10 Best Tupperware Drinking Bottle Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Drinking 2 liters of mineral water or 8 glasses a day is an obligation that must be carried out in order to get a healthy and fit body. However, not a few people sometimes forget about this one thing. The reason is not feeling thirsty at all. One of the things that can help you drink 2 liters is to have your own water bottle and you are expected to be able to take it with you when you go to work or do other activities.

The Best Tupperware Bottles
Illustration of a Tupperware / Tupperware Drinking Bottle

By filling up your water bottle, and taking it with you wherever you go, you’ll never forget to drink again. By placing or carrying a water bottle, you can remind yourself. One of the most trusted, safe and attractive drinking bottle brands is the Tupperware drinking bottle.

Who doesn’t know this Tupperware brand? Tupperware is a brand that provides drinking bottles that almost every home has. Are you a user of this one brand drinking bottle?

How to Choose a Good Tupperware Bottle

Already presenting many types of drinking bottles, anyone can be confused when choosing a Tupperware water bottle. So, so you don’t get confused, don’t miss the following tips on how to choose a Tupperware drinking bottle.

1. Choose the appropriate size of the Tupperware drinking bottle

Available in many sizes, you can freely choose the size you want. Please note, Tupperware has now presented drinking bottles ranging from 500 ml down to 2 L and even 3 liters. If you don’t like to carry a drinking bottle that is too large, you can choose a size below 1 L. However, if you want a drinking bottle with a large capacity and don’t need to be filled many times, you can choose a drinking bottle from 1 to 3 liters. .

2. Pay attention to the function of the additional tupperware drinking bottles

Available with handle, straw, spout and rope/strap. You can freely choose according to your needs. For Tupperware drinking bottles that are equipped with straws, they are usually widely used for children so they don’t choke while drinking and usually these drinking bottles are also equipped with a rope that can be worn around the neck of the children. This type of Tupperware drinking bottle has been specially designed for the convenience of children.

In addition, this Tupperware drinking bottle is also equipped with a spout to provide comfort when drinking so that ordinary drinking water only comes out in one direction. Don’t forget there is a handle that can make it easier for you to take it anywhere. Usually, Tupperware bottles that are not equipped with handles will be equipped with a rope that also functions as a handle to make it easier to carry the bottle anywhere.

3. Choose a Tupperware drinking bottle design according to taste

Do you believe that a beautiful drinking bottle can add enthusiasm to drinking the water in the bottle? And so that you are even more excited to drink, choose a Tupperware bottle design that you think is attractive. You can choose freely because the Tupperware brand has presented lots of drink bottle designs for both women and men.

Those are some tips that you can use to choose the best Tupperware drinking bottles. How? Are you getting more and more interested in the topic this time? Come on, see until the end of the full review of the best Tupperware bottles.

10 Best Tupperware Drinking Bottle Recommendations

Here we go

You already know how to choose the best Tupperware drinking bottles. It’s still incomplete if you haven’t been presented with the 10 best products. Are you curious about the recommendations for Tupperware drinking bottles? Here’s the review.

1. Eco Bottle Tupperware 1L

The Best Tupperware Eco Bottle Tupperware 1L
Eco Bottle Tupperware Drink Bottle 1L

Having busy activities outside the home, don’t let your drinking water intake be lacking. 
It’s enough to bring an Eco Bottle Tupperware 1L to accompany your activities. Having a capacity of 1L, it is certain that your body’s need for water can be fulfilled as long as you are active at home. With this bottle, you don’t have to refill it as often.

Available in 3 colors namely red, blue and black, this drinking bottle is suitable for anyone. It doesn’t have to be put in a bag, you can also hold this bottle easily because the diameter is not too wide. Not only that, this product is also equipped with a strap so anyone will be comfortable and easy to use.

2. Tupperware X-treme Bottle

The Best Tupperware Drink Bottles Tupperware X-treme Bottle
Tupperware X-treme Bottle

If in general Tupperware comes with bright and girly colors, now Tupperware has presented products with dark colors that can add to the manly style of men. 
Very suitable for use by men, the Tupperware X-treme Bottle comes in 1 color, which is black with a very masculine style. That way, men can safely take a water bottle with them when they leave the house.

However, it is possible that this product is also used by women, especially during sports. Present with a capacity of 750 ml, this drinking bottle is very comfortable to hold and also comfortable to put in a bag. Equipped with a strap, you can easily take it with you when you leave the house.

3. Tupperware Mickey-Minnie Bottle

Best Tupperware Drink Bottles Tupperware Mickey-Minnie Bottle
Tupperware Mickey Minnie Bottle

Lazy to carry a drinking bottle is a trait that must be eliminated early on. 
To overcome this, mothers must choose a drinking bottle that is safe and also has an attractive design. An example is Tupperware Mickey-Minnie Bottle. You must know this drinking bottle product. Having a capacity of 500ml, it is certain that children will not feel too heavy when carrying it.

Designed with Mickey-Minnie’s image, this product is made of plastic material that is not easily broken even though it often falls. For the lid, this drinking bottle is equipped with a valve so that it adds to the comfort of children when using it. Come on, fulfill your little one’s drinking water intake by providing him with a Tupperware Mickey-Minnie Bottle.

4. Infused 2Go Tupperware

Best Tupperware Drink Bottles Infused Go Tupperware
Infused Go Tupperware Drinking Bottle

Equipped with a twister or what is commonly called a fruit squeezer, Infused 2Go Tupperware is here to accompany your days. 
Having a capacity of 750 ml, you can use the twister as a filter when you are enjoying lemon juice or water. Its function is to keep the seeds from getting into the water. So cool, right?

Not only that, this product is also equipped with a flip cap which is easy to open when you want to drink and also easy to close. However, this drinking bottle does not spill even if it is turned upside down. Not to forget this Tupperware drinking bottle is also equipped with a spout to make it easier for us to drink even when we are on the go.

5. Tupperware cute2go 350 ml

Best Tupperware Drinking Bottle cute2go 350 ml Tupperware
Cute2go Tupperware Drinking Bottle 350 ml

Not wanting to carry a large drinking bottle is not an excuse for not taking a drinking bottle with you when you leave the house. 
This is because Tupperware has presented a small drinking bottle with a capacity of 350 ml, which is very easy and convenient to carry anywhere. As the name suggests, this Tupperware water bottle comes in a very small and cute size.

As for the material itself, this drinking bottle is made of strong PC material and leaves no odor. Equipped with a spout, you can drink easily using this bottle. Please note, this product comes in many colors including black. So, both women and men are suitable to use this product.

6. Tupperware Eco Kids Bottle

The Best Tupperware Drinking Bottle Tupperware Eco Kids Bottle
Tupperware Eco Kids Bottle Drinking Bottle

Similar to the previous product, this time the Tupperware bottle also comes in a size of 350 ml. 
Made of food grade plastic, the Tupperware Eco Kids Bottle is safe for children to use. The cute design, which is in the form of a cute doll character, ensures that children will no longer be lazy to carry water bottles when they have to leave the house.

This bottle is equipped with a flip cap bottle to keep the water from spilling easily. Available in many colors, children can freely choose their favorite color. Please note, this product is a bottle made of environmentally friendly plastic material, so it is safe for your little ones and also safe for the earth.

7. Tupperware H2GO Straw

The Best Tupperware Drink Bottle H2GO Straw
Tupperware H2GO Straw Drink Bottle

If you want to look modern when carrying a drinking bottle, you must try this Tupperware product. 
Here to accompany your daily activities, Tupperware presents a drinking bottle product with a clear bottle design with a capacity of 750 ml, namely Tupperware H2GO Straw. It is very suitable for storing infused water, because the design of this bottle can add freshness to the infused water. This bottle is equipped with a straw, strap and spout. If you don’t really like using straws, you can also remove them. Just use according to your needs.

This drinking bottle comes in many color variants such as blue, pink, peach and also purple. So you can freely choose according to your favorite color.

8. Tupperware New Giant Tumbler

The Best Tupperware Drink Bottle New Giant Tumbler
New Giant Tumbler Drinking Bottle

It has been a product of Tupperware drinking bottles for a long time, everyone must be very familiar with the Tupperware New Giant Tumbler. 
Have you ever used this Tupperware water bottle? A drinking bottle with a classic round seal type, the Tupperware New Giant Tumbler is a drinking bottle that doesn’t spill easily even if it’s upside down. This product comes in 4 color variants, namely pink, blue, purple and also green.

Designed with a texture on the outer wall, this drinking bottle is not easily scratched and for the inside it is designed with a smooth base so it is easy to clean and also does not leave an unpleasant odor.

9. Tupperware Fashion Eco Bottle 500 ml

The Best Tupperware Drink Bottle Fashion Eco Bottle 500 ml
Drinking Bottle Fashion Eco Bottle 500 ml

Present in various bright color variants such as pink, blue, purple and purple. You can freely choose the color you want. 
If you want to look cute, you can choose red, if you want to look cool, you can choose blue, if you want to look cheerful, you can choose yellow, and if you want to look elegant, you can choose purple. As for its capacity, the Tupperware Fashion Eco Bottle can hold 500 ml of water.

Equipped with a strap that makes it easy to carry a bottle, as well as a tight flip cap so that water doesn’t spill easily, the Tupperware Fashion Eco Bottle is a must for you to accompany your days.

10. Tupperware T-Tumbler

The Best Tupperware T-Tumbler Bottles
Tupperware T-Tumbler Water Bottle

Convenient to drink from a glass, but difficult to carry around. 
It’s high time you switched to Tupperware T-Tumbler glasses. Not only can it be used at home, you can easily take it anywhere. Unbreakable, equipped with a tight lid, and a spout that makes it easier for you to drink, the Tupperware T-Tumbler can hold up to 470 ml of drinking water.

With the right capacity, you can comfortably use it even when you’re at work. That way your water needs are still fulfilled even when you are working. For available colors, the Tupperware T-Tumbler comes in only 2 colors, namely yellow and purple. How? Are you interested in using this drinking bottle at work?

Those are the 10 best Tupperware drinking bottle recommendations. How? Have you found the right product for you? Come on, have a Tupperware drinking bottle and make sure your body’s mineral water intake is fulfilled every day.

Advantages of Tupperware Products

Bringing a water bottle that can be used repeatedly is one way to protect the earth. Not only that, this is also very good for health and also safe for the pocket because you will be sure to become more economical. To determine whether your drinking bottle is safe for health, make sure the materials used to make the bottle are made from materials labeled food grade. And of course this has been confirmed for Tupperware brand products. Besides the material being safe for health, he has the advantage of Tupperware drinking bottles.

1. Tupperware Drinking Bottles Safe for all ages

Suitable for use by all groups, Tupperware products are also very safe for all ages. This is because this product is made from food grade materials and is available in small, medium and large sizes. So, any need can be fulfilled by this product. Suitable for those of you who are already married, Tupperware products are also suitable for young people.

2. Trendy tupperware water bottle design

Apart from its availability in sizes, Tupperware also comes with trendy design variants that make it suitable for all generations. Even though it’s an old brand, Tupperware always comes with an attractive design that can increase your confidence when using it.

3. Tupperware anti-oil drinking bottle material

Plastic materials are always susceptible to oil and difficult to clean. Therefore, not a few people prefer glass products to make them easier to clean. However, this does not apply to plastic products from the Tupperware brand. Tupperware products are made with anti-oil materials so they are easy to clean.

4. Tupperware anti-spill water bottle

One of the advantages that people trust and like the most from this one brand is its anti-spill product. Please note, all Tupperware drinking bottle products are spill-proof. So you can freely put it in your bag, you don’t have to worry about spilling it. Tupperware products are equipped with rubber lids that ensure they don’t spill even if the product is positioned upside down.

5. Go green with tupperware drinking bottles

As explained earlier, by using Tupperware products you are unintentionally protecting the earth. Apart from being made from environmentally friendly materials, the use of this product has also reduced plastic waste which is known to be very difficult to decompose. What’s more, the use of Tupperware products has high durability so that they can be used repeatedly.


To protect the earth, protect the pocket, and maintain health, using a Tupperware water bottle is one of the positive things that must be tried. Through this article, of course, you already know that drinking bottles are very useful in everyday life. How? Have you had a Tupperware bottle before? If not, don’t run out of it right now. You can choose from the 10 recommended products described above. And get the benefits.

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