blue, black and titanium. Not only that, apart from being used on motorbikes, you can also use GUB Plus6 when cycling.

4. Robot RT-MH01

The Best Mobile Phone Holder Robot RT-MH01
Holder HP Motor Robot RT-MH01

The next recommendation for the best HP motorbike holder is the RT-MH01 Robot. 
The RT-MH01 robot has an EVA sponge component so that the gadget can be held well and can be rotated up to 360 degrees.

In this way, a mobile device or holder from the Robot brand is suitable for those of you who want to have a flexible viewing preference. Almost a variety of cellphones with sizes from 4 to 5.5 inches can be placed in the RT-MH01 Robot holder. You don’t need to worry about the price.

5. Robot RT-MH02

The Best Mobile Phone Holder Robot RT-MH02
Holder HP Motor Robot RT-MH02
the best motorized HP holder Robot RT-MH02 is a refinement of a place to store HP type RT-MH01, you can use this tool for large or 6.5-inch mobile phones.

Even though it looks expensive because it is made of 3M silicon material, the RT-MH02 Robot has a relatively affordable price. In terms of security, you also don’t need to hesitate because the RT-MH02 Robot has a fairly strong grip and is equipped with anti-slip so it doesn’t scratch your cellphone.

6. Bonkyo Holder HP Motor

Best HP Motor Holder Bonkyo HP Motor Holder
Holder HP Motor Bonkyo

The best motorbike HP holder from the Bonkyo brand has a dashing appearance because it is made of stainless metal and has a jet black color. 
The place to store HP from the Bonkyo brand can be rotated up to 180 degrees so that it can be adjusted according to your comfort when driving.

This product can be used for cellphones with sizes from 4 to 6.9 inches, plus a silicone material that makes it strong when holding a cellphone. That way the cellphone won’t easily shake or even fall.

7. Baseus Knight Motorcycle Holder

Holder HP Motor Terbaik Baseus Knight Motorcycle Holder
Holder HP Motor Baseus Knight Motorcycle Holder

The best recommendation for a good motorbike cellphone holder that can be placed on a motorbike handlebar is the Baseus Knight Motorcycle Holder. 
This product is suitable for iron horses with bare handlebars such as adventure or trail bikes because the Baseus Knight Motorcycle Holder was specially created so that it can stick firmly to the handlebars.

Baseus Knight Motorcycle Holder is made of quality materials, namely ABS and aluminum alloy and is equipped with features that allow it to be rotated up to 360 degrees.

8. X-Grip Holder Motor

The Best Motorcycle Phone Holder X-Grip Motorcycle Holder
Holder HP Motor X-Grip
One of the best motorbike HP holders that can be placed near the handlebars of automatic motorbikes, scooters or other types of motorbikes is the X-Grip Holder Motor, to be more precise it can be placed on the rear view mirror of the motorbike.

Interestingly, the X-Grip Holder Motor has a USB port that you can use to charge the battery. However, you need to attach the cable to the motor battery first to be able to use this function. About 1.5 meters of cable length has been provided to connect the USB to the motor’s power source.

9. Bepop Phone Holder Universal

Holder HP Motor Terbaik Bepop Phone Holder Universal
Holder HP Motor Bepop Phone Holder Universal

For those of you who are looking for a good motorcycle cellphone holder, Bepop Phone Holder Universal can be one of the best recommendations. 
This product is made of aluminum which is durable and long lasting.

Its cool design and appearance have made the Universal Bepop Phone Holder in great demand by motorcycle users, especially online motorcycle taxi drivers. With its quality, Bepop Phone Holder Universal is still affordable and worth buying.

10. Holder HP AC03

Best Motorcycle HP Holders Gojek & Grab HP Holders AC03
Holder HP Motor AC03

The Gojek & Grab AC03 HP Holder is one of the best types of motorbike cellphone holders suitable for online drivers. 
This is because this type of motor holder is water resistant so it can be used in all weather conditions.

In addition, the price is also relatively cheap and affordable. Not only that, the Gojek & Grab AC03 cellphone holder is equipped with a sling bag and additional space for storing items such as chargers or other things.

Tips on Using a HP Holder to Stay Durable and Avoid Losses

Everyone, of course, wants to keep the best HP motorbike holders they have bought durable and avoid losses. That way you don’t have to spend more money because the holder is easily damaged or stolen. The following are tips for caring for the HP holder on the motorbike, the holder to keep it durable and avoid losses, including:

1. Use according to HP size

In order for the best motorbike holder to last, you should use a holder according to the size of the cellphone or the features it has. Don’t force a small holder to be installed for a larger cellphone because over time the holder will loosen and the cellphone has the risk of falling so that the cellphone will be damaged and dangerous when you drive. Then use the holder according to the size it has.

2. Clean the Holder

After using the best HP motorbike holder, don’t forget to clean it periodically because if you leave it the dirt will stick, thicken and become difficult to clean. Especially if the holder you use has a bright color, it ends up looking dull and unsightly. All types of holders need to be cleaned even though the material is corrosion resistant or not easily corroded.

3. Keep it in a closed place

Tips for using the best HP motorbike holder that are no less important are storing them in a closed place. You need to do this every time it’s been used, especially for cellphone holders that are made of easily damaged or corroded materials. In addition, keeping the HP holder in a closed place will prevent dust and dirt from sticking to it so that the holder looks dull when in use.

4. Do not use the holder when the cell phone is not in use

Apart from staying durable, there are tips for using the best HP motorbike holder to avoid losses and not endanger the owner, one of which is not to use a holder when the HP is not used for directions. Because using a holder sometimes carries the risk of an accident because the view becomes out of focus, this will certainly be detrimental to both your cellphone and the safety of your soul.

5. Always Be Alert If There Are Suspicious Movements

In order for the best motorbike holder to be safe from theft, you need to be aware of various suspicious movements. This is because the streets are very vulnerable to various crimes that we might not have suspected before. So it would be better if you are always vigilant when you find suspicious movements, immediately put your cellphone in your bag, jacket or pocket to make it safer.


In fact, there are still many types of the best HP motorbike holders that you can find in various marketplaces. It’s just that the 10 recommendations for motorbike mounts above have had many reviews from several previous customers. So you don’t need to hesitate to choose it because even though it has varied prices, the quality cannot be doubted. With this cellphone holder, every driver can view navigation maps safely and without having to worry.

If you are still unsure when determining the best HP motorbike holder, you should first determine it by considering various tips before buying it. Make sure the HP holder to be purchased meets your needs. Choose a mobile mount that is flexible, made of sturdy material, can be mounted on a handlebar, is waterproof and can be rotated up to 360 degrees. That way, the HP holder will not interfere with the view while driving so as to avoid the risk of accidents.

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