Review of 10 Best Power Bank Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Using an Android or iPhone phone that is too frequent for a long time will certainly make the battery power decrease faster. Especially if you use it to play games, watch videos, or watch movies, the battery will run out faster. Therefore, there is a charger that can be carried everywhere called a power bank . The presence of a power bank is very helpful for smartphone users with high mobility.

Currently, there are many kinds of power banks , ranging from shapes, features, to the most important thing is the battery capacity itself which varies from small capacity to large capacity. If you are currently planning to have a power bank, it is recommended that you don’t just choose, take it easy, in this article tomslead will help you so that you are not wrong or confused when you want to choose which power bank has the best quality and according to your needs. You.
10 Best Power Bank Recommendations

Here, Mancisa summarizes in a review the ten best power banks that are good and each equipped with different advantages and battery capacities.
1. Mi Power Bank ProMi Powerbank Pro
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The first power bank that is recommended for you is Mi Power Bank Pro. Xiaomi itself is not only focused on releasing sophisticated smartphone products, but also other product lines including power banks. This Xiaomi portable charging device is equipped with a Mi 2 in 1 USB cable and a Micro USB connector as well as a Type-C adapter. The connector allows users to plug this device in not only smartphones, but also tablets, notebooks, and more.

Mi Power Bank Pro also supports charging function on iOS devices. It doesn’t stop there, this durable power bank with a 10000 mAh battery capacity is equipped with a fast charging feature of up to 18W. So if you want a fast charging power bank, then there is no harm in considering this product. Another feature listed is the charging time of the power bank battery with a storage capacity of 10000 mAh in just 3.5 hours.
2. MicroPack PB-10000 LPDPower Bank MicroPack PB-10000 LPD
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MicroPack presents a good and quality power bank for smartphone users with high mobility. This smartphone accessory device is designed with a sleek design so that it looks more elegant and cool. The dimensions of the MicroPack PB-10000 LPD itself are only 136 x 68 x 13.5 mm so you won’t be bothered by its mini size. For the outside, this best power bank is made of aluminum alloy material so that it ensures durability when held for a long time.

As the name suggests, the famous power bank from MicroPack has a power capacity of up to 10000 mAh or 3.7 V. Thanks to its very large capacity, this is the best power bank in Indonesia that can be used many times to recharge your gadgets. Another feature that is no less special than this power bank is fast charging technology which is equipped with two outputs, namely USB-A and USB-C. With these two plugs, you can charge two smartphones at once.
3. Uneed CompactBox 10Power Bank Uneed CompactBox 10
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If you want a good and cheap power bank then we recommend the Uneed CompactBox 10 for your consideration. This battery charger from Uneed has become one of the best-selling power banks on many well-known buying and selling sites, for example Bukalapak. Of course, with a selling price of less than 200 thousand, the Uneed CompactBox has been able to provide maximum performance which doesn’t seem to be worth the selling price.

This performance can be seen in the type of High Density Li-Polymer battery which makes this the best power bank with a small design with a large capacity. The battery capacity that can be stored by this device reaches 10000 mAh. Users are also spoiled by the presence of two charging holes that can be used simultaneously to charge smartphone batteries or recharge the power bank itself.
4. KURA Power bank Bolt 10000 mAhPower Bank KURA Powerbank Bolt 10000 mAh
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A local brand, KURA, issued a smartphone battery charging device called the Power bank Bolt 10000 mAh. This product is equipped with a number of features that make it ideal for use by everyone. One of its features is the ability to charge smartphone batteries faster and on time due to the implementation of Real Speed ​​Charging technology in this product.

Regarding the design, you also don’t need to worry because KURA has made this power bank with a contemporary appearance, slim size, and minimalist so that it is easy to carry for traveling. At the top of the power bank there is a horizontal LED indicator light in the form of four blue dots that can make it easier for users to find out how much remaining capacity is stored in this most durable power bank.
5. Delcell ECO 10000mAhPower Bank Delcell ECO 10000mAh
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Did you know that currently there is the best power bank with a battery capacity of up to 10000 mAh which is only sold at a price of 100 thousand, even cheaper than the Uneed CompactBox 10 power bank which is at point 3 in this list. The product is a Delcell ECO 10000 mAh power bank. With a very affordable price, of course making it a bestseller in the market just a short time after its launch.

The Delcell ECO power bank itself is designed with a slim and compact shape when held. This design is clearly owned by this product because it uses a Lithium Polymer cell battery which is famous for being more compact. At the output, there are two USB ports with a DC voltage of 5 V, each 1 ampere and 2 ampere. Then for the input port itself is a 5 V micro USB maximum of 2 Ampere. This power bank is equipped with an LED light that can be used as a flashlight.
6. Anker Powercore External Battery 15600mAhPower Bank Anker Powercore External Battery 15600mAh
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Attractive design, reliable performance and large capacity can be the outline of Anker’s power bank. First about the design, this best power bank from the Anker Powercore External Battery brand has a body texture that is very comfortable to hold with matte print colors so it is not easily stained. Then for performance, this best power bank is equipped with fast charging technology of up to 4.8 amperes.

The fast charging technology in this original power bank is also strengthened by the combination of PowerIQ and VoltageBoost which makes this product capable of charging at super speed. There is another interesting technology called intelligent microchip which provides 10 security system features. This feature is very useful to protect the device from short circuit. Finally, about the battery capacity which reaches 15600 mAh, this device can charge up to 6 times.
7. Powerqi T810 Wireless ChargingPowerbank Powerqi T810 Wireless Charging
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Now is not the time to borrow power banks anymore! Enough to spend around 300 thousand, you can get a sophisticated and even rare power bank because not many people have it. The power bank is Powerqi T810 Wireless Charging. This product can be used to charge a smartphone battery without having to connect it with a USB cable. But the requirement before using this product is the presence of a Qi receiver on the smartphone. So if your smartphone doesn’t have it, don’t choose this product.

Back to discussing the matter of performance, the presence of Powerqi T810 Wireless Charging will change the habit of charging HP batteries with cables. When charging, each user only needs to place the smartphone on the charging pad and the smartphone will automatically charge. This elegant and modern design makes this device very suitable to describe the technology of the future. Then what should not be forgotten is the matter of the battery capacity which reaches 7000 mAh.
8. HIPPO Ilo F1 20000mAhPower Bank HIPPO Ilo F1 20000mAh
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Haven’t found the power bank that clicks with you yet? Don’t worry, we still have another alternative, namely the HIPPO Ilo F1 with a battery capacity of up to 20000 mAh . This product is only sold at a price of around 250 thousand. Of course it is very commensurate with the enormous battery capacity. As for the design itself, this durable power bank is designed with a compact shape so it won’t take up space when stored in a bag or other storage area.

This product has dimensions of 162 x 81 x 22 mm and weighs only 400 g. Then regarding the features, this power bank is equipped with a dual output of a maximum of 2.4 amperes which allows users to use it to recharge tablets, iPads, GPS devices, Bluetooth devices, and even portable game consoles.

9. ACMIC P10PRO Mini PowerbankACMIC P10PRO Mini Power Bank
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Want to feel the sensation of recharging the battery of more than 1 smartphone? You can try the best power bank in the world from ACMIC. In the P10PRO series, Acmic strives to provide a different experience for users when using their products. ACMIC P10PRO is not a random power bank, even though the name has the word “mini” which represents the tiny size of this device.

The ACMIC P10PRO Mini Power bank itself is paired with a number of advanced technologies such as dual quick charger 3.0 + power delivery type C which allows this device to charge three smartphones at once. Another advantage that this power bank has is that it is safe to carry in the aircraft cabin because the total power is only 37 Wh. Then for other features contained in this power bank, there are 9 protection features such as smart temperature , over-charge , over-discharge , short-circuit , input over-voltage , output over-voltage , revovery , output over-current , and PTC cell . protection .
10. Baseus Power Bank 3 Port QC 3.0 USB Type C Input 10000mAhPower Bank Baseus Power Bank
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Have more than 1 smartphone and like to experience battery drain at the same time? Relax, you can easily recharge your smartphone battery at the same time using Baseus’ power bank. This power bank can be used to charge two devices at the same time. For Android or iPhone smartphones , this power bank can be used and relied on for its capabilities.

There is no need to doubt the charging speed itself. The reason is that the Baseus Power Bank is equipped with 3 output ports, namely 2 USB Type A and 1 USB Type C which has been implemented with Quick Charge 3.0 technology so as to make charging times faster and more efficient. Then regarding the design itself, you also won’t be bothered if you want to take this power bank on a trip. The reason is, this charging device from Baseus is designed as compact as possible even to the point that it can be stored in a trouser pocket.

Those are the 10 best power banks that you can choose one or more to support your daily activities using your gadget. Don’t forget when you want to choose a power bank to pay attention to several things, such as adjusting the capacity of the cellphone battery with a power bank, checking the current value of the power bank and equating it with your smartphone, a thin design may also be your consideration and don’t forget to prioritize a power bank that is have safety protection.

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