10 Best Almond Milk Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Almond milk is a type of milk that uses almonds as its main ingredient. Almond milk is rich in taste and nutrition. For those of you who are bored with the taste of original milk, you can drink almond milk. This almond milk is a vegetable drink that is suitable for diets, pregnant and lactating women.

Best Almond Milk
Almond Milk / Goodairyfree Illustration Image

The more desire develops, the more almond milk brands in the market. But you need to pay attention to its quality and usability for yourself. This article will help you find the best almond milk brands.

Tips for Choosing Good Almond Milk

Here are some tips to consider in choosing almond milk according to your needs.

1. Pay attention to the content of milk

Before buying almond milk, it’s a good idea to check and read the ingredients in the milk first. Avoid buying milk that contains carrageenan or artificial thickeners because generally for some people these ingredients will cause digestive problems.

2. Avoid Milk with Additives

In the composition section of the milk packaging, there is usually an explanation of the substances used in milk. If you see substances such as stavilizers, emulsifiers and others, it is better to avoid buying them. These substances are in the form of dyes, sweeteners, preservatives and aroma and flavor enhancers which can cause side effects on the body if consumed for a long time. These chemicals will interfere with the digestive process in your body

3. Choose Organic Almond Milk

If you want to buy high-quality almond milk, it would be nice if you choose almond milk that has an organic label on the package. Organic Almond Milk certainly does not use chemicals that are harmful to the body. Usually the ingredients used in it are natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and others so that they are safe even if consumed in the long term.

Best Almond Milk
Almond Milk / Eatthis Illustration Image

4. Choose a Flavor According to Taste

The more demand from consumers, the Almond milk brands also produce various flavors that are in great demand. If you want to buy Almond milk, you should choose milk according to the taste you like so that you are even more excited to drink it. There are several flavors to choose from, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and others.

10 Best Almond Milk Brand Recommendations

Here we go

After knowing some tips on choosing good and suitable almond milk, here are recommendations for the best almond milk brands selected by Ainun, that you can make as an alternative choice.

1. Spencer’s Almond Milk Roasted

The Best Almond Milk Brand Spencer's Almond Milk Roasted
Almond Milk Brand Spencer’s Almond Milk Roasted

If you are a lover of Almond milk, it won’t be complete if you haven’t tried this milk brand. 
Yes, Spencer’s Almond Milk Roasted milk which is very viral right now among the public. This one of the best Almond milk brands is produced using the best selection of Almonds in California. Thus the authentic taste that is given is very creamy and certainly delicious.

The best Almond Milk from Spencer’s does not use sugar at all or 0% sugar but still tastes sweet which comes from the content of Natural Stevia Leaves. This makes Spencer’s milk very low in calories and low in fat. Spencer’s milk can also be drunk by mothers who are in love because it can increase milk production. There is also a content that is rich in calcium, high in antioxidants and rich in vitamin E. With that, you can be sure that Spencer’s best almond milk brand will be very beneficial for your body.

2. Alamon Milk Original Almond Milk

The Best Almond Milk Brand Alamon Milk Original Almond Milk
Brand Almond Milk Alamon Milk Almond Milk Original

Alamon Milk is one of the best almond milk brands served in powder form. 
Alamon Milk is produced using the highest concentration of exclusive California Almonds combined with Sakura flower extract so that it contains various benefits. based on the results of research that has done this high Almond concentration can increase production and thicken breast milk. Get a source of nutrients that are very beneficial for the brain from essential nutrients such as minerals, antioxidants, vitamin E, folate and good fats.

This milk can also provide nutrition for the skin because it contains high levels of Flavonoids and vitamin E to prevent premature aging. This Alamon milk will also be useful as a high source of energy and fiber so that you can be full for quite a long time. This best Almond milk brand is presented in 16 flavors such as Original, Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet, Mango and others so you can choose according to your taste.

3. Almond Milk Oration

The Best Almond Milk Brand Almond Milk Oration
Brand Almond Milk Orasi Almond Milk

Have you ever tried Orasi Almond Milk? 
Once tried definitely immediately addicted. Oration Almond milk is one of the almond milks that has received non-GMO certification or is genetically engineered free. In addition, Orasi Almond Milk is free of gluten, lactose and without hydrogenated fat, so it is safe for vegan diets. The best Almond milk brand from Orasi is produced using Almonds originating from Italy which have been selected and processed very carefully so that their distinctive taste is maintained.

The quality of the ingredients is controlled and guaranteed so that it is suitable for consumption by all family members. Contains Vitamin B2, B12, E and D, Calcium, making it suitable for people with Lactose Intolerance and Celiac disease. The best almond milk brand Orasi contains high antioxidants so it can ward off free radicals which are sources of disease and reduce bad cholesterol in the body.

4. Blue Diamond Almond Milk

Best Almond Milk Brand Blue Diamond Almond Milk
Almond Milk Brand Blue Diamond Almond Milk

Blue Diamond Almond Milk is one of the best almond milk brands with vanilla flavor which can fulfill the nutrients and protein in the body. 
This milk contains vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium which are very beneficial for your healthy and fit body. Hygienically produced to get natural almond juice, this milk does not contain saturated fat and cholesterol. Thus those of you who are following a diet program to lose weight can still consume this milk.

For those of you who suffer from lactose intolerance or are allergic to cow’s milk but still want to taste almond milk, then you don’t need to worry because Blue Diamond Almond milk does not contain soy and lactose so it is safe for the body. Besides that, the best almond milk brand, this one can also prevent heart disease, diabetes and can stabilize blood pressure.

5. 137 Degrees Real Almond Milk

Best Almond Milk Brand 137 Degrees Real Almond Milk
Brand Almond Milk 137 Degrees Real Almond Milk

The best almond milk brand that has good ingredients and benefits for the next body is 137 Degrees Real Almond Milk. 
This liquid milk is produced using Premium California Almonds. This milk can meet the nutrients in the body and can be consumed by people with lactose intolerance and allergies to cow’s milk. Rich in fiber and vitamin E which is useful to facilitate digestion. It can be drunk straight or mixed with cereal or smoothies.

Produced with a mixture of sunflower seeds and coconut sap as a natural sweetener. Suitable for diets because it does not contain sugar. It is vegan and gluten free so it is safe to consume every day. Containing antioxidants, the best almond milk brand is able to ward off diseases caused by free radicals.

6. Dailymond Milk Booster Smoothing Milk Booster

The Best Almond Milk Brand Dailymond Almond Milk Booster Breastfeeding
Brand Almond Milk Dailymond Milk Booster Surfing Almond Milk

Dailymond Almond milk made with high almond concentrate. 
This best almond milk brand can be consumed by pregnant women to support the brain intelligence of the future baby from its Omega 3 content. This milk is also able to prevent defects in the fetus, as a breast milk booster and also increases nutrition in breast milk because of its galactagogue content. It is very useful in supporting the development of the brain and nerves and intelligence of babies.

Apart from pregnant and lactating mothers, this milk can also be consumed by adults and the elderly to prevent bone loss and lower blood sugar levels. It is very suitable for dieting because it is rich in fiber which makes you feel full for a long time. This best brand of almond milk is high in calcium and zinc which is good for consumption from the age of 2 years and over for the development of bones and teeth. Non GMO and does not contain cow’s milk which is safe for the body.

7. Australia’s Own Organic Almond Milk

Australia's Own Best Almond Milk Brands Organic Almond Milk
Almond Milk Brand Australia’s Own Organic Almond Milk

Attractive and luxurious packaging, Australia’s Own Organic Almond Milk is liquid milk produced with premium almonds originating from Australia. 
Almonds found in milk are processed hygienically first. For those of you who are on a vegan diet, you can still consume Australia’s Own Organic Almond milk because it does not contain sugar, gluten and lactose. This best Almond milk brand is also safe to drink every day or you mix it for cake batter.

Almond milk is rich in protein, fiber, unsaturated fat, minerals and vitamins. This milk is also able to reduce cholesterol levels, diabetes and maintain heart health. High antioxidants are able to prevent free radicals from entering the body which will cause disease. In addition, the best almond milk brand is able to maintain kidney health and prevent bone loss.

8. Mama’s Choice Almond Powder

The Best Almond Milk Brand Mama's Choice Almond Powder
Almond Milk Brand Mama’s Choice Almond Powder

Are you starting to feel that your milk production is starting to decrease? 
No need to worry, Mama’s Choice Almond Powder can be used as a solution. Consume Almond milk regularly, the quality and quantity of breast milk + DHA will also increase. The best Almond milk brand is made from 27.5% Almonds. Besides that, you can be sure that this milk is 100% natural without the addition of chemicals, preservatives, coloring and artificial flavors.

Besides being useful as a breast milk booster, this best brand of almond milk is also able to supplement nutrition in the body because it already contains protein to repair and build body tissues. Contains calcium which can strengthen the bones of nursing mothers. Vitamins A, C, B6, B12, B1, B9 are good for the eyes, respiration, skin, digestion, maintain collagen tissue and body health.

9. Frutamix Nutella Almond Milk

The Best Almond Milk Brand Frutamix Nutella Almond Milk
Almond Milk Brand Frutamix Nutella Almond Milk

Frutamix pure liquid almond milk without a mixture of powdered milk or cow’s milk. 
The taste given is very savory and creamy because the almond content given is very concentrated. It can be consumed warm or cold. It can be consumed from children to the elderly, pregnant women and also nursing mothers. High in calcium, contains no added sugar, no preservatives and no added water so that apart from being healthy the taste that is given is also very natural.

The concentrated almond content is able to maintain skin health so that it avoids aging problems. It can help nourish hair down to the roots of the hair because it contains vitamins B6 and B1, vitamins A and E. The Himalayan sea salt in it is able to maintain the body’s metabolism. In addition, this best almond milk brand can be consumed by those of you who are on a diet because it can suppress hunger.

10. Almonde Almond Milk

Best Almond Milk Almonde Almond Milk
Almond Milk Brand Almonde Almond Milk

Alamonde is a milk brand made using a mixture of premium pure almonds that is low in fat. 
This best brand of almond milk is intended for pregnant women or are still trying to get pregnant as a health drink because it is very good for brain nutrition. Because it is intended for pregnant, lactating and pregnant women, this milk also contains only nutritious substances so that it can nourish the mother’s body and the development of your fetus.

Having 5 flavors such as Strawberry, Taro, Pure Sweet, Matcha and Dark Choco gives you the opportunity to enjoy milk according to the taste you like. 100% natural without sugar content, this best almond milk brand also does not contain cow’s milk and soy. Alamonde is also beneficial during the formation of fetal bones and teeth and reduces the risk of preeclampsia.

How to Store Good Milk

Please note, storing milk cannot be done carelessly. Storing milk not according to the rules will cause the milk to spoil quickly and smell. Therefore, to avoid this, it is necessary to pay attention to several ways to store milk properly as follows.

1. Temperature for storing milk

So that the milk can last longer, you can store it in the refrigerator. This is because the refrigerator has a very cold temperature between 0-4 degrees Celsius so it can prevent milk from becoming stale. Milk that is often exposed to heat makes it even faster to spoil. When it has been stored in the refrigerator, make sure that your refrigerator is tightly closed so that the cold temperature is maintained.

2. Avoid Putting on Refrigerator Door

Who here often keeps milk in the refrigerator door? If you did something like that before, after reading this article it is hoped that this will not happen again. The component of the refrigerator that has the warmest part is the refrigerator door because this part is the most frequently opened and closed so the temperature is unstable. It’s best to put the milk in the back of the fridge to keep it cold.

3. Close the milk tightly

Closing the milk storage area as tightly as possible can also reduce the risk of spoilage in milk. This is done so that outside air cannot get into the milk which can reduce the quality of the milk. In addition, closing the milk tightly can reduce the risk of germs or bacteria entering the milk.


Those are some explanations about almond milk, from tips on choosing almond milk, the 10 best almond milk recommendations to how to store milk properly. Hopefully the information presented can help all your needs. If you want to be a list of other product recommendations, you can visit the page that is already available.

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