Review of 10 Best Photography Studio Equipment Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Photography studio equipment is of course needed to support photoshoot activities so that the results can be maximized and look professional. However, it will also be adjusted to the size of the studio because currently there are mini studios that are more suitable for home businesses. If the photography studio is narrow in size, the tools and equipment to be used will also be simpler and more limited.

Best Photography Equipment
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How to Choose Good Photography Studio Equipment

Getting a good quality product that meets expectations is indeed a very pleasant thing. Therefore, the selection process must be carried out properly. Well, here are some ways to choose photography studio equipment that you can do.

1. Choose photography studio equipment that suits your needs

Everyone will need different studio equipment, so don’t be surprised if there are currently many brands that offer products with a variety of choices.

If you feel that the light during the photoshoot is still not optimal, then you should buy equipment in the form of a reflector, portable flash, or softbox lighting. But it’s better if you buy a lens with better specifications so that the photos and videos taken can be clearer.

2. Adjust the price of the product with the budget you have

The existence of different product specifications makes the price of photography studio equipment sold also more varied. Some are relatively cheap, but some are expensive.

However, you still have to adjust it to the budget you have. So, in order to have a more mature plan, you can see the price range of a product that will be purchased through the marketplace or other official places of purchase.

3. Buy photography studio equipment in a trusted place

Semakin bagus citra suatu merk, tidak menutup kemungkinan kalau ada produknya yang akan diduplikasi atau biasa disebut dengan produk KW. Biasanya harga peralatan studio fotografi yang KW akan dijual dengan harga yang jauh lebih murah daripada produk aslinya.

Sesuai dengan harganya, biasanya kualitas produk KW juga tidak sebaik produk original. Agar terhindar dari hal tersebut, maka sebaiknya Anda membeli produk di tempat terpercaya seperti toko resmi di marketplace, website resmi, atau toko konvensionalnya.

10 Rekomendasi Peralatan Studio Fotografi Terbaik

Until now, there are various kinds of photography studio equipment sold in the market from various brands with different characteristics. Well, here are ten recommendations for the best photography studio equipment selected by Ainun to add your reference.

1. Canon EOS 1500D with Lens 18-55mm IS II

Best Photography Studio Equipment Canon EOS 1500D
Canon EOS 1500D

Photography studio equipment that must be owned so that photoshoots can be done is a camera. 
Well, the type of camera that is the preference of photographers and is usually used for photography studios is the type of DSLR. One of the DSLR products that are suitable for beginners, namely the Canon EOS 1500D. This photography studio equipment is equipped with a DIGIG 4+ image processor and a 24.1 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor so that the photos and videos you will get are also sharper and clearer even though the light in the place is not too much.

In addition, photography studio equipment that has an SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot is also equipped with Creative Filters to produce various unique effects. So, you can use soft focus, fish-eye, toy camera, grainy B/W, and miniature effects as needed. Not only that, Canon’s photography studio equipment is also equipped with WiFi and Near-Field Communication (NFC) connections to upload photos and videos to social media. Interestingly, you can operate the camera from a distance via Canon Camera Connect on tablets or smartphones.

2. Lensa Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

Best Photography Studio Equipment Canon Lens EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM
Canon Lens EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM

Without a lens, the camera used cannot capture objects properly. 
Although the camera purchased usually already has a lens, photographers still buy additional lenses because of the variety of photo objects. Similar to cameras, this photography studio equipment also has different specifications so you need to choose them well. Well, one of the camera lenses favored by professional photographers for studio photos is the Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM.

This photography studio equipment has a large lens diameter and is suitable for DSLR cameras with full frame sensors. In accordance with the product code, this Canon lens is equipped with a USM motor ring so that the manual focus ring can be turned at any time when you want to switch from auto focus to manual focus. Interestingly, images taken using this camera lens will be of superior quality because it has two aspherical lens elements, a Super UD lens element, and two UD lens elements.

3. Vanguard Altapro 2+ 264AT Tripod

Vanguard Altapro 2+ 264AT Best Photography Studio Equipment
Vanguard Altapro 2+ 264AT

Although the camera can be held by hand, sometimes the hand cannot move steadily. 
Therefore, you should also use a tripod that can be moved here and there stably. In addition, the function of this tool is also to help you adjust the aperture, find a better angle for taking pictures or videos, and so on. Well, one of the quality tripod products that you can choose is the Altapro 2+ 264AT made of aluminum and magnesium.

These two materials make this studio equipment quite light in weight, but also durable. Interestingly, this tripod is quite light and can withstand loads of up to 7 kilograms. You can adjust Vanguard’s photography studio equipment according to your needs, namely 20°, 40°, 60° and 80°. In addition, this product is also equipped with an ALTA link-A slot that can be used to attach accessories with 3/8 inch camera screws. To make it easier to store and take it with you, you will get a tripod bag.

4. Midio Fabric Photo Background

Best Photography Studio Equipment Midio Fabric Photo Background
Midio Fabric Photo Background

Other recommended photography studio equipment that you should have is a background to beautify photos and videos. 
In order for the photos to look more professional, usually the chosen background color is neutral black and white and green as the green screen. Not only that, the photo studio can also be used to take formal photos so it would be better if you also have a stock of red and blue backgrounds. Well, one brand that sells photo backgrounds is Midio with a size of 200 x 300 cm.

This photography studio equipment from Midio is made using non-reflective fabrics, namely special doff fabrics. The material was chosen so that the light during the photoshoot process is not too reflected. When this product is folded, you can easily rearrange it so it can keep it looking neat. In addition, you also don’t need to worry because this photography studio equipment has good durability.

5. Phottix Saldo Backdrop Stand Kit (2.8×3.2m)

Best Photography Studio Equipment Phottix Balance Backdrop Stand Kit (2.8x3.2m)
Phottix Saldo Backdrop Stand Kit (2.8×3.2m)

So that the use of photo backgrounds can be maximized, then you should also equip a photo studio with this one photography studio equipment. 
That way, you can install a photo background that is quite wide in size and a larger photo object on the Phottix Balance Backdrop Stand Kit which is 2.8×3.2 meters in size. If the object is a person, then that person can style more freely. In addition, the properties of the photos on display can be more diverse because usually during the photoshoot process several properties are also placed to beautify the photos.

This photography studio equipment belonging to Phottix has several parts, namely a black tube, silver locking collar, and a casting. With its black base color, this stand remains aesthetic even though it is combined with various photo background colors. You only need to do regular maintenance because the durability of this product is also good. Although this product is quite large in size, you can take it with you to various places because this stand is easy to assemble and disassemble.

6. Andoer PB-A06 Clip Clip Backdrop Studio

Best Photography Studio Equipment Andoer PB-A06 Clip Clip Backdrop Studio
Andoer PB-A06 Clip Clip Backdrop Studio

This photography studio equipment is indeed one of the important equipment because it can be used to clamp the backdrop or photo background attached to the stand. 
In general, Andoer PB-A06 Klip Jepit Backdrop Studio is used to clamp a cloth background. You can use fabrics that are small or large in size. After everything has been properly arranged, you can start the photoshoot process.

This product is made using sturdy materials and has a very strong clamping power. No wonder that there are also people who use it to clamp wood for the needs of builders. Andoer PB-A06 Clip Clips Backdrop Studio, which is black in color, has a clip measuring 3 cm. However, you can attach it to a backdrop stand pole whose maximum size is 4 cm. Well, you can find this photography studio equipment easily in trusted marketplaces.

7. Lighting Godox MS300

Best Photography Studio Equipment Lighting Godox MS300
Lighting Godox MS300

You should not only have a camera and camera lens, but equipment such as lighting is also an important product for the needs of a photography studio. 
That way, the lighting and photo quality are maximized even though they are indoors. Well, one of the studio lights that you can choose from is the Godox MS300 with a repeat time of 0.1-1.8 seconds and a flash duration as short as 1/2000 second. You can adjust this photography studio equipment according to your needs via the settings button on the back.

This affordable studio light has a Bowens front accessory mount for using Godox modifiers. In addition, the head section of this photography studio equipment has a stand that you can tilt. Not only that, this product has varying power from 1/32 to full power and the 150W modeling lamp can be adjusted from 5 to 100%. You also need to know that this product is compatible with X1, XT16, X2, XPro.

8. Godox QR-P120 Softbox

Godox Best Photography Studio Equipment QR-P120 Softbox
Godox QR-P120 Softbox

Usually in a photo studio there is a softbox of various shapes and sizes because everyone has different needs. 
Another recommended photography studio equipment that you can choose is the Godox QR-P120 Softbox. The function of this product is to smooth the light from the flash because sometimes the light is too contrasting. That way, the quality of the photos or videos you produce can be better.

This Godox quick release satellite dish softbox makes the ideal companion equipment for indoor shooting, such as a photo studio. You don’t need to worry because you can easily adjust this photography studio equipment by lifting the rod from the speed ring until it clicks into place. In addition, the inner and front fabric diffusers on this softbox can be removed. This photography studio equipment is also compatible with various types of Bowens mount strobe and continuous light.

9. Andoer 35″ * 47″ / 90 * 120cm Oval 5 in 1

Andoer Best Photography Studio Equipment 35inch x 47inch, 90x120cm Oval 5 in 1
Andoer 35inci x 47 inci, 90x120cm Oval 5 in 1

If the photo studio in your place has limited lighting, then you should buy a reflector as an additional photography studio equipment. 
This product is usually used by photographers to reflect light by placing it in a place opposite to the direction of the light. Well, one of the best reflector products that you can choose from is the Andoer 35″ * 47″ / 90 * 120cm Oval 5 in 1 which has a steel frame. When you buy this product, you will get five colors at once, namely black, white, gold, silver, and translucent.

Each of these colors, of course, has different characteristics, so you just need to adjust it to your needs. If you want to produce a more contrasting light, then you should use a silver color. However, gold-colored reflectors are more suitable for producing a yellowish-looking skin tone. When you’re done using it, you can store this oval-shaped photography studio kit in its carry case so it doesn’t get dirty.

10. Andoer RGB LED Video Light FL30

Best Photography Studio Equipment Andoer RGB LED Video Light FL30
Andoer RGB LED Video Light FL30

The last photography studio equipment recommendation that you can choose is the Andoer RGB LED Video Light FL30. 
This product can make your photos or videos more quality. Interestingly, this studio equipment has a large and durable battery capacity because it uses a 3000mAh lithium battery. That way, you can use it for about 180 minutes running time under 100% brightness and 8500K color temperature. If the battery runs out, you can charge it using a USB type-C cable which you will also get when you buy this product.

There are several features that you can take advantage of when you use this product, namely the HSI colorful mode which can reach hundreds of colors and RGB which allows you to get some basic colors quickly. In addition, you can also adjust the saturation and brightness up to 100 levels. Another mode is the CCT Warm White Light Mode which supports 2800K-8500K to switch between cold and warm light sources easily. Other features that you can take advantage of are ten lighting effects, such as lightning 1, lightning 2, candlelight, fast RGB, slow RGB, cinema, ambulance, police car, fire truck, and SOS.

Tips for caring for photography studio equipment to make it last longer

Every photography studio equipment is certainly purchased at a cost that is quite draining on the pocket so that it needs to be properly cared for so that it can last longer. Well, here are some tips for caring for photography studio equipment that you can do.

1. Clean photography studio equipment regularly

An important, but sometimes overlooked, thing is to regularly clean photography studio equipment. Usually because it’s too busy, the studio will be cleaned to a minimum. However, you should avoid this because dirty equipment will make the photos or videos less than optimal. For example, dirt that accumulates on the photo background over time will make the background color fade, a dirty camera lens will make photos or videos look blurry, and tripods that are never cleaned can become damaged more quickly.

2. Store photography studio equipment in the right place

Every time you buy photography studio equipment, you will usually also be given packaging. Well, you can store it in that place to avoid dust and other dirt. If the default packaging is damaged, you should buy a replacement in the marketplace or conventional store. In addition, make sure that the packaging material is a type of material that is durable enough so that your photography studio equipment can remain safe.


Well, that’s a review of ten recommendations for the best photography studio equipment that you can choose. Make sure you choose the products that you need to take proper care of so that each piece of equipment will last longer. That way, you also don’t have to spend money in the near future to buy new products.

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