10 Best Voice Recorder Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Apart from good visual support, good audio support is also very important in making videos. Good audio quality can be obtained from using a quality voice recorderSeveral types of work, such as video makers , journalists, YouTubers , singers, and the like usually require a voice recorder . Here are various recommended voice recorder products  to support your work.

How to Choose a Good Voice Recorder

Each voice recorder certainly has a different recording quality, memory, and model. Voice recorder products  with sophisticated functions are usually also priced at high prices. To get a good voice recorder that suits you, try applying the methods below.

1. Choose according to its use

If a voice recorder is used to record music, choose the best voice recorder that supports LPCM ( linear pulse-code modulation ). A digital voice recorder that has been installed with LPCM can record original audio without compression, so that clear sound is produced. Some models usually also support overdubbing and reverb effects which can be used when editing sound.

Digital Voice Recorder The Best Voice Recorder Tool
Illustration Image of Voice Recorder / Olympus

For interviews or meetings, use a voice recorder  with stereo function without the need for the LPCM function. Even if there are many people speaking, the stereo recorder can capture the exact direction of the speaker’s voice. Once the recording is complete, it may need a transcription process so make sure the recorder captures only the human voice and ignores any other surrounding sounds.

If you are going to use it for learning a language, you need the best voice recorder with playback features, such as AB repeat playback , playback speed settings , and shadowing playback . These playback features will help to listen back to parts that are unclear or slow down difficult parts. Meanwhile, the shadowing playback feature can be used to imitate the speaker’s voice on the recording.

2. Check the resources used

Digital voice recorders generally use two types of batteries, some use disposable batteries, some use rechargeable batteries. The best voice recorders that use disposable batteries are suitable for people who travel frequently, such as journalists. While recording devices with rechargeable batteries are indeed more practical, they are not suitable for outdoor activities for a long time.

3. Consider other additional functions

Some of the best voice recorders usually have other additional functions. First, the sound collection function serves to facilitate sound recording in large rooms. There is also a digital voice recorder with noise cancellation, voice balancer and focus playback functions which will produce clear sound when the recordings are played back.

Other features that are frequently added include the stereo feature to record the voice of a speaker who is far away and a voice balancer which functions to balance the volume of the sound being recorded. Some of the best voice recorders are also equipped with an automatic voice recognition and recording function that will record immediately as soon as there is sound.

In addition, there is a replay function which will facilitate the transcription process and greatly facilitate those who are learning the language. To facilitate operation, there is also a voice recorder  equipped with Wi-Fi so that it can be controlled via a smartphone . The FM/AM radio feature is sometimes also installed on a digital voice recorder so that it can be used to record radio properly.

4. Consider the design and size

Digital voice recorders are usually small in size so that they can be easily carried to various places, there are even the best voice recorders that are made with a pen-shaped design. Choose the voice recorder that is easiest for you to take anywhere. The smaller and slimmer the size, the easier it is to carry this voice recorder to various places.

The design also needs attention, for example the placement of the record button which is easy to reach. If the resulting recording will be directly copied to the PC, then choose a voice recorder  that can be connected directly to the USB port. Several digital voice recorders already exist that support the use of external memory that can be used to store high-quality recordings for a long time.

5. Check the resulting audio format

The standard format for audio is usually in the form of MP3, ACC, WMA, and WAV for voice recorders in which there is an LPCM. To make your work easier, you should choose the best voice recorder that can read these various sound formats. Recordings that are already in standard format will usually be easier to edit on a computer or on another device.

10 Best Voice Recorder Recommendations

Below is a list of the best voice recorders , complete with an explanation of their features. Of course there are more voice recorder brands on the market than this recommendation, but hopefully the recommendations from Ainun, can help you make the choice of the best voice recorder.

1. REMAX Voice Recorder RP1

The Best Voice Recorder / Voice Recorder Tool REMAX Voice Recorder RP1
Voice Recorder REMAX Voice Recorder RP1

Equipped with an HD microphone, the sound produced from this REMAX Voice Recorder recording sounds loud and clear. 
Coupled with the stereo features and Active Noise Canceling, this 
voice recorder  is very reliable for recording important sounds and reducing surrounding noise. This makes REMAX Voice Recorder a suitable product for voice recording during interviews or meetings.

The product size is small, only 9.1 x 2.9 x 0.8 cm, so it’s easy to carry to various places. On the body there is an OLED screen that is wide enough, responsive, and has comfortable contrast to protect the eyes from visual fatigue. Additional features found in this best voice recorder are AB repeat playback and telephone recording functions.

Power support comes from a rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 260 mAh which can record up to 32 hours in full condition . In addition to internal storage, this digital voice recorder is compatible with microSD with a maximum capacity of 8 Gb. Sound formats supported by one of the best voice recorders are WAV and MP3, while compatible music formats are MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, and FLAC.

Even though it produces HD sound, its use is still efficient, so you don’t have to worry about the memory filling up quickly. Equipped with USB 2.0, so this best voice recorder can be directly connected to a computer. REMAX Voice Recorder RP1 is sold in the official store and has received positive reviews from buyers.

2. Sony PX470 Digital Voice Recorder PX Series

Voice Recorder / Digital Voice Recorder Sony PX470 Digital Voice Recorder PX Series
Voice Recorder Sony PX470 Digital Voice Recorder PX Series

The Sony PX470 is suitable for people who like to listen to nature sounds because it features an S-microphone system that allows recording of unclear sounds. 
In addition, this 
voice recorder  also has focus and wide-stereo recording features for recording certain sounds, as well as noise cut to reduce the noise of surrounding sounds.

From the storage sector, the Sony PX470 is equipped with 4GB of internal memory and can be upgraded using a microSD up to 32GB. The built-in USB connector embedded in this best voice recorder makes it easy to transfer files to computer devices. For power support, 2 AAA batteries are used which can last for 55 hours of non-stop use.

Although the only supported recording formats are MP3 or L-PCM, the recordings can be played back in various formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC-LC, and L-PCM. The large enough storage memory allows this best voice recorder to store voice recordings of up to 5000 files . SONY PX470 can be purchased offline or online in e-commerce.


The Best Voice Recorder / Voice Recorder TASCAM DR-07X
Voice Recorder Tool / Voice Recorder TASCAM DR-07X

For singers or songwriters, the TASCAM DR-07X is one of the best 
voice recorders to choose because it is supported by the overwrite mode feature . This feature allows users to change some parts of songs that have been recorded, without the need to repeat the song from the beginning. Coupled with the Reverb effect that can be used when playing back, the sound effect produced by this digital voice recorder is like the sound on a real stage.

The power source used is an AA battery that can be used for 17.5 hours without stopping. The TASCAM DR-07X product also has various other features, such as a low-cut filter, automatic recording function, up to ten languages ​​supported. Recordings can also be directly transferred to a computer because of the 2-In/2-Out USB Audio Interface.

No need to worry about storage space filling up quickly, because this best voice recorder supports microSD up to 3GB, microSDHC up to 32GB, or microSDXC up to 128GB. Supported recording formats are WAV and MP3. Because it has quite complete features, the price of the TASCAM DR-07X is indeed more expensive than the previous voice recorder.

4. Sony ICD-PX240

Voice Recorder / Digital Voice Recorder Sony ICD-PX240
Voice Recorder / Digital Voice Recorder Sony ICD-PX240

Furthermore, there is the Sony ICD-PX240 which is easy to operate with large control buttons and a wide LCD screen. 
The available internal storage is 4 GB and does not support the use of internal storage. However, the sound produced by one of the 
voice recorders  from Sony is immediately converted to MP3 format, so that memory usage is more efficient.

Some of the features available on the Sony ICD-PX240 include playback , noise cut, low cut filter, speech control, and voice-operated recording . Although only capable of recording sound in mono, these various features optimize the quality of the recording. What’s more, there is already a noise cut feature to reduce noise, so you can bring this best voice recorder into an open space.

The product dimensions are not much different from other best voice recorders , which are around 38.5 x 115.2 x 21.3 mm and weigh about 72 grams. The battery used is 2 pieces of AAA alkaline batteries which can last about 23 hours without stopping. This product can be the best voice recorder choice at a lower price than the TASCAM DR-07X.

5. ZOOM H1n Digital Handy Voice Recorder

The Best Voice Recorder / Voice Recorder Tool ZOOM H1n Digital Handy Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder ZOOM H1n Digital Handy Voice Recorder

ZOOM H1n Digital Handy Voice Recorder has an overdub function that is useful for producing recordings that sound layered. 
Thus, this product becomes a 
voice recorder  to produce richer and more lively sound with sound quality that is as good as a single voice. This voice recorder is equipped with a low-cut filter, so that users can remove unwanted noise or other sound frequencies.

Recordings can be directly transferred to a computer with high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity. The batteries used in this best voice recorder are 2 AAA batteries that can last up to 10 hours without stopping. For storage, the Zoom H1n supports external storage in the form of microSD or microSDHC flash up to 32 Gb.

This product is designed to display a record button on the front and other buttons, such as Play/Pause, Rewind/Fast Forward , and enter the menu along the side. At the top of the record button there are four other buttons that function to change the sample rate and resolution. This best voice recorder also has other sophisticated features, one of which is a low cut filter that functions to reduce rumble, AB repeat playback, playback speed control , and an automatic recording function.

The resulting recorded sound can be in MP3 and WAV formats up to 24-bit. ZOOM H1n Digital Handy Voice Recorder sells for around 1.3 million in e-commerce and can be the best voice recorder for recording in nature.

6. Rockware Professional Voice Recorder 8GB Dual Mic

The Best Voice Recorder / Voice Recorder Tool Rockware Professional Voice Recorder 8GB Dual Mic
Rockware Professional Voice Recorder Tool 8GB Dual Mic

Rockware Professional Voice Recorder is a digital 
voice recorder  that uses a lithium battery with a capacity of 500 mAh which can be used for 45 hours without stopping. The screen part is a 1.5-inch LCD screen with OLED technology and zinc alloy material is used to make the product body durable. The existence of a dual caliber built-in microphone allows the recording process from a distance of 6-12 meters.

Like the best voice recorders before, Rockware Professional Voice Recorder has a key noise reduction feature to minimize foreign sounds when recording. Supporting WAV and MP3 recording formats, the recordings can be connected directly to a computer with USB 2.0 high speed . Another advanced feature in this product is Voice-Activated Recording which will automatically record when there is sound, and stop when there is no sound.

No need to worry about storage, because there is already an internal memory with a capacity of 8GB and can be upgraded with a microSD up to 64GB.

7.Zhfu USB Voice Recorder Memory Card

The Best Voice Recorder Tool Zhfu USB Voice Recorder Memory Card
Voice Recorder Device Zhfu USB Voice Recorder Memory Card

Zhfu USB Voice Recorder has dimensions of only about 70 x 21 x 9 mm and is equipped with a TF card slot of up to 32 Gb for storage. 
This best voice recorder product is suitable for recording the sound of meetings, conversations, telephone calls, and other situations held indoors. Designed in the form of a flash drive making it easier for users to carry this voice recorder anywhere.

Power support comes from a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a capacity of 800 mAh which can be used for up to 5 hours without stopping. The resulting recorded sound format is WAV/MP3. Armed with a USB 2.0 interface, the resulting audio files can be directly transferred to a computer, a fairly cheap price for the best voice recorder for your various matters.


The Best Voice Recorder / Voice Recorder TASCAM DR-22WL
Voice Recorder Tool / Voice Recorder TASCAM DR-22WL

One of the advantages of the TASCAM DR-22WL compared to other best 
voice recorder brands is that it supports Wi-Fi to send recordings. So you can directly send the recordings to your computer without connecting with a USB. To do this, you can follow the instructions from the DR Control application which is available on iOS and Android. However, the TASCAM DR-22WL is still equipped with a USB port to connect it to a computer.

The resource uses 2 AA batteries which can be used up to 17.5 hours without stopping. This product also supports external memory, including microSD up to 2 Gb, microSDHC up to 32 Gb, and microSDXC up to 128 Gb. Like the previous best voice recorder products, this product also features AB loop playback , telephone recording, low-cut filter , and automatic recording functions. Because of its sophisticated features.

9. Zoom H5 Portable Handy Recorder

The Best Voice Recorder / Voice Recorder Tool Zoom H5 Portable Handy Recorder
Voice Recorder / Voice Recorder Zoom H5 Portable Handy Recorder

The Zoom H5 Portable Handy Recorder is ideal for documentaries, podcasts or professional video work. 
The best voice recorder Zoom H5 can quickly record up to four input signals. This product features an exchangeable stereo microphone capsule, a versatile 2-channel input, and recording for up to four tracks . Its compatibility with all Zoom interchangeable input capsules allows users of this product to choose the best microphone for various recording processes.

In this best voice recorder there is a special switch that can disable all buttons with the aim of preventing accidental operation during recording. Supported by a fairly large LCD, you can easily observe various important information related to the tool. This product can also be connected to a camera strap and then connected to a DSLR camera.

10.Olympus VP-10

The Best Voice Recorder / Voice Recorder Tool Olympus VP-10
Voice Recorder / Voice Recorder Olympus VP-10

Designed like a pen shape, the Olympus VP-10 is very easy to hold and carry anywhere. 
The slim design also allows storage in a shirt or trouser pocket. Using this 
voice recorder  is also very easy, just press the REC button in the middle to start or stop recording.

The power source used is a single AAA nickel-metal hydride rechargeable battery which can be used for up to 50 hours of recording. The recording formats produced from this best voice recorder are MP3, PCM, WMA. One of the uniqueness of this product is that the battery can be recharged via USB and can function as a USB storage device , so it doesn’t need SD card support anymore.

Why do you still need a voice recorder?

Even though smartphones are now equipped with voice recorders, the recording results are usually not good. This is because voice recorders on cell phones usually use a filter called a high-pass filter. This filter works to remove noise with a frequency of less than 300 hertz, but the sound produced is very small, feels far away, and is not detailed. So a voice recorder on a cell phone may not be the best voice recorder for your needs.

In addition to the sound quality produced is better than a voice recorder on a cellphone, digital voice recorders  are usually equipped with a long battery life for long recording needs. Another factor that makes the best voice recorder still needed is the capacity for audio does not depend on the remaining memory space of the cellphone.

The best digital voice recorders usually do not require other specific media to store voice recordings, because they are equipped with internal and external memory. The data can be directly used when it will be edited or for other purposes. Usually the operation of a voice recorder is also easy, because the navigation is easy to set up and the functions of the available feature buttons are clear.


In some jobs related to audio, the existence of the best voice recorder is certainly very much needed. Each voice recorder usually has features intended for certain jobs. So to help you choose the best voice recorder for your needs, don’t forget to apply the tips in this review.

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